Can You Do Tricks on a Penny Board? [12 Tricks Inside]

tricks on a penny board

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Penny Boards are pretty popular among skaters and they are often used for cruising short distances. Now the question arises, are penny boards suitable for performing different skateboard feats? Can you really do the amazing tricks on your penny board that you see skateboarders perform on their skateboards?

Truth be told, skateboards and penny boards are totally different in terms of purpose and construction. But that does not stop you from performing different feats on your penny board.

So, yes. You can definitely perform some really basic but awesome tricks on your penny board, thanks to its solid plastic, soft wheels and lightweight construction. And it can be a very amazing experience too!

Why Penny Boards are Good for Tricks

Most skaters will agree that longboards and skateboards are better for performing some great feats. Now this is definitely true but it is indeed a fact that Penny Boards are capable of allowing really cool and basic tricks too.

Though you may not be able to perform all the pro-level tricks that skaters try on their longboards and skateboards, there are certainly some significant features that make Penny Boards worth performing your tricks on.

  • Lightweight
  • Solid Plastic Construction
  • Soft Wheels


Penny boards are certainly much lighter than most skateboards and longboards. This quality makes performing tricks on penny boards easier compared to the amount of effort required on heavier skateboards and longboards. It is also easier to get your board in the air more often and you can flip your penny board with half the effort you would have done on your longboard.

Solid Plastic Construction

Penny boards are made of solid hard plastic and are extremely durable and strong. It is the overall tolerance of these boards that make them equally good for cruising and also perform a few tricks. Since the number of tricks that you can perform on your penny board is limited, there is very little chance your penny board might be damaged thanks to its solid plastic construction.

Soft Wheels

Penny boards come with softer wheels compared to other skateboards and longboards. They can easily cruise over unstable and rough surfaces and the bearings also go along well when you are performing feats on your board. The soft wheels help move over small rocks or tiny road cracks, while the bearings help retain speed when you are doing your penny board tricks.

What Tricks can You Perform on your Penny board

Since you will be performing the tricks on your penny board, you should keep in mind that extreme skateboard feats aren’t really a possibility. But as you look into it closely, you will be surprised by the number of tricks you can actually do on your penny board!

Summary of Penny Board Tricks

TricksType of BoardDifficulty Level
Hippie Jump22″ Penny boardHard
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardEasy
Hopping Curbs22″ Penny boardModerate
 27″ Penny boardEasy
 32″ Penny boardEasy
Staple Gun22″ Penny boardModerate
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Fakie Kickturn22″ Penny boardEasy
 27″ Penny boardEasy
 32″ Penny boardEasy
Shove It22″ Penny boardModerate
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Manual22″ Penny boardHard
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Nose Revert22″ Penny boardModerate
 27″ Penny boardEasy
 32″ Penny boardEasy
Tail Stall22″ Penny boardHard
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Bean Plant22″ Penny boardHard
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Board Slide22″ Penny boardVery Hard
 27″ Penny boardHard
 32″ Penny boardModerate
No Comply22″ Penny boardModerate
 27″ Penny boardModerate
 32″ Penny boardModerate
Power Slide22″ Penny boardHard
 27″ Penny boardHard
 32″ Penny boardHard

1. Hippie Jump Trick

The hippie jump is a pretty easy trick to perform on your penny board, and you can manage it on almost any sized penny board. Naturally, it will be a little bit more difficult to perform on shorter boards but it is still one of the most common skateboard tricks you can do on your penny board.

This trick requires you to jump over any obstacle while your penny board moves underneath it to the other side and you have to land back on top of it. Now the jump is the easy part. The hard one is landing back on top of it at the right moment. As easy as it is, some practice can be really helpful until you perfect your trick.

You will find it easy to perform on 32″ penny boards but slightly more difficult on 22″ and 27″ penny boards.

2. Hopping Curbs Trick

Penny boards have a kicktail that allows you to hop a curb when you move across cracks or obstacles. Depending on the height of the curb, hoping should be quite easy on penny boards.

First decide a curb to hop on and make sure to have enough speed to move over the ledge. Apply a bit of pressure on the kicktail while staying balanced on your penny board. Keep in mind not to lean too much forward or backward, or else you may lose control while hopping curbs.

This is easy to perform on both 32″ and 27″ penny boards, and just a little difficult on 22″ penny boards.

3. Staple Gun Trick

Now this is a really awesome trick that you can try on your penny board. You can easily perform it with curbs, ledges or small banks.

First you need to roll backwards on an elevated platform and perform an ollie similar movement. Then just hop your penny board on a curb but keep your back foot on the ground while your front foot remains on the board. Finally pull back the penny board with the help of your front foot and then put your back foot back on the board.

4. Fakie Kickturn Trick

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can try on your penny board in spite of the type of penny board you have. You can smoothly master a fakie kickturn after a few trials on your penny board.

You need to ride fakie as in backward while placing your back foot in the front right near the kicktail. Make sure to ride at medium speed and then turn your upper body 180 degrees inwards so that your lower body and the board can follow.

Fakie Kickturn is really easy to try on 22″, 27″ and 32″ penny boards.

