Can You Roller Skate Outside With Indoor Wheels? [Indoor vs Outdoor Wheels Explained]

can you skate outside with indoor wheels

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It is possible to skate outside with the use of indoor roller skate wheels. Roller skate wheels are typically made from a solid metal core and a rubber tire with a urethane cover, which can be clipped onto your outdoor skates.

However, this can often lead to frustration and disappointment. They have very little grip on most surfaces, so it is often difficult to skate outside. The weight of the roller skate wheels is not distributed optimally on the pavement, where they are subjected to rocks and cracks that can cause them to fall off or break.

If you still choose to use these wheels outdoors, it is important to always wear knee pads and elbow pads as they will provide more protection from falls. Also, note down it’s better to have bearings come along with the roller skate wheels so that you don’t have to worry about switching them back and forth.

To be more confident in doing this, read along below guide along with some major differences between indoor and outdoor roller skate wheels.

Indoor vs Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Roller skates come with two different types of wheels – indoor and outdoor. Indoor wheels are usually smaller in diameter, harder, and made of plastic or polyurethane.

Outdoor wheels are softer, larger in diameter, made of metal or polyurethane.

The hardness of the wheel affects the way it rolls on different surfaces like flooring type (carpet or tile), pavements (tarmac or concrete), and other surfaces like sports arenas.

TopicIndoor WheelsOutdoor Wheels
HardnessHarder: 88A-103ASofter: Below 90A
WheelSmaller: 55mm-60mmBigger: 60mm-70mm
Placement of PlateIn indoor skates, the plate is placed a bit further toward the boot heelIn outdoor skate, the plate stays even closer to the toe.
Shock Absorption LowerHigher
GripLower than outdoor onesPlenty
Suitable SurfaceSmooth and Flat Surface, RinksRough Surface
Price5 dollar to 50 dollars4 dollar to 40 dollars

Size, Shape, Type, and Surface of Wheels and How They Affect?

Roller skates wheels come in different sizes and shapes. The diameter of the wheel is important when it comes to skating on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. The larger the diameter, the smoother the ride.

There are also different types of wheels available for rink and outdoor skating. You can find wheels with a smaller diameter that will give you more speed and stability when you skate on concrete or asphalt, but they will make your skating less stable when you skate in a rink.

If the surface outside is rough, it can cause more wear and tear on wheels. Smooth concrete pavements are great because that means there’s less chance of damage to your outdoor wheels.

However, if you want the best experience, make sure you get some softer outdoors wheels.

Skate Wheel Diameter

The first step is to identify the type of skating you will do most. Outdoor roller skating is done on a smooth asphalt or concrete surface and generally does not have a lot of turns, jumps, or abrupt stops. Indoor roller skating is done on an indoor floor typically with a noticeable amount of turns, jumps, and abrupt stops.

If you are going to be doing more outdoor skating, then you should consider a wider skate wheel with softer rubber to provide a better grip on the asphalt surface. If you are going to do more indoor skating, then you should consider a narrower skate wheel with harder rubber for better shock absorption on the smoother surface.

Wheel diameter is a factor that affects both the feel and speed of skating. The bigger the diameter, the faster you will skate but it will have less grip on hard surfaces such as concrete. It is not recommended to use wheels with larger diameters for indoor skating because they don’t have enough grip on slippery floors.

Wheel Durometer

The wheel durometer is a measurement in units of hardness, or in American units: A Britsh unit is 0.1 degrees.

The scale has 100 units and ranges from 0-100. The higher the number, the harder the wheel.

The wheel durometer is an important factor in selecting the perfect skate wheel for your skating needs – whether you’re looking to use it indoors or outdoors. It can help you decide what level of hardness might be best for you and what kind of surfaces you’ll be using it on most often.

The wheel durometer has a huge impact on how durable your wheel is, how much shock it absorbs and the grip you get on the skating surface. This tends to change depending on what kind of skating you’re doing – Artificial skaters typically use harder wheels while artistic skaters tend to use softer ones.

Wheel Types

Choosing the best skate wheels for roller skating can be tricky, but there are some guidelines you can follow to help.

There are two types of skate wheels, hard and soft. Hard wheels are used for outdoor skating on rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete while soft wheels are used for indoor skating on smooth surfaces like wood or linoleum.

