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Whether you are a beginner or a casual skater, a reasonably priced pair of quad skates is a good choice to get started with. Your skates don’t necessarily have to be expensive to give a rewarding skating experience. There is a wide variety of affordable roller skates that are worth trying out for beginners and amateurs alike.

Today we have compiled an in-depth analysis of some of the best cheap roller skates for beginners to adults. You can check them out to see which of these will suit you most from our picks of best roller skates for the money margin.

Comparison Table of Cheap Roller Skates

Best Budget Roller SkatesMaterialWheel MaterialClosure TypeHighlighted FeaturesReasons for PickInfo
Roller Derby Trac StarPolyester, PlasticUrethaneBuckleAdjustable Sizing for Growing Feet.Indoor and Outdoor Friendly.No Lace Cam Lever Buckles.Time-tested performance.Best Skates Under $30Check Price
SHDSL Adjustable Illuminating SkatesPVC leather, Premium PPPolyurethaneBuckle, Hook and LoopIlluminating Wheels.Adjustable Size.Triple Protection.Well-built for beginners.Best for Kids and Beginners.Check Price
Taiker Light Up Roller SkatesPolypropylenePolyurethaneLace and BuckleSelf-Generating Illuminated wheels.Breathable material.High performance.Best Quad Skates under $50.Check Price
XUDREZ High-Top Roller SkatesFaux LeatherPolyurethaneLace-UpQuality material.Ease of movement.Flash wheels.Safe and Stable skating experience.Best cheap roller skates for beginners.Check Price
Vanvuson High-Top Leopard SkatesFaux LeatherPolyurethaneLace-UpSafer and durable.Indoor and outdoor-friendly. Great comfort and fit.Unique design.Best cheap roller skates for adults.Check Price
Roller Derby Cruze XRAluminumPolyurethaneLace-UpPremium wheels.Indoor and outdoor skates.Comfort and moisture control.Lightweight and well-built. Best cheap roller skates for women.Check Price

In-Depth Review Some of the Best Budget Roller Skates

Roller Derby Trac Star Youth Skates

Best 30 Dollar Roller Skates

Roller Derby’s amazing pair of Trac Star Youth Skates is one the coolest adjustable skates there are for younger skaters. With a stylish outlook and no lace closure which means there is no hassle of tying your skate shoe laces, Roller Derby presents a wonderful pair of well-performing skates within a very limited budget.

The overall comfort, cheap price tag, and adjustable features make it one of our top picks among the best budget roller skates under 30 for beginners.

Adjustable Sizing for Growing Feet: These skates come with a wonderful sizing adjustment system that allows you to size up according to your needs up to 4 shoe sizes! This means you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your skates anytime soon. 

The inner padded Velcro boots can be lengthened along with the rigid part of the skates with just a push of a button around the heels. This makes it smooth and easy to adjust accordingly.

Indoor and Outdoor Friendly: These skates are designed to accommodate indoor and outdoor skating smoothly. The 54mm urethane wheels provide the perfect grip and bounce for both rink skating and outdoor pavement skating with ease. 

These urethane wheels loaded with G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings are capable of handling some smooth rides on your quad skates.

No lace Cam Lever Buckles: Cam-Lever buckles are easy and quick to use for young skaters. The skates come without lace closure which means you don’t have to tie laces repeatedly while skating. The overall design accommodates a convenient skating experience for young skaters.

Time-Tested Performance: These skates are well built with quality components and durable material. The skates come with lightweight chassis along with real trucks to ensure controlled turning and smooth cruising experience.


  • Adjustable and can be sized up to 4 sizes.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating.
  • Durable and lightweight skates.
  • Real trucks for controlled turning and cruising.
  • No lace-easy Cam Lever Buckles for young skaters.


  • Inner shoes may require readjusting at times also while skating.
  • Thicker socks are recommended while skating in these.

SHDSL Adjustable Illuminating Skates

Best Skates for Kids and Beginners

These are an exciting pair of quad skates that come with illuminating wheels and an upbeat, colorful outlook. It is a favorite among young skaters for the ease of cruising indoors and outdoors.

These are budget-friendly roller skates around 40 and fashionable at the same time. Young skaters will enjoy skating in this beauty while lighting up the wheels as they go!

Illuminating Wheels: The exciting illuminating wheels are a joy to skate in and these wheels don’t even need a battery either. Completely safe to ride in and all eight wheels come with an automatic lighting feature.

Adjustable to up to 4 Sizes: These skates come with a similar one button size up function to easily adjust with different foot lengths. This feature makes it exceptionally proper for growing children and the adjusting system is quite easy and convenient. With only a push of a button, you can adjust up to 4 sizes for the skates to fit perfectly.

Triple Protection Feature: The skates come with Velcro straps, laces and high strength buckles as part of the triple protection measure to ensure the safety of skaters.

They also come with a double brake system which makes it easy to grasp balance while skating besides increasing the stability of the rides.

Well Built for Beginners: These skates come with high-speed ABEC-7 bearings and PU flash wheels that equally support smooth riding for beginners. The safe stopper is effective and convenient, making the skating experience smooth and enjoyable for beginners. 

