How Much Does a Tennis Racquet Cost?

Tennis Racquet Price and cost

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Beginner tennis lovers always doubt about the expense of playing tennis. They often ask how much does a tennis racquet cost? Well, to my knowledge and experience, it depends on some issues like who is the racquet buying for, whether you buy it from a physical shop or online and what is the brand?

However, in short, a good tennis racquet may cost you up to 50 dollars to 250 dollars depending on the same issues stated above. In this article, I am going to discuss in-depth about tennis racquet pricing and some interesting facts like what elite players spend on buying their valuable racquets.

Let’s get started:

Skill Level of the players

If you are an adult beginner, you can start playing tennis with a recreational racquet that costs in between $30 to $40. For instance, Wilson’s Tour Slam (size: 4 ½”) racket could be a pretty good choice. You get more power and forgiveness with the oversized head out of the racquet. Besides, the lighter frame of the racquet helps you in stability and get momentum in the game. The racquet’s string pattern is open and it provides you with more spin and power that you may look for. (Novice Racquets Review)

However, if the racket is not for you, it’s for your kids, then you can get one for even under $25. For a baby like who does not still know what tennis is all about, funny plastic made tennis rackets are also available online. Want to know about the price? Only $16.99. (Check out here)

After completing the beginner level, you need a racquet perfect for the intermediate stage. At this point, you look more confident than before and search for a racquet that can provide you with more power and spin. Now you like to smash hard and play with control. So, the racquet should be a bit different in terms of quality and the price too. 

Normally, the price of intermediate level tennis racquets ranges from 80 to 200 dollars. These racquets are way better than the racquets whose prices are lower than these. And, as you want to see yourself on a pro stage (everyone does!), you need to pick one from these types of racquets. Let you be well known about a good brand as well.

Well, now let’s talk about Pro Stage Racquet:

As a pro, why not search for the brands that the famous players like Roger Federer, Nadal, Serena Williams use. Like them, you should not compromise with the price at this stage. Look for the best brands out there in the market and can pick a racket that is beyond 100 dollars. Wilson, Head, Price are some famous brands making quality tennis rackets for a long time. These racquets will confirm the expected power, control and spin that you need at this level of your skill.

How much does Roger Federer’s tennis racquet cost?

Roger Federer uses Wilson Pro Staff Rf97 Tns Frm W/O, Unisex Adult Tennis Racket and it  costs around 250$. Being a professional, first you can get a Roger feeling out of this racket. And about the quality, it gives more access to power and spin. The string is firm enough to have Impeccable balance. In short, it’s a solid racket confirms the speed, precision and depth and also provides good touch at the net.

How much do elite players pay for their racquets?

Other tennis giants like Rafael Nadal prefer the Babolat brand. For instance, Babolat pure aero racket is around 219 dollars. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic use Head rackets that cost in between 300-350 dollars.

Video on $13 racquet vs $200 racquet

Physical Shop Vs Online

There are mainly two places from where you can buy tennis racquets. 

  1. Physical Shop
  2. Online

Buying anything from a physical shop is always better. Here you can check products by your own eyes, touch the rackets, compare and bargain the prices. Minor chances of receiving a broken product which sometimes happen in online buy and you can see the actual color and type you look for. 

However, if you enjoy buying online like me, it is not a bad idea at all. 

From an online shop like Amazon, you can get a variety of tennis rackets of different brands and of different price ranges. Besides, you can check out real customer reviews of a product that you may think of ordering.

Most importantly, in case you are not satisfied with the product that you received, you can return it immediately and get the payment back. Like Amazon, there are many other online shops like Ebay, Walmart, TennisWareHouse etc. which are also popular in selling quality rackets online.

Also note down that if the physical shop does not sell products at a fixed price, they can charge different prices to different customers. But, online, the rate is fixed for everyone.

Why are Tennis Racquets so Expensive?

While cheap rackets are produced from alloys, expensive ones are produced from materials like graphite, titanium and carbon fiber. The materials are good in nature and expensive and the rackets made out of these come out as the best quality and a bit pricey as well. 

First, titanium makes the racket strong, tough and allows the players to grip well and take controlled shots. 

Then, the carbon fiber itself is lightweight and helps to make the racquet lightest too. Finally, the graphite: it makes a racquet a bit heavier and strong enough to be able to hit hard shots. Normally, graphite is mixed with other elements while making tennis rackets.

If you want to know details about what things are needed to make racquets, here is the article.

How much does a Beginner Tennis Racquet Cost?

Beginners can choose any racket ranging from 22 dollars to around 100 dollars. Besides price,  the beginners should be looking for the brand. If you are a beginner, don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong brands that the most beginners do. Always check out the brand’s history, background, ratings and the reviews before making the buy decision. 

Racquet Price Differs on Brand

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Tennis racquet price differs on the basis of brands too. Wilson, Head, Babolat and Price are the four best brands that produce tennis racquets. Let’s compare the prices of tennis racquets on the basis of these brands. (based on Amazon)


Wilson Tennis rackets start from $21 which is perfect for junior guys. On the higher side, you can get Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet for around 250 dollars. Since Wilson does not compromise with the quality, even famous players like Roger Federer use this brand. 


Head is a famous name for producing tennis racquets for all levels of ages. For kids, they have a racquet named Head speed kids tennis racquet. Price starts from 18 dollars. At a mid price level of around 100 dollars, HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet could be a better option. Their highest price for tennis racquet is 453.06 dollar which they charge for HEAD Graphene XT Radical Junior Tennis Racket.


Another renowned name for tennis racquet is Babolat. A junior level tennis racket of the Babolat brand may cost you up to around 27-30 dollars. For example, Babolat Nadal 21 Junior Tennis Racquet’s price is 27.95 dollars. On the other hand, Mid level tennis rackets are priced between 100 dollars to 250 dollars. These types of rackets can serve better performance for all levels of players. However, if you look for a most expensive one, Babolat Pure Aero VS x2 Tennis Racquet can be a better option.


Prince, joined by the company Head in the 1970s, developed signature oversized tennis racquets. Two famous tennis racquets produced by Price are Prince TeXtreme X Beast 100 Tennis Racquet (price: 119.95) and Prince Phantom Pro 100P Adult Tennis Racket (price: 171.35)

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Total Cost To Play Tennis

It’s a related question that besides tennis racquets, what other equipment do you need to play tennis and what are their costs. Let’s have an idea about the total cost to play tennis.

Tennis Racquets:

50 dollars to 250 dollars

Tennis Ball:

Balls also have different qualities and brands. They also come up with different quantities. For example, a Gamma brand tennis ball price is 13.99 dollars for a 12 ball bag. Wilson 1 pack of 3 ball prices is 19.99 dollars. Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls (Case) price is 109.99 dollars.

Tennis Net:

A good quality tennis net’s price is between 69 dollars to 150 dollars

If you are available with a tennis court, these above mentioned equipment are good enough to start playing tennis. 

So, the total cost to play a standard tennis stands at around 220 dollars (Tennis racquet: 100 + balls: 20 dollars + net: 100 dollars)

Besides these, you may need the ball picker, stringing machine, and other court essentials to arrange a complete tennis tournament.

Costing of tennis dresses, shoes, wrist bands, and other protective equipment is also an important concern for the regular tennis players.

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So, we can come to a conclusion that beginner tennis racquets’ price is around 25 to 50 dollars. Mid level tennis players may prefer price ranges like 70 to 150 dollars. And high priced tennis racquets are beyond 200 dollars and some of them touch around 400 dollars. That’s all from my observation about how much do tennis racquets cost. Well, what is your opinion? Please Let me know through commenting below. Thanks.

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