If you want to be able to use your skates indoors and out, then it’s best to get both types of wheelsets. If you mostly skate indoors, then all you need is a set of soft-wheeled skates.

Wheel Size

In addition to hardness, wheel size also affects how a wheel interacts with the surface on which you’re skating. Larger wheels may be better for outdoor skating, while smaller versions are best suited for skating inside.

Less surface area means the rollers take less time to make one complete rotation. In other words, it takes less time for the wheel to make a full rotation. Why is this important?

Roller Skating is best done with roller skates with wheels between 60-70mm so you can turn quickly.

This increased stick time helps the tire improve its durability on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Wheel Hardness

The harder the wheel, the easier it is to use for different environments. To help determine the hardness of a wheel number of other characteristics may be considered – for example, size corresponds with hardness.

Indoor rink skates are designed for surfaces that are flat & smooth. The wheel hardness should be between 88A to 103A. A harder wheel is excellent for skating on an indoor rink. Your wheels will get damaged if you use them outside since the boards have bumps & cracks incorporated in them.

How to Convert Indoor Roller Skates to Outdoor Skates 

Skating outdoors can be a great way to exercise and have fun in the sun. However, most indoor skates are not meant for outdoor use. To make the transition from indoor to outdoor skating, you’ll need new wheels.

There are three different types of outdoor wheels: hard plastic, soft rubber, and inflatable. Each type has a specific purpose and is better suited for certain conditions.

For example, hard plastic wheels work best on smooth surfaces like concrete or asphalt while soft rubber will work on rougher surfaces like gravel or dirt roads. You may also want to consider inflatable wheels if you want a lighter feel while skidding over grassy surfaces.

Inflatable wheels also give you more grip when going up hills or riding across the sand at the beach. So, just adjust and fit your outdoor wheels to your indoor skates and enjoy outdoor roller skating. But one thing you need to accept is that the wheels may not last long as you normally expect.

However, if you want to know the normal lifespan of wheels and how can you make them last long, read this article.

How to Change Your Roller Skate Wheels

With a skate tool or Allen wrench, you can easily change your skate wheels.

If you want to change your roller skate wheels or have to replace them because they are worn out, you’ll need to do the following steps.

First, you need to loosen the tension of the wheel with your skate tool or Allen wrench.

Second, take off the wheel with your screwdriver by holding onto the wheel with one hand and loosening it with your skate tool or Allen wrench in your other hand.

Thirdly, exchange the wheels by holding them tightly in place while turning counter-clockwise with both hands.

Fourth, tighten everything back up again by using a screwdriver – this time tightening both screws clockwise until they are tight enough.

Fifth, make sure that all of this was done correctly by inspecting for any problems on all four corners of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Best roller skate Wheel For Your Needs

Choosing the best roller skate wheel for your needs is a complicated process. It’s important to consider all aspects – wheel material, wheel diameter, and wheel hardness.

Choosing the right wheel material is very important because it determines how well the wheel will roll on different surfaces. The most common wheel materials are polyurethane and nylon, but you can also choose a rubber or polyurethane variant.

Wheel hardness often comes with a trade-off between performance and longevity. Harder wheels often sacrifice a little bit of their lifespan for better cornering and braking, while softer wheels might have some unwanted feedback while driving on the highway.

What are the Benefits of Having a Pair of Indoor Wheels?

Most people who are roller skating find it difficult to stop on a dime or change direction while on their skates. With the help of quality indoor wheels, they will be able to do that with ease.

The benefits of having a pair of indoor wheels while roller skating are numerous. First, it makes the wearer feel more in control on their skates. This is because they can make quick changes in motion or stop with ease when needed, which is not possible without them.

Why did All Skaters need To Use Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels?

The outdoor roller skate wheels are slightly wider than those on indoor skates. This is to accommodate the rougher terrain and give more stability during outdoor use.

Ending Words

The outdoor roller skating wheels are specially designed for the outside. They are meant to be able to withstand the different terrain on the outside, which is why they are made of hard material. The indoor roller skate wheels, on the other hand, are made for smooth surfaces and can not withstand anything rougher than that.

Both types of roller skate wheels allow you to go outside, but they have their own set of different features that help them serve their purpose better.

To go outside with indoor wheels, you need to know the above and then pick the perfect outdoor wheels for your outdoor skates. You should then set them on your skates and enjoy skating while taking precautions to be safe.

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