39 Interesting Facts About Tennis [Don’t Miss Out!]

Interesting Facts About Tennis

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You love tennis, you play tennis, but you don’t know about the interesting facts about tennis. Isn’t it weird?

Okay, don’t worry! I am here to let you know most of them.

Well, we all know that tennis is the most popular game all over the world for almost all ages. The sport can be played both single and double matches and in both indoor and outdoor. This multipurpose game has so many fun facts. Let’s check out:

Facts of tennis

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Facts About Tennis

1.Isn’t it interesting that before rackets were made, the ball stuck with the palm of the hand  in the 12th century. And in the 16th century the rackets came into use.?  

2. The mid of the 14th century from old French, the Anglo Norman term ‘Tenez’ came to use in English word Tennis.

3. The  fastest shot in tennis for men is 263.44 kilometre per hour. 

4. Approximately a tennis match takes 2.5 hours. But the interesting fact is that the ball is being played only for 20minutes in this 2.5 hours.

5. One of the interesting terms in tennis is “love” which originates from the French word l’oeuf  and the meaning is egg and the egg means 0 on the scoreboard. Interesting, isn’t it?

6. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played the longest tennis match till now. Which was played for 11 hours and 5 minutes to complete. It took place over a period of three days.

7. The name Sphairistike was the first patented version of tennis and lawn tennis. Major Walter Clopton was created and patented in 1874.

8. Charles VIII of French,in 1498, hit his head on the door of a primitive tennis court and died.

9. In a tennis match,a player runs 3 miles on average.Isn’t it interesting? 

10. Millions of people  play  tennis  only for recreationally. 

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11. Before one hundred years, the strings of the racket were made from the guts of animals. 

12. Until 1997, the length of a tennis racquet frame was maximum 32 inches, and later on it was changed to 29 inches. 

13. The age of 18, that means who are still in the parents or guardians supervision they can play only junior tennis. But the interesting facts is with a parents’ signature they can play on the adult tournaments as well as junior tournaments. 

Facts About Wimbledon

14.The oldest and most prestigious Tennis Tournament is Wimbledon championships in the world.In 1877,the first game of Wimbledon was played.

15. The major tennis tournament is at Wimbledon  and this is still being played on grass.

16. In 1875,the rectangular courts were created for Wimbledon, originally the court was an hourglass shape. 

17. The yellow color balls were not used at Wimbledon before 1986.

18. Later, the players started using the yellow color ball that allows them to watch out better.

19. Spencer Gore was the first winner at Wimbledon. The game would catch on, he didn’t even think it. 

20. In a Wimbledon tournament, the women who played first had to wear full length dresses.

21. Henry Austin wore shorts for the first time at Wimbledon in 1932 and there is saying that Queen Marry was shocked by him.

22. The  prize money became equal for both men and women in 2007 for Wimbledon winners, before that it was unequal. 

Facts About Olympics

23. Wheel chair users also can play tennis as it is an Olympic game.

24. The Gold Medals of Olympic for tennis won by Venus Williams and her sister Serena.They are the first (sisters) to achieve this.

25. In 1896,Tennis was first played in the Olympics and then removed in 1924. Again it was re added to the Olympics as a real event in 1988.

Other Cup Facts

26. U.S open and Australian  open played on hard courts  and at the French open players play on red clay courts.

27. In 1968, Arthur Ashe was the first African American who won the U.S open.

28. Since 1992,Tennis has been part of the Paralympic games.

29. Margaret Smith holds the record for the  most Grand-Slam single title with count 24.

30. The U.S open trophy make Tiffany and company. 

31. The” Grand  Slam  ” tournaments are U.S open, French and the Australian and that were founded in 1881,1891,and 1905.

32. An annual competition between men’s national teams is the” Davis Cup” and it dates to 1900 and the competition for women’s national team is called the “Fed Cup” that was founded in 1963. 

33. Until January 28, 2018,  Roger Federer has earned 20 Grand Slam in the men’s side and on the women’s side the Grand Slam titles goes for Margaret Court. 

Tie Breaker facts

34. There are some interesting facts about tiebreakers too,James Van Allen in 1965 invented this tiebreaker. 

35. Van Allen introduced two types of tie breaker  that is sudden death tie breaker and the lingering death tiebreaker. 

36. Maximum 9 points, “The Sudden Death”  tie breaker is being held and “The  Lingering Death ” tiebreaker is after 12 points

37. Interesting fact is that the Davis Cup first accepted tiebreaker in all sets except the final. But in 1989, they adopted tiebreaker In their final sets too.

38. Wimbledon introduced the tiebreaker in 1971. 

39. The  major tournament that does not use tiebreaker is the “French Open Cup” in their final set for singles.

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Concluding Words

The last interesting fact or quotes whatever you say, is just that ” Tennis is the best of three sets. so even if I lose the first set I still have a chance,I still keep trying. I won’t give up and I will succeed as I am a Tennis Player. “

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