A Mystery Guide- What To Wear Under a Basketball Jersey?

What to Wear Under a Basketball Jersey

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Basketball jerseys are not only professional clothes. These jerseys are so versatile to wear outside the court as well as inside. One can wear it as a casual outfit paired with a shirt or jacket. Or it can be paired with T-shirts as well. 

You may have seen a lot of people wearing T-shirts under their basketball jerseys. Many people pair it with a jacket also. Wearing a jersey shows your support towards your favorite team.

Whatever you wear with it you’ll have to consider a few things. What you can wear and what you can’t pair it with. Moreover, a jersey not only shows your affection and respect towards a team, when you pair it with a tee, it also shows your personality. 

Again you’ll have to be considerate about where you’re wearing it. Because a plain basketball jersey goes with the basketball court, it’s not formal attire to go on the campus.

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What Can You Wear Under a Basketball Jersey?

There are a few options for you to wear under a basketball jersey. Check out the followings-

  • Compression Shirts

Compression shirts are specialized shirts that absorb sweat from the body. It is made of specialized sweat-wicking fabric. It soaks away the moisture from the body and keeps it dry. Hence it reduces bad odor production from sweat. Compression shirts from the brand Under Armour Apparel really worth buying in any condition. For instance, if you check out this Under Armour compression shirt, you will find this one as lightweight, well fit and comfortable in free movement.

  • T-shirt

You can also wear a T-shirt under a basketball shirt. Wearing a T-shirt is very common among college students and it can go well as a casual look. It also helps you not be so revealing.

Eat Sleep Basketball is a famous one for college going students who love basketball. Designed with 60% cotton, the t shirt looks stylish, colorful, super soft and really cozy. check it out

  • V-Neck Shirt

V-neck shirts are very popular in the sports world as well as among the general people for their iconic V-shape. Also, V-neck shirts go well with a basketball jersey as it has a similar neck design. For intense, did you wanna know- which Brands v style shirts most popular now? We undoubtedly say it is Murray Sporting.

This undershirt has a v-shaped neckline in the front and a round neckline on the back. The v-shape has a length comparable to one or two undone buttons of a regular shirt. So, this undershirt wouldn’t be peeking under your jersey.

What Do NBA Players Wear Under Basketball Jerseys?

Professional basketball players wear compression shirts. But not all of them. There are some reasons for them to wear it under the jersey in a game. These compression shirts are beneficial in many ways. 

It’s not only the moisture reduction capability for which the NBA players wear the compression undershirts under their jersey but there are a handful of benefits of this material.

Here are the main reasons for which they wear it on a game day

  • It gives them a more formal look.
  • This shirt is made with high-tech polyester. The material is a specialized wicking fabric that draws away moisture from your body. Basketball is undeniably a laborious game. Therefore, you may sweat a lot during the whole play. The compression shirts absorb excess sweat. It’s better than cotton. The fabric doesn’t make you clammy.
  • Since the compression shirt draws away from the moisture, the player remains odor-free as well as dry and cool.
  • The compression shirt often features padding to prevent injury. The padding also protects sensitive parts from getting hurt or damaged.
  • This undershirt helps to reduce impact when the players jump into the hard play.
  • It supports the chest muscles and helps to reduce the muscle fatigue caused by intensive play.
  • It is believed that the tight shirt increases oxygen level and blood flow throughout the body. Hence the player’s performance is increased by wearing the undershirt.
  • A compression shirt keeps the body warm and ready for action even when the player is sitting or taking a rest in the break time.

Among all the compression shirts on the market, the Under Armour Basketball Hex Padded Compression Shirt has an excellent overall rating. And it goes well with other games, like- Lacrosse, Football etc.

So, A Shirt Under a Jersey or No?

Yes! You can wear a shirt under your jersey to make you more fashionable. Wearing a shirt under your basketball jersey can be beneficial in many ways. 

However the pros don’t wear it, but the college students can carry it as casual attire or on a game day. However, a shirt can have the following purposes to wear under a basketball jersey-

  • As a style statement: Many people carry a basketball jersey with a T-shirt to make a style statement while showing support for the team. 

Wearing a T-shirt under the jersey adds so much to the personality of a person. Choosing the right T-shirt color is quite important in this case. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole look.

  • To give yourself some warmth: A jersey is made of very thin material. Not only to give the athletes the required air circulation but also to make them feel comfortable and not clammy in the dress. But sometimes it feels cold to wear only a basketball jersey alone. 

Therefore, you may need something to give you comfort and warmth to get rid of the shivering cold. You can pair a shirt under a basketball jersey to feel a bit warm on those days when it’s a bit cold to wear only a jersey. Whether on the campus or the court, this look will suit both places.

  • Shirts can hide lean muscle: Some people wear a shirt under their jersey to hide the figure flaws. They use the shirt as a cover-up for their lean figure. You can use this trick as well! 

When they select for the high school basketball team, wearing a loose shirt under your basketball jersey can hide your lean muscle and also it makes you look bigger. A lot of players do this to get selected. No offense!

However, a too-big shirt will make you look baggy. One more tip: A pair of white shoes will make you look faster even if you’re not that fast. 

  • To prevent clamminess and avoid sweat slam: On a hot summer day, you sweat more than usual. But on a game day, you sweat even more. Physical exhaustion and exercise lead to a sweaty condition. 

A shirt under your jersey absorbs the excess moisture and keeps you dry and cool. However, not as dry as a compression shirt does, but it covers the essentials. Also, you can avoid getting a sweaty slam when going against your basketball mates.

  • To give yourself some cover: Jerseys come in a perforated figure. The athletes do a lot of physical work. Therefore, they need ventilation to dry away from the sweat and cool down. For some people, particularly for girls, a basketball jersey might feel very revealing. 

Also, wearing them outside the court can make you feel awkward. Therefore, a t-shirt under the jersey can make you more comfortable and at the same time not feel awkward. 

Additionally, it can make you feel about your attire providing the coverage you need. So, ‘yes’ for a T-shirt under the basketball jersey.

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So, it is up to you what you will wear under the basketball jersey as there are many options available.

So, pick anything that suits the weather condition, your program for the day, and goes well with your personality. Since choosing the right shirt is very important, you should really be careful about that.

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