Penny Board vs Cruiser Board [Which is Good For You?]

Penny Board vs Cruiser Board

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Choosing the right board for skaters can be tough at times. So, today we take an in-depth look at Penny board vs Cruiser board to give you an idea of which of the two will suit you best.

To put it simply, the Penny board is usually made of plastic, smaller than a regular skateboard and suitable for shorter trips, while the Cruiser board is often made out of maple wood, larger than regular skateboards and ideal for traveling long distances.

Each is unique with its special set of different features and here’s a summary of their properties.

Differences Between Penny Board and Cruiser Board

Penny boardCruiser board
Board is made of high-quality plastic.Board is made of maple wood, cherry wood or grade A plastic.
Smaller than a regular skateboard.Larger than a skateboard and shorter than a longboard.
Great for performing skateboard feats.Great for longer-distance cruising.
Small and compact, easy to carry around.Wooden board, heavier than penny boards
Cheaper than cruisersSlightly more expensive than penny boards
Faster than Cruiser boardsFast and good momentum, more stable than penny boards
Water-resistantSome wooden boards are not water-resistant but can cruise in on any surface conditions

Penny Board vs Cruiser Board: The Overview

The Penny board is smaller than regular skateboards and comes in a lot of fascinating designs and colors. It is often made of a plastic board with trucks and wheels attached, great for performing skateboard feats easily. Due to its compact design and portability, the Penny board is pretty popular among teens.

The Cruiser board is generally longer and wider than regular skateboards, which makes it easier to ride and improves riding stability. It is great for cruising around and longer trips. Cruisers are used as commuter boards and they are very popular among teens who love to explore while riding.

Construction and Board Weight

Penny boards are made of appropriate plastic material that makes it lightweight and easy to carry. Even though it is a lightweight board, the construction of the penny board is extremely durable and rigid. Penny boards are capable of carrying heavy weights and still retain their shape without any damage.

Most penny boards are retro-shaped which is pretty popular among high school kids. It usually does not come with an elevated nose but has a tail carved upwards.

The waffle top texture of the penny board’s deck helps with an amazing grip over the board for skaters. Its texture makes the non-slip deck easy to stick to, and skaters can even ride on it barefoot!

On the other hand, Cruiser board decks are made of maple wooden planks like other skateboards. But cruisers do not have a Kick Tail like penny boards. The maple wood construction makes it heavier and the wider deck helps maintain stability, giving more space to place your feet while riding.

Cruisers are generally concave in shape, though you may also find popsicle-shaped boards too. Some cruiser boards may have an extended tail which can help you hop on and off the board. But these do not allow you to perform feats like sliding on rails, grinding ledge, or Popping Ollie. Still, in terms of comfort and stability, cruiser boards have a better construction for longer journeys.

Length and Size of Penny Board and Cruiser

Penny boards come in different lengths such as 22-inch, 27-inch, 29-inch, 32-inch, and 36-inch for longboards. They usually have a deck width between 6 to 9.5 inches, which makes it decent enough for skaters to ride through smoothly. The smaller size also makes the penny board easier to perform skateboard tricks upon.

The Cruiser board also comes in lengths ranging from 25 to 37 inches. It is often larger than a regular skateboard but shorter than common longboards. Also, cruise boards come in slightly wider decks that make cruiser rides very comfortable.

Cruiser vs Penny Board: Trucks comparison

The trucks of a skateboard join the wheels and the deck of the skateboard. The trucks of penny boards are usually made of cast iron aluminum and can be used like the regular trucks available for other boards. 3-inch trucks are often used for 22-inch and 26-inch penny boards, though the appropriate size of the trucks depends on the length and width of the board.

The kingpin bolt for the trucks is usually set loose in penny boards. This is to help while turning and performing feats more easily. If more stability is necessary, the kingpin bolts should be tightened up.

