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Roller Skates Weight

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The heavier the roller skate, the more forgiving it will be if you fall; while a lighter roller skate is less stable but allows you to move with greater speed. To know which type is best for you, you must know about the average weight of roller skates.

In general, the average weight of a roller skate is 6.61 lbs (3 kgs), but it can vary from 4.40 lbs to even 11.02 lbs (2 – 5 kgs) depending on the type, heel, and materials used. Under 2kg roller skate is perfect for kids. While adults should pick a skate that weighs between 3 kgs to 5 kgs.

Well, there is more info! Let’s deep dive below into the detail of roller skates’ weight and their effects on the ride.

Different Brand Different Weight

If we look at the renowned shop Amazon, we can find different brands with different weights.

Roller Skates BrandsWeightInfo
CHICAGO Skates Men’s Classic Roller Skates7.00 pounds (3.10 kg)Check Other Specification
Roller Derby Trac Star Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skates4.40 pounds (2.00 kg)Check Other Specification
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skates8.00 pounds (3.62 kg)Check Other Specification
Riedell Skates – RW Wave – Quad Roller Skates7.70 pounds (3.49 kg)Check Other Specification
Moxi Skates Malibu Barbie Quad Roller Skate8.07 pounds (3.66 kg)Check Other Specification

Factors that affect the Weight of Roller Skate


The size of the roller skate affects the weight. Skaters can choose between small, medium, or large roller skates. Children need smaller ones, while adults need medium to bigger ones.

For instance, If we take Roller Derby track star skate as an example, it’s perfect for kids (girls and boys), and its weight is 2 kgs.

Again if we take the circle society skate, its weight is around 2.30 kgs which are also acceptable for kids.

But, Men’s and women’s skates are different, the weight is a bit higher near around 4-5 kgs. For example, Chicago men’s skates are 3.50 kgs.


Roller skates come in different varieties: hard, metal-spiked and soft, flexible. They differ in weight and give you a different feel on your feet as they are used

Boot designs vary in construction materials. Some will have more durable, high-quality materials that provide more ankle support and are better suited for a skating rink.

Some use lightweight vinyl material for their boots. Their boots weigh in at only 1.5 pounds, which is significantly lighter than other boot manufacturers that use heavier leather or metal materials. 

While metal and leather materials do add weight to a skate, they also tend to be more durable and last longer. As such, these materials are typically chosen over vinyl when durability is important as well as weight considerations.


First, There are different compositions and weights between indoor and outdoor wheels.

These wheels vary in size, but generally, the larger wheel weights more are suitable for riders who want a lot more speed. The smaller wheel weighs less and is best for less experienced riders that want to take their first step into the world of roller skating.

Skaters around the world are striving for a lightweight skate setup because heavy wheels and skates can lead to other injuries. The lightest wheels we’re aware of weighing 530g.


Roller skater choices can be made according to specific needs and preferences. The heavier and lighter quad plates are an option ideal for any workout program.

Metal quad plates are heavier whereas nylon plates are relatively lighter.


Every style of skating needs different types of skates, of different weights. Usually, indoor rink skates are lighter than outdoor speed skates.

Do Roller Skates have a Weight Limit?

Roller skates have a weight limit to prevent injuries. Roller skaters must obey the weight limit and not go over it. This is because if someone goes over the weight limit, their roller skates can become unstable, which could lead to an injury. 

Roller skaters should also be aware of their surroundings when skating and use common sense when skating on busy streets.

Most roller-skates support 220lbs of weight. However, only a few brands are capable of supporting 300 lbs. If you’re considering a heavy user, take time to read through the product specifications before finalizing your purchase. Otherwise, the product may not last long and will need to be replaced soon enough.

Other Facts/Tips related to the Roller Skates Weight

  • If you want more speed, go for lighter wheels
  • If you want stability, heavier skates would be better
  • Indoor wheels are lighter than outdoor wheels
  • Heavier boots will give you more ankle support
  • If you need agility, choose lighter boots or skate
  • Roller derby boots are heavier
  • Aluminum plates are heavy but strong and stable
  • If you do casual skating, nylon plates are ok as they are lightweight. But for aggressive skating, aluminum plates would be better

How much do Moxi skates weigh?

Usually, Moxi skates’ weight ranges from 4.40 pounds to 8.10 pounds. For instance, the Moxi rainbow rider is around 2 kgs, while the advanced one like Moxi Lolly or Moxi Malibu weighs around 8.10 p[ounds.


When picking the perfect weight for a roller skate, it is important to keep in mind the size of the person using the skate and how they typically move. For adults, a roller skate that is two pounds or less is typically recommended. For children under the age of six, a roller skate that is one pound or less is typically recommended.

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