How To Repair Tennis Racquet? [Grip, String, Frame and All]

All About Tennis Racquet Repair

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It’s very common for tennis lovers to experience broken rackets. Sometimes the frame, sometimes the grip or head can be broken. Also, you will often experience broken strings.

You can repair your tennis racket grip, strings, frame, or head just with a little bit of practicing and patience expensing very little money. You will need some restringing tools, strings, butt caps, glue, etc for it.

You may love your racket so much that you don’t want to buy a new one. Also, it’s better to repair and save money. 

So, why late? Let’s start learning the techniques of tennis racket repair on your own!

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How To Tell If Your Tennis Racket is Cracked or Not?

Sometimes your racket is cracked or about cracked but you do not understand the problem as you are not experienced enough. 

In this part of the article, we have gathered important hints to understand if your racket is cracked or about to crack so that you can prepare yourself beforehand!

How To Tell If The Strings Are Broken?

You should always keep an eye on your racket strings as broken strings are the most common problem. Check after ending every round of the game. If you see any kind of damage to the strings repair them as soon as possible.

If your racket strings look shaggy or fraying you can tell that you need restringing. Use your sense to check if the racket strings are loose or not.

How To Tell If the Racket Frame Is Damaged?

Sometimes there is no damage outside, but you feel a change in your racket’s performance. It can be an increase in the rate of vibration or a change in flexibility. If you are playing tennis for more than 6 months, there is a possibility that you will feel any change in your racket.

It’s better to change or repair the racket right away because playing with a damaged racket can cause serious accidents or injuries.

How To Repair Tennis Racket Strings?

It’s not very tough to repair tennis racket strings. It’s easier than repairing other parts. But if you are not experienced to repair your racket strings, it will be better if you go to your nearby shop.

To repair strings, you need to remove all the strings together. Remember even if only one string is damaged, you need to change it all. Because changing only one string will make the string tension uneven.

You need to carefully adjust all the new strings with proper string tension. Follow the recommended string pattern and tension for your racket model. Mount your racket with a string machine. 

As you are going to be a regular tennis player, try to buy some equipment to repair strings as string damage is a very common issue. And you can’t repair without proper equipment.

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How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket?

How To Repair Tennis Racket Frame?

If the frame is completely broken, it’s better to change it. Because a broken frame can also damage your strings and even if you repair it, it may affect your playing.

 If it’s just a scratch or just a small crack, try using cyanoacrylate glue. Let it dry completely before playing. You may apply the glue one more time if you think it is necessary.

 Before doing any repairing of the frame, clean the racket surface with a clean piece of cloth to avoid small cuts in your hand. You may use gloves to protect your hands. Try cleaning the surface with disinfectant before repairing.

Repairing Broken Head Guard

Some players have a habit of scuffing the racket on the ground. This often leads the head guard to wear off. And it breaks easily after that. 

A solution for this problem is to replace the head guard. But keep in mind you can only do this when you change the strings. That means you have to change the strings with the head guard.

To change the head guard, at first remove the strings. Then remove the head guard with an awl and a pair of pillars. After that install a new head guard and replace the strings.

Repairing Butt Cap

Butt caps are generally attached with the handle with staples. There is no other way but to replace a cracked cap. You need to remove the grip in order to replace the butt cap. 

You don’t need to replace it if it’s not broken. In case of loosening the cap, you can simply tighten it. Use strong glue, dry it properly, and then restaple it carefully. Do not hurriedly restaple without drying.

Where To Get a Tennis Racket Repaired?

 Actually, you have to find a local repairing shop to repair your branded tennis racket if you want to repair the racket outside. It’s better to repair our racket by a professional repairer if you are not confident about it.

Search for local repairing shops, ask the local players about the shop and their service. If you can’t find one nearby, you can look for an online shop. Many online shops will do it for you. Also, learn about how to take care of your racket.

Cost Of Repairing Racket

Whatever the racket cost is, the cost of repairing depends on the damage. It is easy to understand that changing the butt cap and changing the string will not cost the same amount.

Usually, a racket costs 30-200 USD. It can cost more depending on the quality of the racket. But strings cost 2-5 dollars. If you play regularly and use force, you may need to change the strings every 3 months.

You will need some other stringing tools to restring your racket. These tools will not cost more than 20 USD. And you know that you don’t need to buy them again and again!

Stringing Machine costs 5-10 USD to buy a set of 2. 1 box of grommets will cost 10-15 dollars. At this price, 1 box will contain about 1500 pcs of lovely grommets!

The cost of butt caps is very low. You can have a set of butt caps with 50 pieces at 4-5USD. You don’t need to change butt caps very often. 

The glue that we suggested doesn’t cost much. Also, you don’t need to apply all the glue at once. So, it will not cost much to repair a racket at home.

Repairing the racket from shops can cost a bit more. They will take service charge from you. Also, they will definitely take All the fees for the accessories. 

But the problem is, if you play a lot and use a lot of force, your racket may need frequent repairing. When the racket is too old or needs repairing very often, it’s better to change it than to waste money to repair it.

Personal Safety Issues while Repairing A Tennis Racket

 While repairing a tennis racket, you have to use some tools. And you have to handle a broken racket. So, there is a possibility of harming your hands while working to repair. 

Be very careful. If the frame is broken, try to use gloves. Also, try to yous protective glasses to protect your eyes. It will make sure that no broken pieces accidentally enter your eyes.

Keep a first aid box nearby. If you get hurt by any broken pieces, try to figure out if anything is kept inside your skin. If yes, go to a doctor as soon as possible to avoid infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s know about some frequently asked questions.

Can You Play Tennis With A Broken String?

You can play tennis with a broken string. But the problem is it will affect your game performance. Uneven string tension is enough to ruin your day. It will also be unsafe to play with a racket that has broken strings. 

How often do you need to change a tennis racket?

It depends on how often you use it. If you use your racket regularly and use force, you will need to repair it often. And you will have to change it after 1-2 years. If you do not play often, you can use it for longer without repairing it. Also with proper repairing, you don’t have to change it up to 3 years!

Last Words

Tennis is fun. You can enjoy playing tennis if you can maintain your racket properly. Repairing a tennis racket is not a tough task. Here we have gathered all that you needed to know about tennis racket repair, the cost of repairing a tennis racket, and the safety issues. Now it’s your duty to apply the knowledge properly in your real life. Do not be late. Repair your racket soon and enjoy amazing tennis!

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