7 Best Tennis Gifts for Men [Budget Friendly & Good Looking]

Tennis Gifts For Men

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Tennis, a great game of being friendly in the community. Presenting one another with beautiful gifts is a common culture in tennis for many days. 

If you are looking to present someone with an awesome tennis gift, you landed here at the right place. 

From a variety of items available, I have rounded up here 10 awesome and uncommon tennis gifts for men. 

Some of them are essential and beautiful. Some are funny. And, most of them are budget friendly which is sometimes an important issue for many!

Well, let’s check out and grab one for your dearest person:

Before we move on. If you are interested to pick a racket for someone, read below article:

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Tennis Gifts For Him

There are many tennis items out there. But, the following gifts are some that we think are perfect for men who loves tennis.

  • Eat. Sleep. Tennis Adult T-Shirt
  • Penn Championship Tennis Ball
  • Adidas Tennis Shoes
  • Randell Windproof Dustproof Adjustable Mask
  • Funny Ankle Socks
  • Men’s Club 3 Tennis Shorts
  • Keep Calm Mug

Why T-Shirt as a Gift?

T-shirt can give anyone a cool and trendy look. It’s also easy to put on, needs lesser time, comfortable and reasonable. So, if you are looking for T-shirt as gift, it is a good decision. Surely you friend will be pleased for its different benefits.

Eat. Sleep. Tennis. Adult T-Shirt

This eat.sleep.tennis T-Shirt has become so popular in the tennis community. It has 8 different colors. If you know your friend or dad’s color preferences, you can make them happy presenting one of these t-shirts. 

About quality, 60% combed cotton makes it more comfortable than the normal cotton shirts. It also ensures of not having impurities and short-protruding threads. It is also stronger than regular cotton. 

Noticeable Features

  • Made by a renowned company of the USA
  • Funny and personalized Tennis T-Shirt
  • Available sizes from youth to adult
  • Super soft and awesome feeling
  • Perfect gift for tennis friend, colleagues, coaches, dads, grandpas
  • Versatile and durable

Why Tennis Ball as a Gift?

Another budget friendly gift idea for tennis lovers is a ball. Tennis balls come in different quantities and styles: a pack of 12 balls, a single ball, or a can of 6 balls etc. After rackets, balls are important equipment for playing tennis. So, if anyone gets a tennis ball as a gift, he becomes so happy and delighted. 

Another budget friendly gift idea for tennis lovers is a ball. Tennis balls come in different quantities and styles: a pack of 12 balls, a single ball, or a can of 6 balls etc. After rackets, balls are important equipment for playing tennis. So, if anyone gets a tennis ball as a gift, he becomes so happy and delighted. 

Penn Championship Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls – Made of the highest quality felt, these balls withstand the test of time for competitive play. The special rubber offers a more consistent ball response and reduced shock effect for smoother, more enjoyable gameplay on hard courts. 

The unique wool fiber construction with interlocked seams ensures longer wear without cracks or tears for a better user experience from start to finish. 

Noticeable Features

  • Bouncy balls
  • Natural rubber makes it durable
  • Less risk of getting flat quickly

Why Shoes as a Gift?

Something which is a necessity is surely a great gift. That’s why shoes are on our list. Not only a necessary thing, shoes also ensure comfort and luxury. It is valuable, unique and sustainable as well that anyone prefers to give and get as a gift.

If you are looking for a prestigious one for your man, look for this Adidas tennis shoe. Well brand and best quality.

Adidas Tennis Shoe

Adidas is famous for many days. Their shoes are a mix of durability, comfort and performance. The Adidas products are lightweight and responsive for all level of players.

Noticeable Features

  • Wide fit shoe give extra room for toes
  • Durable outsole confirms the firm grip
  • Breathable mesh upper supports every move
  • Lightweight tennis shoe is comfortable for all
  • Cushioned midsole keeps you fine while you move them on

Why Face Mask as a Gift?

