7 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets [Wilson Wins Over Other Brands!]

Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

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Wilson is one of the best and most famous tennis racket brands in the world. If you have the least connection with the tennis world, you must have known about Wilson. Today we are gonna discuss some of the best rackets made by Wilson.

Some of the most popular rackets made by Wilson are the Wilson pro staff, Wilson Clash 100, Wilson Clash 108, Wilson Blade 98, etc. These rackets are durable, light, flexible, customizable and can generate a lot of power. We will discuss some other racket families of Wilson as well.

Besides, we included the history of Wilson at a glance, and also we will try to know why Wilson is so popular among pro tennis players.Don’t miss out the FAQ section as well.

Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

  1. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet
  2. Wilson Blade 98 Racquet
  3. Wilson Clash 100 Racquet
  4. Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet
  5. Wilson Clash 108 Racquet
  6. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Racquet
  7. Wilson Youth Racket Tennis Racquet

Before moving into reviews, a short history might attract you more about Wilson!

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A Short Introduction To Wilson

Wilson started its journey in 1914 though they did not have the name ‘Wilson’ then. In 1931, the brand was named ‘Wilson Sporting Goods Company’. The name was given after the founder Thomas Wilson. They make sports equipment for many games like tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, etc.

The first racket made by Wilson was Wilson v1. It was launched in 1914. Starting from that all wooden structure, now Wilson has dozens of different models that are always ready to serve you on the court.

Why Should You Prefer Wilson Over Other Brands?

Most major players of baseball, tennis, golf, etc use Wilson products as their regular sports equipment. If you look at the top chart of tennis, you will find that players like Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, Serena Williams use Wilson rackets. This little statistic itself proves the high quality of Wilson products.

There are several series of Wilson rackets that are suitable for different levels of players. Also, depending on your playing style, you can choose from the different categories brought by Wilson. Wilson has such a diversified and huge collection of quality products, that is gonna make you say ‘Wilson is the best.’

Let us see some of the all time best rackets made by Wilson that are very popular as well.

Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews

Wilson Best Rackets

You can choose anyone from Wilson Racket line up. But, I will walk you through the in-depth reaview of each of the racket stated above. Let’s start:

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racket

The Wilson Pro Staff family has a bunch of rackets that are suitable for players of moderate and advanced level players. These rackets are focused on those who love to have precision in each of their strokes. Also, these rackets are made to give the highest comfortable feel during your game.

Here we are gonna talk about the Pro Staff 97 from the Pro Staff family. This racket has a denser string bed than other ones that help to maintain the consistency on every single shot you gonna hit. It has a new braid 45 construction. This special construction helps to increase the precision of strokes. How does it do that? This construction adjusts the angle of fibers. The fibers are double braided. You will have enhanced stability and a comfortable feel when you are playing with this racket.

The core material of this racket is Graphite and it weighs only 314 grams. Product dimensions are 3.15 inches X 12.6 inches X 27.17 inches. This racket is customizable as well. The Head size is 97 square inches. The string pattern is 16X 19. The Unstrung balance is 31.2 cm per 10 Pts HL. Four grip sizes are available. This racket is made for adult players. 

You can get your one by spending $229 only. Though buying it by spending $229 at once is not easy for everyone. But do not worry. Wilson has an amazing installment offer for those who are not able to spend the whole price at once. If you buy this racket from the official website of Wilson, you can pay the price with four equal installments that are pretty much affordable.

Overall Specifications

  • Lightweight and can produces shots of high precision.
  • Denser string bed for a comfortable feel.
  • Special braid construction increases the stability.
  • The playability is increased because of the new ergonomic end cap.
  • Quite expensive. Though you will not regret spending money on it.

Video Tutorial of Wilson Pro Staff 97

Wilson Blade 98 Racket

The blade series from Wilson is another amazing and widely popular family of rackets sold by Wilson ever. As we have known about the Pro Staff series, the rackets from that series had a lot of precision as well as feel. In the blade series, you will get those two features along with a new one! The rackets of the Blade family are equipped with sides that are spin friendly. Rackets from the blade family are for those players who expect a bit more classic feel. Among many members of the Blade family, we are gonna see Blade 98 today.

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The Blade 98 is the most popular one from the Wilson Blade family. Carbon mapping is placed throughout the whole racket frame. This mapping provides additional flexibility. You will also get parallel drilling that is gonna give you a more consistent response. There is braided Graphite present along with Basalt composition that is gonna produce enhanced control along with a comfortable feel. The top grip tape surrounding the handle gives more grip while you are playing with a blade 98. The tri-colored design gives an amazing and stylish look as well.