For cruiser boards, loose trucks are used to allow more free movement while turning and exploring during rides. The reverse kingpin bolt is set loose in cruiser boards to provide more flexibility while turning.

Also, the bushings used in cruisers are softer than the ones used in penny boards to make the turning experience smoother and more stable. In cruisers, riser pads are used to give it more height between the deck and the trucks.

Wheel Comparison

Best wheels used in Penny boards are usually made of polyurethane with a core of plastic at the center. The sizes of wheels are chosen according to the size of the deck. Most 22 to 26-inch penny boards use wheels with a diameter of 59mm while penny longboards with deck sizes above 26-inches use 69mm wheels.

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These wheels have a hardness of 83a rated durometer. This is because penny boards need softer wheels to help with navigation control and stability while performing various feats on your board.

On the contrary, Cruisers use wheels that can rotate faster and are bigger than the ones used in penny boards. Standard size cruisers use wheels ranging from 55 to 65mm in diameter. For longer decks, 70 to 75mm wheels are perfect. If your board is smaller than 37-inch, it is ideal to select wheels between 60 to 67mm in diameter.

The durometer for cruiser board wheels ranges from 80 to 86a and can easily support riders weighing around 135 to 175lbs. The appropriate wheels will give smooth and satisfactory rolling on your cruiser board.

Board Material

High-quality plastic is used as raw materials in the board construction for Penny boards. Since the plastic is lightweight, the board is easy to carry around. The material also makes the penny board more affordable. A responsive plastic formula is used in the elastic construction of the board so that it can return to its original shape even after carrying the weight of a car!

Although maple wood is the most common raw material used in the construction of Cruiser boards, some cruisers are also made of cherry wood and even grade A plastic. Since the deck is often made of wood, cruisers are very durable and great for longer trips.

Bearings Comparison

Bearings made of stainless steel with ABEC ratings of 7, 9, and 11 are great for Penny boards. Since the deck of the penny board is made of plastic, many riders like using it in rain or watery environments. As the stainless steel is water and stain-resistant, these bearings are great to support your rides without you having to worry about spoiling your bearings.

Cruiser boards use a variety of bearings including stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic ones. The appropriate ABEC rating for cruiser bearings is 11, as it ensures a higher tolerance for cruiser riders.

Penny Board and Cruiser Board: Riding Style

Penny boards are appropriate for performing skateboard feats, turning, commuting, and also for downhill rides. But since it is smaller than a skateboard, you can consider using it to perform any tricks you can perform on a skateboard.

Cruisers are longer than regular skateboards and are therefore great for riding in extreme conditions. There is no stability issue and can easily ride through on any surface conditions. It has a stronger and stiffer shape than the penny board, which makes it suitable for exploring and riding on longer trips.

Detail on why penny board is good for? Read on this one.

Weight Limit

According to the Penny board company, penny boards are capable of taking up to 2871 pounds similar to the weight of a car! So, it has no issue with the weight limit and can easily carry anyone from 90 to 220 pounds of weight.

Cruiser boards are made of high-quality wooden planks that can carry more than 300 pounds of weight. So, cruiser boards are also suitable for anybody’s load and can easily carry riders without any issue of stability or control.


Both the penny board and the cruiser are great for fast rides. But since the penny board is made of plastic and is lightweight, it offers more speed compared to cruisers. At top speed, the momentum of a penny board is far greater than that of a cruiser board.

Final Words

Both the penny board and the cruiser board come in an awesome variety and mind-blowing designs. Both the boards are extremely popular among teens and college students.

If traveling around and exploring places while you ride on is your purpose of buying a skateboard then the cruiser is perfect for you. It may not allow you to perform many skateboard feats but in terms of comfort and stability, the cruiser is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fast, light, and easy-to-carry board for shorter trips and to perform feats within a decent budget, the penny board is the right one for you. (Budget Penny Boards)

As long as you enjoy riding, both the boards are extremely amazing. Let us know which one you prefer and Happy Skating!

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