How Much Weight Can a Penny Board hold? Answered! 

weight limit of penny board

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In a nutshell, A penny board is a miniature skateboard with a plastic deck that is much smaller than a regular one. Let’s have a look at details, penny board including how much weight can a penny board hold?

The Weight Limit Of A Penny Board 

Penny boards can carry up to the weight of 198 lbs. If you want to buy the sustainable Penny board, my suggestion would go with the 27 inches or more as they’re more convenient in terms of sustainability and also provide you with much space.

Penny boards are usually used to travel short distances. It consists of 4 wheels attached to the flat board in such a way that they act parallel to each other.

But you have to be an expert while riding it or while doing stunts, and for that, you’ll need to practice as much as you can to maintain the balance upon the boards. Only then, you can control your board even being a heavy person.

Skateboard TypeWeight Limit
Normal Skateboard272.3 lbs
Penny Board192 lbs
Longboard300 lbs
Electric Skateboard330 lbs

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The Naming of Penny Board                                     

Penny Board was once a brand name that was incredibly successful and resulted in a swarm of knock-offs. The idea for the first Penny Board came from the creator’s sister.

Available Inches Of Penny Board

According to the research, Penny boards come in a variety of sizes to suit one’s needs. Penny boards are available in four conventional sizes: 22 inches, 27 inches, 22 inches, and 36 inches. 

Examine your weight and height to locate the penny board that best suits your needs.

However, if you are talking about branded Penny Boards, you have several options –

  • The most portable Penny Board is the 22” if you already know .
  • If you are new to skateboarding, get the Surfskate or 32” skateboard.
  • To commute, get a comfortable cruiser like the Surfskate or Longboard.
  •  If you want to learn tricks, there is only one Penny Board – the 32” Skateboard.

Penny Board Price

A penny skateboard costs a little less than a wooden skateboard. You can get a penny board that can hold 200-225 pounds for $25-30. Branded penny skateboards are a little more expensive, but they’re on par comparing with regular skateboards in terms of price.

For example, the 22” Penny Board can be considered as the smallest branded Penny Board, costing $109. (USD).

Learn Why penny boards are Costly

Why Is Deck Material Versatile For Penny Boards?

Deck material is one of a kind, which makes the boards more sturdy and tough in terms of quality. It’s the most versatile and highly used to manufacture penny boards. It’s the same material that is used in the skateboard as well.

Penny Board That Will Worth Your Money 

If you are so inclined with having a lot of adventures of your own, you might as well have fun while skateboarding. It can be so much fun and enjoyable for you to experience. Skateboarding is indeed a form or a category of sports. It involves various types of rides and exhibitions or tricks of a penny skateboard. If you also happen to have a dull time or leisure time you could go and try skateboarding for you to be overwhelmed.

You must keep yourself always safe and secure as possible.

You should use your boards to be a way for you to defend yourself from anything.

1. Mini Cruiser Board from Cal 7 Complete in 22-Inch

2. Skateboard from Rimable 22” Complete

3. 22 inches Skatro Mini Cruiser

4. Skateboard from Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

5. The complete Penny Nickel Graphic

Penny Skateboard

Recently we have talked a lot about penny boards, which are similar to skateboards. The material used in both the boats is the same, which won’t differ them. The only difference between penny boards and skateboards is that pennies are slightly broader in shape and size.

Various sizes are available in the penny skateboards. Apart from this, you also get multiple color options and graphics options from which you can select the best one. 

But do you have to make sure that the bigger the skateboard will be, the more you will get the benefit of it? My recommendation would be beany one for 27 inches penny boards, which is more sustainable.

They are just not good skateboards.

Penny boards are just one more option for skaters.

But penny boards do have their faults and their advantages.

In this article, we discuss penny boards’ most frequently asked questions and a simple overview to help you determine if this type of board might be right for you.


What is  called a penny board?

A penny board is a standard skateboard, with a plastic deck.

Why is a penny board called a penny board?

Originally Penny Board was a brand, and it still is.

Like many, the popular plastic Boards spawned copycats.

These copycat boards, collectively and generically, came to be known as penny boards.

The original Penny Board was named after the creator’s sister.

