How Much Does a Soccer Ball Weigh?[You Must Know About!]

Soccer ball Weight

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. One of the main pieces of equipment for playing soccer is a ball. However, to organize an official soccer match, you must maintain a certain standard in terms of soccer ball weight.

There are different sizes of soccer balls and all of them hold different weights. But, the regulation weight of a soccer ball is 410-450 kgs which means 14-16 oz.

Read along below to learn ball weight in grams and pounds, circumference, and how the weight affects a soccer game.

Soccer Ball Weight, Circumference, and Reasons for Pick

Ball SizeWeight (grams)Weight (pounds)Circumference (Inches)Reasons for Pick
Size 12050.451Under 20 Souvenir or Show
Size 2210-2800.462-0.61721-22Colorful and perfect for foot skills
Size 3300-3200.661-0.70523-24Under 8 year
Size 4350-3900.771-0.85925-268 year to 12 year
Size 5420-4500.925-0.99227-2813 years and 13 years plus

Size 4 and 5 are FIFA-approved soccer balls. If you are older than 12 years, you should use size 5 to maintain the official rules. While if you are aged between 8 to 12, use size 4 according to the soccer ball world.

Factors Affecting Ball Weight

You must maintain the pressure of soccer balls according to the regulation of FIFA. For instance, you must maintain certain levels of air pressure that the balls are allowed to lose during a game. Even, you need to check the water level the ball can absorb during play.

You need to pressurize the size 4 and 5 balls to about 0.89 par, but not too much. Also, the balls shouldn’t lose more than 20% of their air because it can make them unusable. The size 4 and 5 balls should absorb no more than 25% of their weight in water because if it becomes too heavy then you will have to recharge them.

Ball Weight Affects Play

You can have a competitive and enjoyable soccer match with a properly weighted soccer ball.

The weight of the soccer ball should properly be checked to ensure a fair and enjoyable match. If your soccer ball’s weight is 230g, its kick speed should be about 25 meters per second according to the fact of physics.

Players used to this speed, and used to adjusting their kick force in order to score goals during the game, would not have as much success scoring goals with a faster or slower ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a soccer ball weigh in lbs?

Ans: At the start of a soccer game, players’ soccer balls can weigh between 14 to 18 ounces and have an inflation pressure between 12-13 pounds.

What’s lighter than a soccer ball?

The Futsal ball is 10 grams lighter than the regulation soccer ball. It has 60% less bounce

Final Words 

What you might not know is that the weight of a soccer ball can affect how the game is played. Soccer balls are made from different materials, with different weights, which can affect how the ball moves and behaves on the field. 

The heavier the ball, the more it will bounce and travel. This affects how quickly players can move around the field and whether or not shots will be accurate.

I would suggest choosing the regulation size and weight of a soccer ball. Be accustomed with that, and be ready to play any standard match you might need to play.

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