Best Tennis Racquet Brands 2021 (What Famous Players Love: Answered!)

Best Tennis Racquet Brand

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Tennis racquet is the most important equipment for playing tennis. You can just start with an ordinary one. But, if you have a dream to be like Roger some day, you should pick the best one from the best brand!

Agreed. Aren’t you?

Well, some of the most popular and best tennis racquet brands in the market are Wilson, Babolat, Prince, Head, Dunlop, Tecnifibre, Yonex, etc. Apart from other good brands, these are exceptionally well in terms of company background, product quality, durability, and the performance you look for from the racquets as a whole.

In this article, I am going to cover up the history, features, and pros of these top racquet brands. Besides, Don’t miss out the part of what elite players prefer and what they don’t (the worst racquet brands).

Okay, no more intros! Let’s start stories of famous racquet companies.

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What are the best Tennis Racquet Companies?

In terms of top-rated racquet brands, Wilson, Head, Babolat are three good names with variety of designs and in the service of required control, spin and power. Well, let’s have a short note first as below:

Best Overall: Wilson Racquet Brand

“Best for control, spin and power. Too much precision and comfortable”

Best Variety: Babolat Tennis Racquet

“Variety of color, design, and style. Lightweight and flexible. Good for speed”

Best for Intermediate: Head Tennis Racquet

“Innovative Racquets, racquets made with special materials and comparatively reasonable price.”

Best for grip: Prince Racquet Brand

“Comfortable grip and comparatively cheap price”

Best for Strings: Tecnifibre Tennis Racquet

“Unique strings, customization facility and tension ability”

Best for Swing & Spin: Yonex Tennis Racquet

“Sweet spot, maneuverability. Expensive but confirms the quality

Tennis Racquet Brands Reviewed 2021


Wilson tennis racket

Wilson is one of the top racquet making companies for over a hundred years. Tennis legends like Roger Federer, Jimmy Connors, Serena Williams use Wilson racquets. Actually, these are only a few names. If you pick the top hundred contemporary tennis players from any league, the majority of them use tennis racquets made by Wilson.

Wilson was established by Thomas Wilson in 1914. The company was established in Chicago and now as you see, it is the top giant in many sports fields like tennis, basketball, badminton, baseball, volleyball, etc. In the late 1950s, Wilson made a partnership with Jack Kramer. After this partnership, Jack Kramer Autograph was launched which was one of the most sold racquets in history. Many Grand Slam winners like Tracy Austin, John McEnroe used this racquet in their games.

There are several families of Wilson racquets. The families are Junior racquets, recreational racquets, ultra, clash, blade, and pro staff. These are ready made racquets for you. Clash Tennis Racquet is the latest one from Wilson which was launched in 2019. On the other hand, if you want your racquet to be designed according to your aptitude, there is an option for custom designing as well.

Wilson makes a variety of racquets that are suitable for both beginners and pro level players. Also, you can get racquets for your kids from Wilson. The price of Wilson racquets is quite higher than the average racquet manufacturers. But, you will not regret buying a Wilson racquet. This is a guarantee.

The different families of Wilson are popular for different abilities. For instance, one is for spin and pop while the other is known for its stroke. Now, time to see some key features of different families of Wilson tennis racquets.

Overall Specifications

  • The pro staff family is known for too much precision.
  • For the pinnacle of comfortable feel, you can use any racquet from the blade series.
  • The clash series will give you 10/10 control over your racquet that no other series will not be provided by any other series.

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Babolat racquet

Babolat was founded in Lyon, France. After being established in 1875, it has become a giant in many sports like tennis, badminton, padel competition, etc. The first Babolat racquet strings were made of natural gut. Later it became one of the most prestigious brands in the history of tennis.

The first player who won a Grand Slam with a Babolat racquet was Carlos Moya, in Monaco. It was 1998 and after that, Babolat is used frequently by many top tennis stars. Stars like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Francesca Schiavone use Babolat racquets. Now, Babolat is dominating in tournaments like the Grand Slam, the French Open, etc.