5. Shove It Trick

This trick is more preferable for skaters who have been skating on their penny board for a while now. It can take some time to master your penny board compared to popsicle skateboards, but it is not too difficult to perform.

To perform this trick, you need to ride face forward and slightly bend your knees so that you can apply pressure on the kicktail. Then kick the board using the back foot while placing your front foot outward. This makes your board spin by 180 degrees while your body must stay stable above the board.

This trick isn’t too hard but can be performed with some practice on 22″, 27″ and 32″ penny boards.

6. Manual Trick

This trick requires a good deal of dedication from skaters but once you master it, it is a very rewarding experience. Manual goes really well as a combo trick too with both hop curb and fakie shove it. It is basically applying pressure to the tail of your board while balancing on two wheels during riding.

First, put your back foot on the tail applying pressure. Lean a little backward still maintaining your upper body alignment with the center. This can be really tough at times and you might as well lose control if you want to keep up for more than a few seconds at first.

This trick requires equal practice on both 27″ and 32″ penny boards, but it can be a bit more difficult on 22″ boards.

7. Nose Revert Trick

This is among the basic tricks that most skateboarders try and can also be performed on a penny board. Although most penny boards do not have a nose like regular skateboards, it still is easy to perform this trick on your penny board.

All you need to do while riding is to lean forward and apply pressure on the nose of your penny board with the help of your front foot. Then turn your upper body 189 degrees and then your lower body once your 180 degrees turn is complete. This makes your penny board turn automatically along.

Nose revert is easy to perform on all penny boards but may not be as smooth at first on 22″ ones, compared to longer boards of 27″ and 32″ in length.

8. Tail Stall Trick

Tail stall is an exciting feat to perform on your skateboard and can also be done on a penny board. You will need to perform it on a quarter pipe while riding fakie. Speed is also a factor to maintain while you get near the coping. Right when you reach the coping, shift your weight to the back foot while still leaning forward.

You must kick the tail at the right moment while your front foot stays elevated but still on your board. As you reach the stall position, you can drop back by slightly kicking the front foot down.

This trick requires some practice and dedication on 22″, 27″, and 32″ penny boards.

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9. Bean Plant Trick

Bean plants are an interesting trick to try on your penny board. When you pop your penny board while stepping off using the front foot, grab the nose with your arm that is closest to the nose of the board. The back foot should remain on the board and then you need to jump back to it.

This might seem difficult at the first few attempts but it is indeed a fascinating trick to master. Since it is a skateboard trick, performing it on shorter penny boards will actually take a lot of effort and practice.

It is a little hard to master on 22″ penny boards compared to 27″ and 32″ penny boards.

10. Board Slide Trick

Boardslide is actually a pro-level skateboard trick to try on your penny board. Since penny boards are made of plastic, maintaining your balance while performing this feat can be a little challenging.

Keep your speed moderate and position the deck in the center slightly at an angle while you slide through. The flexibility of the penny board can actually be a problem in this case as balancing with it while performing a boardslide is really difficult.

This needs a lot of dedication and practice to master on 22″, 27″ and 32″ penny boards.

11. No Comply Trick

Now, this is a simple yet really cool trick to try on your penny board. It might seem easy but surely requires some practice to master appropriately.

All you need to do is step down with your front foot while gently pushing the back of the penny board forward with the help of your back foot. The board will spin 180degrees on its own and jump back when it does.

This trick can be performed well on 22″, 27″ and 32″ penny boards.

12. Power Slide Trick

Power slide is one of the coolest tricks that skateboarders perform and it also requires a lot of practice to master on your penny board.

Place your front foot on the front bolts and your back foot slightly in front of the kicktail. Then commit and lean backward, make a sharp turn while applying pressure on the tail and push the board outward to power slide.

This is a great feat to try and master and is doable on 22″, 27″ and 32″ penny boards, but with a lot of dedication and commitment.

Video Tutorial On Penny Board Tricks

Skateboard Bruh has some awesome videos on Penny Board Tricks. Check out one of them below:

Quick Tips to Make Penny Board Tricks Easier

-Wear the right shoes: Since penny boards have a smooth surface compared to regular skateboards, they tend to be slippery and can be a problem while performing tricks. Wearing a good pair of skate shoes can help with the grip and make the tricks more convenient to perform.

-Put grip tape: Even though penny boards are great with aesthetics and their divergent range of designs are a favorite among the skateboarding community, you can consider putting some grip tape on your penny board to help you perform some skateboard feats. They will substantially increase the ease with which you will be able to perform those tricks.

-Get your footing and positioning right: This is really important if you want to consistently perform skateboard feats on your penny board. If you do not get your footing improved with time and practice while cruising, performing tricks on it will definitely not be easy.

Type of Penny Boards You Need

You don’t need expensive ones to do tricks on a penny board. You can even go for cheaper penny boards that ensure having strong decks, sturdy wheels, soft wheels, and bearings. I can mention a few good names for you: Dinbin, Playshion and Whitefang, etc.

Perform Tricks on Penny Board

All in all, you can definitely perform tricks on your skateboard and there is a variety of those tricks that you will be able to master over a period of practice. Penny boards are different than regular skateboards and so the tricks will also be slightly different. Let us know which trick is your favorite on your penny board and till then, happy skating!

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