How Much do Roller Skates Cost? [4 Factors Explained]

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If you are thinking to start roller skating and wondering how much a pair of roller skates cost, I have got you covered.

The average price of roller skates is around $100 dollars with a range from 40 dollars to 350 dollars. If you are a beginner, 40 dollar skate is good enough to start off until you are serious about doing some advanced tricks. Expensive roller skates ranging from 150 dollars to 350 dollars are made from renowned brands with trusted materials, with better traction, stability, and support.

Typically the price depends on a number of factors including their size, brand, and material. For example, some brands may be more expensive than others because they offer better features and quality.

Let’s have more detail below:

Factors Affect Roller Skate Price

1. Materials

Roller skates are often made of plastic or polyester but that does not mean they aren’t good! They’re cheap yet durable and specially made for people like children and beginners. If you can afford to, consider upgrading to a leather or carbon skate when you want something new.

However, cheaper skates may cost as much as $25-40 per pair, so only buy the latest models when you know how to skate. These advanced models are more expensive. They use nylon and leather to make them. A pair of these will cost you about 100 dollars and above, sometimes beyond 300 dollars

2. Wheels

Wheels are an important part of a roller skate that adds some cost to make a roller skate. The better the quality of roller skate wheels, the costlier the skate is. 

Wheels can be of two types: Softer and Harder. 

Softer wheels are good for outdoor roller skating and for indoor skating, harder wheels need to be chosen. As you roll over uneven surfaces, you should choose softer ones that can absorb more shocks.

On the other hand, harder wheels are less sticky and better for skating on rinks, ramps and smooth surfaces.

Some of the renowned skate wheel makers are Sure-grip, Rollerbones, Classfox, etc. Wheel price varies from 20 dollars 9 (Nezylaf) to even around 170 dollars (Rollerbones Turbo 90A) on the market like Amazon. 

3. Bearings

The better the quality of the bearings of the roller skates, the better roll you would get from your wheels. And, yes, it impacts pretty much on the roller skate price. 

For instance, if you look into Chicago’s premium roller skate, it uses 608Z Semi-precision speed bearings. And, the rating ranges from ABEC1-ABEC3. In this condition, you can buy skates for between 60 to 80 dollars. 

However, if you check out the premium Moxi Lolly Skates whose price range is beyond 300 dollars, it uses ABEC-5 steel ball bearings which is far better than the precision speed bearings. So, all these features of bearings affect the overall price of a roller skate.

However, normally skate wheel prices vary from 10 dollars to 60 dollars on Amazon.

4. Trucks

Skates come with a variety of trucks to accommodate different preferences and styles including single-cushioned, independent-cushioned, pro-style, etc.

Double-action trucks hold 2 cushions that are positioned at a ten-degree angle. These trucks are responsive and enable faster turns but they’re also less stable. Skates that have single-action tows are often closer to the ground while those with double action tows are more stable and less responsive

Roller skate trucks are primarily manufactured from different materials, with more expensive trucks typically being made of metal. However, they are often stronger and lighter, which has led to their rising popularity on high-end products.

Cheap roller skates vs Expensive roller skates

If you are looking for durable, smooth, and stylish roller skates, you must go for expensive ones. However, if you are looking for skates for your kids, or for you as a complete beginner, you can better start off with cheaper ones. 

A cheap skate does not mean anything completely bad. Some of the brands like Chicago, Roller Derby, Gonex make really good skates within all of our budgets (40-60 dollars). I came across some of the roller skaters, who started their skating with these types and they found them real fast, smooth, and durable.

Costs of different roller skates 

The price of roller skate differs in terms of brands as well. For example, Moxi skates are pricier than other skate brands like Chicago and Roller Derby. I have had some analysis on roller skates prices based on the famous shop Amazon, see below:

Roller Skates BrandPrice Range (Dollars)
Roller Derby25-199

Protective Gear is Important

In roller skating, it’s not enough that you have only roller skates. To keep you secured while roller skating you need to make sure to wear some protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads. 

If you are a beginner, you must add extra costs to your roller skating journey. Let’s check out these gear’s

Protective GearReasons to UsePrice range on Amazon (Dollars)
Knee PadsSkaters looking for the ultimate comfort and protection need to purchase a pair of high-quality knee pads. These pads will alleviate any pain or soreness related to intense skating sessions, as well as provide a cushion from falls. Knee pads also help reduce the risk of injury from hitting the ground with your knees.8-35
HelmetIf you’re not an experienced roller skater, you must have a helmet on. This is especially important if there are any uneven surfaces or if you’re planning to do speed skating. Wearing a helmet can help reduce the risk of getting injured in the head.
Elbow PadsFalls are one of the most common causes of injuries in children. Elbow pads and wrist guards can help stop or minimize any bruises, scrapes and scabs (ew) caused by falls. These products can also be used as a preventative measure to help avoid injuries in the first place.9-35

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wearing the right and comfortable clothes is important in roller skating. You need to be agile and quick, free of any restrictions on your movements. You also need to look good for the camera.

If you’re a man you can wear t-shirts and shorts or any loose pants. If you’re a woman, t-shirts are all that’s necessary but if you want, wear tank tops too along with shorts, skirts, or stretchy jeans on the bottom!

Comfortable clothing would not cost you much. If you can budget around 50 dollars for top and bottom, you are all set to go.

How to Save Money on Roller Skates

Roller skating can be a great exercise for beginners, but it can also be expensive. Here are some tips on how to save money on roller skates: 

  • Shop around for the best deals. There are often discounts available when you buy in bulk. 
  • Be prepared to do some repairs or maintenance yourself. Roller skaters wear out quickly, so it’s important to keep them in good condition. 
  • Consider purchasing a used set of roller skates.


So, as a beginner, budget 50-60 dollars to buy a pair of standard roller skates. Once, you think you have become an expert, pick a brand from Moxi or Sure-grip and budget around 200-300 dollars for getting skates that would be speedy, smooth, and durable. 

So, pick one whether cheap or expensive, start skating today, lose some weight, be fit and have fun!

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