You can get different classes of Babolat racquets like Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat Pure Drive, Babolat Pure Strike in the market. You have to choose the suitable one for you according to your choice, player level, etc. That is completely a different topic to discuss which requires an individual article to cover. You can get these racquets in a different color as well.

The price of Babolat varies from mid-range to high. You can get a discount if you buy more than one racquets. The strings are quite well and you can restring them from any tennis club near your house.

Not all the racquets give you the same advantage. Each of them is a good combination of precision, power, and speed. But it depends on the expertise level of the player, which of the racquets is going to serve him/her best in the court.

Overall Specifications

  • Different colors and designs for a different taste.
  • You can choose different racquets for different purposes. For instance, Babolat Lite is lightweight, Babolat Plus+ has a little bit longer handle than others, Babolat Team is for extra mobility, etc.
  • Pro level players have given outstanding feedback about Babolat racquet. So you can buy them without any sort of anxiety.


Compared to Wilson or Babolat, Head is quite new in the history of tennis. They began their journey in 1970. Though this brand is comparatively new, they have filled this gap of age with their new and innovative products. The first Aluminum made tennis racquet frame was brought to the market by the Head. Jimmy Connors was defeated by Arthur Ashe at 1975’s Wimbledon with that Aluminum made racquet. They also make golf accessories, snowboarding accessories, swimming accessories, etc.

If you look at the top ten list of tennis professionals, you will find the name of Novak Djokovic, Alexander Zverev, Sloane Stephens, Maria Sharapova who uses racquets made by Head. Novak Djokovic uses Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro, Sloane Stephens uses Head Graphene Touch Radical MP and Alexander Zverev uses Head Graphene 360 Speed MP.

There are several classes of Head racquets. Some of the most popular ones are Head Graphene Touch Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet, Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet, Head Graphene 340 Speed Lite Tennis Racquet, Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP Tennis Racquet, Head MicroGet Radical Racquet Tennis Racquet, Head Radical Oversize Tennis Racquet. Actually, these are only a few. You can find dozens of quality racquets in the market made by Head.

Head came a long time after Wison or Babolat. Still, they were able to get a good position in the market just because of their innovative ideas in racquet making. Using new materials that were used never before and the super efficiency of those materials make Head a popular brand among the tennis freaks.

Overall Specifications

  • Special materials for the structure that no other brands have.
  • Reasonable trade off between weight and strength.
  • Perfect tennis racquet for intermediate and pro level tennis players.

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Prince was first established in New Jersey in 1970 as a tennis ball machine manufacturing company. Bob McClure, the founder of Prince is remembered as the inventor of the first commercially available tennis ball machine. The first machine was called the little machine and the company was born. Later they started to produce tennis racquets along with their tennis ball machine.

Prince has many tennis racquet series like Phantom, Legacy, Beast, Junior, etc. Each of them has its specialties. For instance, if you love to play in an aggressive mood, racquets from the Phantom series is the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you want a good combination of power and control, the Beast series is waiting for you.

Surprisingly you can find only a few from the top list who use Prince racquets right now. Stars like Lucas Pouille, John IsnerBut uses racquets made by Prince. Previously Prince has endorsed legends like Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi. Other issues are responsible for this current situation. It does not mean that Prince does not make quality products or anything like this. 

Prince is also a comparatively new brand like Head or Tecnifibre. Despite being a new brand, they have a good history of making amazingly good racquets. Maximum racquets made by Prince are for intermediate level players. For comparative newbies, they have their Junior series. Many Frech ATP stars use Prince for their Game. The Prince Textreme Tour 100p is a nice example from the bestseller racquets made by Prince. This racquet is quite like an all-rounder. It is a perfect combination of power, spin, and control.

Overall Specifications

  • Comparatively cheap.
  • A better combination of power, spin, control, and weight.
  • Comfortable grips for better handling.


Tecnifibre is a french based sports equipment manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1979, even after Head was founded. Tecnifibre was well known for its unique strings. Their multifilaments became very popular in the market. Later in 2004, they decided to make tennis racquets along with strings. That was the start of another black horse in the race of tennis racquet manufacturing brands.

