What do Soccer Players Wear Under Their Shirts?

Messi Wears Sports Bra

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In practice sessions, soccer players need to wear different types of clothes. But, one thing they wear might make you wonder. That is a sports bra that they wear under their shirts. 

At first look, you may think that it’s only a vest made out of synthetic or nylon material. But, in fact, they have another good feature of having a GPS tracking system attached: they are made in such a way that they can measure your movements on the field and other physical data.

To be more specific, you can easily count your heart rate, how fast you run, and you can even count where you are moving towards.

So, a sports bra is a great accessory for soccer players besides the other clothes they need at the practice sessions.

Soccer Players Wear Sports Bra with GPS Tracker For?

Soccer players wear sports bras:

  • To Track Heart Rate
  • To calculate calories you can burn
  • to find out analytics on explosion rate
  • Find out how much energy you can exert during the rehab process. It can help you to be smoother at a later time.
  • To help you to track the mileage, which will help you to track the capacity of your running.
  • To count every step you make

Soccer Coaches Prefer Sports Bra

Coaches and trainers use this tracker to track a heat map to trace the place of injury. Or, they can track where the player is less likely to explode. In short, the coaches track these to enhance the players’ performance. Other benefits for the coaches:

  • For getting the session load for the players
  • To identify weak players vs strong ones
  • Compare present sessions to early sessions
  • Measure individual player’s training demand
  • Monitor rehabilitation program
  • Compare player to player, session to session, drills and take action to develop.

Recommended Sports Bra

Nike Women’s Medium Support Non Padded Sports Bra

This is one of the best brands Nike’s sports bra, that ensures support to the chest area. The inner clothing is made up of stretchy fabric that can keep you stable and also, the tight fabric help you stay contained and you will feel comfortable out of it while running in a soccer game. 


  • Lightweight
  • Unpadded bra and fit is well
  • Drying up takes less time 


  • Only for small-busted women

STATSports APEX Soccer GPS Tracker Bra

Stat sport is a famous brand of making GPS vests for soccer players. This APEX soccer gps tracker is being used by players like Christian Ronaldo and Mohammad Salah, to track speed, distance, and sprints in practice sessions. 

If you are new in soccer practice, you can measure your performance against your competitors in running, jumping, and dribbling and use performance data to perform better.

Other Pros

  • Tracking of Heart Rate
  • Wireless
  • You can use in any weather
  • Long Battery Life (6+)


  • The battery might have some problems.

Final Suggestion

Just after receiving the product, start using it. If you find anything wrong, just return it. 

Which is the best GPS Tracker nowadays?

Recently Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) introduced a new kind of GPS Tracker named ZEUS S20, which has some extra facilities like:

  • Measuring heart rate sensors
  • Wireless communication technology to communicate the players more accurately
  • Able to provide more scientific information on players fatigue, condition of injury, recovery etc. Detail here.

Why do soccer players wear undershirts?

Soccer players wear undershirts to absorb sweat and also to absorb the moisture that may be caused by water or perspiration. The use of an undershirt is especially important for soccer players because it helps reduce the chance of chafing while running, turning, and sliding on the field.

Why do soccer players put on around their chests?

Soccer players wear two things around their chests. One is a sports bra, and the other is a compression shirt. Sports bras are designed to minimize the movement of breasts when players are up in the air during jumping, running, or tackling. 

Compression shirts are designed to stabilize muscles in the chest area. They also have properties that stop blood flow from being restricted.

Soccer players wear a chest vest that holds a GPS tracker to count all physical conditions.

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Why do soccer players wear posture correctors?

Soccer players often suffer from back and neck pain and other injuries and pains due to the stresses of the game. It has been found that this is mainly due to an improper alignment of the spine and poor posture. 

Posture correctors are worn by many footballers as a way of preventing injury and providing relief for those who already suffer from such problems.


So, in soccer practice sessions, soccer players wear GPS vests to measure their performance-heart rate, speed, acceleration, and distance covered. Then they take action to do better. 

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