7 Most Comfortable Roller Skates [Smooth and Durable]

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If you’re a roller-skating enthusiast, then it’s definitely worth getting some comfortable, high-quality skates to make skating easier and more fun.

You must get skates that should be made of quality material like aluminum or leather. They should fit properly, roll smoothly and give you a ride free from any unwanted injuries. It should be suitable for your desired surface as well.

We are here with what you are looking for, the 7 most comfortable roller skates for your super exciting and enjoyable skating life. Besides, an ultimate buying guide is added to help you know better about the right skate size, shape, material, wheels, bearings, etc. Here you go:

Most Comfortable Quad Skates Comparison Table

Name WheelsTypeMost Important FeatureReasons for PickInfo
Sure-Grip White Fame Roller SkateIndoor wheelsUnisex Indoor SkatesSure-Grip Fame wheelsComfortable skate for rink skatingCheck Price
Impala Marawa Rosegold Quad SkateUrethane wheelsGirl’s indoor/outdoor skatesCertified by PETE Comfortable skates within the BudgetCheck Price
Moxi Malibu Fashionable Quad Roller SkateOutdoor Moxi WheelSuede SkateAdjustable Toe StopComfortable skates for adult womenCheck Price
Gonex Roller Skates with Lighted Wheels
Polyurethane light-up wheelsAdjustable unisex indoor/outdoor roller skatesSuperior PP materialComfortable roller skates for kids, all-terrainCheck Price
Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skatesurethane 54mm x 32mm wheels
Adjustable indoor or outdoor skatesHigh-top boot with excellent ankle support Cute, colorful skate for girlsCheck Price
Pacer Aero Roller Skate urethane speed wheels Men’s Indoor and outdoor skates5/8 inch Adjustable toe stopsComfortable skates for wide feet, menCheck Price
Crazy Suede Evoke Roller Skates for Women Urethane Candy WheelsWomen’s Outdoor skatesHandcrafted suede leather bootComfortable skates for outdoor roller skatingCheck Price

Most Comfortable Roller Skates Reviewed

In this section, you will get an idea about the 7 most comfortable roller skates with their features, pros, and cons!

1. Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skate

The Sure Grip Fame Roller Skate is ideal for roller rink use. The boot has an indestructible ROCK nylon plate, and ABEC-5 bearings. The aluminum Super X plate may be found on some larger-size skates (with bolt-on-toe).

Sure-Grip uses advanced and exotic materials. It ensures a better grip as its name suggests

Vegan Boot: These skates are completely vegan. So if you are an animal lover, this surely goes with your ideals. The sole material is Nylon.

Suitable for all ages:  The Fame Roller skates are suitable for all ages. It suits the adults as well as juniors. Smaller plate with a bolt-on toe stop and 57mm Sure-Grip fame wheels are included in Junior skates. There are Adult skates and large adult skates so even if your feet are very wide and large, you can be happy with their sizing!

Cool Design: The Sure-Grip White Fame Rollerskates are completely white in color. The lace-up closure type makes it more stylish. There is a small area colored in brown which makes the skate look exotic.

Beginner-friendly:  the wheels of the skates are durable and their durability rating is suitable for beginners. The artistic wheels roll gently and comfortably. It gives you a good grip to ride and move.


  • ROCK nylon plate. 
  • Fame boot.
  • ABEC-5 rated bearings 
  • Toe stop by Carrera
  • Best Quality Materials.


  • Not for the pro skaters.

Other than Sure-grip, you can check out Riedell as well for a comfortable skate ride. Learn more on Sure-grip and Riedell. Go here.

2. Impala Marawa Rosegold Quad Skate

The 2nd skate we wanna suggest to you here is the Girl’s Impala Quad skate. These super comfortable skates are made of the best combination of materials. They offer you great styles to stand out from the crowd.

These lace-up skates are great for any kind of smooth surface. So, let’s see what features, pros, and cons they have for you! 

Beautiful color and design: These skates are designed by Marawa with a rosegold colorway as they are having an exclusive collaboration with Marawa. They have custom artwork in the linings. The truck baseplate and hardware are also rose gold in color. It has a beautiful rosegold hologram finish. So you will find an excellent combination and style in this.

Vegan Product:  Impala believes in your right to choose animal-friendly products. This product is completely vegan. So you can be assured that no animal was harmed while making the product!

Different sizes available: This product is available in 7 different sizes. It’s appropriate for any big kid or adult. They are true to size and so you don’t need to worry about it. But you can buy a half size bigger if you have any doubt.

Best Components: This is the best skate for entry-level or intermediate skaters. And to make it beginner-friendly they used the best components such as an aluminum baseplate, polyurethane wheels with a nylon core, metal speed lace eyelets, PVC upper heel, etc.


  • Customized swirl marble wheels
  • Bearings with ABEC 7 rating
  • PVC Upper, heel, and sole
  • PU brake stopper
  • Urethane wheels of 58mm 82A durometer and nylon core 


  • Only one color is available
  • If your foot is wide, the size may not fit you.

