Is Tennis a Sport?[Boring, Dying or Rising Explained!]

Is Tennis A Sport

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Sport is all about physical exertion with a full mental connection. Any activity can be called sport if it involves physical activity to play with and if there exists a competition between one another or between teams. As we know, tennis involves both physical and mental activity and It meets the competition part too. So, it is a sport for sure.

Let’s compare tennis with golf. In golf, you should not give much effort like moving hard all the time. You relax while you walk on the ground and sit on the cart. But, you have to work really hard in tennis. you should move all your body parts to play well. In a competitive singles tennis match, you can burn around 500-600 calories an hour. So, you can doubt about golf whether it is a sport or not. But, you should not doubt anymore with a hard sport like tennis.

Well, let’s jump into more detail:

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What is Tennis?

Tennis is a ball game that involves players with rackets hitting a ball across a court separated with a net. Each player aims to hit the ball across the net onto the other player’s side of the court.

They do that with something called a racket, which is why tennis is classified as a racket sport. A racket is a bat with a round network of strings attached to a long handle by which the player wields it.

Two people can play tennis on opposing sides of the court or two players on each side. If the game has only two players, it’s referred to as singles, while the four-player game with two on opposing sides is the doubles.

Short History of Tennis

Tennis, as we know it today, was first played in Birmingham, England. It originally arose as a form of lawn tennis in the 19th century. As a result, it shares connections with various other field games such as bowls and croquet.

Before that, historians say that it was first played in France around the 12th century. At this time, the players would kick the ball with the palm of their hands. King Louis IX of France particularly loved tennis.

His love for the game was so great that he constructed the first indoor courts because he disliked playing outside. He was the first person to try playing it indoors, popularizing indoor courts in royal palaces in the process.

That makes Louis the first person in history to play tennis. He, however, wasn’t the only French royalty to have a love for the game since Charles the fifth also loved it and had a court built at his Louvre palace.

All that time, the players were playing tennis with their palms. That was until the invention of the racket later in the 16th century.


tennis is physical and mental sport

If you ask what sports are all-time favorites? Within the 1st 4 names, Tennis will come with 1 billion fans worldwide.

popularity apart, It is a full body sport that benefits you both mentally and physically. The sport is popular all over the world among men, women and kids. Especially in America and Europe, there is a tennis community in many schools, colleges and in universities.

What You Need to Play and Where?

As a racquet sport, you need to have a branded racquet at first. Then the tennis ball and net are two necessary equipment for the game to play. Besides, you should arrange a standard sized tennis court. Now, hard courts, grass, clay and turf are four types of tennis courts. While the US and Australian Open are organized on a hard court, French Open has been played on a Clay court. And, Wimbledon championship is on Grass.

And for sure, tennis is played between two players (main player and an opponent) which is called a singles match or between two teams. (two player on each side)

Tennis Rules

No doubt tennis rules are a bit tricky (for the beginners). It needs a big article to explain the rules. But here I just want to explain the basic ones.

To win a game, the player must lead by 2 points at least. If it is a deuce (tied at 40), the player must get 2 consecutive points: a normal point and an advantage point to win the match.

For in-depth study and learning, you can visit the glossary part of the International Tennis Federation that covers almost all details about the sport.

Tennis rule is somewhat tricky. The game can be played on match, sets and series.

Is Tennis a Team Sport?

Team sport is a sport where more than one person organizes in a group, and they compete with another same group to win a match. The members of the team work together to achieve any specific goal.

Having said that, in tennis, if it is played by only two persons on each side of the court, then it is not a team sport. But, if it is a doubles game, where both players plan, organize and set goals and strategies to win a game against another same team of the opposite side, then it is a team sport. 

Besides, if you consider the other members who are connected to a tennis player like the coach, the manager and fitness trainer and the fans, then also tennis can be considered as a team sport.

What Kind of Sport is Tennis?

Simply, tennis is a racquet sport which is a bit similar (on some issues) to other racquet sports like pickleball or badminton. But, if you compare, there are many differences between all of these racquet sports.

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What About the Season?

Well, normally spring can be counted as tennis season. But, people around the world play tennis all round the year whether in winter, fall or spring. But, most renowned tournaments like Wimbledon, US Open are organized in spring.

Variety of Tennis Match

When I was new to the game of tennis, I was surprised when someone told me that there are many types of tennis matches. Well, if you are at the same stage as I was and want to know the types, here are they as below:

Australian doubles / American doubles.

Canadian doubles.

Wheelchair tennis.

Jordache tennis.


Visually impaired tennis.

Why is Tennis Considered as a Wimpy Sport?

For complete beginners or kids who just started playing tennis and play only for fun, it is wimpy. We watch tennis on TV and may see recreational players playing tennis so easily. It may seem to us that tennis is wimpy.

But, it is not true. In fact, Tennis is a pretty tough sport. You need a lot of stamina and power and need to be mentally strong to play tennis well. If the beginner tennis players could know how hard it is to hit forehands or backhand perfectly, they would never call it wimpy.

Tennis is a Dying Sport or Rising:

Tennis is not a dying sport at all. New people from around the world are getting involved with tennis every day and its popularity is increasing rapidly. However, if we consider a specific country, like America, even then it is not dying but the popularity is a bit decreasing, you can ask Why? Well, during the last 14 years, no American men won any prestigious trophy in any world-famous tennis tournament. Other than this, Tennis is still rising even in America and in other countries as it always does. 

Is Tennis a Hard Sport?

Truly, tennis is hard. If you compare tennis to other racquet sports like badminton, pingpong, pickleball, then tennis is a lot harder. The answer to why is below:

  1. Court size is bigger than other racquet sports’.
  2. Long hour game
  3. Tough to master forehand and backhand
  4. More stamina needed
  5. More competition than other racquet sports
  6. Need technical knowledge and more attention

If you want to do better in this hard sport, you can have a look at this tennis tips article.

Is Tennis Boring?

To me, it’s not. But for many, it is!

If you love sports and love to play any sport like me, then it will not be boring for you. Tennis is thrilling and enjoyable. It helps to build up your health and freshens up your mind. Moreover, if you see the smiling faces of Roger, Rafa and Sharapova, you would never doubt about what kind of sport tennis is. 

But, yeah, for some, it is boring for the following reasons:

  1. When you are not physically and mentally fit
  2. It needs more time to end
  3. As a spectator, if the game is between two worst level players

Lastly, I can say that Tennis is a fascinating game, watch out a video.

Is Tennis a Girl Sport?

Tennis is a girl sport, but sure it’s not only for girls! It has been a favorite sport for years among both men and women. Every Grand Slam Tennis championship has a separate event for women tennis players. That’s why we have found star players like Steffi Graph, Serena and Venus. 


So, the answer to the question of the title “is tennis a sport?” is YES. About team sport, some may doubt. But about the word “sport”, there is no doubt at all. 

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