Tennis pros like Daniil Medvedev, Denis Istomin, Daria Kasatkina, Mariana Zanevska use Technifibre racquets for their games. Tecnifibre is the official sponsor of them. Not only these few names, but Technifibre also sponsors many other pro athletes in the field of tennis and squash.

The TFight series is a versatile series of racquets that is very handy for controlling your power. This series is a good one for advanced players. There are other series of racquets for intermediate level players as well. Even there are series like T-Rebound TEMPO which are specially made for women. You will have such a combination of torsion ability and flexibility that no other brand can provide.

The strings made by Technifibre are different from other brands. This is a key feature of the Tecnifibre racquet that has attracted many players. You also have the chance to customize your racquet. So that it can meet all of your expectations. Also, you do not have to spend a lot to get a quality racquet from Tecnifibre. The price is quite reasonable. You can get quality tennis racquets from Technifibre at a comparatively lower price.

Overall Specifications

  • Available options for customization according to your choice and taste.
  • Provides a lot of spin and power along with stability in shots.
  • The special type of built in strings that no other brands will give.
  • Better preservation of strings’ tension.


Though Yonex was established in 1946 with the name Yoneyama, this Japanese brand built its first tennis racquet in 1969. In 1982, Yonex made the Rex series of the tennis racquet. That racquets were oversized. Martina Navratilova played with an oversized R-7 racquet and became successful. Later Yonex established another factory in the USA to catch the growing market of tennis.

Today, you will see that Yonex is sponsoring stars like Stan Wawrinka, Naomi Osaka. Yonex maintains the quality of its products with unimaginable precision. The manufacturing company stated in Japan has more than fifty inspection points in the whole path of manufacturing a tennis racquet in order to ensure the quality of their product. Yonex is very popular for it tightens and consistent quality tolerances.

There are different families of racquets made by Yonex. For example, you can find your racquet from Vcore, Vcore pro, or from the Astrel family. All of them have different specifications.

Racquets made by Yonex have enhanced sweet spot and easy maneuverability. Also, the frames are suitable for a spin because of the aero fin technology. Because of the shockless grommet system, the racquets are arm friendly. 

The strings Yonex use in their racquets are perfect for extra swing and power. There are also Rexix multifilament strings for added power and comfort. You may find a variety of strings in Yonex racquets and each of them will give you a different degree of freedom. From polyester made Polytour Fire to Polytour strike-there are plenty of varieties to meet up with different demands of players of different levels.

Overall Specifications

  • The quality of each racquet is controlled very tightly. You do not have to bother about the quality control of racquets made by Yonex.
  • Quite expensive. So you have to spend a few more bucks than other brands to get a Yonex racquet.

Other Tennis Racquet Brands

Some major and renowned brands are stated above in detail. These are not the only manufacturer of tennis racquets. You can find many other brands in the market as well. Brands like Dunlop, Volkl, Pacific, ProKennex are also some well known brands in the market.

Dunlop is quite popular among the rest of the brands. You can find racquets for every expertise level from Dunlop. Also, the German based company Volkl is popular among many tennis players. Brands like PowerAngle, Solinco, Asics, or Gamma are quite less popular compared to the others. Still, they make quality products and are quite reliable.

ATP pros like Anderson Kevin or Broady Liam uses both Dunlop and Srixon for them. Professional doubles player like Liezel Huber uses racquet made by Volkl.

Racquets made by these brands are comparatively cheaper than Wilson or Babolat. You have the chance to customize your weapon from many of these brands. Even with lesser bucks. Though you will miss many advantages here which are offered by the giant brands. Less advantage with less price. The equation is quite simple.

Innovations like multifilament string or dynacore are less available in the racquets made by average brands. You have to go for bigger brands for those fancy features.

Worst Tennis Racquet Brands

Instead of buying a worst racket, repairing the existing one is best! However, enlisting the worst brands in the field of tennis is a really hard job. There are over fifteen brands in the market for tennis freaks and a maximum of them make or at least try to make quality products. So hare, by the term ‘worst’, I am implying ‘comparatively bad’ among the brands.

