Roller Skates Vs Inline Skates: Which One To Choose? (And Why?)

Roller Skates vs Inline Skates

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Allow me to make one thing clear in the first place. Both roller skates and inline skates are awesome toys to play with, aren’t they? And, it’s absolutely ok if you go with either one. 

But still, the question remains: which one is easier to play with? Right? Well, you have come to the right place to find out the answers. 

Although we say that the ease of using either of them depends on how you treat these skates to your advantage, there are some major differences in between. 

So, roller skates vs inline skates: which is the suitable one for you? Do you wanna find out? Dive into this article right now without any further ado!!! 

Roller Skates vs Inline Skates: The Definition

  • Roller skates: roller skates are a definite kind of skating accessory that has two horizontal lines of wheels and a feet holder shell. 

Usually, one line of wheels is placed under the toe top and another line of wheels is placed under the heel position horizontally.

The diameter of the wheels of quad skates is smaller relative to inline skates. Also, the four wheels resemble the wheel placement of a car or 4 wheeled vehicle.

  • Inline skates: inline skates are a type of skating accessory in which the wheels are placed in a single vertical line under the boot. Although 4 wheel inline skates are more common, 3 and 5 wheeled versions of inline skates can also be found.

Unlike roller skates, the Wheels of inline skates are larger in diameter. There is also a brake included on the backside of the boot frame. As the wheels are vertically aligned in a single line, they look somewhat like a four-wheeled bicycle (if there is one).

what are roller and inline skates are made of

Inline Skates or Roller Skates: Which One Is Suitable For You? (And Why?)

  • Roller Skates: the main venue to use roller skates in is an indoor environment. If you want to play a professional sport in the rink and do extended maneuvers with your skates, you’ll find that roller skates are a massive blessing for you.

These types of skates are not suited for high-speed pursuits. Instead, they are equipped with enough stability to perform even the most difficult types of maneuvers in the indoor environment rinks.

Roller skates are also not suitable to skate through foreign objects on the track. For example, you would not feel very comfortable using quad skates in your daily commute every day through the road. Small pebbles, rocks, etc can cause damage to the roller skates. This is why they are suitable to run only in the rink. 

As roller skates facilitate highly sensitive and complicated maneuvers, They are best suited for Figure skating and Roller derby. 

These sports require extra stability, diversified maneuverability, and high mobility. And that is exactly where roller skates come into play.

On top of that, it is easier to make extreme turns and critical maneuvers with quad skates. The heel construction is made right under your foot, so you have more control for making extreme angles and still staying stable.

  • Inline Skates: inline Skates will facilitate an amazing amount of speed in your feet. These are extremely well finished to provide high-speed mobility even in uneven tracks. 

As inline skates have larger wheels compared to roller skates, they can gain higher speed in less amount of time and sustain it for a long time. The main feature of inline skates is stability combined with high speed.

The wheel construction is longer in inline skates, so, for beginners, they are more stable to perform with. The wheelbase of inline skates extends a bit forward than your toe top and also extends a bit backward than your heels. 

The larger wheel framework facilitates a higher rate of shock absorption which can help the performer stay in balance for a longer time.  

Small pebbles and rocks can’t do much damage to your speed and stability, so thanks to its taller wheelsets.

It is easier to avoid obstacles or dodge them because of the inline skates’ smaller and narrower profile. Instead of acting as a blockade in your commuting way, the inline skates act as a means to overcome obstacles.

On top of all that, inline skates are highly suitable to use in almost any type of terrain: parks, sidewalks, or in the streets, etc. In terms of sports usage, inline skates can be utilized in ice hockey.

Roller Skates versus Inline Skates: Which One Is Easier To Use?

Roller skates: roller skates are much more suited for younglings who have not fully developed their leg muscles yet. As quad skates have two sets of horizontally placed wheels, keeping balance with them is much easier for young legs. Also, they are easy to use indoors at low speed

Inline Skates: As inline skates favor and facilitate higher speed, these are easier to use for teens and adults. It is because adults have fully developed leg muscles to fully withstand and control the highest speed of inline skates.

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For Beginners: Roller Skates and Inline Skates

  • Roller skates are also known as quad skates. It is because they commonly have four wheels placed under the boot. There are two wheels placed in front and the other two at the backside under the heel. 

This wheel construction comes with a wider base and a more robust wheel track. That’s why keeping the body weight in balance is much easier with roller skates. 

Therefore, roller skates are most suitable for beginners of young age.

  • Inline skates, on the other hand, have longer wheel trays and larger diameter wheels. The wheel tray extends from 2 inches behind the heel to 2 inches forward of the toe top. This longer wheel framework can also help to keep the balance for an adult person.

This is why inline skates are suitable for those beginners who are adults or teens. Beginner-level skaters who are willing to skate outdoors can surely take advantage of Inline skates.

For Exercise: Roller Skates/Inline Skates

  • For Losing Weight: According to experts, Both roller skates and inline skates have great potential to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. But there is a slight difference in the rate of burning calories between the two types of skating:

An average person has been shown to burn about 550 calories per hour in inline skating. On the other hand, roller skating only burns about 480 calories every hour. In this aspect, Inline skating is a better choice for losing weight.

  • Stamina training: if you want to build up more stamina in skating, starting your practice with roller skates is a better idea, because the horizontal line of the wheels helps more to stay in balance for a longer amount of time.

Video Tutorial on Quad and Inline Skates

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of Roller skates vs inline skates.

As you can already guess now, both types of skating are highly effective exercises for your body. Because the construction of these two types is different from one another, you may enjoy skating with either one depending on your desired activity type.

No matter what type you choose, you are sure to enjoy a hell of a lot of fun playing around with those skates. To that, we bid you the best of luck. See ya around!!

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