What to Wear for Soccer Practice [Including Protective Needs]

What to Wear for soccer

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Out of many team sports, I love soccer a lot. My 11 – year kid Areeb loves it too. And, we love to practice soccer in our leisure times and wear different types of clothes. 

When we practice soccer just outside the house in the morning, my child loves to wear his favorite Jersey of Messi and short pants. While I prefer any sports t-shirt with Adidas training pants on the bottom.

Sometimes, we go to the nearby field and wear Nike cleats as shoes besides having other outfits. There we see different ages of people practicing soccer while wearing jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, trousers that look really great, cozy and comfortable.

Well, based on our experience and observation, here, I will be talking about what to wear for soccer practice, what famous players wear in their practice sessions. Also, answered a few important FAQs that might be of added help for you. 

Here we go:

Soccer Outfits for Men, Women and Kids

You need to choose something breathable, cozy and comfortable while you are in a soccer practice session. 

If you are a man, wear soccer shorts and pair them with a jersey or t-shirt you like most and feel comfortable. In casual practice, you can even practice wearing a vest or something like that.

In the case of women, I see they mostly wear the same clothes as men wear.  Besides, they sometimes put on sports bras to hold a GPS tracker that counts heart rate, calorie burning and  other output throughout the whole practice session.

For your kids, you can pick a team – oriented jersey and shorts that they like most.

Step-by-Step Guide on Soccer Practice Outfits

Soccer Cleats

In a serious soccer practice session or game, you must wear a pair of specialized soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are made with small protrusions (studs or cleats) attatched on the bottom of the shoe that provide traction as the players move around the field. 

Soccer Socks

Socks play an important role while you play or practice soccer. If it does not fit well inside your boot, you will not feel flexible, easy and comfortable in running and moving. Best soccer socks would not be much thicker and are made of a proper blend of polyester, nylon and spandex. They should also be able to wick away the moisture so quickly and keep your feet dry inside.


You should wear quality soccer shorts. It should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be made of moisture wicking fabric, which will maintain breathability and comfort.
  • Choose shorts which are not much thicker or much thinner. With much thicker socks, you might feel heavy. So, go for medium level thicker shorts (thicker than running ones) that will be breathable and flexible.
  • It should not be too loose or tight. It should not be too long or too short as well
  • Soccer shorts need to be as long as it will protect your upper legs when you fall down or slide.
  • To ensure the perfect fit, drawcord on waist is a must.

However, in a really casual soccer practice session, you can wear any type of shorts you like. You can even try any well-branded tennis shorts and see how it goes.

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Wearing regular t-shirts is just fine while you practice soccer. But, it needs to be made of quality material that can ensure moisture-wicking, lightweight, well-fitted and comfortable. 

For your growing kid, pick any team-oriented shirt or jersey that ensures a great fit and high-quality fabric.


You can try tracksuits too in practice. Although most of the coaches wear tracksuits while they run soccer training, players are also seen wearing them. If you check out the video below, you can see Christian Ronaldo wearing Nike tracksuits in a practice session.

So, why not? Try this out for your next soccer session.


When you practice soccer outside, there might be cold. Due to this, your muscles can get cramped up, shortened and likely to be injured. To avoid this, you can wear leggings or tights underneath your shorts that might help you combat the extra cold and keep you warm.

Compression shorts that players wear underneath their soccer shorts.

helps in extra protection while you slide in Soccer game

they can help you to be more modest 

Shin Guards

What a rough and tough game soccer is! You need to run, move and slide all the time. So, as a soccer player, take precautions beforehand. 

Oftentimes, soccer players fall with shin injuries. To protect your shins from potential injury, wear shin guards all the time while playing soccer or in practice. To get the most out of it, wear a branded shin guard like Adidas or Nike.

When the temperature is so cold outside, you can wear hand gloves to protect you from the cold. But remember, don’t wear extra thick or heavy gloves. Wear thinner and softer ones that will keep your hand light, flexible and cool.

Goalie Gloves

Gloves are very important to wear for soccer goalies.

  • Wearing gloves, goalies can get an extra grip on the soccer ball.
  • When goalies catch the ball, gloves help the ball to stay stuck in the mitts.
  • Hands will stay protected from injury.

Soccer Fashion Wear

If you watch the following video, you can see famous players wearing different types of clothes, like hoodies, hat, sunglasses, headbands, headphones, sunscreen, masks, mismatched cleats for style and passion.

Protective Equipment for Soccer Practice

While practicing soccer, you need to take precautions for any probable injury. You may need the following equipment:

  1. Mouth Guards: to protect your teeth, cheeks, and lips.
  2. Soccer Cleats: Wear molded cleats with ribbed soles. The fitting should be perfect with the right kind of socks. Lace it up tightly.
  3. Shin Guards: it should fit tightly and snugly and be placed just below your knee.

Other than the above, goalies should wear long-sleeved pants and shirts with proper moisture-wicking features. Proper padding should be ensured while wearing shorts. 

If you want to know about all the equipment needed for soccer, here is the complete guide.

Ending Words

So, my final opinion on what to wear for soccer practice is to be yourself. Wear anything that goes with your personality and choice. Choose the color you like.  Also, make sure they fit well, look better and, most importantly, provide you with comfort. And, make sure all other training equipment you are available with.

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