Kneeboarding Vs Wakeboarding [Which One To Try Out!]

Kneeboarding vs Wakeboarding

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Hello folks! Hope you are keeping well. Today I am here with another article about the differences between wakeboarding and kneeboarding.

The main apparent difference between kneeboarding and wakeboarding is the stance of the rider. In kneeboarding, the rider kneels on the board while in the case of wakeboarding, the rider stands on the board and hangs himself or herself onto a tow rope. There are other differences as well that I am going to describe in the latter portion. Keep in touch and go through the whole article to learn more!

Hope this guide is going to be an amazing journey for our sports freaks. No more idle talk! Let’s dive into our main section! Happy reading!

What Is Kneeboarding?

why kneeboard

Basically, there are two types of popular water sport in which you have to tow yourself usually behind a motorboat. One is kneeboarding and the other is wakeboarding. The question that arises in mind is, what are these actually?

Kneeboarding is actually a water sport in which you have to ride on a convex shaped board towed behind a motorboat. When you are doing it in waves at the beach, you can use boards with fins just like surf style boards. After first being introduced in the 1970s, it just became more popular over time.

And What Is Wakeboarding?

One may say that there are almost fifty percent similarities between kneeboarding and wakeboarding. That is, in both sports, you have to tow yourself behind a motorboat. The only apparent difference is, you have to kneel in kneeboarding, and in the case of wakeboarding, you have to stand on the board.

Wakeboarding evolved from wakesurfing. You can surf on waves but in a calm ocean, it is quite impossible to surf. That’s why wakesurfing was first introduced and later with time, binding straps were introduced with surfing boards and slowly the whole thing got a new name, wakeboarding. And, you will be happy to know that wakeboarding is not so hard if you know some basics and tips. Read this one.

Wakeboarding Vs Kneeboarding

why wakeboarding

Basically, wakeboarding and kneeboarding are very closely related to water sport. There are plenty of similarities between them. There are some dissimilarities as well. Let’s discover the similarities and dissimilarities in great detail.

First, let’s see the similarities…

  • What Gives You The Thrust To Move Forward?

In both sports, you have to have a tower for you. This can be a motorboat or even a motor car. Maybe you are wondering how a motorcar can be used as a tower. Well, you can play even in a flooded area. There, you can not use a motorboat as a tower and that is why you need a motorcar to tie your rope.

  • How Do You Stick Yourself To The Tower?

A tow tow rope mandatory in both types of games. In the case of surfing, the thrust for forward motion is provided by waves or wind. But here you have to tie yourself behind a tower in order to get the thrust. There are ropes of different lengths, types and you can use them for both sports.

There are different types of handles as well. You can pick one according to your choice but they have not the role of the type of sport you are playing. You can use any of the handles in any of the two game types.

  • From The Beginning To The End

The starting and finishing are also the same for both types of sport. In the starting, you have to lie down on the board and hang with the rope tightly. Slowly when the speed of the tower increases, you have to get into the regular position of the rider that is, either you have to have a stance on your knees for kneeboarding or on your feet for wakeboarding.

  • More Challenges!

You can also surf without the tow rope. Everything remains the same. Just the tower is removed and you have to gain your thrust from waves like surfing itself.

  • Safety First!

Safety measures are the same for both types of sports. You must know the hand signals before riding on a board and you must wear a life vest while you are playing. Do not make the mistake of playing around docs or in shallow water or around other surfers. This may lead to any injury.

If you lose your balance, try to fall sideways. Falling forward may cause severe injuries.

Now, time to see the differences as well!

  • Standing Over The Feet? Or Kneeling?

The first and foremost difference is in the stance of the rider. If every small dissimilarity is ignored, one key dissimilarity still exists and that is the position of the rider. For kneeboarding, you have to kneel on the board and for wakeboarding, you must stand on the board.

  • Speed And More Speed…

The average speed of the tower is quite similar in both types of sports. Usually, the speed is kept between 15 to 20 miles per hour while for pro level riders, this speed can even touch 30 miles per hour. But you can go in comparatively more speed with the wakeboard. The speed has to be optimum. Neither very high nor very low speed of the tower is suitable for wakeboarding or kneeboarding.