Different Sizes of Penny Board

Penny Skateboards are now available in five different sizes. All Penny models and sizes are great for different skaters. Penny Board refers to a type of skateboard made of plastic or maple. It was built in Australia and normally comes in two sizes: 22 inches and 27 inches. Longboard pennies are the smallest size, at 36 inches in length, and these skateboards come in a variety of colors and shapes, with 59mm wheels.

22-inch-Long Penny Board 

This penny board can be the perfect skateboard for you if all you want to do is roll around and not do stunts or tricks. It’s also quite lightweight and can easily fit into a backpack. It measures 6 inches in width. Because of its quick and zippy ride, it assures that you can move from one point to another.

This 22-inch-long penny board is still used by some expert skateboarders, but due of its size, it is preferable for youngsters to play with.

27-inch-Long Penny Board

Skaters who want to have some fun and go for a casual ride, as well as those who are attempting for the first time, can have a little more plastic under their feet. Because of its larger deck size than the 22″, the 27″ is just an improvement or an additional that boasts the same fantastic characteristics as the 22″. It is best for mastering new tricks or providing a little more stability for novices.This board is 7.5 inches wide and far more portable than a longboard, yet it may provide a similar experience. Nickel board was a popular name for this one, as it was quite light.

32-inch-Long Penny Board

Advanced skaters may find this to be an excellent option. It is frequently used by skilled skaters because to its portability. The 32-inch cruiser is the most flexible board after decades of cruiser board shapes and sizes. With a firm nose and tail, it’s one of the most versatile boards, allows you to record your friends as well as leap up curbs and ledge grind. The deck is made of fiberglass and has a characteristic flex and stability while riding, making it one of the all-time terrain cruiser favorites. Carrying this on a daily trip would be difficult and unpleasant, but it’s a good thing it’s easy to store anywhere, responsive, and fast.

36-inch-Long Penny Board

This is the longest penny board, and it is fairly light for a longboard. It has enough length and support for a skilled longboarder to perform some tricks. It’s ideal for females in their late adolescence. This may be too big for pre-adolescents and smaller children. You won’t have to sacrifice speed for smoothness with these 36-inch 66-millimeter cruiser wheels with ABEC 9 bearings. This longboard is three feet in length. This board can provide you with a typical and enjoyable street ride thanks to the improved formula.

Comparison between 22’’ inches and 27’’ inches Longboards

The difference between the 27′′ penny board and the cheaper 22′′ penny board is that the 27′′ penny board is more stable and provides late teenagers who wish to ride more control, and long-distance rides are no longer an issue because it can work for free riding without any hindrance. It gives you a little more board, space, and friction under your feet, which makes it great for learning tricks. In terms of quality, both of these penny boards are equivalent, especially when the brand is the same.

The 22-inch skateboard is required or recommended for children under the age of ten and early teenagers because it already assesses their height and weight. Because of the weight limit that may cause board breakage, persons weighing more than 175 pounds are not recommended to use or ride on this Longboard. If the 22″ penny feels too little under your feet, the Penny Nickel 27″ is the appropriate alternative for learning new skills on a larger board.

Penny Nickel

One cent equals a penny. The value of a nickel is $5. The penny is an ancient British coin that dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period (12 pennies = 1 shilling, 20 shillings = 1 pound). It took the place of the Latin term denarius, which was used to describe little Roman copper coins.

Versatile Deck Material of Penny Board

The deck of a penny skateboard is composed of plastic, giving it some flexibility. These skateboards have a plastic deck, cruiser wheels, and a truck. In their commercials, some brands utilize patented plastic (Naked, Globe, Penny), transparent plastic (Annox, Sunset), or nylon. The material used on the plastic deck of a penny board is substantially comparable to that used on the plastic deck of a penny board. Penny boards are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for carrying in a backpack. Even while penny skateboards aren’t as adaptable as longboards or regular skateboards, they have their own set of advantages.

The Weight Capacity of a Penny Board

You have to control it manually using your balance because there are no external batteries installed in it. So make sure to use it likewise.

The Penny Nickel is the better choice for beginners. It is longer and wider than the Penny Original, giving your feet more room and making it easier to manage. If you want more adaptability and turning abilities, the Penny Original is a fantastic alternative. Regardless on which of the two skateboard brands you choose, it’s worth it. . It’s tough to match their small weight and incredible longevity.

Wrap Up

This entire discussion is about Penny boards and their weight limits, so if you’re having doubts, this post might help you out.

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