How to Paint a Tennis Racket [Easy 6 Steps with 9 Common Things]

tennis racket painting

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Color is always an important trait of everything. Color, design, etc. of anything speaks about the appetite, aristocracy of the owner of that thing. A tennis racket is not different from this classification. Though it is a sports accessory, it tells people about the style and trend knowledge of the player.

A newly painted tennis racket gives you a fresh look as well as can give a thrust in the player’s confidence. But before going to paint your tennis racket, you should keep in mind that repainting invalidates the warranty of your tennis racket and you will no longer be able to get free service from the manufacturer brand of your tennis racket.

Let’s enlist the things you are going to need to complete the painting job along with a dry room with well ventilation.

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Things You Need To Paint

Tennis Racket Painting Steps

After gathering all of the products stated above, you need to follow the procedures I am going to describe below. Remember, patience is a key thing for a good paint job. Do not hurry. A little mistake can spoil all of your works in a twinkling of eyes.

Step 1: Separation Parts

At first, choose a room that is dry and has good ventilation. Lay down the old newspapers you have collected on the floor. This is the workplace for your paint job.

 Now remove all the parts from your racket that are separable. For instance, you may remove the strings, bumper guards, dampeners, grips and grip bands, grommets, etc. Then keep them aside in a safe place where they will not be affected by the colors you are going to spray on your racket.

Step 2: Choose the Design

Now time to use the masking tape. Cover the areas that you do not want to be painted such as the handle with masking tape.

Choose the design you want to see on your tennis racket. You may use any illustrating software to simulate your desired design and can make any change to the design. Choose the design carefully because painting, again and again, is tedious work and you will not want to sit for the paint job frequently.

Step 3: Sand Down Old Paints

This is probably the most difficult part of the whole process. You have to sand down all the old paints. In order to get a perfect surface for painting, use a stripper to take all the paint off. You will have to spend several hours for the stripping purpose. This depends on how many oddly shaped corners your tennis racket have and how much smooth surface you want to have for your painting.

Step 4: Scrapping and Discoloring

At this stage, put your hand gloves on and start covering the tennis racket with a stripper. Use a foam paintbrush for this work. Leave the racket for a while. Then with steel wool, start scraping the racket. Peel the coats carefully. After scraping, repeat the whole process of discoloring several times to ensure that every inch of the racket has lost the previous colors. 

When all the paint has been removed, start sanding the racket with a piece of sandpaper. Begin with 200 grit sandpaper and then gradually go to the finer ones. When you are happy with the sanding, wash the racket gently with soap and water gently. Remove the sanding dust and paint remover carefully. Leave the racket for some time to dry. Ensure that no color is left on the racket. Leaving any room for the paint remover or moisture will spoil the phase of priming.

Step 5: Applying the Primer and Spray

Start applying the primer now. Firstly, spray some thin coats of primer. Leave the racket and let it dry for 40 to 50 minutes. Then apply another coat of primer. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the coating. 

When your final coat is given, leave the racket for a day to dry. Do not hurry as I said earlier. After drying properly, sand the racket very lightly. This will give you a nice surface to work with.

Step 6: Paint Your Racket

Time to paint your racket. Observe the design you want to see on your racket. If your design has some stripes of color only, then mask the inverse of those areas you want to paint with a certain color. Apply your spray paint to the open areas. Then let the racket dry for a while. Use several coats of color otherwise, the paint will not last long.

When the final coat is given to these areas, mask them with your masking tape and start painting the areas which were left previously. Repeat the process you have done just before it. I am warning you again, do not paint a single coat and be happy. Apply several coats of color for the longevity of your design.

If you want to write anything on your racket then buy sticker labels you can print on. Draw on the sheets according to your choice and desire. Use scissors to cut these drawings and then stick them to the body of your racket. Then paint over them, let the racket dry for some time, and after drying, peel the stickers off slowly. This peeling phase has to be completed with excessive care because a tiny mistake will peel any unwanted paint. 

Finally, DONE! You have your racket in your hand with a whole new look. 

Points That Is to Be Dealt with Care

  • The colors, primers are quite toxic. Wear a face mask to ensure that no toxic ingredient is entering your body through your nose.
  • The unmasking should be done slowly because pulling masking tapes hurriedly can ruin your design completely.
  • Do not do the paints without putting on your hand gloves.
  • If paint lets in your eyes, sprinkle water in a great amount and rush to a doctor without delay.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary touches during the painting because that will leave fingerprints on your tennis racket. You will not like to see unnecessary things over your desired design.

This is the whole procedure of custom painting a tennis racket. Hope you enjoy it to play with a custom racket that completely imitates your imagination. Start painting and smash the ball with your superb looking tennis racket. Have a good game!

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