Head Ti S6 vs S5 Tennis Racquet [Which One is For You?]

Head Ti S6 vs S5 Tennis Racquet

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Hello, tennis freaks! You must have heard the name of Head, ain’t you? Head is one of the best  racquet manufacturing brands in the world. This brand has brought many popular racquets in the market and the S series is one of them. Today we are going to discuss and differentiate two famous brands: Head Ti S6 and Ti S5.

Simply, If you want to have a lot of spin on the court, then you have to go for the Ti S5. It is lighter, more flexible, and less stiff. On the contrary, if you love to play powerful strokes, go for Ti S6. The Ti S6 is one of the invincible contenders in the power battle.

Not satisfied? No worries!

Throughout this essay, you will see more differences between these two even more closely. Also, the comparison table and FAQs will help you decide in a more confident way.

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Comparison Table Between Head Ti S5 and S6

TraitsHead Ti S5 RacquetHead Ti S6 Racquet
Head size107 square inches115 square inches
Grip size4 ¼ inches, 4 ⅛ inches, and 4 ⅜ inches4 ⅛ inches, and 4 ⅜ inches
Grip typeSoftacHead cushion grip
Length27.75 inches27.75 inches
Weight8.5 oz.8.9 oz.
Material compositionGraphite and TitaniumGraphite and Titanium
String pattern16 mains/ 19 crosses16 mains/ 19 crosses
String tension55 to 64 pounds57 to 66 pounds
Power levelModerate-HighHigh
StrengthCan generate more spinCan generate more power
WeaknessLess stiffGenerates more vibration
Targeted audienceAdultsAdults
MoreReview & PriceReview & Price

A Short Intro to Head

Head started making tennis products in 1970. It is an Austrian brand and has its headquarters at Kennelbach. The brand is known for making other sports accessories as well. Tennis history remembers Head for making the first Titanium made racquet frame.

In recent times, Head has gained popularity among tennis lovers for their amazing ‘Radical’ series. The Titanium made racquets are also very much popular in the market. 

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Why People Go for Head?

Actually, this answer is pretty obvious. In simple words, Head makes quality products and that is the reason behind their popularity. But there are many brands present in the market who also tries to make quality accessories. What is the specialty of the Head?

Head brought revolutionary products in the market that helped them to achieve top position in the market among so many competitors. One is the MicroGel technology and the other is light Titanium made racquet frames. 

They are also popular for making Graphite tennis racquets. Titanium is one of the strongest metals in nature despite being lightweight. And it is quite predictable that these solid yet light racquets are gonna win the hearts of many tennis lovers.

Head Ti S6 vs Head Ti S5

Both of these racquets are well known for their outstanding performance. The S5 is mostly known for its extra spin and increased comfortability. On the other hand, S6 is especially known for its sweet spot that is larger than most other racquets as well as its lightweight feature. Let us see their notable traits at a glance.

  • Head Ti S6 will provide extra power in your shots than an S5. The large sweet spot of S6 enables you to hit the ball with immense power and helps you to get massive strokes.
  • Ti S5 is lighter than the other one and lets you play with ease. Playing with it is more comfortable than playing with an S6 because the S6 is large and needs extra effort for balancing. 
  • Though both of the racquets are made of the same material composition, the S5 has better flexibility than the S6.
  • Controlling an S6 is quite tougher than controlling an S5. But the power an S6 is gonna generate can compensate for this.
  • As the Ti S5 is less stiff than the Ti S5, you can have a better spin with a Ti S5. It is more flexible. But having more spin will cost you less power generation.
  • The Ti S6 will vibrate more than the other because a lightweight racquet with power generation capacity can not absorb a lot of vibrations. A high quality shock absorber is gonna solve this for you.

Price of Head Ti S6 and Ti S5

Though you can get a lot of features with Head racquets, their prices are moderate. They are not so cheap as well as not so expensive.

Both Head Ti S5 and Head Ti S6 will cost $89. If you see racquets with similar features from other renowned brands, you will find them quite more expensive than this. So, no need to worry about the price. Also, some online shops sell them in installments. That will make your game way easier.

You can buy them from your local market as well. The racquets are very much popular among all level tennis players and are widely available. Though I can not guarantee you about the installment feature when you are buying them from your local tennis accessories store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Ti S5 come pre-strung?

-Yes. It comes pre strung.

Which one should I choose as a power hitter?

-The Head Ti S6 is gonna be good for you.

Does the Ti S6 come with a bag?

-No. You will get the racquet only. Nothing else.

What is the country of origin of Ti S5?

-The racquet is made in China.

Which one will give me a better sweet spot? The Ti S6 or Ti S5?

-The Head Ti S6 is going to give you a bigger sweet spot than the other.

Are there any shared holes in Ti S5?

-No. There are no shared holes.

Does the S6 come with a pre installed shock absorber?

-No. You have to buy and install it for yourself.

What does Ti S6 mean?

-The Ti represents one of the manufacturing materials, Titanium. And the S represents the swing style of the racquet. The lower the number, the more spin you can get with the racquet.

In A Nutshell

So far we have discussed the Head Ti S5 and Ti S6 in detail. Both of them are wonderful racquets, undoubtedly. But you can not play with both of them simultaneously. How should you pick one for yourself?

Well, the answer depends on your playing style and the maneuverability you like. You have to put emphasis on some traits while leaving others. Repeating, for stroke hitters, the Ti S6 is better than the other and for spin lovers, the Ti S5 is a good choice.

Choose one, buy and enjoy. Good day!

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