How Long Do Roller Skate Wheels Last?

How Long Do Roller Skate Wheels Last

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Worried about how long do roller skate wheels last? Or, want to know when to change your wheels, we have got you covered.

The lifespan of a skate wheel can be affected by a variety of factors, including the type of skating environment it is being used in. It also depends on the type of skating surface being used, as well as how often the wheels are being replaced.

In general, an average set will last anywhere from six months to a year. For example, outdoor wheels will typically last longer than indoor wheels due to the harsher conditions.

Well, in this article, we will learn more about the lifespan of roller skate wheels and the techniques to extend their durability.

Let’s get started.

Types of Wheels and Effect

Roller skates are often used in competitions, during leisure time or for transportation purposes. The lifespan of a pair of roller skates is determined by the type of roller skate wheels that are being used.

Plastic Wheels: The plastic ones wear down faster and need to be replaced more often.

Metal Wheels: Generally, a skate with metal wheels will last a little longer than one with plastic wheels.

Training Wheels: These allow inexperienced users to learn how to skate before they graduate to a more competitive type of wheel. These generally last longer if you choose the correct brand and quality.

Speed Skate Wheels: These can be designed for speed and should only be used by experienced users. The life of these wheels varies depending on the time used by the skaters.

Whatever your type of wheel is, always prefer choosing the best type of skate wheels out there.

Quality of the Materials and Best Brand of Wheels

The best way to identify if a wheelset will last long is to see the quality of the materials used in it. Cheaper quality, most likely made with low-grade steel or plastic, can wear out within weeks or months. So, try some of the best quality skate wheel brands (Sure-grip, Roller Bones, Atom) out there in the market.

After receiving the product, check the quality of the product. If you find something doubtful, just return it and order new pairs.

Remember, you’re bound to get what you paid for if you go the cheap route and purchase inferior products like roller skate wheels and bearings. You’ll end up with a short lifespan and you’ll be back at square one before long.

Recommended Roller Skate Wheels that Last Long

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels are here to make any outdoor skating experience incredible. The 78A hardness rating means these wheels are perfect for your outdoor use and they will also give you a smooth ride.

65mm in size, these wheels fit most wheel types. It’s also soft enough to take the pressure off your joints. Plus, these wheels are made in the U.S.A., so you know they’re top quality and will last long.

Bont Quad Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

With the Bont BPM, people will be able to skate with complete control. These won’t just be any outdoor wheels; these will be the best outdoor wheels for those who want to skate outdoors or on slick surfaces. Plus, they’ll last for years!

Our urethane has a durometer of 78a which means that our wheels have a medium hardness, reducing vibration on rough surfaces such as asphalt, sidewalks, and boardwalks.

Surface of Roller Skating

When we go skating, we should always be mindful of the surface we are skating on and the condition of our skates. A concrete floor can accelerate the lifespan of a roller skate wheel, while a wood floor or uneven street can slow it down. Faster skating can also affect some of your skate’s lifespan.

Skill Level of Roller Skaters

It is important to know that the skill level of a roller skater affects how long their skate wheels will last. Skaters who are beginners usually have lower chances of experiencing wheel-breaking because they are still working on developing their balance and coordination.

For advanced skaters, breaking a wheel is not uncommon because they need wheels with a high-speed rating and shock absorption in order to keep up with their speed.

Roller Skate Wheel Maintenance- Keeping Your Wheels In Tip-Top Shape

If you’re a roller skater, you’ve probably experienced a busted wheel at some point in your life. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of how to keep your roller skates in tip-top shape- Last Longer.

1) Inspect your roller skate wheels for wear and tear.

Roller skate wheels are subject to wear and tear over time. This means that you need to periodically inspect the wheels for any damage or defects. If the wheels have been worn down too much, it may be a good idea to buy a new pair of them so that your skates will be in great condition again.

2) Lubricate your roller skate wheels and bearings

Lubricating your roller skate wheels is an important step for maintaining healthy and functional wheels. Roller skating is a lot of fun, and it’s hard to stop when you’re in the moment, but without proper care and maintenance you’ll be faced with a few challenges in the future: rougher ride, rusty bearings, increased friction, less speed.

