Roller Skating Equipment List (True Guide for the Beginners)

Roller Skating Equipment List

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Anyone who is new to roller skating should make sure to purchase the necessary equipment before heading out onto the rink. Roller skates, as well as a helmet and elbow pads, are essential items for use on the rink. These items will help keep beginners safe and confident enough to learn how to skate.

Other than main equipment, there are other few types of equipment described below along with some best recommendations.

Equipment Needed for Roller Skating

Roller Skates

The best type of roller skate for beginners is a type of skate that has a metal blade with a wheel on the bottom. These are often the most affordable and easiest to learn on, especially for those who have never skated before. These types of roller skates come in various colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs and the size of your feet.

Speed Skates

You might have heard about people speed skating, but speed roller skates are not the same thing. Speed roller skates are a type of wheeled shoes that propel you forward with your feet while skating. The wheels are usually made of hard plastic or metal and they give you more control over the direction in which you go, so you can skate backward for short bursts. Some places sell them in pairs, but there are also single skate models too.

Outdoor Roller Skates

Outdoor roller skating is a fun sport that has been around for many years. There are different types of outdoor roller skates made for different types of terrain. Outdoor rink-type skates are smooth on the bottom, good for indoor or outdoor rinks. Street-type skates are best used on concrete, the rubber is sticky and will hold to the ground better.

The type of roller skates that are used for outdoor roller skating is called ‘outdoor specific or ‘training’-skates. They are also sometimes called ‘inlines’. These types of skates have a smaller wheel size and the wheels are usually made of polyurethane.

Artistic Skates

Artistic skates are also named rhythm skates or recreational skates. These skates are good for control, performing jumps, and spinning. The wheel size allows maneuvers and easy turning of the wheels.

Roller Derby Skates

Skate wheels are used in roller derby to skate on the floor. Most people have a preference for either short or long skates, but it really depends on what type of skating you want to do. Short skates are easier for beginners since they are able to place their feet more directly over the axle. Long skates are better for experienced derby players because they have less ground contact.


Since the bearings and wheels may get stuck by more debris, you may need to clean and change the wheels over every one to three months. Sometimes, the wheels may break down as well within a second without any notice. So, better to have a pair of extra pair of good skate wheels and bearings in your skate bag so that you can replace them anytime you need and want.

Roller skate wheels come in many different sizes and shapes and can make or break your skating experience. If you want the best and smoothest ride possible, you should invest in a set of hard plastic wheels. These are the least expensive option on the market but also offer the most stability at slower speeds. You may have to experiment with different brands before finding the one that is right for you.

Toe Stops

Toe stops are important for roller skaters because they provide good traction and control when stopping. They also help skaters keep their balance and stay upright when skating.

Roller Derby Helmet

Roller skating helmets are primarily designed to protect the head from injury due to falls or collisions. Skaters can wear a helmet with full coverage, a bike helmet, or a skull cap positioned tightly under the chin.

Every roller skater knows the importance of wearing protective gear when they’re on wheels.


A perfect day on the rink is one spent wearing a mouthguard. Roller skaters can avoid dental accidents, jaw fractures, and tooth loss by wearing a mouthguard while skating. Mouthguards help protect teeth from contact with another player’s elbow or skate blade during collisions. Roller skating takes coordination and balance, so it is especially important to take safety precautions before skating.

Knee Pad

Many people who love to roller skate, don’t think too much about the importance of knee pads. It’s not until they try skating without them that they realize just how important it is to have protection for their knees. A rollerskater’s kneecap is one of the most vulnerable parts of their body while skating. The risk of injury increases significantly when performing jumps and falls, which are common in roller skating.

If you are involved in mostly recreational roller skating, then a lightweight knee pad should suffice.

When it comes to heavy-duty equipment, a personal knee pad will protect the skater better than just having wheels and relatively no other protection. A heavy-duty knee pad will keep the knee from hitting the ice, which can cause bruising, a pulled muscle or the like.

Elbow Pad

Elbow pads can be a great asset for roller skating, whether you are a beginner or advanced. They help to provide comfort and protection for your elbows so they don’t get injured during a fall or collision with another skater. Elbow pads also protect the more sensitive areas of your arm from being scraped on the ground.

A few types of elbow pads that are made specifically for roller skaters include lace-up style, seamless, and padded with Velcro straps. The type of elbow pad worn is dependent on the specific needs of the skater.


Gloves provide protection for your hands. They also help to protect your hands from being scraped on the pavement. There are several different types of gloves that are made for roller skating.

A glove that you should always wear is a roller glove.


There are many qualities to look for when picking a pair of socks, but for roller skating, the key thing to consider is grip. When you’re on a skateboard or a longboard, it’s important to have shoes that give you traction and allow you to push off without slipping. The same goes for roller skates – having a good grip on your feet is essential if you want to be able to maneuver easily and reliably.

The best socks for roller skating are typically designed with warmth and durability in mind. Some of the most popular socks for roller skating actually include wool, wool blend, or synthetic. These materials are extremely durable and can help provide warmth to your feet during colder temperatures.

There are mainly two types of socks that go well with roller skating: Coolmax fiber socks and antimicrobial socks. You can get the necessary ventilation and protection out of these types of socks. Never choose any cotton socks as they are comfortable only with casual wear.

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are a necessary and important piece of equipment for roller skaters. The amount and quality of wrist guards available can be overwhelming, but it’s important to find the right kind for your needs before you start skating. There are two main types of wrist guards: those that cover the palm and those that cover the whole hand. Palm-only wrist guards offer more coverage than the whole-hand variety but do not protect as much area.

These factors include the type of skating you will be doing, the materials used in the construction of the guard, your personal preference in terms of thickness and level of protection required, and price.


There are many different skate outfits that can be worn when going roller skate. Some people prefer to wear more of a skating outfit with dickies pants and a fitted shirt and the appropriate protection for their feet. Other people like to wear more of a street-style outfit such as jeans and a t-shirt, which is also appropriate for roller skating.


Whatever the equipment is, always choose the best-branded (Chicago, Pacer, JBM, Outdoor Master) equipment in the market. The renowned brands always maintain the quality of the materials they use and also they provide you with warranty and other after-sales services.

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