Unstrung weight of this racket is 305 grams. The length of the racket is 65.6 cm. The string pattern is 16 X 19. This racket is sold unstrung and you have to string it. If you order one from the official website of Wilson, you have the option to string the racket from the Wilson team. The head size is 98 square inches. It is suitable for adult players. You can also customize the racket from Wilson if you spend $40 extra.

The price of this racket is lesser than the Pro Staff 97, but still, it is not so cheap. You have to spend $219 from your wallet to get one for you. Here, like the Pro Staff, you have the option to pay the whole money with four equal installments that makes it pretty affordable otherwise it is not easy for everyone to spend $219 at once.

Overall Specifications

  • Provides extra feel along with precision and better control.
  • Consistent in every stroke you gonna hit on the court.
  • Carbon mapping gives additional flexibility for the player.
  • Quite expensive.

Wilson Clash 100 Racket

The Clash family from Wilson is one of the most advanced families of rackets made by them. You can have the most comfortable flex points without even sacrificing the power or stability. The rackets are maneuverable, and light. It is so flexible that you are gonna feel like you are in a completely new era of tennis. We will only stick to the Clash 100 here.

You have to give 100 marks out of 100 for the amazing control of this racket. This racket is amazingly flexible and provides a unique combination of spin, speed, and control. Two advanced material technologies, StableSmart and FreeFlex help to increase the flexibility of Clash 100. The racket is light and allows the player to accelerate easily. Easy acceleration decreases the response time and increases playability. Though there is a major drawback as well. The stability of Clash 100 is lesser than the Blade 98 or Pro Staff9 97.

The unstrung weight of Clash 100 is 295 grams which increase to 312 grams after the stringing. The main material that is used to build the frame is Graphite. The string pattern is the same as that of the previous two. Balance is 31cm per 10 Pts HL. This is an impressive and outstanding weapon for medium level players. The head size is 100 square inches that is more than the Pro Staff 97 or the Blade 98. The length of a Clash 100 racket is 68 cm and this racket is also made for adults.

Now comes the main surprise. The price of a Wilson Clash 100 is $ 249. This racket is pretty expensive. You have the chance to get one with four equal installments just like the Pro Staff 97 or Blade 98. The Clash 100 comes in four different grip sizes. You can pick any one according to your necessity.

Overall Specifications

  • Provides the perfect balance between control and power.
  • Flexible and very consistent.
  • Has an option for customization.
  • Pretty much expensive.

Wilson Blade 104 Racket

We have talked about another member of the Blade family before this. Now we are going to see Blade 104 from the Blade family of Wilson.

The Blade 104 has a larger sweet spot than many of the rackets. Its length is extended as well. The FeelFLex technology is also present here. Strategically placed Carbon Mapping gives additional stability and flexibility for the player. The parallel drilling technologies and power holes are also present in this racket. It is one of the best choices for aggressive tennis players.

As I said earlier, the length of this racket is extended. It is 27.5 inches long. The head size is a hundred and four square inches. It weighs 306 grams and composed of braided graphite. The string pattern is the same as the previous ones. This racket is also manufactured for adult players. The unstrung balance is 31.5 cm/9 Pts HL. you can have power, spin, and depth with ease with the Blade 104. This racket is a perfect one for intermediate level singles and doubles tennis players.

The Blade 104 is also an expensive one. Like the previous ones, you can buy this one with four equal installments. In each installment, you have to pay $54.75. So, you have to pay a total of $219 to get one Blade 104. The money is worth spending. You can buy it if you like to play in aggressive mode, as previously said.

Overall Specifications

  • Gives a classic feel.
  • As the sweet spot is comparatively larger, you can have strong strokes easily.
  • Provides enhanced flexibility and comes in an amazing and stylish design.
  • The string bed response is consistent and better than average rackets of the same specifications.
  • Comes in four different grip sizes. Choose the one that fits with you.
  • Availability of customization.

Wilson Clash 108 Racket

Here is another competitor from the Clash family, the Clash 108. According to Wilson, Clash 108 is the “most generous sweet spot” offerer from the Clash family.

The clash 108 has a head size of 108 inches that is really big and provides you with a huge amount of forgiveness along with a very comfortable swing weight. Usually, the orthodox rackets with large heads reduce the control. But the Clash 108 is made with such a carbon construction that removes the problem of the reduction of control. The frame flexibility of Clash 108 is incredibly fascinating. The StableSmart geometry of the frame of Clash 108 provides extreme stability in every shot you are going to hit.

This racket is really light. Its unstrung weight is 280 grams. It is 27.25 inches long. The main fascinating point about Clash 108 is the oversized head. Unimaginable good control is another main feature of this racket. Advances level players often do customization for their personal use. You can bend Clash 108 horizontally or vertically. The extreme flexibility also supports torsional stability. This racket is a wonderful combination of sturdiness, flexibility, and playability.