3. Moxi Malibu Fashionable Quad Roller Skate

Are you into girly looking cute and highly standard skates? Here we have a skate suggestion for you which is super comfortable and made with love and care by Moxi skates. These skates are made by hand and as a result of the exclusive partnership made by Moxi Roller Skates with Mattle. 

You can enjoy your dream Barbie skate ride with these skates as they have soft wheels that absorb all shocks.

Stylish Barbie-Themed Design: The Moxi Malibu Barbie skates have barbie themed liner and a special key chain with a barbie charm. They are available in the colors Strawberry Pink and True Blue. With Contrasting color outdoor wheels, they resemble the real skate that the Malibu Barbie used! The design combines Moxi’s Lolly model with a vibrant retro style of Barbie and friends.

Extremely Durable and Soft:  These are hand-made with soft suede leather material which allows them to be broken in with almost zero discomforts. These skates have PowerDyne Thrust high-impact nylon plate metal trucks for strong optimal support.

Comfortable Fit and Easy To Lace: These easy-to-adjust roller skates include a lace system that makes adjusting the skates a pleasure. The high-quality padded tongue makes it easy to slip on the skates. Before making a purchase, make sure to check the sizing chart.

Smooth Riding: To reduce friction, these women’s classic high-top skates are made with ABEC-5 steel ball bearings. Moxi Classic 65mm x 40mm outdoor wheels deliver a smooth ride on these outdoor quad skates.

Ensures Safe Ride: The boot boasts a high, snug fit with additional ankle cushioning for added support. This is not a children’s product and should not be used by children under the age of 12.


  • High-top boot with suede uppers that are split-grain and feature a unique design.
  • Nylon Thrust Plate PowerDyne
  •  ABEC 5 Bearings 
  • PowerDyne Nylon Thrust Plate
  • Outdoor Moxi Wheels (True Blue)
  • 65 mm in diameter and 35 mm in breadth


  • Not for kids

Although Impala and Moxi are two great names for making women’s roller skates, they differ in many different ways. Read this guide.

4. Gonex Roller Skates with Lighted Wheels

Gonex always provides skates with high-quality and attractive designs. These particular skates have a three-stage shock absorption system. They will provide you with smooth and safe riding. They are made of premium material to give you maximum comfort.

4 Different Sizes: These roller skates are designed with an easy-to-adjust push button and can be adjusted to four different sizes to match different foot lengths. There are three sizes (S, M, and L) to choose from, which are ideal for your child’s growing feet. Gonex roller skates are designed to develop with you!

8 Flashing Wheels: When you put on these light-up quad roller skates, your kids will be excited to see just how bright they are at night. Without the use of a battery, the coolest flashing light is self-generated.

Design for Smooth and Comfortable Ride: The roller skates’ basic body consists of sandwich mesh, PVC leather, and EPE foam, all of which provide excellent riding comfort. A safe, smooth, and comfortable ride is provided with a solid PP frame, 82A PU wheels with fashionable LED lights, and high-performance ABEC-7 bearings.

Triple Protection: They are designed with 3 protective layers. The initial layer of protection is provided by a skate-specific, ultra-durable, and tear-resistant fastening buckle. The long-lasting hook & loop strap ensures that your feet are in the appropriate place with strong adhesion. Stable shoelaces provide a modest amount of tension as well as a gentle and smooth feel.


  • Polyurethane made wheels
  • Durable hook and loop strap
  • EPE foam, soft mesh material, and PVC leather
  • ABEC-7 bearings,


  • Not suitable for adults.

5. Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skates

If you or your kid is a beginner in skating, often you will feel like readjusting your skates to be comfortable. Adjustable skates are extremely necessary for the kids and Candi girl allows to have the best of it. These quad roller skates may be used at the rink or on paved paths, walkways, and boardwalks outside. Fits true to a girl’s entire US shoe size range and can be adjusted up to four sizes.

Boot and lining: The Freestyle hightop footwear has a cushy padded interior and robust ankle support. The uppers are made of synthetic faux leather.

Adjustable sizing: The newest adjustable size technique for growing feet! On the inside of the boot, there is an EZ twist knob for size adjustment that is undetectable from the outside yet adjusts up to four shoe sizes. The Small size ranges from 12J to 2J and Size Medium fits girls aged 3 to 6.

Proper Wheels and Bearings: Candi Girl indoor/outdoor wheels, 56mm x 33mm

Bevo Silver-5 Race rated chrome bearings are extremely smooth and fast.

Classic skates: Urethane cushions and metal trucks are used in the lightweight High Impact chassis. Turning, cruising, tricks, and dancing are all possible with great control.


  • The EZ Twist Knob may be adjusted to fit up to four full children’s sizes (Small 12J to 2) or two adults (Medium 3 to 6)
  • a plush cushioned inner
  • Shock absorption and controlled turning is provided by a high-impact chassis with PU cushions.
  • Silver-5 Speed Rated (carbon) bearings
  • Indoor or outdoor urethane 54mm x 32mm wheels


  • Not suitable for the pro skaters.

