How To Improve Tennis Game [11 Tips To Follow]

improve tennis game

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Improving tennis games is a goal for all tennis players. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert player, there is always a chance to grow and improve. According to the expert’s opinion, there are some ways to improve the tennis game besides having the top rated tennis racquet. They provide many tips on using tactics that can make an advantage over your opponent. If you can follow their tips, you may put yourself in a better position for the win. 

Here we will discuss a few tips for improving your tennis game. These tips will guide you to take control of the game in your favor. Let us discuss the tips.

1. Warm-Up Yourself

Make ready yourself with a warm-up. Do some freehand exercises and movements that are better suited to your requirements. For example: 

  • Jump rope- alternate two-leg
  • Floor sweeps, hamstring stretch
  • Jog to the net and back
  • Turn sideways and do the same
  • Do a lunge stretch by putting your leg into your chest
  • Frankenstein hamstring kicks etc. 

These easy movements will give your body feeling ready to play. You should establish a warm-up routine to keep active and ready your body to move around and make a strike.

2. Consistency

Consistency may be the most important one among all the ways you can improve your game. If you can hold up your consistency level and make the same shot once more than your opponent, you will win for many matches. You just have to make sure to get the ball back in a few seconds and do so consistently without making any error. The game will be your and you will be the winner. 

3. Choose The Right Equipment

You need the right racquet and you have to make sure it to play well. As there are plenty of options for making your choice, it is quite difficult to pick the right one. Please consider some factors like playability, string gauge, or durability when you will choose your tennis racquet. So, pick your racquet in measure of its performance and design.

After choosing a racquet, now it’s time for shoes. Determining the place of playing is a very important point to pick the ideal shoes. Your shoe should be comfortable and you should not compromise here at all. 

4. Control

Take control of your strength and your opponent’s weakness. In this way, tactics will enter into your game. You can make a combination of shots that can prove as your advantage and your opponent’s disadvantage. For example, you can play repeatedly to your opponent’s backhand and force him to have to hit to your forehand. 

5. Improve Conditioning

Great conditioning is very important to become a better tennis player. An excellent way to improve your conditioning is to grab a jump rope and jump in place. Do about 5 sets of 500 jumps. When you will be really good at jump roping, you will find an improved form of yourself. You will be able to pounce on your toes easily. It will be easier to take a quick turn and plant your feet with a changing direction. 

6. Depth

You can win the match if you hit the ball consistently deep into the opposite court. Remember that, you have to do so with regular consistency. In fact, it is one of the factors that separate the best tennis players from others. 

Moving your opponent from side to side is not as important as pushing them to the back. When you can move back each foot of your opponent, you will move one step to the win. 

7. Playing Above The Net Level

To produce a deep shot and keep yourself on a margin for error, try to get the ball about five feet above the net. As we already said, your goal should be to hit the ball deep and plenty of topspin. If possible, try to play your shots within the baseline, this will ensure that you are hitting on the rise. 

8. Skill and Hand-Eye Drills

There are plenty of drill options that a tennis player can use for improving their skills and advance from a beginner to a skilled player. A very popular entry drill is, take a tennis ball and toss it against a wall. Try to catch the ball with one hand. As a tennis player, you must have a great combination of athleticism, strategy, conditioning, and hand-eye coordination. 

9. Power

Power is another important factor to improve the tennis game. Power is used in tennis either to put your opponent on the defensive or finish off shots. If you can hit your ball faster than the opponent can, the chances will increase to be a winner. Try to create power by swinging the racket harder and faster. You can create a log in your stroke to increase racket head speed also. 

10. Time

In tennis, timing is an important commodity. Each moment is vital for winning and losing the game. You can use time in two ways, you should use it as an advantage by either increasing the amount of time that you have to recover an offensive shot or reducing the time that the opponent has to receive the ball. 

If you are in a defensive position, you can give yourself more time to be returning the ball deep and high to the opponent’s court. If you want to reduce the amount of time of your opponent to get the ball, use the power to reduce tempo. 

11. Direction

Moving your opponent around the court is one of the keys to win the tennis game. If you are able to keep control of the direction of shots then you can also control your opponent. You should hit deep shots to keep your opponent back behind the baseline and move them from side to side. To keep moving constantly your opponent you should vary the direction of every shot. 

however, if you are a beginner and you don’t know about split stepping, you should watch the following video and master the technique that high level players are adopting.

Most importantly, you can’t escape reading some suprising rules in tennis that Medium explained well.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to include almost all aspects related to tennis in the above-listed tips for improving tennis game. Try to follow these tips during your matches. Work on improving above listed points during practice and then when you face a competitive game. Do not forget that, your opponents might have some plans also. So some of the above tactics need you to study against your opponent before and during play. Apply different shots and combinations to know the weakness of your opponent if it has. Once you explore the weakness of your opponent, you can take over the control of game steps toward the win.  

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