How Badminton is Unlike Other Racquet Sports

How Badminton is Unlike Other Racket Sports

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The most popular sport nowadays is Badminton. In 1873, the game got its name from ‘ Badminton House‘. Two players can start this racket sport which is called a singles game. And, a doubles game needs four players to play with. 

It is a racket sport and you may be astonished by knowing why badminton is unlike other racket sports. One of the main differences is that the sport uses shuttlecock in lieu of tennis like balls or ping pong balls.

In this article, I am going to describe the major differences between badminton and other racket sports like tennis, table tennis or pickleball.

What is Racket Sports

A sport that needs a racket or paddle to play with is called Racket Sports. It’s an easy definition. Actually, players need a racket to hit the ball or shuttlecock or other objects in this type of sport. And another important equipment is a net which is almost same but differs in size and set up.

Tennis, Table Tennis, Ping-Pong, PickleBall and Badminton are the main racquet sports. The games differ in terms of court, net and in other necessary equipment as well. But, yeah, there are some similarities too. For instance, tennis, pickleball and badminton have some similarities on the basis of playing style and other few rules. Still, there are a few differences that are going to be described as below:

Badminton Basics

Before comparing other racquet sports with badminton,  we have to know a few basic rules of the game.

As we know this game is played by a racquet and a shuttlecock. 2 to 4 members are needed to play Badminton. 

The court of this game is 44 feet long and the width is 20 feet.

Badminton is started with a service by the server. Receiver has to receive the cock when the server serves it from the other side of the court. Then, the shuttlecock must be hit by the receiver’s racquet. But, if the player on the other part of the ground can’t hit the cock and the birdie falls on the ground then the server gets the point. 

To win a Badminton match, you need 21point from 2 games.

Internationally Badminton has five events. These are singles for men and women (2 events), doubles for men and women (2 events), and mixed doubles (1 event).

Badminton is Unlike Tennis 

Both badminton and tennis are the most demanding and entertaining racket sports nowadays. Some differences can be marked in this two sports. Lets have a look:

As we know badminton courts are long by 44 feet and wide by 20 feet. The tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. So, the badminton court is almost half of the size of a tennis court both in length and width.

While In tennis, the net is 3 feet 6 inches high and it’s 5 feet high in badminton.

Tennis racquets are made by graphite, aluminum, nylon, gut or synthetic guts. Tennis strings are mostly similar to the strings used in badminton racquets. But, it is 4 times heavier from the badminton racquets. This is because tennis is played with a ball, and we know badminton requires a shuttlecock for the play.

There are differences in the scoring system as well. The game badminton is played for 2 out of 3 games in which players have to collect 21 points to win. On the other side, the tennis match sets of 6 games. you can win a game with 4 points. And, win a match with 2 or 3 sets.

In tennis, the ball can bounce once before going to the competitors’ side. But in badminton, it will not be allowed. If the cock touches the ground on the server side, then the rally is ended and the opponent gets the point.

Only one serve is allowed in badminton.  However, tennis players can serve twice.

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Differs in Health Benefits

You get a good number of health benefits out of both Badminton and Tennis. But, both differs on how much benefits you get from each. For instance, in badminton, you can burn about 480 calories over one hour of play, while tennis helps you burn out 3500 calories playing about an hour.

Badminton is Unlike Table Tennis 

Table Tennis and Badminton are not alike. The most important difference is the playing court. Normally table tennis is played on a table and badminton is played in a ground (court). Table tennis table is normally 9 feet long and 5 feet wide and you know it’s equivalently tiny.

What about the net?

Well, The net of badminton is 5 feet high from the ground and the net is only 6 inches high in Table Tennis. In both game and in all other racket sport, the net is set at the middle of the ground.

Badminton uses a shuttlecock to hit with the racket and a little ball is used in Table Tennis. 

The racquet is the other most important difference in these games. Table tennis racquets are made of wood and it’s called paddle. Badminton racquets are made out of graphite, aluminum or steel.

Rules of the game are that players of the badminton are just required to hit the birdie and it should not bounce on the server side, but in Table tennis, the ball can bounce twice on the side who serves first. 

Table tennis players win by 4 games of 11points and badminton players need 2 games of 21 points each.

These are the main differences to prove that badminton is unlike table tennis.

Badminton is Unlike Pickleball

Pickleball is another racquet sport which has some similarities to badminton, tennis and table tennis. But, what we talk about here is the differences between badminton and pickleball. Let’s check out some of them:

There are no differences in court dimensions. You can play Pickleball on a badminton court. 

In pickleball, the net is 36 inches or 3 feet high in position and it is 5 feet high in badminton. 

Pickleball uses a wiffleball. The ball has some holes. And we know badminton uses birdies which are made of feathers.

Badminton racquet is very light, on the other hand pickleball players need a solid paddle made of wood.

The most important difference in this two game, is that the birdie should not hit the floor in badminton but in pickleball, it is free to touch the ground any time without harm for playing. 

The score of a pickleball game is 11 points. The game continues until one of the teams win by 2 points. In a tournament, pickleball can be played by 15 to 21 points.



So, I think you have got an idea about how badminton is not completely similar to other racket sports. Tennis, Table Tennis, badminton, pickleball whatever it is, all these racquet sports are highly challenging, rewarding and also entertaining. So, choose badminton or anyone you like, maintain a healthy and happy life.

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