The original body of the skates is made of premium PP material, PVC leather, sandwich mesh and EPE foam to provide utmost comfort along with adequate support to young skaters. It also offers enough breathability to make the rides comfortable while keeping your feet loose.


  • Exciting 8 Wheel Illumination Feature.
  • No battery required for self-generating led light wheels.
  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes for growing kids.
  • Comfortable and breathable design.
  • Easy to control with PU flash wheels and ABEC-7 bearings.


  • Available in only one design.

Taiker Light Up Roller Skates

Best Less than 50 Dollar Roller Skates

These skates are durable and exotic at the same time which is another favorite among young skaters. Taiker comes with an 8 wheel illuminating feature with rainbow colors that are extremely beautiful to watch while skating.

These skates are also adjustable which makes them long lasting and suitable for growing children. The colorful and vibrant outlook of these skates are a great compliment to its high-performance quality.

Self-Generating Illuminated Wheels: The self-generating illuminated feature is one of the coolest aspects of this wonderful pair of skates. These are totally safe and require no extra batteries for the purpose. 

The colorful LED lights on the wheels will give young skaters an upbeat fun skating experience.

Breathable Material: These skates have a soft and thick liner to provide utmost comfort while skating. The tongue is designed to be able to accommodate maximum shock absorption while being soft and breathable at the same time. 

These features help to reduce foot fatigue while skating so that you can have an enjoyable skating experience.

Adjustable for Growing Feet: These skates come with an adjusting feature with just a push of a button to up to 4 sizes. This makes Taiker a great choice while looking for skates for growing children without having to worry about outgrowing these skates.

High Performance: Taiker quad skates are built out of quality components that are durable and long-lasting. It comes with 82A PU wheels that have cool LED lights, a well-built PP frame and ABEC-7 bearings that provide a smooth, comfortable and safe skating experience.


  • Adjustable to up to 4 sizes.
  • Comes in three different vibrant color combinations.
  • Self-generating Illuminated wheels.
  • No battery required.
  • Breathable material for a comfortable skating experience.


  • These skates are slightly heavier than their counterparts.

XUDREZ High-Top Roller Skate

Best Cheap Roller Skates for Beginners

XUDREZ Roller Skates are an exceptionally classy pair of quad skates that are perfect for beginners irrespective of age. These skates are great for a smooth and stable skating experience within a reasonable price range.

The overall outlook of these skates is totally classy for those who are looking for a pair that wouldn’t be too gaudy for older skaters. The quality materials used for the skaters will not disappoint either.

High Quality Material: These skates are made of top-quality PU leather while the inner fabric is breathable and comfortable. These features help to radiate extra heat produced while exercise and skating, which maintains dryness and comfort.

Ease of Movement: The overall build of XUDREZ quad skates is designed to provide ease of movement for beginners. The quad skates use high quality PU wheels for maximum shock absorption, stronger grip and wear resistance. The overall riding experience in these wheels is a comfortable one as well.

Flash Wheels: You can choose from the three available options of colored wheels, where one of them has the self-generated illuminated feature. As the wheels come in contact with the ground producing friction and power, the wheels flash without any requirement of a power supply or battery.

Safe and Stable Skates: These double-row quad skates are more stable and safer than regular inline roller skates. The skates come with a support column which helps in better control and swift braking for beginners. Their professional seaming tech along with wireless sole stitching makes the skates more durable and safer to ride in.


  • Classy outlook with supportive high-top shoe style.
  • Available in three different wheel designs, one of them being flash wheels.
  • High quality shoelaces for maximum protection.
  • Easy to control for beginners.
  • High quality PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings make stable and safe rides.


  • The leather might get scratched and come off a little.
  • Stoppers are placed quite low.

Vanvuson High-Top Leopard Roller Skates

Best Cheap Roller Skates for Adults

If you are looking for a pair of cheap roller skates for adults, Vanvuson’s Leopard Skates can be your pick. These skates are suitable for beginners and amateurs within a reasonable price range with a cool outlook.

These quad skates are equally ideal for outdoor and indoor skating which makes them a favorite among skaters. The bold and cool outlook will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Safer and Durable: These skates use 608Z bearings which provide safety and stability with amazing bearing capacity. The sole comes with wireless stitching that enhances the beauty of your skates. Professional seaming tech is adopted in order to ensure safer and durable shoes.

Indoor and Outdoor Skating: You can easily cruise through the park, boardwalks or anywhere on the rink as these skates are designed to support both indoor and outdoor skating.

High quality PVC wheels are used in Vanvuson’s High-top skates which are wear-resistant and well-built for stronger grip and better shock absorption.

Comfort and Fit: These skates have a smooth inner lining that is comfortable for your feet. It comes with reinforced heel support which makes sure you won’t slide and slip. 

The padded lining feels great while skating with cushiony comfort. Your ankles are well supported in these skates with the perfect lace closure to ensure a secure fit on your skates.