Factors that Affect Life Span of Wheels

There are many factors that affect the life span of wheels.

Bearing Material

Material of the bearing is important. The bearing is usually made of metal or ceramic. Ceramic bearings last much longer than metal bearings.

Wheel Material

Wheels are usually made of hard plastic with polyurethane or polyester wheels. However, some might have rubber wheels.

Whichever material the wheel is made of, it’s important to clean them regularly and keep them in top shape. For example, you might need to replace the wheels after a while, depending on how much use they’ve gotten and how well you took care of them in the past. Plastic wheels will usually last longer than alloy ones.


The hardness of the wheel is one way to affect the life span of a wheel. Harder wheels are more durable and can last longer, while softer wheels are less durable.

Size of the Wheel

A larger wheel will provide more stability for the skater but will wear down more quickly.


Patterns on the wheels can affect the life span of the wheels, but it is not a factor of great importance.

Other than these, some try to skate outside with indoor wheels, this also decreases the durability of skate wheels. So, avoid this if you can use a specific type of wheel whether it is indoor or outdoor.

All Roller Skates Parts Lifespan and Steps to be Taken

PartsLasts ForSteps to be Taken
Wheels6-12 months depending on the brand and quality. If you skate several times a day or if you try dancing with your roller skates, they will lose stiffness pretty quickly.Regular maintenance, choose perfect surface, select ideal sizing of wheels.
BearingsLong time, even for 2-3 yearsLubricating and cleaning from dirt. Match it up with wheels
BootsIf made out of plastic can last for 10-15 yearsChoose perfect quality and brand and keep them clean all the time. Avoid water.
Soles and SocksCan be worn down quicklyMaintain Hygiene. Use anti-bacterial spray against bacteria and mould forming.
Velcro StrapsLast for a short period of timeLimit your opening and closing time. Do spray the velcro with an anti-static spray to keep them clean, use tweezers to remove debris. Sometimes wash them with soap and water and dry them quickly.
The BucklesMetal made buckles will last for a long time. Plastic buckles may snap at an earlier time. Check out if the buckle is in the right place, they are tight enough and screwed well.
The LacesLast for a long timeGrease or tighten them well if necessary
BrakesMay wear down way earlier than other parts as you use them most often. It may last for a year or so, sometimes even for a month. 
It also depends on your weight and the surface you skate on.
Get a break replacement handy skate. Check out whether your break has a wear line indicator or not which will let you know when to replace it. Also, inspect your brake on a regular basis to see its average life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you change your roller skate wheels?

Roller skate wheels typically last for 150 hours of skating, or about six weeks, before they need to be replaced. Every time the wheels go around the rink, they lose a little bit of their grip. The smaller the rink, the faster this happens. However, If you let the wheel go down about 10% of its original diameter, it should be fine. So, for example, a 110 may wear down to a 99. At this stage you may want to consider changing your wheels.

How long do roller skate wheels take to break in?

Roller skate wheels typically take a few hours or a day to break in. This process can be sped up by applying pressure with your roller skate during the break-in period.

When should you buy a new pair of roller skates?

If you are having any problems with your skates, you should take them in for repair or replacement immediately. Ideally, you should purchase new roller skates if they are three years old or older or if you have had three pairs of the same model. Or, I can say when you don’t feel comfortable anymore with your skate or any parts of your skate get broken.

How long do roller skate bearings last?

There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a bearing, including the type of skating they are used for, the frequency of use, and even the type of surface they are being used on. Generally, roller skate bearings will last for two-three years with the average being two years.

Some parts of a skate will wear down more quickly than others. Skaters should have their bearings replaced when they are grinding to the point where they are no longer touching the ground. The wheels will also need to be replaced before too long if they are not in good condition.

For more FAQS, the page has worked great!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the Roller Skate Wheel Longibility

So, the longevity of a set of roller skate wheels is dependent on a variety of factors including the weight of the person who will be skating, how often they skate, what kind of surface they will be skating on, and how well they take care of their equipment.

In a nutshell, roller skate wheels’ lifespan is quite long, but it all depends on how often they are used. If you use your skates only occasionally, the lifespan will be much longer than if you use them every day or multiple times a week.

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