Moxi Beach Bunny vs. Moxi Lolly Roller Skate [Compare Them & Choose!]

Moxi Beach Bunny vs Lolly Roller Skate

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Roller-skating is very fun regardless of the age group you are in. Finding a good roller skate for beginners on the other hand is tough as there are tons of choices. In these situations, most novice people just want to know if the skate is comfortable and will fit well on their feet. Even though this is a good place to start you do need other factors to consider as well.

Lucky for you, today we will talk about the two most popular Moxi roller skates curated for novice riders. Yes! That’s right. We will compare Moxi beach bunny vs. lolly. We will talk about their specifications, features, and how well they stack up to each other.

In brief, the Moxi Beach Bunny is an affordable option with an all-around good build quality. The Moxi Lolly is more of a premium skate with top-notch materials. It still is a beginner-friendly roller skate including room for intermediate riders as well. Both of the models offer various sizes for women along with tons of color options.

That said, let’s see what these two beautiful roller skates have stored for us.

Features of Moxi Beach Bunny Skate

We already mentioned that the Beach Bunny is an affordable roller skate from Moxi.  So naturally, they tried to cut as much as the price to make them available to beginners. This is a great opportunity to nurture any hobby without investing heavy money at the beginning.

Vinyl Boots: Moxi Beach Bunny decides to go the Vinyl route on this one.  It’s smooth, lightweight, and able to give ample cushioning on its own. The boot comes with intricate linings both on the inside and outside. It’s hard to find a Skate Company that puts so much attention on inner linings these days.

PU Wheels: Wheels are pretty standard and about 58mm in diameter. They are thick too. With the high rebound surface on the wheel, it lets you ride indoors as well as outdoors. Plus, the large size wheel is also great at riding over small cracks.

Aluminum Chasse: Chasse is what holds the boots, trucks, wheels together. With the stronger and lightweight aluminum chassis, the whole skate construction feels rigid. This will give you the ultimate confidence to ride like a pro.

Metal Trucks: Trucks are very important in achieving smooth control over various curves. The internal PU ring allows you to lean and cover turns very efficiently. That means less struggle and fatigue in long skating sessions.

Brakes: Yes! The Beach bunny comes with a brake pad right out of the package. And the good news is it comes with an adjustable mechanism. You can easily change brake pad length to your likings. This is very useful for both beginners and proficient riders to modify brake intensity.

Features of Moxi Lolly Skate

Now Moxi Lolly on the other hand comes with a lot of premium materials. That’s why the price of this skate is slightly higher than the Beach Bunny. But don’t worry, all the components deliver the money’s worth especially if you are an intermediate rider.

Leather Boots: The first thing they change on the Lolly is the boot material. Instead of vinyl, they wrap the whole boot in suede leather. This alone changes the comfort of the skate by a few times better. And remember, these have tons of color profiles to choose from.

Gummy Wheels: As usual, the skate has a set of gummy wheels. It’s a fancy way of telling polyurethane wheels. The great advantage of these particular wheels is it’s slightly bigger than the Beach Bunny. Meaning, more speed and surface covering in any situation.

Nylon chasse: Some may think about what difference it would make in comparison to a metal chasse. The answer is weight minimization and greater acceleration. You can’t feel such smooth thrusting in any metal chasse skate. So, if you like to cut some wind, this lightweight construction will definitely help.

Trucks: The trucks on the Lolly are almost identical to the Beach Bunny. That doesn’t mean you will have the same performance as the Beach Bunny. Remember, Lolly is much lighter than the Beach Bunny. So the same trucks will deliver a much more flexible and smooth ride experience.

ABEC-5 steel bearings: Another good reason the Moxi Lolly is superior, is because of the bearings. This is not just any bearings; it comes with certified ABEC-5 steel ball bearings. You will experience low resistance and friction on almost every surface type regardless of the condition.

Toe Brakes: Most professional riders remove the toe brakes depending on the riding experience. For a beginner on the other hand this is very important. Initially, the toe brakes help you to stop at a moment’s notice. And the adjustable bolt lets you choose how hard you want to stop.

Step by Step Guide to Start Roller Skating

Comparison Between Moxi Bunny Beach and Moxi Lolly

By now you have a clear idea of all the features each roller skate comes with. So how well do you think the Beach Bunny holds up against the Lolly. Let’s dive deep into another round to find out the best roller skate between these two.

SpecificationMoxi Beach BunnyMoxi Lolly
Boot constructionVinylSuede Leather
Boot HeightClassic High topClassic High top
Chasse materialsAluminumNylon
Wheel size58 mm65 mm
Bearings typeABCE-5ABCE-5
Available colors7 color option10 color option
Toe brakesAdjustableAdjustable
More Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Design: Moxi is clearly famous for its colorful boot design, like Impala. They are so cute you can’t have enough of them. These classic high-top boots look great on any occasion with their bright color scheme. Although both of them have a similar design, the Lolly has the upper hand due to leather wrap. If you are tight on budget, Beach Bunny will be a great alternative.

Performance: For beginners, both of them will be a practical choice. But if you need the extra wheel diameter, you have to go with Lolly in this one. The extra diameter gives notable advantages to more experienced riders.

Durability: Moxi already has a pretty good reputation over their roller-skate lineup.  A little bit of maintenance and considerate riding will give you ample lifetime. This applies to both of the roller skates. As long as you are not doing serious stunts, it can handle chill cruising around the blocks.

Comfort: On the scale of padding, the beach bunny shows a slightly thicker upper tongue. Apart from that, both materials handle heat expansion really well. Leather will always feel good in various weather conditions. One thing with the Lolly is the lather ages better than the vinyl counterpart.  

Accessories: Both of the skates offer various accessories like laces, charms, brake pads, and toe guards. Although in the package, you will only find brakes that don’t need any tools to install.

Frequently Asked Question

Is nylon chasse in Moxi Lolly durable?

 The nylon chassis in the Moxy Lolly is PowerDyne Thrust nylon, a high-impact material. It should hold your weight and handle any maneuver you throw at them. And they can be super light too.

What size boot should you choose for roller-skating?

First, check the manufacturer size specs for the chart. Follow any instructions that may help to find the best fit possible. If you are not sure, take one or a half-size big option. In case of a slightly loose fit, you can easily solve this with a thick sock or padding.

Can you ride off-road with Moxi Lolly?

Molly Loly uses PU wheels that are mainly suitable for smooth surfaces like streets, driveways, and indoors. You can still ride on a gravel road but it won’t be a pleasant experience. And you might damage the relatively soft wheels.


It’s really a tough choice between the Moxi Beach Bunny and Lolly. Both have great potential for beginner skaters. If you are just beginning and don’t want to spend heaps of money right away, go for Beach Bunny. But if you are serious about roller skating and looking for leather quality, then Lolly is your best bet.

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