Unique Design: The skates come with colorful leopard print that will make your skates stand out from the crowd while upholding a fashionable outlook. The vibrant design with the high-top shoe style skates makes it a wonderful pick among the best cheap roller skates for adults.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor skating.
  • High quality PVC wheels that are wear resistant.
  • Unique design with vibrant colors.
  • 608 Z bearings accommodate safer and stable rides.
  • Comes with a toolkit for wheel adjustment.


  • Wheels might require adjustment before first time skating.
  • Size charts may differ with conventional ones, check measurements before purchase.

Roller Derby Cruze XR Skate

Best Cheap Roller Skates for Women

Roller Derby Cruze XR is another classy pair of quad skates within a reasonable price range. These wonderful skates are beautifully crafted with a modern felt lining that provides an amazing skating experience.

The wheel hardness is compatible with both indoor and outdoor skating. The overall quality and skating experience rank these pairs of skates among the best cheap roller skates for women.

Premium Wheels: Roller Derby Cruze comes with premium wheels to accommodate a smooth and enjoyable skating experience. The high-quality 60mm x 32mm wheels are made of polyurethane. They can absorb vibrations and bumps with ease while you skate.

Indoor and Outdoor Skating: These skates can easily handle outdoor skating anywhere on pavements or sidewalks. Indoor skating or rink skating experiences will be smooth and stable as well. The wheel hardness and bearings are designed for both indoor and outdoor skating.

Comfort and Moisture Control: Cruze XR comes with a high-top design and features reinforced ankle support. The deluxe padding ensures cushion comfort as you skate and helps you keep going for hours. This also helps in moisture control to keep your feet dry as you skate for long hours.

Lightweight and Well-Built: The chassis comes with a lightweight aluminum jump bar along with adjustable toe stops that you can adjust according to your comfort. The precision metal trucks of these quad skates along with Silver-5 race-rated chrome bearings provide a smooth and stable skating experience.


  • Comfortable and efficient moisture control for long hours of skating.
  • Comes with adjustable toe stops.
  • Silver-5 Race rated chrome bearings.
  • Great ankle support.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor skating.


  • Leather is not heavy duty.
  • Wheels might require adjustment before first time skating.

Best Cheap/Budget Roller Skates – Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should check out while purchasing your quad skates. Beginners don’t have to look for exotic features in their skates but it is always wise to look up a few things before making the final purchase according to your needs.

Wheels – Quad skates can feature a variety of wheels that vary from model to model and depend on your type of skating. If you intend to skate indoors most of the time, the general indoor wheels should be fine for you. 

If you want to try out more challenging outdoor terrains, then you better check out skates with the appropriate.

Liner and Closure – If you want extra comfort and moisture control in your skates, it is better to look for simple inserts or full protective liners with memory foams. 

Most skates will specify their inner liner type and you can choose accordingly. About closures, you can choose from laces, Velcro, hooks or comfort tongue and eyelets.

Boot Style – The boot style should be chosen based on the type of skating you intend to do. A higher boot provides more ankle protection while lower shoe designs give more freedom of movement and velocity. Also you should choose the style that suits you best be it retro or classic.

Trucks and bearings – Go for lightweight but durable trucks as a beginner. For bearings, as they are directly responsible for the speed of your skates, it is important to judge the ABCE rating that will suit you best.

Toe Stop – Toe Stops are an important aspect when it comes to skating for beginners. Fixed toe stops are great for casual skating but if you want to perform a few tricks, rounded jam stops should be your call.

If you can follow the above, I am sure you are going to have a suitable and comfortable pair of skates for you.

Where to Buy Cheap Roller Skates

Apart from checking out your nearby skate stores, you can check out these platforms that offer a wide range of cheap roller skates that might suit your needs.

Amazon: You will find a staggering number of sellers of quad skates on Amazon to pick from. The price ranges may start from $25 and go up according to brand and features.

Walmart: Although Walmart offers less options than Amazon, you will not be disappointed with the variety and brands available. Price range is quite similar to Amazon starting at around $25 and increases according to features and brands.

Ebay: Ebay offers you a wide variety of brand new as well as vintage pairs of skates which you can check out accordingly.

Target: Target offers brands such as Roller Derby, Circle Society and Chicago skates but with less variety than Walmart and Amazon. The price range starts at $30 and goes up with brands and features.

Cheap Roller Skates Vs Expensive Roller Skates

The main difference between the two usually starts with the type of skates you are looking for. Inline skates definitely cost more than quad skates and the price ranges go up with quality. Adult skates also cost more than youth skates. 

However, roller skates price tag does not always determine the quality and capability of your skates.

When and Why Pick Cheaper Skates?

If you are looking for a pair of skates for casual neighborhood skating, buying cheaper skates can be a good choice. Besides, if you are not sure whether you would like to continue skating or are just picking it up as a trial hobby, you don’t really need to invest in a high-quality expensive pair of skates.  

Roller Skating is one of the most rewarding experiences if you look to skate. Starting with a cheaper pair of quad skates is a wise choice as a beginner as you can learn with ease. So let us know which pair you would be getting and till then, Happy Skating!

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