How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket?

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Hello folks! Hope you all are keeping well. Today we are here to discuss an important factor for every tennis lover. Every tennis freak knows that the string of a tennis racket loses its tension gradually. So we need to restring them to regain the expected stroke of the racket.

But several questions arise when someone thinks about restoring his/her tennis racket. For instance, when should one get his/her tennis racket restrung, should he/she do it all by himself/herself or should fetch an expert, how much does it cost to restring a tennis racket, which factors to consider when someone is thinking to restring a tennis racket, etc. 

As the main purpose of this article is to know about the cost of restringing a tennis racket, let’s know the answer in a word. You have to spend approximately $30-$50 for restringing purposes, which will vary depending upon some factors.

In this article, we are going to seek answers to all the questions we have stated above. Also, we will see in great detail about the cost. Let’s dive deep into the main portion.

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Why Restring A Tennis Racket

A tennis racket loses its tension in every stroke on the tennis court. Each moment, the tension of the string loses, and more power is needed to produce the strokes. As smashing needs more power now, so it is quite bothersome to play with a racket whose string is not so tightly bound. That’s why restringing is needed regularly.

How Often Should Restringing Be Done?

Now the second question arises, how often should restring be done? Well, it depends on the level of the player.

  • Someone who is an amateur, plays once or twice a month, should restring his/her racket once every three months. The strings lose their tension from the moment it is taken off the stringing machine.
  • Someone who plays four or five times a month should restring his/her racket once a month. That is worthy for this intermediate level.
  • And someone who is a pro-level player plays three to seven days a week should restring when the strings are broken. It is quite sure that one who plays at that frequency (three to seven days a week) will break the racket’s string every week. In the case of pro-level players, usually, the strings break at the sweet spot. So, the equation is quite easy for him/her.

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A Shortcut To Know

Remember a key tip that will indicate that the strings have to be changed. When the strings get loose and you have to adjust them after every point, the racket is telling you to restring it. Learn to understand the language of the racket. It will tell you when you should rest.

Here is the video on beginners’ guide of restringing tennis rackets.

How Long Does It Take To Restringing?

Usually, it takes thirty to forty minutes to string a racket. The process is not so long and you don’t have to pay a lot of time for restringing. These thirty or forty minutes will change your experience of playing completely.

Which Type Of String Is Suitable For You?

The first factor to consider is the level of the player. A pro-level player and a newbie do not need the same strings tied on the racket.

Cheap synthetic strings cost around $5/$7 per racket which is suitable for the hobbyist while natural gut may cost over $50 per racket which is for quite advanced level players. There are many other variations in between these extremes. You may choose that according to your level.

You must understand the level of your expertise in tennis. Is tennis just your hobby? Or is it your profession? Choosing the right type of string is the most vital part of restringing a tennis racket. Buying strings online and bringing them to your local club will save some money for you. There are certain websites where you can buy strings. You will find a variety of strings on those websites.

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Durability Over Spin? Or Vice Versa?

Another thing to keep in mind, the gauge of the strings (thickness) is another significant thing to consider. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the string is. The gauge number lie between 15 and 19.

Thicker strings are durable and have a long life compared to the thinner ones. But you will get more spin with the thinner ones than that of the thicker ones. Again it is a choice of yours. Which one do you want? Longevity or spin?

Don’t Forget About The Labor Cost As Well!

You should not make the mistake of restringing your racket all by yourself. Yes, you can do it all by yourself, it is not an impossible task. But it is not a wise decision to invest in a stringing machine and invest your time to do these. So, the easy solution is to fetch a tennis expert near your area who can do the job of restringing for you.

You may go to any local tennis shop or tennis club to restring your tennis racket as well. The labor cost usually lies somewhere between $15-$35 according to the expertise level of the stringer and what type of string reels he/she is using. It also depends on how the restringing is done. Someone with a stringing machine will do the job for you at a comparatively lower price.

Fresh and tightly bounded strings will give you power strokes as well as confidence. Don’t hesitate to spend money while you are restringing your tennis racket. Your experience on the court heavily depends on the racket you have in your hand.

How Much Does It Cost In Aggregate?

For an average player, it will cost approximately $30-$50 to restring a tennis racket which includes costs for buying a string and the labor cost to tie it. The labor cost is quite constant and what does vary is the price of the strings.

Well, don’t think that it is too much. Let me tell you a secret. Roger Federer pays almost $40k to restring his racket every year! To get good strokes on court, you have to pay a bit higher than others.

Spending only $30-$50 will ensure you that your racket is performing in the same way as it did after buying it the first time. Yes, player expertise is needed for a good game obviously, but a good racket is also a very important thing to determine the game’s fate.

Last But Not Least

So, these were the main two factors you should keep in your mind while restringing your tennis racket.

Just reminding you of the key points again, know your expertise level in the world of tennis, and choose your string according to that level. A newbie with a pro-level racket is merely wasting his/her money while a pro-level player with a newbie level racket can’t play a single match comfortably.

Knowing the level of expertise is the most important thing here. Rest is quite easy. Go for a stringing job expert and restring your racket according to your level of expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Restring your old racket now and go for some nice and fresh strokes! Have a good day! Good luck!

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