Why Are Penny Boards So Expensive?

penny board sare expensive

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What is it about these penny boards that make them so expensive? Was there something particularly exceptional about them that caused the prices to skyrocket? If you’re thinking the same thing, you’re certainly not alone. The vast majority of people have also been there. It is also a pretty common complaint about these extremely fashionable boards.

Penny boards are expensive due to their high craftsmanship in their construction. An excellent penny board requires a lot of time and work to construct because it is composed of environmentally friendly plastic. Furthermore, they use high-quality wheels and trucks, which raise the overall cost of the vehicle.

This, after all, is the primary reason why penny boards are so expensive. You might be interested in learning more about penny boards. After learning a little more about penny boards, you will better understand why they are so pricey.

The riding of penny boards can be interesting both for experienced and those who are just getting started.

What Are Penny Boards Used For?

First and foremost, attempt to find out the objective of penny boards. They came into the market a long time after skateboards. So, why were they created in the first place when there were previously similar types of boards available?

Skateboards are, without question, the best mode of transportation for skateboarding. But do you have an idea of how heavy they are? Furthermore, it is constructed of wood, which is a natural material.

As a result, individuals were looking for a significantly less weight board. Possibly, portability was the issue. Penny Australia made its initial foray into the market at that time, introducing penny boards to the public for the first time.

Plastic is used in building a penny board, making it environmentally friendly in its construction. It will degrade with time.

But for what primary purpose will it be used? To be more specific, Penny boards are pretty helpful in busy areas. They are good in size and not significant in weight. As a result, you can comfortably commute in a congested area because you can transport them everywhere.

Penny boards are particularly useful for covering short distances on roads that are hardly traveled. They satisfactorily serve the purpose for which the engineers created them. And that objective is to make commute time as short as possible.

Learn how much weight can a board hold.

Reasons Why Penney Boards Are So Expensive

The method by which penny boards are constructed and the material used to build them more than compensate for the high cost of these items.

Now, attempt to comprehend the construction and formation of a penny board, which will help you better grasp why these boards are so expensive to purchase.


The smooth bearings utilized in penny boards may also be responsible for their high cost. The majority of these boards are equipped with a high-quality ABEC bearing, which allows them to glide effortlessly over the pavement.


Penny boards are made with plastic decks and are ready to use. The plastic used in the preparation of these is not conventional plastic but rather environmentally friendly. These penny boards are made of high-quality plastic, making them more durable and dependable than their cheaper counterparts on the market.


It is not only the different plastic, but it is also the different wheels. The wheels on these penny boards are made of a substance distinct from the material used to make the wheels on ordinary penny boards.

Penny boards have a giant wheel, which allows them to last for a more extended period than other types of boards. Their high-tech PU construction will enable them to easily survive even the roughest roads. This also aids in the handling of sharp curves and twists.


A premium-grade truck is included with a high-quality penny board. The trucks utilized in these boards are 3″ wide trucks, which allows them to turn more swiftly on a wavy road because of their wider wheels. This also aids in the maintenance of balance on rocky and uneven terrain.

After reading about all that goes into making these penny boards, you better understand why these penny boards are so expensive. (check out some expensive boards)

Does Riding a Penny Board require a lot of effort?

Penny boards are one of the most beautiful and efficient modes of transportation, but they might be challenging to ride quickly because of their tiny length. Penny Boards are notoriously challenging to ride, especially for beginners, although riders of all skill levels often struggle to maneuver the narrow platform.

Which is preferable, a penny board or a skateboard?

The decision between purchasing a penny board or a regular skateboard comes down to what you want out of a board in the first place. Because skateboards are more adaptable than penny boards, we recommend that most purchasers purchase skateboards rather than penny boards. However, if you are looking for a compact and lightweight board, a penny skateboard is the way to go.

Why are penny boards so popular?

Using penny boards for short distances in populated areas (without slopes) where you may need to stop and pick up the board regularly is the most efficient usage of this type of board. Penny Boards are the smallest of the Penny Boards and are best utilized for pushing short distances in crowded areas (without slopes) where you may need to stop frequently to pick up the board.

Why should you not buy a cheap penny board?

Buying a cheap penny board is not far from buying a fake one. However, like the expensive ones, mock penny boards can still give a soothing ride to anyone, but you won’t use them for a long time. The quality will wear out quickly if you use the cheap penny boards.

It would be best if you go for a real penny board that is relatively expensive. With this, you are sure of enjoying a long-term ride with the Penny Board. Most cheap penny boards are not self-locking and can easily unscrew in the riding process.

Which brands of penny boards are expensive?

The following three penny boards are just some of the top boards you would find interesting to ride, quite expensive, and long-lasting.

RIMMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

It is one of the great products among the 22-inch category of penny boards. It is highly promising for a high-quality and complete riding experience. The galaxy graphical design of these board models makes them look super ordinary cool, and stylish.

Moreover, the deck of this penny board is made of high-quality plastic material. The material makes it thick and fully flesh. Its wheels are long-lasting because they are made of durable PU material. The board rolls easily due to the smooth bearings fitted to the deck.

Meketec Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Meketec designers employed unique engineering in these penny boards to make them suitable in the race. The penny boards have distinctive looks due to the popping combination of colors. They are the most reliable and trusted skaters since they have CE certifications.

Cal 7 22 Inch Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

If you were looking forward to a level-up skating performance, then these penny boards got your back. The outstanding feature of this product is that it comes in a fully assembled state; therefore, you can use it immediately after you receive the package. 

Final Verdict 

To summarize, penny boards are not necessarily inferior because they are expensive. It is pricey because of the high-quality materials used. Not only are the materials extremely valuable, but they have also been meticulously organized.

Many individuals are reluctant to even try it because of the few extra dollars it will cost them. Meanwhile, this small but high-tech board is ideal for quick and convenient transportation. They are also suited for cruising at a leisurely pace.

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