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Whether you’re a sporty person or not, seeing people roller skating makes you thrilled right off the bat, right? Well, if you’re not already into roller skating, you should definitely give it a try. That’s freaking awesome!

Remember, one of the reasons why roller skating is so fun is because it requires very less equipment and there are so many types of roller skates available out there on the market. 

And that’s why in this blog post, we have come up with a description of 6 different types of roller skates and the best product of each category for your convenience. 

The fact that you’re still reading this article proves that you’re interested in this. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic!

Types Of Roller Skates And Recommended Products for Each Type:

To be honest, there are lots of types of roller skates throughout the world. So many that no one can ever completely know how many categories there are. 

But in the United States, six types of roller skates are famous among skating fans. Let’s get to know about them below real quick:

1. Best For Speed: Speed Skates

This type of skate is good for what their name suggests: speedrunning. Although you’ll see inline skates being popular for speedrunning, roller skates, too, have a certain category of skates that are pro at high-speed racing. 

The specialty of these skates is that they resemble an actual pair of shoes (with three/four wheels). Also, they have a close-to-fit construction which makes them suitable for gaining high speeds. 

In order to facilitate high speed, these are specially constructed with lightweight materials and the padding amount in these are generally reduced.

In gaining speed very quickly, the reduced body weight gives extra energy. Most commonly, the boots are created right underneath the ankle which helps to facilitate a wide range of flexible and versatile movements. These special characteristics work together to provide high speed to the user. 

Recommended Speed Skates

Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates: Best For Speed. 

As these roller speed skates were made only for the purpose of gaining speed and agility, you can skate as fast as you can with a pair of these on your feet. On top of that, they have prioritized fashion as well. You can easily skate in your local rink or the street with these smart-looking speed skates.

It comes with 3 pieces of 125 mm diameter wheels that have a high rebound effect. The wheels are made of 86A grade glass mixed with plastics. That wheel frame is made of aluminum alloy polished with a golden color. As these skates are equally suitable for boys and girls, the appearance of the skates is futuristic and modern at the same time.

2. Best For Jam Skating: Jam Skates

The body construction of this kind of skate is lightweight and they have a special low cut right under the ankle region. This facilitates an extended range of motion achievement and also boasts a bit of fancy footwork. The funky design is the distinguishing feature of this type of roller skate.

The jam skates have a similar top just as in speed skates. So, just like speed skates, they can achieve a high amount of speed as well. Generally, in jam skates, there is a toe plug, which can be changed and replaced with any preferred color of toe plugs.

Recommended Jam Skates

 VNLA Junior Code Blue Jam Skate for Men: Best for Jam Skating

This pair of jam skates come in a blue and black color variant. Best suited to use indoors, these skates are perfectly fit to use outdoors too

The exterior of the body is made of leather and denim mix which gives a smart and funky vibe to its appearance. 

The toe top plug is adjustable and the wheels are installed on a wheel drive made of aluminum mixed with vanilla gorilla nylon

On top of all that, these gorgeous-looking skates come with a second set of wheels that are specially made to use in an outdoor environment. These are perfect for both men and women as well.

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3. Best For Derby: Roller Derby Skates

As the name suggests, this type of roller skate is specially made for intense roller derby sports activities. 

These provide an edge in performance in a derby sports match and at the same time facilitate fun and entertainment in performance. Derby skates are somewhat similar to what Jam skates look like. 

But unlike the jam skates, they are equipped with more padding and comfortable foams in order to protect the user from high impact collisions. 

For further protection, the derby skates are manufactured with velcro straps as a unique security feature. 

Recommended Roller Derby Skates

Riedell Skates – R3 – Quad Roller Skate for Indoor / Outdoor: Best For Roller Derby

The manufacturer of these pairs of roller derby skates has prioritized comfort and performance at the same time. 

The boot and bearings (equipped with PowerDyne thrust plates) are made of comfortable vinyl. Plus, the Cayman wheels in these can withstand high collision impacts too.

These are also very comfortable to wear because they have adjustable laces to readjust the fitting level. Also, there’s a Velcro strap that allows for a snug fit. That’s cool!

Safety is also a priority in its construction. The straps tightly hug the feet to the shoe bed. 

So, there’s no chance of the shoes slipping out of your feet. The 93A hardness standard polyurethane-made wheels can withstand the impact of an outdoor ground as well as indoors.

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4. Best For Fashion: Artistic Skates

The artistic skates are somewhat similar to ice skating skates and figure skating skates. As they are created with an old-fashioned style of silhouette, they are a special kind of roller skates. 

In this type of skate, perfect ankle support is provided to the user by its higher cut boards. It also facilitates high jumps and spins.