It was not an easy task to put so many traits of opposite polarity in a single racket but Wilson has done it amazingly through the Clash 108

The price of Clash 108 is not different from the previous ones. You have to pay $229 for this one and also you have the chance to pay it in four equal installments. Though Spending $229 for something that is 200% more vertically flexible than other rackets is not a loss at all.

Overall Specifications

  • Larger head for a larger sweet spot.
  • Ultra flexible frame gives extra stability and power.
  • An expensive one.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to control the extra power provided by this racket. 

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is a racket made for beginner and intermediate level players. It is one of the most sold rackets of Wilson. This racket is a nice mixture of control and power. Though the flexibility is really poor.

Though the main target audience of this racket is the beginner and intermediate level players, pro level players can also play with it for recreational purposes. There are two different models of Hyper Hammer 5.3. The main difference between these two is in the size of the head. One is Hyper Hammer Midplus and the other is Hyper Hammer Oversize. The first one has a head of ninety five square inches and the latter one has a head of a hundred and ten square inches. 

Wilson introduced a whole new era of racket manufacturing material through the Hyper Hammer 5.3. They brought the first Hyper Carbon made frame in the market with this racket.

The users have a complaint about some faults as well. Though you can have power and control simultaneously, sometimes a lack of stability is seen. The vibration of this racket is more than other rackets of the same category and this increased vibration reduces the stability.

We have talked about some expensive rackets in previous sections. Though the Hyper Hammer 5.3 will not serve you like a Clash 100 or Pro Staff 97, this racket is the best you can get at a very reasonable price. If you do not have a high budget for your racket, then go for a Hyper Hammer 5.3 without thinking twice. Which one should you choose between the two models of Hyper Hammer 5.3? Well, that depends on your playing style and taste.

Overall Specifications

  • Lightweight and have a large sweet spot.
  • Gives enough power to hit massive strokes.
  • You do not have to string it after buying. It comes pre strung.
  • Have an amazing combination of power and control.
  • Comes at a completely affordable price.

Wilson Youth Racket

This is the last one on today’s list. So far we have seen rackets for adults only. Now we are going to see a racket that is famous for the younger players. 

This racket is aimed at the young fellows who are at most 9 to 12 years old. The frame is made with multiple materials though the main one is Aluminium. This racket is very light and you can easily have swings with it. Someone who is a newbie or someone who wants to learn to play racket should start with it. It is the best racket for such players.

Though this racket is for toddlers of the age of 9 to 12, it is manufactured in such a way that a baby of 5/6 years can easily play with it without any displeasure. Someone who is not even interested in tennis will begin to grow a love for tennis after playing with a racket of the Youth series of Wilson.

These rackets are really cheap. You can buy one of these for less than $20 only. These rackets are durable and have a nice grip. Also, as it is made for young fellows, it comes with various eye catchy colors. You can buy this racket for your child without any hesitation. This is gonna be the best gift for him/her that will introduce them to the amazing and wonderful world of tennis.

Overall Specifications

  • Light and easy to swing.
  • Durable and powerful Aluminium made racket frame.
  • Maneuverable and have a good grip.
  • You can choose the perfect one for your children from a bunch of amazing colors.
  • The best choice for young fellows who want to learn tennis. It has the perfect size and weight for young newbies.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are Wilson rackets good?
  • Certainly, they are! Wilson is one of the oldest and best tennis equipment manufacturing brands. You can buy the products of Wilson without any hesitation. They are completely reliable.
  1. Is Babolat better than Wilson?
  • Actually, this is a pretty tough question. Both of them are renowned brands and are famous for their quality products. You can buy any of them who meets your choice or specification.
  1. Which racket of Wilson is the lightest one?
  • Wilson Ultra Team tennis racket is the lightest of all rackets made by the Wilson tennis equipment manufacturing brand.
  1. How do I choose a Wilson racket?
  • There are several families of Wilson rackets. Each of them is known for its individual pro features. You should choose one depending on your expertise level and playing style.
  1. Where are Wilson rackets made?
  • The rackets of Wilson are made in the Wilson labs, in Chicago.
  1. Which racket does Roger Federer use?
  • Roger Federal uses a Wilson Pro Staff 97 for him. We have already talked about this racket at the beginning of our journey. Though Roger Federer uses one that is specially customized for him.
  1. Should I spend such a huge amount of money to buy a racket from the Clash series?
  • If you can afford it, then go for it. They are really good and superb efficient rackets.

Long Story Short

Wilson is one of the best brands in the world of tennis. We have seen some of the most famous rackets made by Wilson in this essay. The pro ones have very little differences among them. Which one you are gonna choose depends completely upon you.

Before choosing one, remember one important thing. Do not go to the market and buy one rapidly. Think about your playing strategy, your style, and your strong sides. Then choose accordingly. Happy playing! Have a good day!

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