Racquets made by Alinta are quite heavy, solid, and less mobile. This is a big problem that hinders faster moves. Customers also gave bad reviews about Slazenger racquets. Also, there were complaints about ProKennex. Racquets made by Fischer are also below average.

The entire judgment of good and band among racquets depends on players’ perception. If he likes to have great spins on the court, then less maneuverable racquets are not suitable for him. Depending on the choice and attitude of two different players, a single racquet can be praised by one while being negatively marked by the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What tennis racquet brand does Rafael Nadal use?

-Rafael Nadal uses Babolat as his weapon on the court. Babolat designed the AeroPro Drive for him in 2004. Though he does not use its raw form. He uses it with slight customization in its balance, weight. He started his career with the Soft Drive made by Babolat. Later he switched to his recent one.

  • What are the Most Popular Tennis Racquet Brands?

-Well, it is quite tough to enlist it. But some names come automatically when you are talking about tennis. Let’s see those names at a glance.

  • Wilson
  • Babolat
  • Head
  • Prince
  • Yonex
  • Pacific
  • Dunlop
  • Pro Kennex
  • Tecnifibre
  • Slazenger
  • What is the best tennis racquet brand for beginners?

-Actually, this question is tougher than the previous one. But I shall say, for beginners, it is convenient to start with Wilson Clash 108 or Head TI S6. The first one is arm friendly and will give a huge feel of comfort while the second one is best for overall performance for any newbie.

  • Is Babolat better than Wilson?

-Wilson is more popular than Babolat. Though Babolat is older than Wilson. Babolat will give you a lot of spin along with comfort and control while Wilson will give you a huge stroke. There are certain criteria that you have to consider while choosing the right racquet for you. If I say about average performance, yes, Babolat is better than Wilson.

  • Is Head a good tennis racquet brand?

-Yes, of course. Indeed, the Head is a good tennis racquet brand. You can get a soft feeling from its frames which is not present in other brands. Many pro level players use Head for their regular use.

  • Any major differences between tennis racket brands?

-The answer is quite complex. There are different families from a single racquet brand. These different families are popular for different features. For instance, maybe one is popular for a lot of spins, while the other may be popular for control. The differences are not major in average point of view. But from a professional’s perspective, these differences can be crucial.

  • Why are Babolat racquets so popular?

-Several reasons can be mentioned behind the popularity of Babolat racquets. A few of them are enlisted below:

  • Babolat has features that appeal to players of different expertise levels.
  • If you are a beginner level player, racquets made by Babolat are quite lightweight. So you can easily handle them and can generate optimum output stroke. That is another reason for the popularity of Babolat among the newbies.
  • The racquets made by Babolat are easy to string. Babolat is a big name in stringing machine manufacturers. So the stringers feel comfortable restringing any Babolat racquet. 
  • Their designs are very attractive and eye cathing. Along with performance, racquets made by Babolat are a tool of fashion as well. Two in one, isn’t it cool?
  • How Head got famous when other popular brands were already there in the market?

-Head began to manufacture their products for tennis in 1970. Already giants like Wilson, Babolat was there in the market at that time. Still Head was able to get the attraction of many pro players because of their innovative design.

Head was the first company to make an Aluminum tennis frame, which was a nice trade off between weight and power. Later head started to use a throat bridge made with magnesium. This throat bridge allows longer main strings which are free moving. This gives the player a bigger sweet spot. Using a new material made with magnesium and graphene which has feather-like light and two hundred times stronger than steel gave head racquets another push in the race of racquet manufacturers.

Actually, these innovative ideas are the main reason behind Head’s rise even when giants are already present in the market. 

Video Tutorial on Tennis Racquets

Last, But Not least

This essay is pretty much like an introduction to the world of tennis racquets. You have known the name of the giants, the average brands, and a short history about each of them. A detail about choosing the right tennis racquet is coming soon.

Which brand you are going to buy for you is not the primary factor. The key factor is to know the right balance between power, balance, control, design, etc. Try to find the optimum point until the next essay comes!

See ya!

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