What do Soccer Players Wear Under Their Shorts? [Compression Shorts or Anything Else?]

soccer player's wear under shorts

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As a soccer player, you need to wear the right clothes to ensure breathability, coziness, and comfort. Sensitivity and modesty are the other two things to consider while you choose your soccer outfits. 

Here the question comes in, what do soccer players wear under their shorts? Wearing simple and non-branded underwear might not get you total comfort. Right?

Well, the best clothes you can wear under your soccer shorts are tight compression shorts, i.e. sliders. This is because while you slide, they can better protect your sensitive areas. Also, since soccer is a game of continuous movement and running, sliders will help you maintain modesty.

As you scroll below, you will learn more about why you should wear sliders, what type of sliders you can choose and some related FAQs.

Let’s get started:

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What are Tight Compression Shorts (Sliders)

Compression shorts are tight-fitting shorts made out of materials like Lyrca, Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex or we can say a mix of those. 

Benefits of Wearing Tight Compression Shorts

  • With the padding on the back of the sliders, your legs will be more protected from injury like scratch.
  • Your skin can breathe well with compression shorts.
  • Tight shorts wick away the moisture so quickly.
  • You can get quick muscle recovery after playing or exercising.
  • You can stay safe from groin strains and other injuries.
  • Blood circulation will be increased and transfers more oxygen to the muscles.

For more, check this out.

Recommended Sliders of Soccer (Storelli Goalkeeper Sliders)

Storelli is one of the famous brands making soccer sliders to assist in the lower parts of the body. Basically, goalkeepers can choose these sliders featured with 10mm molded pads and tailbone pads to remove distractions and to gain dominance.

While sliding and tackling, the sliders, with 90% impact absorption capacity, protect the hips and thighs against cuts and bruises.

The sliders are perfect for layering and fit closely into the body. Also, flexible fabric prevents disturbing turf burn.

Overall, the sliders are lightweight, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear.

Things we like:

  • Well fit and cozy
  • Light and durable
  • Good for goalies

Things we don’t like:

Could be expensive

Video Tutorial on Wearing Soccer Shorts and Sliders


Best Soccer Compression Shorts Brands

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • Storelli
  • TSLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do referees check players’ shorts?

The undershorts should be the same color as regular shorts. Referees just check it out to maintain the rules of the soccer dress code. 

What do soccer players wear under their pants?

  • Slips
  • Underpants
  • Skin tight long shorts 

Do soccer players wear tights undershorts?

The weather can get cold and wet during soccer games. In order to combat cramping up or any potential injury, you can wear long tights under your shorts. It will certainly keep your muscles and legs warm and eventually provide you with comfort.

Do soccer players wear cups?

I never wear cups for the balls. It seems like an extra disturbance to me around the groin areas. If you want to stay safe, you can wear them. Surely, players do and should put their hands on there at the time of free kicks taken from the opposite sides. 

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Ending Words

So, soccer sliders might turn out to be a good choice if you care about modesty and sensitivity. In some cases, it might work well for thigh-chafing. 

However, they are not a must!

If you feel comfortable wearing only regular soccer shorts, go for it. Why bear anything extra that may disturb your free movement and run.

Wear less, be more flexible and perform better! Or wear better brand compression shorts or tights under your shorts and dominate!

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