Top 9 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners-2022

best tennis racquet

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best tennis racquet for beginners

Tennis has always been a popular sport. For professional gameplay or just playing as a hobby, people have always preferred tennis than a lot of other games. Whatever the reason might be, everyone has been a beginner. It is a very awkward stage. You cannot buy the best components for the game because you don’t know if your investment will be worth it or not and again, you shouldn’t buy the worst component because starting with the worst might cause you to lose interest in the game. You have to find a middle ground somewhere and buy the best components for it.

One of the main components of tennis is tennis racquet. You cannot play without it, and every individual who plays should have one or two. Now, there are details that you need to think about while getting a racquet for yourself. In this article, we will be mentioning the things that you need to know before buying a racquet if you are a beginner and we will also suggest you some of the best tennis racquets for beginners in the market right now.

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Top Selling Racquet For Beginners

Before describing in-depth reviews of each of these racquets, let’s get some ideas about what issues need to be considered before buying a racquet.

Things To Consider

If you want to buy a tennis racquet for beginners /yourself and you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about what are the things that you need to consider, you have come to the right place. Some things need to be kept in mind before getting yourself the racquet that might intrigue your interest in a game that you have never even played before.


The price is a crucial thing to consider. We would suggest everyone to not spend a lot of money on buying a component for a game that they don’t even have any ideas about. A decent budget of 100$-200$ is enough for buying a racquet. This price point is perfect as you will get a racquet with a lot of features which would ignite your interest in the game. But this doesn’t ensure a healthy life-line for the racquet. If you think about this in this way that if you end up liking the game, you can get yourself an expensive racquet with much better features. But, if you end up not liking it, at least you will not regret wasting a lot of money behind this. Another vital suggestion from us would be that don’t go for very cheap products. They should be a no-go as this would do more harm than good. You might not even enjoy the game because of this. However, if you want to know more about tennis racquet price, here is the pricing guide.


Price is not the only driving factor of a racquet being good. Another critical factor is the weight of the racquet. Depending on the racquet you choose, you will be able to learn strokes and techniques. As this will be your first racquet, you will learn the most while using it. A heavy racquet would give a lot of power, but on the other hand, a lighter racquet will help you play a different type of strokes. It varies from person to person what they want. We are not telling you what kind of weight you should go for. But, we suggest that you think about what type of gameplay you want and then get a racquet.


After you have considered the weight of racquet, you need to focus on the grip. If you can’t hold the racquet probably then you can forget about hitting shots with power or playing different strokes to outstand your competitors. You should always check the material of the grip. The size is very much important. If your little finger fits between your thumb and other fingers while you are holding the racquet, it is good to go.


Two things mainly control the power of the racquet. The weight of the racquet and the size of the upper portion of the racquet that is the head of the racquet that is the part that touches the ball while playing. Larger head size means more power. Sometimes, having a lightweight but larger head size racquet can help a lot. During the initial stage, there is not much strength in hand. So, having a good power capacity helps to start playing and letting the ball reach the other portion of the court. Or else, it might discourage the beginners a lot. 

Common Sense

After all these technical terms, this might come as a bit of surprise that why are we saying common sense is needed to buy the racquet. The fact of the matter is that often we see something or hear something, it keeps playing in our conscious or subconscious mind and later impacts our decision making. So, think about this. While you are searching for a racquet, you suddenly see an ad. The company uses taglines such as this is the best product in the market or everybody should get it. If you buy without researching and fall in the trap, you might face a lot of problems while playing. You don’t know if this is the best product for you and you bought it. You cannot even return that because, by the time you have understood that the racquet is not for you, it would be too late. So, always use your common sense and don’t fall for these marketing gimmicks and buy the best product possible after enough research and opinions.


As we have already talked about head size in the power section, you probably have got a basic idea of how much important head size is for a racquet. And for the racquet of a beginner, it is even more critical. The area that is covered by strings and where you usually hit the ball is known as the dead of the racquet. We have told you that a larger head size is better for beginners as they provide a little bit of extra power, which is very important. But enormous size is not right. You have to find the sweet spot while buying a racquet. Racquets with huge head size are known as oversized racquets, and they are not suitable for beginners. You might face a lot of hurdles while controlling the racquet if you get one for yourself. Instead, look for a decent head size so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. The typical range of head sizes are usually-  

Midsize: 85-95 square inches

Mid Plus: 96-105 square inches

Oversize: 106-118 square inches

Super Oversize: 119 square inches and above


Balance implies the weight distribution of the racquet in this case. A racquet has mainly three parts. The head of the racquet, the middle portion, and the grip. Now, if a racquet is balanced horizontally and it is seen that the weight balances in the central part, it is called as an evenly balanced racquet. If the racquet’s center is at its head, it is called as head heavy, and it is known as headlight if the majority of the weight lies in other parts. Each has its function. Head heavy racquets are for more power. On the other hand, headlight increases the racquets mobility or the ability to play it anyway as you want. The evenly balanced racquet is somewhere at the sweet spot.

