Tennis Serve for Beginners [Learn Basics And Some Tips]

Tennis Serve For Beginners

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Are you a beginner at tennis? Then you must need some tips on the tennis serve for beginnings. You should begin with the basics, so learning how to serve effectively in tennis is essential for your development as a player besides having a top class tennis rakcet.

The tennis serve is a development process of learning effective and correct tennis serve techniques. The process of the tennis serve is usually confusing for beginners. So it will be best if you start your tennis with the fundamentals of the serve technique before other advanced concepts learn. 

Here we will instruct you how to tennis serve for beginnings with the basics. Let us start:

The Stance

You should start your tennis serve with a proper stance. So point your front foot towards the right net post and keep parallel your back foot to the baseline. The toes of the back foot should be aligned roughly with the heel of the front foot. Because, once you start and execute your full-service motion, you have to be stable in all directions. 

Tennis Serve Grip

Many people choose the Eastern forehand grip as a beginning technique during their first learning of tennis serve. To make your control over the Eastern forehand grip, at first place your hand flat on the racket strings. Now slide your hand down to the handle and wrap fingers around the racket. Notice that your first finger on the racket should be forward slightly.

Some starting players can select the more appropriate serving grip, the continental grip. It can naturally provide sidespin, topspin, or slice. To accomplish the grip, your palm should be placed on the upper-right slope. With this grip technique, you can hit flat. 

Remember that the way you are going to hold the racket will determine many things about the effectiveness of the final serve technique. So, you must grip the racket correctly. 

Tennis Serve Motion

Start with your racket down and our elbow up. Do not hold the ball with your hand, hold it in your fingertips. Just in front, you’re your right leg, toss the ball and hit. If you release the ball farther forward it will create a curved path. As a result, it makes tossing it too far backward or forwards a possibility. 

Tennis Serve Toss

Experts say “a consistent toss equals a consistent serve.” Tennis serve requires that during your toss, you imagine a straight line from your beginning point. It should be that point where you want to make your contract with the boll. Now toss your ball along to that line.

There is a tip for you when you will release the ball, the higher your hand will be, the distance will be shorter to the point where you will make your contact. So, try to release the ball as high as possible. 

Use Your Lower Body

As you approach the contact point, make sure to straighten your legs. It creates a kinetic chain within your body that energizes the wrist forward and upward to create speed in the head of the racket. This speed delivers the power to the ball. 

In learning, tennis serves for beginnings you need not think at all about this linked sequence of power transfer. You just have to up your elbow and, down the racket that’s all.

Contact Point

If you pay enough attention to where you are  hitting the tennis ball and adjust the contact point based on the feedback then you will find your ideal contact point more and more. You have got to keep your arm relaxed and spread up to full extension. Then your forearm must hold, the strings facing more forward.

Set aside all your tensions about the technique for a while and focus completely on hitting the tennis ball in your ideal contact point. If you want to hit a flat serve then you should hit the tennis ball at full upwards extension. 

Serve Follow-Through

We have broken down the tennis serve into small parts so that you can understand easily even if you are a beginner. The follow-through is also a part of the tennis serve for beginnings. This serve technique completes your service motion.

During your follow-through in, tennis serves to learn, you may find that you occasionally hit yourself in the legs with the racket. With more practice, you will learn how to bypass your legs on the follow-through. 

Master Underhand Serve-recommended For Beginners and Children

The underhand serve is a quite simple technique. The player will hold the tennis ball in the handopposite to the hitting hand. For example, the heft handed player will hold the ball in the right hand. Hold the ball above the knee and below the waist. The underhand serve is in a good position if you get the ball over the net. For your easy understanding-

  • Set your feet parallel to the baseline
  • Hold the ball with non-hitting hand
  • Hold the racket with hitting the hand
  • To hit the ball, move your racket with hitting the hand
  • Toss the ball and make your contact to hit properly

Final Words

We have tried to discuss each part of the tennis serves for beginnings individually. If you practice each part carefully, I hope you will start enjoying the court movement. Do not get discouraged if the above things do not work out immediately. Do not give up and continue your practice. 

Remember one thing, any manual cannot teach you everything that you need to know. So, it is also a good idea to get instruction from a professional. Till then continue your practice following our above-listed techniques. Always try your best!

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