10 Best Tennis Clothing Brands in 2021

Best Tennis Clothing Brands

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Tennis has created its own place in the fashion world, as well as in the sports community.

I think it is important to know what clothes are the best in tennis as well as the brand. When you arrive at a tennis court, your opponent might feel intimidated if you are wearing the best tennis clothing brand. 

Well, there are many brands of tennis clothes to choose from. Here, we are going to describe the 10 best along with their short history and features.

List of Best Tennis Outfit Brands

  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Columbia
  • Lacoste
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Uniqlo
  • Coleman
  • Hanes
  • Champion

1. Under Armour 

In the early 1990s, Under Armour was founded by Kevin Plank in response to a challenge from his older brother. 

Under Armour produces their products with superior moisture transportation, to wick sweat from your body. Important features:

  • Keeps you cool and dry during intense activity
  • The breathable fabric improves air flow 
  • Waterproof material for wet conditions.
  • heir materials are incredibly lightweight
  • Built for extremely warm and hot conditions.
  • Quick Drying Material.

Products of this company are t-shirts, shorts, caps, sports bras, wristbands and socks. Want to know more about this brand” Check out here.

2. Adidas

In the 1940s, Adidas started its journey. It is the largest clothing manufacturer in Europe. Features:

• They make high quality tennis shoes

• Their products are comfortable and durable

• You can get the look of a pro without breaking the bank

• Highly breathable material for on-court comfort

Adidas produces a variety of tennis clothes like T- shirts, quality tennis shorts, caps, jackets, shoes, tank tops, headbands, skirts, shower slides etc.

3. Columbia

Started its journey in 1938. Features:

  • They guaranteed 100% satisfactions
  • Columbia  Produce amazing clothing items for a reasonable price
  • It provides quality products that are like no others on the market
  • Lucrative sponsorship programs will help you make money!
  • They Committed to making premium products

4. Lacoste

This brand was made by René Lacoste, a French Tennis legend, in 1933. Features

  • Their products are great for tennis and  Lacoste is the lead in tennis clothing
  • Quality of this brand  is top-notch, consistent around the world 
  • Durability means you can wear it for years without worry of tears and rips
  • Breathable fabrics keep you cool during intense games
  • Passable  polo shirts and pants to be worn on court.

Lacoste makes: Polo t-shirts, breathable tennis skirts, fleece shorts, cotton cap, socks, tennis tracksuit etc. How Lacoste is different than other brands is depicted in the video.

5. New Balance  

More than 100 years ago, New Balance has been in business worldwide with their best production of sneakers and clothing. William J. Riley founded this company in 1906. Features

• A wide variety of quality clothing and shoes to choose from this brand

• Clothing and shoes are functional

• Speaks to players who are new and casual

• Great for supportive or intimidating play

• Provides guidance on the court without making promises

The brand, New balance produces girls sneakers, socks, girls shorts, men boxer undergarments, men sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, shoes etc. But they are best for sneakers.

6. Nike

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight  founded Nike brands in 1964. Their first retail outlet opened in 1966. Features:

• Nike has been in the tennis game since 1972, when they launched their shoe for the first time.

• Nike is endorsed by some of the best players in history, both male and female, which speaks volumes about their commitment to producing quality goods.

• The wide variety of colors and styles you get with Nike make it easy for any individual to find a set that will work for them.

• Quality products that last a long time, shown with the Nike seal of approval . 

• Wide variety of stylish shoes for men, women, children, and athletes alike

• Sport clothing and accessory giant 

7. Uniqlo

In 1949, Yamaguchi founded the clothing company Uniqlo in Japan.With 1000 stores all around the world it became a global brand nowadays.They focus on quality since they started their journey. Features:

• Affordable, stylish, Quality, comfort and function all in one

 Clothing brand. 

• Exclusive fabric techniques

• Save money without sacrificing quality

• Experience design and fabric innovation that is not available in other brands at the same price point

• Get an up-to-date and stylish look for less

• Customized designs to fit your style

• Durable clothes that can last for up to 2-3 years of heavy wear 

• Wide variety from underwear, sleepwear, tees and pants. 

• Get a clothing haul in one-stop shopping experience

8. Coleman

The founder of the company Coleman was William Coffin Coleman, and he started this business in 1900 in Kingfisher. Features:

• If you want to save money, but not sacrifice quality, try Coleman.

• Low prices: You don’t have to break the bank for their products.

• Durable Products: You won’t have to worry about their clothes tearing or ripping after just one wear (or wash).

• Quality Items and Fast Shipping: They say they offer superior items at a reasonable price range while also providing fast shipping times, so you can receive your product in no time.

Yeah, one of the best companies you can find is Coleman.Their product is good enough for the players and all.

9. Hanes

John Wesely Hanes founded the brand Hanes at Winston in 1900 under the name Shamrock Knitting Mills. Features:

  • Most of their products are now made in Thailand and Vietnam. 
  • The quality of Hanes products are heavy,durable and comfortable. 
  • The most common material they used is Cotton. 
  • Hanes quality is also eco friendly. 

This brand produces sports bra,ankle,T- shirts,sweatpants and also undergarments for both men and women. 

10. Champion

An american manufacturer brand,specialist in production of sportswear, is the brand Champion. It’s founded in 1919 and the founder is Feinbloom Brothers as Knickerbocker Knitting Company. This company now has 28 stores all over the world. 

  • They produce anti-shrink and heat preventive quality clothing. 
  • This innovation made Champion different from all other  brand in America for the sportswear  
  • They make high quality and they have a hype beast street brand  trends and that’s what makes them more popular. 
  • Champion is a US based manufacturer company and they primarily start their journey in Mexico. 

The brand Champion specially produced clothing and footwear.T-shirt, hoodies,  sweatpants, leggings,shorts, jacket and undergarments are in the clothing section and sandals,sneakers, socks and accessories like bag and hats are in the footwear section.


  1. What is Serena Williams’ brand?

Answer :

Since 2004 Nike has been Serena’s sportswear brand.Because of the  partnership or deal with Nike, Serena likes to wear Nike.


We have tried to give you the name of 10 best tennis clothing brands nowadays. Besides these, there are other companies like Wilson, Yonex, Amazon Basics, Fila, Castore, Calvin Klein and many more that you can consider as well.

Try to find out which one suits you more and be confident while playing tennis.

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