All these things can help you buy a racquet if you are a beginner and you want to take up tennis as a hobby or as a profession. Now, to ease your work, we have researched some of the best racquets for you as below.

Top Tennis Racquets Reviewed

1. HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racket

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

It is a good racquet for a beginner player. Ti S6 does a really great job but its features are tailored more for the beginners. Overall performance is very good. Who want to take their tennis skills to the next level or next stage Ti S6 is best for them. Anyone can handle it. Now, we are going to tell you about the features of Ti S6. It’s best for a beginner player. Anyone can hit with full power with this racquet. For this lightweight, a beginner player can hit the ball softly. So We can say this is the best racquet for beginners.

If you are looking for a cheap and at the same time a good beginner tennis racquet, Head Ti6 is one of the best rackets out there in the market. 115 sq inches head size, extra long length of 27 3/4″, weights of 8 oz make this racket perfect for beginner tennis players.

Let’s Watch a Video Review

Features of HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racquet:

  • String Pattern:  Pattern of string of the tennis weapon is (16 X 19).
  • Length:This is extra-long in length which is27 3/4″ and weighs 8 oz.
  • Extra Head Size: Extra head size helps to generate a lot of power.
  • Pre-Strung: Ti S6 comes with pre-strung just like the other models.

2. Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Tennis Racquet is also a great choice for any beginner player. It’s also very cheap. The Babolat pure drive 2015 provided our players with even more power and softness. The edition of the Babolat pure drive 2015 was a joy to use from the baseline. There was a good level of power that made trading groundstrokes outstanding. For any beginner player Babolat pure drive 2015 is a good method of his or her improvement. Babolat pure drive 2015 tennis racquet balance is very good for any beginner player. It’s good for beginner level player & very comfortable to handle. Any player can perform nicely with this racquet

Let’s Watch a Video Review

Feature of Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Tennis Racquet:

  • Head Size: Head size of this racquet is 100 sq. inches.
  • Length: Length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • Weight: Weight of this racquet is Strung 11.2 and Unstrung 10.6.
  • Balance Point: 12.95 inches or 33 centimeters.
  • Beam Width: Beam width of this racquet is 23/26 mm.
  • Grip Type: Grip type of this racquet is BabolatSyntec pro.
  • Power: Medium power level.

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3. Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racquets

Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Tennis Racquet

If you are a beginner player Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racquets is also best choice for you. Its grip is very nice. Anyone can handle it nicely or smoothly. It’s called a game changer racquet. Its body is super strong. Any beginner player can hit a tennis ball with his or her full power with this racquet. This racquet impressed our team with its stability and control. Famous players also impressed by its performance. Overall its performance is outstanding. It’s stable also. Any beginner player can handle nicely. By this flexibility, a player can hit the ball with good power. It has a bigger sweet spot and doesn’t get pushed around as much. It offers a bit more stability for anyone.

Features of Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racquets:
  • Head Size: Head size of this racquet is 645 sq sm.
  • Weight: Weight of this racquet is 11.5oz or 326 gm.
  • Balance Point: Balance point of this racquet is 7 pts Headlight.
  • Construction: Construction of this racquet is 20/22/23 mm.
  • Length: Length of this racquet is 27 inch or 69 cm.

4. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Lite

It’s a great racquet of all time for a beginner player. A beginner player can choose it for some reason such as good stability, nice grip,strong body etc.Anyone can play frequently with this great racquet. It’s also easy to handle.Overall performance is better than the other racquets. It has an open string design that gives more power to hit the ball and turn when hitting the ball. As a result of its quality, smoothness, and comfort are to be utilized by anyone. This racquet is not for advanced player.We suggest this model for beginner player who wants to improve his or her game.

Feature of Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket:
  • Head size: Head size of this racquet is 112 sq inches.
  • Length: Length of this racquet is 27.5 inch.
  • String Pattern: String patterns of this racquet are (16 X 19).
  • Stock Shok Sleeves: Which lessens vibration and ads are more consolation.

5. Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

It’s great for any beginner player.It has a strong body. When you want to improve your game to the next level or next stage you can choose Wilson Burn.It’s easy to handle. A beginner player can choose it for some reason such as good stability, nice grip,strong body etc. Famous players also impressed by its performance. Overall its performance is outstanding.It’s stable also. Stork style of this racquet is medium-full. It’s good for any beginner player. Good intermediate level racquet.

Feature of Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

  • Head Size: Head size of this racquet is 645.16 sq cm.
  • Length: Length of this racquet is 27Inch.
  • Balance: Balance of this racquet is 13.4 Inch.
  • Beam Width: Beam width of this racquet is 22mm.
  • String Tension: String tension of this racquet is 48-58 pounds.

6. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

This is a cheap racquet but a good one. It doesn’t even cost 100$, but it is excellent for a child. If your child wants to start playing tennis, get him this racquet, and you are good to go for some time. Also, due to its price, this is a safe bet anyone should take.

7. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

If you ask what is the best racket for beginner adults, then the racket is the answer. This is also an excellent but cheap racquet. It costs somewhere around the 30$ mark. Unlike the previous one, it is for teenagers and adults who are just starting to play the game. They can learn and enjoy the game. Anybody can use it for the first six months of learning, which is one of the most crucial times, and we think they will enjoy using this.

8. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

It is around the 100$ price range and is an excellent bat. It is a sturdy frame for those who like power more than stroke techniques. Also, its oversized head ensures that the hits don’t miss and weight is distributed more on the head. So, it is a head heavy racquet. If it matches the features that you want for your racquet as a beginner, go for it.

9. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung)

HEAD MicroGel Radical

Head is one of the most renowned brands for racquets. They have been making great racquets for years, and you can rely on a head racquet. If you want to use the racquet brand that top tennis players of the world use, go for it. It has a good head size, and its weight is also on the standard side. You can get a good taste of everything through this racquet. It is one of the highly recommended racquets on the market right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tennis racquet to buy for a beginner?

We hope that we solved this problem of yours through our article and the suggestions we have given. You can choose any one from it and research it. If that matches your needs, buy the racquet. Hopefully, you will be delighted with our recommendation.

2. What tennis racquet size do I need?

One cannot just tell what size will be perfect for a person without seeing that person or watching him or her play. What we can say is that, if someone follows our buying guide and tries to understand what kind of players they are, they can find the perfect sized racquet for them.

3. Why is tennis good for me?

Tennis is a great sport. Anybody can play it after practicing for a few days, and this article of ours indicates that we want everyone to enjoy this sport. This has a lot of benefits. It makes you a fit and active person due to the amount of running and hand use it needs & helps you keep in good shape. It will help you keep your cholesterol level under control if you have this problem. Also, for all those who are looking forward to building a great body, go for it. This sport also improves the strength and stamina of the body. After you have played for a few days, you will realize that you can work even more. You can do various other jobs with much ease. Also, you won’t face any problems carrying or lifting weights due to the strength it has built in your body.

4. What is the best moment on a tennis court?

The best moment on a tennis court varies from person to person. If you are a competitive person, definitely winning the match is going to be the best moment for you. But if you are someone who enjoys the game, you will likely enjoy every bit of the game. You will enjoy the strokes, the shots, the misses, the good shots everything. And for a technical player, they are going to enjoy the shots they suddenly hit, and it was good. Or the strokes that they have been practicing for months and have finally perfected them.

5. What tennis racquet does Federer use?

Federer is one of the best performing players in the world. It is quite apparent that the best will use the best. So, he uses the Wilson Pro Staff 97, which has especially been designed for him. It has been designed to cater to his needs. But the good thing is that it is not exclusively accessible to him. If others want, they can also buy the racquet. A hefty price has to be paid for it as it is one of the best racquets in the world. Or else, Federer wouldn’t use it. But, if anybody wants they can pick it up from the store. If someone is fortunate enough, he or she might find an autograph signed bat. It is from the maestro himself .

6. What is best tennis racket for beginner women?

Wilson is a good brand of tennis racket for women. Among many, Wilson K zero is one of the best. It is a lightweight racket combined with power, that women can comfortably play with. Wilson Ultra team could be another good choice among many Wilson racquets for beginners.

Final Words

We sincerely hope that we could clear all your query regarding buying a tennis racquet. If you are a beginner, the thing we want is that you keep playing. You do not lose interest in this game and find the new you through this game. It will help you improve your health, mentality, and everything. It might change your life. There are a lot of people who found their passion while trying something new. Who knows, tennis might be your passion and you might understand that after playing the game.

People like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, didn’t know that one day, they would be the best players in the game. The only thing they understood is that they liked the game. They tried their best for it and eventually became the best. Please keep learning the game and never be discouraged when you see that things are not going your way. Good things take time. Learning a game from scratch also take time.

By passion and hard work, one day, you will be able to make this game a part of your life as a hobby, as an extra-curricular and who knows, maybe as your profession. Tennis is a unique game that is played between two teams or individually against a single opponent.

The rules of modern tennis have changed little since the 1890s. Tennis is played by millions of advance players. In our article about the best tennis racquet for beginners, we tried to bring all the related facts about tennis rackets, Hope you would find the perfect one for you. And to be really frank, if you are looking for another best tennis racket guide for newbies, the article of the thetennistribe is a masterpiece. (Must read)

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