6. Pacer Aero Roller Skate

We are suggesting Pacer besides the other few exclusively comfortable skates for men. The Pacer Skates is a renowned brand. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater looking to return to the sport, the Aero from Pacer Skates will have you on the street or rink immediately.

Comfortable Boots: The Deluxe Speed Profile boots are pretty cool. They are black in color and have a nice cut. They have  PU foam to provide better cushioning. They enable a snug fit with straps for extra support.

Aspiro Kemistry Wheels and Bevo Gold Bearings: Bevo Gold – 7 Race Rated (Chrome) speed bearings and 58mm X 40mm durable urethane speed wheels deliver a smooth, stable, and quick roll. 

Classic Fashionable Skates: The lightweight aluminum chassis and classic low-top boot shape allow for great movement and control. Traditional lacing and a power strap keep things simple and secure, while the trendy design enhances your skate experience.


  • True to U.S. Men’s Shoe sizes
  •  the metal plate and bushings are both durable.
  • Quick-dry lining
  • AMQ Pro Frame aluminum chassis


  • Only one color is available

7. Crazy Suede Evoke Roller Skates for Women


The EVOKE, a flagship roller skate, epitomizes ultimate flair. The Evoke is a true designer skate that draws inspiration from haute couture. The Evoke has black glitter laces and a spectacular laser-cut, mirror-finished heel brooch that is sure to attract the eye and turn heads. These glamorous skates arrive in a retro-styled, felt-lined leatherette case that safeguards your investment while also allowing you to travel in style.

Velvet Suede Boots: This boot fits and feels like a new skin right out of the box. There’s no need to break them in, the boots will make you feel like your special slippers right away. The glitter laces & color-coded hooks are used to lace up.

Laser Cut Heel Brooch: The perfect amount of bling! When rolling in your EVOKE’s, you will be noticed because they are laser cut and finely polished to a mirror gloss.

Galaxy Performance Plate:  The nylon Galaxy plate has a 20-degree action and is lightweight, strong, and rigid when combined with the Adjustable BOOST Toe Stop.

Urethane Candy Wheels: These skates have special flagship outdoor Wheels candy. They are made of 78A super high rebound urethane to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Supportive and Durable
  • Worth the money
  • Outdoor 78a wheels help in good outdoor skating
  • Smooth Rolling
  • Perfect fit
  • Three Stylish colors are available


  • Only for men
  • Not so good for indoor

Ultimate Buying Guide for Comfortable Roller Skates 2022

 In this section, we will give you an overview of what makes a roller skate comfortable and how to choose the most comfortable one for you. 

What Makes a Roller Skate Comfortable?

The most important factors that make a roller skate comfortable are the material and design of the skates. The material should be soft and should not cause any kind of skin irritation. Leather and suede shoes are typically long-lasting and comfortable. Most of the skates today are made of polyurethane. Which is also a good material.

The design of the skates must be such that they help you to move and roll easily but do not be too tight or too loose. Wheel durability rating, choosing skates based on your experience level, choosing the right size, etc are also important factors for a skate to be comfortable.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Skates?

As we mentioned before, there are a few factors that make a pair of skates comfortable. Let’s see how to choose the right pair for you depending on the factors.

Style of The Skate Boot: A high-top skate provides excellent ankle support and is thus an excellent choice for a beginner who is prone to falling. As a result, these skates will aid in preventing the ankle from rolling. An advanced skater may prefer mid-top and low-top skates because they provide more maneuverability and freedom to perform more daring maneuvers than restrictive high-top skates.

Boot Material is also an important feature of comfortable skates. Check out the image on the right side:

Skate Wheels Size and Shape: Smaller wheeled skates are better for beginners because they are slower than larger wheels. As a pro, you should go for larger ones for high speed. Flatter profile wheels are best for beginners because they provide more stability, grip, and resistance, limiting the ability to reach high speeds.

Bearings: Aggressive skaters will want ABEC ratings of around 5, whereas a speed skater may want an ABEC rating of 9. Beginners should use skate bearings with an ABEC rating of 1 to 7, as they are precise enough to allow them to skate with relative ease.

Size of the Skates: Most skates are designed to fit your shoe size. But, different brands, like different sizes, can mean different fits depending on your foot shape. Always follow the size guide provided on the product page. As a first-time buyer, you can try choosing one size up from your regular shoe size. 

Hard-boot/soft-boot: Because they provide good stability and support, hard-boots are ideal for fitness use and longer rides. They also have the advantage of being able to replace the liner if it becomes worn out. If you want a more maneuverable skate for dancing or disco, soft boots are the way to go. Soft boots have the added benefit of being more ventilated and lighter.

Almost all of the above roller skates are around 100 dollars and beyond. If you can’t afford it, no worries. Here are some of the comfortable skates within budget.

Last Word

As a skater, choosing the most comfortable roller skate is a basic need for you. We have tried our best to help you in this matter. Follow our buying guide whenever you feel confused. But always remember the concept of comfort or the perspective of comfortable skates may differ from person to person. So choose wisely.

Best of luck with your new pair of skates!

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