How Should Roller Skates Fit? [Complete Guide, Sizing & Things to Avoid]

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It’s hard to beat the exhilarating feeling of roller skates whether it’s your first day or the 100th. Every time you will feel the same rush, the wind, and each subtle bump on the road with a smile on your face. These all feel great until the boot starts to hurt your feet after a few minutes. Regardless of the joy, this is a very common scenario on wrong size shoes especially, if you don’t know how should roller skates fit?

The most common preconception of a roller skate shoe is it should fit like a regular shoe. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. A roller skate shoe requires an ample amount of cushioning, ankle support, and toe support. If you miss any of those, you will have a horrible experience.

That’s right with each move; you will feel the pressure and pain. Most beginners encounter this painful situation after their first roller skate. Today is your lucky day as we gather up all the information you need to know about roller skate fittings. Besides, how it should fit you in the first place.

Without further ado, let’s dive in

Difference Between a Regular Shoe and a Roller Skate Shoe

First, let’s discuss the notion of why a skate shoe should not feel like a regular shoe. On a regular shoe, you are mostly putting pressure downwards to the surface. So the whole design aims to benefit when you are walking or running. With these, you will feel fewer bumps under your feet.

On the other hand, roller skates roll on the surface with the help of your feet moving forward. So the emphasis is on the forward side of the shoe where your toes are. If it doesn’t have enough room or cushioning, what would happen when you hit the road?

Like the regular shoe, roller skates do care about bumps on the road. That’s why there are tons of wheel sizes. With larger wheels, the bumps will be less intense. Although, this means nothing if your skate shoe doesn’t fit well with your feet.

Correct Sings for a Great Roller Skate Fit

Now that you are familiar with roller skate size, it’s time to know about good signs. These signs will let you know the skate you have put on is a great fit.

Snug Fit

The term snug fit refers to the optimum tightness or the comfortable fittings. As you slip your feet into the shoe, there should be hardly any resistance. Even after closing the laces and straps, it should feel like a perfect glove. You will be able to move freely, with no extra spaces in the front or the back. And your feet won’t move either if you put pressure.

Toe Wiggle Room

This is a popular sign to determine if a particular show is a great fit. Regardless of the shoe size, your toe should not touch the front wall. At the same time, you also should be able to move your toes freely without any obstruction. This helps with any toe injury from a bad landing.

No Air Pocket

Your roller skate shouldn’t have any air pockets inside the enclosure. After you slip on your feet, a solid fit is very important. Open spaces tend to encourage a lot of movement and frictions. And that’s how you get blisters all around your feet. Wear a cotton sock to eliminate any open spaces in the shoe.

General Roller Skate Size Guide

Most roller skate manufacturers try to get as close as possible with the regular shoe size. So you can easily find your perfect size from their listing. But this is not always the case. Even though you see your particular shoe size in their listing, it may not be the same. Due to manufacturing differences, style, and other factors, roller skate shoes are slightly different.

Here are some quick guidelines to find the best size for your roller skate.

Read the Size Chart

This is a no-brainer. Search the product description and try to find any relevant information on their size chart. They should have a size table for all the available shoes or a single product size listing. Either way, look for hints if it’s relevant to regular shoe size. If that’s the case you can just take your regular shoe size and add a half-inch room for error.

Measure from Scratch

Some manufacturers roll out skates according to their own size measurements. That means your regular shoe size information won’t help you this time. You need to measure your feet manually and check for the closest match.

One easy way to do it is to take any insole from your best snug shoe. Then place it on a flat surface and measure the length and width.  Next, take the measurement value and try to find the closest match from the size table. You can go 1/2 millimeter higher but never go for a shorter length or the width.

Physical Trial

This is the best way to find your perfect roller skate size. Just go to a roller skate shop if you are lucky enough to have one in your city. Sit and take your time to try each size for an extensive time. This is to make sure you find the correct size. Make a few moves to see if you feel comfortable in it.

Follow Brake-in Time

Even after you have measured the size perfectly and ordered the perfect shoe, it may still feel uncomfortable. This happens due to factory fittings and the mold that hasn’t settled down according to your feet. The longer you will use the roller skate, the quicker it becomes soft and snug.

Depending on the build material, it may take time up to 3 months to break in for a comfortable fit. If you hardly use your skate, the duration can be longer than that. Apart from that, using your new roller skate for an hour regularly helps a lot.

Roller Skate Size Chart

This is a typical roller skate size chart for you. You don’t need to follow this chart absolutely, but you can get an idea. Here you can find skate sizes for men and women. The rest are the corresponding shoe size for men and women according to country.

Typical Skate Size(Men)Typical Skate Size (Women)Shoe Size (US Men)Shoe Size (US Women)Shoe Size ( UK Men)Shoe Size (UK Women)Standard EU Size

Well Brand of Roller Skate Wheels

Always prefer a good brand of roller skate wheels whether you skate outdoor or indoor (Check out reputed indoor wheels). Benefits of having a reputed brand of wheels:

  • They will fit well
  • They will provide you with the perfect size
  • If your size does not come out perfect, you can return anytime.
  • Made up of good quality materials.

Things to Avoid for Perfect Roller Skate Fit

Now, time for some precautions. No matter how insignificant it may seem, never overlook these situations.

Bent Toes

Let’s say you have nailed the perfect size, but when moving forward you feel the toe bends. There are a lot of reasons to face a similar issue in a new roller skate. It could be any chemical residue or fabric that makes it slippery. Either way, when you see bent toes, resolve the issue immediately. You could break a nail or two if you keep running in that particular situation.

Pressure on the Side

This is very common in every new roller skate. Usually, they stay tight for a couple of days. After extensive use, the mold falls to your feet’ shape. After that, there should be no pressure from the sides of the skate. Some good roller skate manufacturers advise people to use heat to soften the skate mold. And then, a good push to take the perfect form.

Even after some time if the problem persists, try loosening the lace-up a bit. And if you feel there are extra spaces in the side even after socks, place some cotton wool. This should help to fill the gap and provide you with more stability.

Bad Ankle Support

Securing your ankle is another vital procedure for your safety. Most high neck roller skates have a long neck to provide ample support while maneuvering. After locking the straps, you shouldn’t be able to bend your ankle too far. This restricts any accidental sprains in the ankle.

What to do if your new roller skate still hurts?

The main reason behind this discomfort comes from the new materials. They feel stiff and sharp at some point. This is a common scenario for any leather shoes. The Vinyl skates face a similar situation at first. All these Sharp edges and corners irritate for the first few weeks. But after that and regular stretching, the leather material finally breaks in. And all the discomfort goes away.

Roller Skate Fit & Size Video


People love roller skating because it brings joy, health benefits, and a new sense of fashion.  For the sake of our safety, it’s essential to know how a roller skate should fit. Hope the above information will come in handy to decide on your perfect roller skate size. No more oversized or painful undersized roller skates from now on. 

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