Roller Hockey Equipment list [Best Types to Consider]

Roller Hockey Equipment Listed

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Roller hockey is a fun game, and it’s a little dangerous too. It requires a lot of equipment, especially to protect players from injury.

As a beginner inline hockey skater, you may think of what to buy for or for your child’s first session of roller hockey. 

Here we are going to describe the most essential roller hockey equipment list that you can take into consideration. Let’s jump in:

Roller Hockey Skates

The most important equipment in Roller Hockey is the roller hockey skates. Without this, you can’t play or start this game. 

There is a difference between roller hockey skates and ice hockey skates. As a beginner, you have to know it very well. 

In ice hockey skates, the states have a blade on a blade holder instead of wheels. But the shoes or the boots are almost the same as the roller skates. 

However, you can convert your ice skates into roller hockey skates by removing the blades and putting wheels in that shoe.

To do so, when you are going to buy a new inline skates, make sure that it would fit the Ice hockey’s blade, or it matches with other characteristics of Ice skate. 

Okay, now you have to look for a skate which would be:

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable and
  • Comfortable 

Another important thing is you have to make sure that the roller hockey skates are suitable for the place you start playing.

Here wheels are an important issue as well. 

Some wheels are better for the aspect you play and some are harder. Roller hockey wheels indicate their softness and hardness with the durometer ratings.

Roller hockey inline skates are designed with a chassis and provide comfort along with greater control and stability, grip and traction. 

Hockey Sticks

On a variety of surfaces inline hockey is being played. So it is very important to choose the correct stick. 

On a smooth surface, you need a full composite stick to enjoy your playing and performing the great.

And, if you are playing on asphalt outdoors or on rough floor, you need an expensive carbox stick blade for smooth playing. 

A good option is a two-piece stick with a shaft and blade and that is designed for any kind of surface. It’s durable as well. It really makes you feel happy and comfortable playing because you can use it for both outdoors and indoors. 

As a beginner, you should know that street hockey sticks are made specially to play with a ball, not with a puck that is used on smooth ice.

Another issue is choosing the size of the hockey stick. To know which size is perfect, you have to stand on your skates and hold the stick in front of you. The stick must be below or above 1 or 2 inches from your chin.

Sticks also vary in design and rate. So, pick your best based on your skating style and skill level.

Roller Hockey Puck

There are mainly three types of pucks that you can choose for roller hockey. They are Rocket, IDs and the Sonic one. The IDs and Rocket are very famous for tournaments and league matches. You can probably get the best feel out of these two pucks. And, great thing about IDS is it comes out with replacement pins that may help you with new feeling with nice pop every time you replace.

Sonic pucks could be little longer than other two, and you can get a nice feel out f it too.

You can also consider red star bullet pucks, that have cool look along with rubbery feel outside. The pucks are softer and you can get a dampen feel out of these.

Another type is Pro puck. Designed with a rubbery texture, you can feel it like an ice puck and glide really quick with the pins attached to it. For more, watch out the video below:


Always keep in mind that the helmet that fits you the best protects you the best! 

A helmet is a core part of your protection gear when you play hockey at higher speeds. A helmet must fit your head perfectly, because if it is not fitted on your head properly, then it may not help you with head injury. 

Most importantly, helmets have expiration dates. Most of the plastic cracks and the foam also may break down after the date is over. 

On the other hand, many leagues want full face protection, especially for children. That means you need a cage visor combination for your helmet. You have to buy a helmet with the cage or cage separately. And, you can add a cage with your helmet when specially needed.

Inline Padded Shirt / Shoulder Pad 

Inline padded shirts or shoulder pads are designed specially for breathability, mobility and for the performance you need to show in your sports time. Most of the players don’t want to wear shoulder pads or padded shirts because it adds extra weight in the body and feels bulky.

But, padded shirts provide adequate protection from spills or coalition with others.

There are two types of inline padded shirts, one for juniors and one for seniors. And all of these come with a variety of protection levels and fittings.

Inline Girdle

A unique and specialized equipment in inline hockey is the inline girdle. When you play roller hockey, you can protect your kidney, tailbone, thighs and hips by using a premium quality inline girdle.

Inline hockey girdles are remarkably different from ice hockey pants or girdles. It’s (inline girdle) designed to supply proper circulation, and it’s fabricated to be fitted in the player’s body perfectly. 

Inline Hockey is played all over the year both outside and inside, and it may be in warm conditions. The equipment must be able to handle temperatures. A pocket is in the inline girdle, which allows air circulation and keeps players cool.

In roller hockey, protection is a little lighter because the puck weight is less, and it moves in lower condition than ice hockey skating. But to protect hip and tailbone areas, the inline girdle needs to be padded perfectly. 

Inline Hockey Pants 

Inline pants are also another piece of prime equipment in inline hockey skating. But it’s hard to recognize that a player is wearing pants or a girdle. 

Because the girdle must be covered by a shell which is a pair of thin nylon shorts and players have to wear it over the girdle. That’s why it is difficult to recognize whether they are wearing pants or a girdle. 

You may wonder which one will be better, “hockey pants or girdle”. The  answer is it really depends on players’ preference. Many of them like tight  feelings and some of them like lighter and allow them to move freely. 

Players who like hockey pants always say that they enjoy playing with loose fitting pants. 

Elbow Pads 

Roller Hockey is a tough game, and it requires protective elbow pads for  playing with safety. There are lots of brands, like Bauer, Easton, Reebok, CCM  and many more that makes quality elbow pads.

Elbow pads are made with a soft shell and a molded ergonomic design that gives you comfort and protection. 

When you perform with roller hockey in the street or in the Ice Hockey campaign, it’s very important to choose roller hockey elbow pads that give you the appropriate protection in every move and best proficiency while you play. 

Shin Guards 

To protect your knee from injury, shin guards are a must. The referee can dismiss or refuse your playing permission if you are not using shin guards.  

It’s a little challenging for you to find out the right hockey shin guards. There are so many brands in front of your nearest shop or online shop to help you choose the best one for you. So, go find it out. 

Hockey Gloves

Wearing hockey gloves is crucial for both inline and ice skating. It provides full protection of your hand, like your fingers, backhand,and the wrist. Inline hockey players have a reputation for having silky hands. So, to keep it silky and protect you from injury, you have to choose the right hockey gloves.

Many manufacturers are making specially designed gloves for street hockey lovers nowadays.These gloves are generally made with more vented, contoured and light weight than ice hockey gloves. And in addition, these gloves are not as thick, bulky and not much padded as common gloves.

That’s all the essential equipment to start your roller hockey journey. In spite of all this, there are also some gadgets you may add to your list. These are :

  1. Mouth Guard
  2. Neck Guard
  3. Jack or Jill 
  4. Jersey 
  5. Spare Balls
  6. Spare Wheels and Skate tools
  7. Hat or Toque 
  8. Water Bottles and 
  9. A Equipment Bag 

Where to find Roller Hockey Equipment?

First, find out a local shop where you can check out products with your own eyes and hands. In case you don’t find any, go for online shops like Hockey Monkey or Amazon. Buying online is easy and fun. The most important thing is if you dont like the product or if the size does not match, you can return it back.

Last Word 

Maybe it’s a little more than you think, but you can shop around for a few hundred dollars with some discounts, and you can also try to manage used gloves, shin guards, elbow pads and girdle  to use your helmet.

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