As you’ll see most of the artistic skates are made with high heels, as a result, they have a huge amount of weight applied on the front plate of the shoe. 

This feature usually helps in controlling the shoes and performing high agility maneuvers. Also, the appearance of these skates has a distinct artistic vibe.

Recommended Artistic Skates

BTFL Pro Roller Skates for Women & Men: Best For Fashion

As these skates are specially made for women, they come in two color categories: Scarlett pro, Tony pro. As the name suggests, they are artistically modified to give a ’70s disco-boogie vibe

The brake stoppers of these shoes are height adjustable too. As an added bonus, these skates are perfectly fit for disco skating or just enjoying a skating dance session with your friends.

They are also very comfortable to the feet because they are made of soft leather. On top of that, to provide stability and a dynamic skating experience, the edges of the wheel are rounded. 

The chassis is made of nylon which can provide stability to the wheels and at the same time can take a high impact from probable collisions.

5. Best For Dancing:  Rhythm Skate

As the name suggests, these types of skates are mainly constructed with one purpose in mind: dancing. Visually similar to the artistic skates, they also have high heels. 

Especially suited for break dancing, you will see them commonly being used in old-school movies. These skates have other names too such as shuffle skates and r&b skates.

The signature characteristic of this type of skate is all of its wheels being equally positioned on the ground. In the time of construction of these shoes, the wheel alignment is given the most importance. 

In addition to this, you will see these skates being perfectly fit for bouncing, rolling, and dancing with the rhythm of beat or music.

Recommended Rhythm Skates

Impala Rollerskates Girl’s Impala Quad Skate (Big Kid/Adult):  Best For Dancing 

These dancing skates will remind you of the ’70s pop culture. It comes in an eye-catching aqua color

Also, good news for the vegans, it’s certified by PETA that no animal body part has been used in its manufacturing process. The heel and upper body of the skate are made of PVC. The lace eyelets are made of metals to provide extra stability.

The wheels are nylon-urethane made and rated with an 82A hardness level. On top of that, the ABEC-7 grade bearings facilitate the user’s stable dancing maneuver with proper safety. 

Also, PU stoppage brakes ensure security at the time of instant stopping. As these skates are only 3.2 lb, they are very easy and comfortable to carry around.

6. Best For Outdoor Tour: Outdoor Skates

Outdoor skates are specialized in having long tours. This is done by incorporating large size wheels in the skates. 

In terms of visual appearance, outdoor skates and indoor skates look pretty the same. But, outdoor skates are equipped with harder wheels and materials that can withstand the roughness of the road. 

As the bumpiness of the roads will hamper the experience of skating, the comfort level of the outdoor skates is given special attention. 

To combat shaking effects, the sole and paddings are made softer in order to provide comfort to the user. So, outdoor skates have the natural ability to absorb a high amount of shocks.

Recommended Outdoor Skates

Roller Skate Shoes for Women Men Beginner: Best For Outdoors

Mainly made of high-quality PU leather, the inner lining of these outdoor skates is made of breathable fabrics

So you don’t have to worry about heat or sweat generation because air permeability will permit more air intake, which will evaporate the sweat. 

The PU wheels are specially constructed to withstand a high amount of shocks and impacts of collisions.

Holding the wheels, the bearings are of ABEC-7  standard that is used in professional sports skates. So, safety is ensured even when skating at high speed. There are different color categories available for the wheels too. 

When riding the skates, the shoelaces provide extra comfort and safety as an additional security feature.

If you are a beginner, you should try out with an outdoor skate first. Before learning all the steps to roller skate, never ever go for with derby skate or rhythm skate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn roller skating on my own?

Yes. If you are an adult and highly interested in roller skate, you can learn to stand and push on with a roller skate. However, your kids need your help first to learn roller skating. If your age is above 40, you must consult your doctor for starting any kind of skating.

Which type of roller skate is easier?

Since roller skates have four wheels (2 wheels on each side of two sides), it seems easier for beginner women and kids. But, I have seen kids and women find inline to be easier than roller skates.

Finishing Words

There you go, we hope you got a sound idea about all the types of roller skates by reading the article. Our attempt was to give you a brief knowledge about every popular type of roller skates and also provide helpful recommendations so you can buy a product from your chosen type.

If you are a sporty person, you would choose speed skates or outdoor skates to enjoy roller skating as a sport. On the other hand, If you like entertainment a bit more than sports activities, you can choose rhythm skates or artistic skates

But, whichever you choose, now that you have the knowledge of all the varieties of roller skates, you are sure to choose the best one for yourself. 

And now it’s your turn. Please do let me know in the comments section below if I missed anything in this article. Or, you can also let me know what type you’re going to choose. We bid you the best of luck on that. See you some other day!!

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