Impala vs Moxi Skates [Compared in Brief with Recommendation]

Impala Vs Moxi Skates

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What can you expect when the two famous giants in the quad-skate industry fight against each other to prove better? A topic like this gives rise to the three ‘C’s; confusion, contradiction, and controversies.

No matter which I choose, the other side will always end up sullen! Therefore ‘Impala vs Moxi skates’ debate can bring about a lot of interesting and realistic facts. So, stay tuned as I break down their distinctions point by point.

FoundedEstablished in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia by a group of female skaters.Founded in California, America in 2008 by pro skater Michelle Stielen.
DesignMostly inspired by the golden era of skating, the ’60s to the ’90s.Art and culture-oriented designs are influenced by the modern generation of skaters.
ComfortPVC uppers and inline padding are a bit stiff. Still, they are among the most comfortable skates.Suede, real leather, etc, and padding are comparatively a bit better than most other Impala skates.
Customized SkatesOnly preassembled skates can be bought.Both preassembled and personally customized skates are available.
Wheels and BearingsComes fixed with each pair of skates; 58mm 82A wheels are the most common.As per the skate, customization can be done or fixed pairs are always there.
SizeSkaters can choose from a wide variety of sizes of 1-14.Official websites show the limit of size from 4 to 10.
AvailabilityAlways there to grab a pair.Are rarely in stock as they sell faster than light!

Comparison Of The Companies

Both Impala and Moxi are well-renowned names in the roller skate industry. But both the brands have some ideological, materialistic, and motivational differences.

I have tried to narrow down each brand and give an overview of what they have to offer.


Impala has been the talk of the town since its launch in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. The company was instigated by a team of passionate female skaters who are now in charge of this huge business. Inspired by the retro looks of the ‘60s to ‘90s, Impala takes us to travel through time and into the initial years of skating fanaticism. 

Since its birth, Impala has been among one of the most sincere and devoted skating accessories manufacturers. Making affordable products without compromising quality has been the key reason for the company’s meteoric rise. Skatewear, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, protective gears, and what not? Impala makes it all!

The brand also envisions leaving a better and cleaner planet for future skaters. It has collaborated with various charitable organizations to help and support nature, e.g. they plant 3 trees for every tree they need to sever as for the production of skateboards, etc.

The skates made are also PETA-approved and are fully vegan. So, as soon as you put a pair of them on, you are bound to feel clean, delightful, and proud.

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Moxi Skates

In 2008, Moxi was born with the vision of recreating the skate industry with something distinctive; unique artifacts, colors, and a fully American-made skate brand. Michelle Stielen, a.k.a. Estrojen, the founder of Moxi, was the one who came up with a fascinating idea of representing modern-day cultures through the skates.

The newborn company started to move its limbs with the cooperation of Riedell Sporting Co. in Red Wing, Minnesota but in pretty slow terms. After a few years, though they caught up some momentum but were again obstructed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But who knew that while this pandemic was a nightmare for most, it would turn out to be the greatest lump of success for the Moxi skates. The number of orders increased drastically as the campaigns of the brand gathered enormous attention across the country.

Due to such an inflated order rate, slow production, and the factory under complete shut down for the pandemic, Moxi had to struggle to break even the numbers even to this day.

Top-notch quality skates that are made with utmost care and are something that’s made in the USA; what else does an American need? Ranging from premium segment boots to economical ones, Moxi produces skate accessories for every budget.

Head To Head Moxi vs Impala

Both Moxi and Impala give tough competition to each other when it comes down to economical roller skates. Still, there are individual moments where the brands stand out on their own. Some of the aspects are described below-


Design is the topic on which the debate, Impala vs Moxi skates, heats the most. When it comes to the design of the boots, these brands are poles apart!

Impala has always asserted to be a brand that tends to make people relive the late 20thcentury era, the most prestigious years of roller skating. Their designs always exhibit a retro outlook which seems to be a popular reason to buy the skates.

On the other hand, Moxi tends to represent the spontaneity, freedom, bravery, and spirituality of today’s modern age. They try to provide a more updated graphical interpretation in their skates rather than pursuing old-school fashion mantras.


