Best Bowling Gloves With Wrist Support [Along with Perfect Grip & Pain Release]

Bowling Ball Gloves

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Bowling balls are a fun way to spend your time. Remember to choose the right gloves for your performance and protect your wrists from any damage. Getting a good strike can even change the game of bowling!

When it comes to choosing the best bowling gloves for wrist support, there is a wide range of variety available to choose from. Out of many, I have compiled a list of the 5 best gloves that you would love to put on to remove your wrist pain and get the required support you need.

Bowling Gloves Reviewed

Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner

Kool control has always been a great bowling glove with wrist support. It is made of a special fabric that allows perspiration to easily evaporate.

The design of this product fits all hand sizes and it has an adjustable Velcro strap for a custom fit. It also features an ergonomic design that helps reduce the pressure on your wrist.

It can be used by both left-handed and right-handed bowlers, so it can be purchased by anyone regardless of the dominant hand they use!

Besides, they are designed for the bowlers who want to keep their wrist in the proper position throughout their release and provide an excellent grip on the ball.

Moreover, the three velcro straps provide a snug fit, it makes tightening or loosening gloves easy. Overall, the gloves are designed to give you full control of your bowling ball.

Notable Features

  • These bowling gloves help to throw the ball straight
  • It helps to bowl in the middle and be consistent
  • You will feel less pain on the wrists and it can give you the best structure.
  • Price is so reasonable within 20 dollars


  • Your hands may swell a lot with this brace. In that case, you can try using a sleeve under it.

My Final Verdict

If you get the right size, these gloves should be the best pick for your wrist’s overall support. Your hook would be pretty consistent wearing these gloves for sure.

Storm Power Bowling Gloves

The Storm Power bowling gloves are designed for bowlers of all levels. They have a special grip on the index and pinky fingers which helps to better grip the ball. These gloves come in various colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for you. It also has a palm pad for extra comfort.

It is made of high-quality materials and features innovative removable palm pads and an axis rotation in an instant for that perfect release.

With these gloves, you can wipe off any oil from the palm of your glove by using the different sized Velcro pieces that have been affixed to the lower part of your palm, which can absorb any oil. When handling the ball, it is best to wipe it with a cloth before touching it with your glove.

No need to worry about any other types of support when you are wearing these gloves. They provide excellent rotation for your wrists, so you will have a consistent ball rotation and not feel any discomfort on your wrists.

Notable Features

  • Best wrist support glovers for the left-handed bowlers
  • This glove has the perfect grip and three different pad thicknesses that give you support whether you are a tweener or stroker.
  • The ball gets plenty of backspin and amazing action, for minimal effort


  • It could be ripped off after a few uses

My Final Verdict

It could be too long on the thumb, Go for these gloves if you don’t feel this is any problem.

Bowling Monster Grip Bowling Glove

Bowling gloves are designed to help bowlers grip the ball and release it more easily. The Bowling Monster Grip Glove is a professional-grade glove that provides a comfortable fit and has an innovative design to provide maximum grip on the ball.

The durable, high-quality design of the Bowling Monster Grip Glove will allow you to throw with more power. The ergonomic design of the glove provides maximum control and comfort at all times.

Besides, the glove is perfect for any bowler looking to get an extra edge on their game. The textured and tacky palm provides more contact with the surface of the ball, allowing for more control in how it reacts when thrown. featured with the the additional grip, you can throw heavier balls with less effort.

The hook-and-loop closure on the glove allows for easy removal between frames, which is important for any bowling player. The glove also comes in various sizes and colors, so you can find one that you like. Mosst iportantly, Monster Grip Bowling Glove is made of durable synthetic leather, and it is easy to clean.

Notable Features

  • If you’re still young or old, you can use gloves. Sizes include small, medium & large.
  • Stretchy and fits all, whether bigger or smaller hands.
  • You can grip the ball very well with gloves.
  • the gloves are comfortable in any weather, be it warm or humid.
  • It’s a fantastic accessory for the wrists that provides support without being too bulky or too awkward. It also comes out good for wrist movement on a continuous basis.


  • When you tighten it around your wrist, it might come loose after a couple of wears. 

My Final Verdict

But, it might not be the same for everyone. So, you can try it out if you’re curious. You can always return the product anytime soon

Storm C4 Left Hand Bowling Gloves

Storm bowling gloves are versatile and have many features. These include removable hand pads, which provide comfort and protection, as well as a wrist pad that allows for flexibility.

the gloves let users change the wrist angle very easily and quickly, with no bending or even stretching their hands.

With its single switch, you can have the ability to change it within a few seconds giving you the power to push your game to the next level.

It helps you set the wrist angle flat and you can consistently bowl for a longer period of time without any disturbance. Eventually, you would improve the rev rate and angle rotation which is crucial in a competitive bowling game.

Furthermore, it will keep your hand under the ball And help release your thumb first.

