Tennis is a strenuous game. When you’re rallying with the ball, your head is usually up and moving around all over the place to follow the ball and anticipate where it might go next. 

The problem comes when you start getting tired – that’s when fatigue sets in and starts affecting your coordination skills on the court. That’s why wearing a tennis hat can be helpful: they provide shade for your face so that you aren’t constantly squinting at the sun or sweating profusely from playing in hot weather. Now the question is what are some best tennis hats that will meet your expectation? Or what types are good?

Well, most players choose between two different types: the baseball cap and the visor. In this article, we are going to list and describe 5 top tennis hats out there in the market. Besides, we have added some hat FAQS to clarify more. However, If you are short of time and looking for a one single good cap, you can choose Adidas Super light which is a all-rounder cap and chosen by some experienced tennis players.

Or, read the full article below:

Tennis Hats Reviewed

I have added here 5 quality tennis hats of some quality clothing brands: Adidas, CUICAN, Nike, SAAKA. Check their features and my likings and dislikings and choose yours.

Adidas Men’s Superlite Adjustable Performance Cap

Adidas not only makes tennis shorts, but they produce top rated tennis cap. And this Adidas cap is one of the best tennis hats for sun protection. It is lightweight and six-panel cap with a 3d weld-badge of the adidas logo. 

Recycled material and mesh confirms good air flow & moisture-wicking. Featured with UPF 50 sun protection, it guards the sun’s most disturbing rays very well.

Hoop and loop closure system of the cap is the most popular way of closing tennis caps. This is because they are easy to use, fast, and keep your head cool. 

Not only does it hold your hair back in place while playing but also keeps sweat away from your eyes if you have long hair. One more thing about this type of closure-it’s fantastic for people who wear glasses! 

What I like

  • Stay cool and comfortable with mesh paneling for ultimate air flow.
  • It has a hook and loop closure for adjustable fit.
  • Protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Stay cool with mesh ventilation
  • Keep your head comfortable in any conditions

What I Don’t Like

  • The logo may peel off.

CUICAN Unisex Roger Federer Cap

Cuican tennis hats are made of high quality materials and have an adjustable strap with buckle closure which makes them fit most people. The design is breathable, and they’re perfect for Tennis or any other outdoor activities. You’ll love how comfortable they feel in your head all day long!

They are made to last. They’re durable, comfortable and practical. You’ll find that they’re perfect for any occasion – whether you need a baseball cap or something more formal like the tennis tournament. 

If you look for a gift for any occasion, CUICAN Unisex Roger Federer Vintage Hats are the perfect choice. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present, or just want to treat yourself, these hats will be sure to please. They come in many colors and sizes so there’s one that fits everyone!

What I Like

  • Roger Federer uses this hat
  • Great structure, nice fit and super cool.
  • The fabric used is thicker and lighter
  • Sweat absorbent belt inside

What I Don’t Like

  • Nothing seen yet

Nike Mens Aerobill Rafa Nadal H86 Tennis Hat

Nike is a famous name for making tennis wears. I would love to wear this hat only because one of my favorite players, Rafael nadal wears this hat! Don’t you love him? You surely do! Right?

Well, It’s really a great pick from a great tennis player. 

One thing I can add is that the material used making this hat is so soft. You can feel cool and comfortable.

2.5 inches brim size is quite perfect for any type of tennis player.

The Nike logo along with the front logo on the cap make it pretty and gorgeous. Whether you can choose the white ones, or choose from the other options like Crimson, Habanero Red, Laser crimson, Light Aqua color for your tennis game or tour.

Not only for tennis, but also you can wear the cap while playing other sports like pickleball, baseball or golf.

What I like 

  • Rafa loves the cap
  • It lets sweat go away
  • Hat is lightweight and breathable
  • Terry sweatband absorb sweat in a better way
  • Great fit for the adjustable strap system

What I Don’t Like

  • The embroidered logo may not attract you.

Sports Summer Visor Hats for Tennis

This is one of the best tennis visors for women. They are made of lightweight and comfortable material. They feature retractable wide brim visors. These hats will protect your eyes from UV rays as well as keep you cool on hot days. 

With a soft absorbent sweatband, it absorbs the sweat in a much better way and dries up so quickly. You would feel easy and fresh all day long.

You can pick from 6 different colors that are attractive and good-looking. They are ideal for your next outing or tennis game. You can also choose anyone to present someone with.

What I Like

  • Stylish and the colors are great
  • Men can wear this hat too
  • Extra coverage can save your life on a sunny day

What I Don’t Like

  • Not for those who look for bigger ones

SAAKA Lightweight Sports Hat for Tennis

SAAKA Sportswear is a small business that consists of people who like to make good clothes. They are located in Siesta Key, Florida and design all of their products there. The elements can be harsh in this place which is why they need to make the best clothes. They test each product before release by ultra-runners, tennis players, golfers, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and casual individuals looking for everyday wear.

Tennis players know the importance of staying cool and dry in order to perform at their best. Hat is an important wear for this.

The Saaka Hat is designed specifically for tennis players, so it’s lightweight, breathable, and flexible. It also has a moisture-wicking inner band that pulls sweat away from your forehead to keep you feeling fresh all day long.

This hat is made with premium materials like bamboo viscose and poly/spandex microfiber for maximum comfort and performance on the court. 

Plus, it features reflective logos so you can be seen more easily when playing outdoors or in low light conditions.

What I like

  • Perfect for me and for my wife as well
  • Spandex blend does not restrict movement
  • Adjustable strap makes it easy fit for all
  • Bamboo viscose material ensures softness and comfort

What I Don’t Like

  • No complaints at all. Only more colors other than black, white and graphite could be available.

What Things To Conside Before Buying Tennis Hat


When you buy a hat, it is important to know how the hat will look. Structured hats are more firm and hold their shape better. Unstructured hats are lighter and not as tight or stiff. The profile of the hat also matters- they can be high, mid or low-profile.


A hat must be made of a certain material. For example, polyester will keep you dry and it is good for people who sweat a lot. Most of the tennis hats are made out of polyester and spandex.


When you buy a hat, check the colors. Also check out whether the color matches the logo or not.


The brim is the part of the hat that goes around your head. It can be curved or flat, and it helps shape the hat to your head. Some hats come with a pre-curved brim which you might not want if you want a flat brim.


Why do tennis players wear visors?

Visors are good for tennis players. They keep the sun out of their eyes, and they have better ventilation than regular hats, so it is cooler when they play.

Tennis Hats vs Visors?

  • Tennis hats provide more protection than visors
  • Hats hold your hair in place better than visors do
  • A hat will protect your forehead, eyes and ears from the sun 

Final Words

The only thing that is for certain about the best tennis hat to wear when playing is what you feel most comfortable in. You might want a hat with more coverage or less, one that fits your head tightly or loosely, and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. What matters most at the end of the day are those moments where you can look back on an amazing match and say “I wore my favorite cap.”

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