Here is where both the companies require to work. Impala usually has a lineup of boots that are made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride, or suede leather which is stiff and rigid. They are durable and well-performing but the inside seems a bit more constricted.

Moxi skates produce both authentic and suede leather upper boots. Though their real leather range is better than the artificial ones, still their inline paddings have some room for improvement. They seem pretty okay to some but may incite some pain around different parts of your feet in the long run.

The overall comfort is quite satisfactory for both brands. But if Moxi and Impala are to be the sensation of the future, they must ease the feet of their customers better than what they do now.


One of the most important parts of roller skates is the wheels. Choosing the proper set of wheels according to your activity is a pretty important task.

Moxi here gains the upper hand by allowing custom skates, for those who want to ride their own choices, as well as complete sets. Thus, you can choose which wheels you want to skate with, yay!

Although the Moxi custom skates lie on the expensive side, they come in handy for the ones who are too conscious about their skating needs and experience. Most complete Moxi skates offer 65mm 78A wheels, which are also good on all surfaces.

But Impala is a let-down in this aspect as it only offers a fixed 58mm 82A wheels on most of its skates which are great for indoor and outdoor activities. Yet, at least a petty opportunity of modification from the would have seemed soothing.

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The difference here impacts the performance of the skates profoundly. ABEC 3, 5, 7, 9 are the most common types of bearings found in skates. ABEC 9 is the best and most expensive one, while ABEC 3 is a cheaper alternative and decent alternative.

If you are to choose bearings, select the ABEC 5 at least, even if you are a newbie, and go for the 9’s if you are an intermediate or pro!

Surprisingly, most of the complete Impala and Moxi skates come with a minimum of ABEC 5 bearings.

For both skate wheels and bearings, you need to clean them on a regular basis. Otherwise, you would not get total smoothness out of those. So, clean them in a proper way to make them always working good and fast.

Best From Impala

Top Pick: Impala Girl’s Quad Roller Skate

After long research, I recommend Impala Girl’s Quad Roller Skate as my first choice. It isn’t cheap but this is the one you should get for the best performance and safe ride.

Best from Moxi

Top Pick: Moxi Lolly Fashionable Quad Roller Skate

After long research, I recommend Moxi Lolly Fashionable Quad Roller Skate as my first choice. It isn’t cheap but this is the one you should get for the best performance and safe ride.

Type of Skate

If you are interested to spend some extra bucks, Moxi fully customizable boots are the ones to have. The boots are made of cowhide of top-notch quality and they can be modified as per your requirements.

Both Moxi and Impala produce skate mostly for recreational purposes rather than rinks and races. But as Moxi allows modifications, their skates can be used for extensive interests. Therefore, Moxi is the clear winner here.


Available sizes for both brands satisfy most of the needs of the customers. Moxi offers a size range of 4-10 while Impala provides sizes 1-14. But in my opinion, Impala will win this bout as they offer boots for the smallest to the tallest!


Moxi is the big-time loser here just for their slow or almost no production. During the pandemic when other businesses were drowning deep, Moxi skates flourished with flying colors. They received a huge number of offers.

But due to the lockdown, production completely halted as the factory had to remain shut. Later, even though factories opened again, the mismatch in the supply-demand figures created a bubble for them.

Most of the famous skates from Moxi i.e Beach Bunny and Lolly are always out of stock due to high demand. It may not be surprising if you have to wait for a couple of months, intending to grab hold of a pair of skates, and eventually not even get them as someone else got them first. Frustrating isn’t it?

On the contrary, Impala is always in stock and their fleet is ready to be delivered, just a few clicks away. 

Impala vs Moxi Comparison Video

Final Verdict

Impala vs Moxi skates is among one of the never-ending debates in the roller-skating world. Yet, I would need to pick a side before we finish.

So, I think if you are a rookie and are very new to the sport, just get an affordable Moxi or Impala, whichever you like. But if you are on a higher level, then buying a Moxi would be a far better choice for mods.

Impala manufactures cheap and affordable skates which are mainly for amateurs and fresh legs. But Moxi skates are way more lavish and can sip up your pocket money of a quarter of a year. 

Thus, buying a Moxi is a good deal if you can afford it (also if they are available) but if you are a bit tight on the budget, Impala will do the job for you.

Happy rolling!

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