  • Muscles To Grow!

In both types of sport, you need a strong upper body. But for wakeboarding, what additional is the leg strength.

First, you have to lie down on the board. But when the speed increases, you have to stand on your feet for wakeboarding. So you must have strong legs to cope with the speed. In the case of kneeboarding, this extra ability is not necessary.

  • Tricky Moves!

You can perform plenty of tricks while you are riding. The tricks list is quite long for both types of sports but while you are wakeboarding, to perform the tricks is a lot easier than kneeboarding.

In wakeboarding, your legs are free and that gives you an extra degree of freedom than kneeboarding. As your legs are tied in kneeboarding, you do not have the freedom to perform complex tricks easily.

  • Which One To Start With?

For absolute beginners, kneeboarding is easier to learn than wakeboarding. As in kneeboarding, your body is closer to the water surface than wakeboarding, falling is less possible in it and you have more stability. So, newbies usually try to learn kneeboarding first and then switch from kneeboarding to wakeboarding.

  • But Difficult Tasks Can Teach You Better!

As wakeboarding is a bit tough than kneeboarding, it (wakeboarding) can prepare you for more complex water games. So, you have an extra piece of an advantage here.

  • Same Boards To Surf?

Now another main difference. The board. You may think, in both types of sports, you need a board to surf. Then where is the difference? Yes at first glance, apparently there is no difference, but when you are on the board, trying to surf, you may see that there are plenty of differences in the structure of the board. 

The boards used to do kneeboarding and wakeboarding are different in size, shape, etc. Kneeboards are comparatively longer and thicker than wakeboards. Also, they are almost flat while wakeboards are curved upwards. This special shape gives kneeboards more buoyancy than that of the wakeboards.

Wakeboards are long and curved which gives the rider extra maneuverability. There are two wide and deep grooves on kneeboards where the rider can keep his knees during riding. On the other hand, in wakeboards, you have small shoe-like groves.

Kneeboards are more than 5 feet long while wakeboards are more than 4 feet long. Also, you have straps to tie your knees on the board in kneeboarding which is absent in the case of a wakeboard.

  • Stick Tightly With The Board!

In kneeboarding, you have straps on the kneeboard to tie your knees to the board which are not present when you are on the water with a wakeboard. 

  • Which Way Are You Facing?

In the case of kneeboarding, the rider is to face forward while in the case of wakeboarding, the rider faces sideward. This is another piece of difference here.

  • Too Tired. Time To Take Rest.

You have to store your boards nicely for another good ride. But the boards are quite long and you do not have that much enough space on your tower to put them. So, what to do now? You have to buy racks for board storage. 

As the two types of board are not the same in structure, you just simply can not put both of them on the same rack. So you have to buy different types of racks depending on what type of sport you are enjoying.

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But Which One Is For Me?

Well, this answer depends on your experience, choice, etc. If you are a newbie, it is good to start with kneeboarding than wakeboarding. If you love speed, then wakeboarding is good for you. 

Another important thing is your physical fitness. If you have strong legs, you can do wakeboarding quite easily. On the contrary, stability is easier to achieve in kneeboarding. But if you have joint problems, then kneeboarding may seem a little bit tough for you. 

You can choose any of the two depending upon your status. You have to know your ability quite well to make a choice here. However, make sure that you use the good reviewed kneeboard and wakeboard out there in the market.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which one is easier for newbies between wakeboarding and kneeboarding?

-Kneeboarding obviously.

  1. Do I have to buy different sportswear for these two?

-No. These two types require similar clothing. Check out here on wakeboard clothings guide.

  1. Can I wakeboard on a kneeboard?

-No. The board design is different so you can not substitute between them.

  1. Do wakeboards cost higher than kneeboards?

-The difference between the price of the two types of boards is not so big.

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Long Story Short

We are at the end of the whole guide. Now you know the key differences between wakeboarding and skateboarding in great detail. I have tried to explain every small detail on wakeboarding vs kneeboarding in this essay for you. No more surfing on the internet to learn about them. Rather go for a surf on the water! Best of luck!

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