Face masks have become a trendy gift item around the world. Fortunately, there are some masks which are made specifically for the tennis lovers. You will see some masks are printed with tennis rackets and balls. They look great. 

I have also seen some masks that say “I would rather be playing tennis”. Overall, if you are looking for someone who needs face masks urgently, go buy a pack of tennis face masks.

Besides, Due to Covid-19, Masks have become a common and necessary equipment for everyone. When people get something essential as a gift, they become immensely happy. 

Randell Windproof Dustproof Adjustable Mask

This Randell made face mask comes in 3 pcs set and made with 6 filters. It is windproof and dustproof and that most people like. For your friend, it can be a good and budget friendly gift item in the market. Some more features of the mask are as below:

Noticeable Features

  • Personalized Tennis Mask
  • 100% polyester and long-lasting
  • Washable and reusable
  • Fashionable, Creative and pretty look
  • Breathable and comfortable mask
  • Full protection from dust, pollution and smoke

Why Socks as a Tennis Gift?

Tennis players have to run and move on a continuous basis. That’s why, they love comfortable shoes and socks. care to choose

If you present your friend with a pair of uncommon and cozy socks, that could be a good choice as a gift. With a budget of just around 10-30 dollars, you can get a good pair in the market. 

Funny Ankle Socks

The socks are an ideal gift for a person who plays and loves tennis. These stretchable socks are just perfect for all ages of people.

Noticeable Features

  • Funny ankle support socks
  • Luxury cotton made
  • Softness makes it comfy
  • Spandex fabric perfect fit for all
  • Unique design and look
  • Perfect for boys, men, husbands, dads
  • Budget friendly

Why Tennis Shorts as a Gift?

Men love to wear comfortable shorts while playing tennis. You can choose this one as a gift for your loved one for so many reasons. First off, climacool ventilation and Mesh inserts offer cooling relief for those who like to feel breezy during their tennis matches.

Most of the shorts are made with a strong blend of recycled polyester which saves resources and decreases emissions.  Also, it’s the ultimate in comfort when it comes to recreational wear.

Men’s Club 3 Stripe Shorts

The Men’s Club 3-stripe short features Climacool that moves heat and sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool even on the hottest days. Adidas adds mesh ventilation inserts on the inner leg as well as at the base of back yoke to dump

Noticeable Features

  • You’ll have a more comfortable experience on the court. 
  • You’ll stay cool and dry. 
  • Be confident in your tennis shorts, whether you’re playing at home or on the pro tour.
  • Comfortable, lightweight material.
  • Breathable mesh inserts.
  • Feel the breeze on your skin during hot summer days.

Why Tennis Mug as a Gift?

Mugs are a great gift for any occasion. They’re perfect for the upcoming holiday season, and they make an awesome birthday present or Father’s Day gift.

One of the best types of mugs to give is one that says “Keep calm and play tennis” on it. It doesn’t get more personal than that! This type of mug would be perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift because it shows how much you care about someone else.

If your dad loves tennis, then this is the mug for you! 

Keep Calm Mug

This is a great gift for any tennis player or a tennis mom or dad to show their love of the game.

with large, easy to grip C-handle, the 11 ounce ceramic tea pot makes a great coffee cup as well.

The design is imprinted and displays on each side of the mug makes it even more attractive.

The full color sublimation imprint creates a long lasting, vibrant and lead-free design. It is dishwasher & microwave safe.

Noticeable Features

  • • A gorgeous mug that can be custom engraved with words of your choice
  • • Makes an excellent gift for tennis players and their parents alike
  • • Dishwasher safe – great to use at home or in a conference room 
  • • Made from durable white ceramic material
  • •Promotes team spirit
  • •Keeps your coffee hot for hours
  • •Don’t have to worry about spilling or breaking it because its dishwasher safe
  • •Show off your love of tennis in a creative, unique way.


Hope you got some ideas about some tennis gifts for men. However, if you look for gifts for dad on a Father’s Day or for any other special day, check out this article written down for fathers.

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