All in all, I am really impressed with the quality of this wrist support. It has everything you need in one package and it also seems like a durable product which is great because you won’t have to buy a new one for a few years at least.

Notable Features

  • This brace will force you to make the corrections. It will immediately amplify what you are doing wrong.
  • An excellent device for protecting an injury to the radial nerve.
  • The replacement process is easy and quick


  • It could have design and size issue

My Final Verdict

If the size is a problem, get the heavy velcro pads out from the gloves and use a liner instead.

Why Bowling Gloves In Detail

Bowling gloves support your wrists and muscles which is needed to continue the same motion with the bowling ball over and over again.

If you wear the right gloves, you will get extra padding or grip even when you change the way you bowl and it can also improve your form of bowling.

Material of Gloves

You need to wear gloves made of comfortable material like leather or nylon. To better support your wrists, the gloves should also cover fully around your wrist.   

If you want more contact and control over the ball, wear gloves that are designed with textured palms or grip pads.

It’s also best to go with gloves that have a firmer material to help you maintain a better grip and provide more support.

The more you wear the gloves, the less likely your fingers will swell in response to the pressure from wearing them. This also helps reduce the risk of getting blisters and other injuries. 

Additionally, leather gloves will break down over time and gradually get softer over time, which can make gripping harder when wet.

Types of Gloves

Fiberglass is one of the popular types of gloves in bowling ball games. If you want to get the required ventilation and want to feel the ball more intimately, fiberglass gloves would be perfect for you.

Single finger gloves are another type. It helps to protect your index and pinky fingers while providing additional grip support.

Some prefer two-finger gloves, that help to have consistent grip and much control over the ball.

The final type of gloves is finger sock gloves. It is helpful to cover your thumb and palm, providing you with extra grip and stability.

Kind of Surface You Bowl On

The right gloves for your needs as a bowler largely depend on the type of surface you want to grip. For example, a person who primarily bowls on synthetic lanes would need different gloves than someone who bowls primarily on wooden lanes. This is because synthetic lanes are typically smoother and don’t call for tacky gloves while wooden lanes do.

What Size of Gloves do I need for Bowling


The best way to find the right size of gloves or wrist brace for bowling is to measure the circumference of your hand. To do so, wrap a piece of string or measuring tape around your palm and fingertips, close to the base of your fingers. If the circumference is 8″, then you would need an 8″ glove.

If your hand circumference is much bigger than 7.5 inches and you also have a longer forearm, then it is advised that you go with a medium.

All bowling wrist support sizes are sized appropriately and make a huge difference in how well you bowl! If you’re running into trouble finding a good fit, measuring your hand or forearm circumference is the best way to ensure a good buy.

In another way, we can say that the size of a wrist brace will vary depending on the size of the wearer and their throw style. A medium-sized wrist brace will be more fitting for someone who has average arm length and throws a medium-speed bowler. 

A smaller person with shorter arms who needs a wrist brace would be hard-pressed to find one that extends all the way down.


To measure your forearm, start at the crease of your wrist and extend a tape measure up to 4 inches. Write down that measurement with an erasable marker or piece of tape

Then, measure the circumference of your forearm with a tape measure. This is the length of your “Forearm” in relation to the sizing of bowling wrist supports.

About the measurement of your hand circumference, you’ll need to wrap the tape measure around your palm between the widest and second-longest fingers. This is known as the “Hand Circumference” measurement.

Find a glove that can comfortably fit your forearm, no matter what it’s size. If both measurements are 8″ or less & 7.5″ or less, you’re in good shape.

Once you have got 2 measurements, now have the needed information to get the right size of wrist support for you. If your forearm measurement is 8 inches or less and at the same time your hand circumference is of 7.5 inches or less, a smaller bowling wrist brace will easily fit on you.

However, this is just a guideline to help you get started. Your preference depends on personal preference and the amount of snugness you want from your support.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do pro players wear wrist braces while bowling?

Ans: Bowling gloves are one of the main things to wear while bowling. And, yes, advanced bowlers wear gloves for wrist support. Plus, they wear gloves so that their arms would not move much while bowling. This would make the movements unpredictable which could make all things messed up.

Is it normal for your wrist to hurt after bowling?

Bowlers can suffer from wrist tendonitis. This can be caused by swinging or twisting, which results in sprains or inflammation of the wrist tendons.

The pain of bowling often diminishes or entirely goes away when you use a quality pair and the right size of bowling gloves. Sometimes, you may need to take medicine advised by any specialist doctor.


Since you are a bowler, you will appreciate good wrist support for a number of reasons besides other bowling items. It provides pain relief, and it can also be used to help with the effectiveness of your shot & form.

They are well worth the investment because they also make it easy to lower your wrist position on your bowling swing.

Furthermore, Good wrist support will provide a lot of relief for both your bowling game and your joints as a whole. So, choose wisely and have a better bowling experience.

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