10 Essential Skateboarding Tricks Every Skater Should Know

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Skateboarding is a sport that has exploded in recognition over time, with skaters pushing the boundaries of what’s doable on a board. To totally perceive and respect the artwork of skateboarding, it is important to familiarize your self with the methods which have formed the game. Whether or not you aspire to turn out to be an expert skateboarder or just wish to have enjoyable and enhance your abilities, these ten methods will present a strong basis on your journey.

Earlier than we delve into the methods, it is essential to notice that skateboarding requires observe, endurance, and perseverance. Do not be discouraged if you happen to do not nail these methods straight away. Like every talent, it takes time and dedication to grasp them. So seize your skateboard, put in your security gear, and let’s dive into the ten important skateboarding methods that may take your abilities to new heights!

1. Ollie

Ollie Skateboarding Trick

The ollie is the inspiration of just about each different skateboarding trick. It includes popping the tail of the skateboard down whereas sliding your entrance foot up the board. This motion makes the board snap into the air, permitting you to leap and clear obstacles. The ollie is the basic constructing block for extra superior methods and is a talent each skater ought to try to grasp.

2. Kickflip

Kickflip Skateboarding Trick

The kickflip is among the hottest and iconic skateboarding methods. It includes flipping the board in mid-air utilizing your entrance foot whereas concurrently performing a kick-like movement along with your again foot. This trick provides a trendy and technical component to your skateboarding repertoire and is usually a stepping stone to mastering different flip methods.

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3. Heelflip

Heelflip Skateboarding Trick

The heelflip is just like the kickflip however includes flipping the board in the wrong way. As an alternative of utilizing your entrance foot to flip the board, you utilize your again foot to provoke the flipping movement. This trick provides selection to your bag of methods and permits for countless prospects together with different flip methods.

4. Pop Shove-It

Pop Shove-It Skateboarding Trick

The pop shove-it is a traditional trick that includes spinning the board 180 levels horizontally whereas popping the tail and sliding your entrance foot. This trick provides model and fluidity to your skateboarding and serves as a basis for extra superior rotational methods just like the 360 flip.

5. Boardslide

Boardslide Skateboarding Trick

The boardslide is a rail trick the place you slide the underside of your skateboard alongside a rail or ledge. To execute this trick, method the rail at an angle, pop the board, and slide with the board perpendicular to the rail. Mastering this trick will open the door to a variety of rail-based methods and obstacles.

6. Guide

Manual Skateboarding Trick

The handbook is a balancing trick that includes driving on two wheels as a substitute of all 4. To carry out a handbook, shift your weight to the again or entrance wheels and preserve steadiness as you roll. This trick requires management and finesse, and it is a vital talent for linking different methods and sustaining move in your traces.

7. 50-50 Grind

50-50 Grind Skateboarding Trick

The 50-50 grind is a elementary grinding trick the place each vans of your skateboard slide alongside a rail or ledge. Method the rail with pace, ollie onto it, and place your vans to grind alongside the rail. The 50-50 grind is the gateway to extra superior grinding methods and a key part of any road skater’s arsenal.

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8. Frontside/Bottom 180

Frontside/Backside 180 Skateboarding Trick

The frontside and bottom 180s are rotational methods the place you rotate your physique and board 180 levels in both course. For a frontside 180, method the soar or impediment, pop the board, and rotate your physique frontside whereas kicking your again foot. The bottom 180 is comparable however includes rotating your physique and board in the wrong way. These methods present a strong basis for extra superior rotational maneuvers.

9. Varial Flip

Varial Flip Skateboarding Trick

The varial flip is a mixture trick that mixes a kickflip with a frontside pop shove-it. As you pop the board and carry out the kickflip movement along with your entrance foot, concurrently provoke a frontside shove-it along with your again foot. This trick showcases your board management and provides selection to your flip trick repertoire.

10. Boneless

Boneless Skateboarding Trick

The boneless is a trick that includes grabbing the skateboard deck with one hand, lifting your ft off the board, and leaping again onto it. This trick originated within the Nineteen Eighties and provides a trendy and nostalgic aptitude to your skateboarding. Boneless methods are available varied variations, and they’re nice for incorporating into transition skating or as an expressive maneuver in your traces.


Mastering these ten important skateboarding methods won’t solely improve your abilities but in addition open up a world of prospects for additional development within the sport. Bear in mind, observe is vital, and do not be afraid to experiment and discover your individual model. At all times prioritize security by sporting protecting gear and skate inside your skills.

So get on the market, have enjoyable, and preserve pushing your skateboarding limits. The extra methods you be taught and grasp, the extra fulfilling and thrilling your skateboarding journey will likely be. Now, go seize your skateboard and begin shredding!

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