Top 5 Best Soccer Shorts in 2022 [Stretchable, Flexible & Comfortable]

Best Soccer Shorts

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Soccer shorts are one of the most important items of clothing that a soccer player can have. It is imperative to have the best soccer shorts so that the player is not only comfortable but also has the best performance on the field.

The shorts should be made of breathable material so that air can flow through them easily. This will help keep the player cool and dry throughout their game. The fabric should also be strong and durable, in order to prevent tearing or ripping when they are doing specific moves or running around in any direction.

The size of the soccer shorts is also important because they need to fit snugly on each player’s body type. A loose-fitting pair of shorts may cause problems for certain players when trying to make quick turns or sprints on the field during playtime.

Here, I have reviewed the top 5 soccer shorts along with their features, pros and cons. Check out and get the best suit for you.

List of Top-Quality Soccer Shorts

  • Adidas Men’s Squadra 21 Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts for Men)
  • Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts (Best Women’s Soccer Shorts)
  • Under Armour Boys’ Golazo 2.0 Soccer Shorts (Best Boys’ Soccer Shorts)
  • Adidas Men’s Core18 Training Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts with Pockets)
  • CompressionZ Men’s Performance Compression Shorts (Best Compression Shorts for Soccer)

Best Shorts for Soccer Reviewed

Not only for men but also we have listed 4 other soccer shorts specially made for women, pocket lovers, compression shorts, and for boys. Read along below and choose the best type for you.

Adidas Men’s Squadra 21 Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts for Men)

Adidas Squadra soccer shorts

You had a rough morning. But it’s time to get your head in the game. A nice set of shorts will help you look good and feel good on the field. The Squadra Shorts by Adidas, for men, will keep you dry and comfortable. 

A new take on the team uniform, these shorts are made of a lightweight fabric that’s as soft as your favorite jersey. 

Reflecting the latest advancements in recycled materials, our Primegreen clothing line is made from a variety of recycled or renewable materials to produce a durable and flexible garment.

with drawstring closure at the waistband for an adjustable fit. The Men’s Squadra Shorts are styled with Adidas’ iconic 3-stripes, the logo on the front left leg, and Adidas branding on the outseam.

Whether you’re running around on the field or watching your favorite game at home, these lightweight Men’s Squadra Shorts will keep you cool and dry. With an extra-long inseam, they provide plenty of coverage to keep your legs protected from the sun. 

Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY keeps you cool and dry, while mesh inserts at the side provide ventilation.


  • Great shorts for soccer practice
  • Easy and flexible wear, comfortable
  • Will keep you dry, cool 


  • Don’t have pockets

Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts (Best Women’s Soccer Shorts)

You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all when you wear the Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts. These go-to shorts are made with 100% polyester for all-day comfort and feature a drawstring closure.

These Adidas Women’s Parma 16 Shorts are the best shorts you’ll ever own! The drawstring closure will keep everything in place and the polyester material will make these last for a long time. This is a must-have piece of clothing for all summer plans, from spending time at the beach to watching your favorite sporting event.

Staying comfortable on the field is important, which is why Adidas’ wicking technology has you covered. The Parma 16 shorts are made of sweat-wicking fabric that’s comfortable to wear for hours. The elasticated waistband with drawcord provides a secure fit, while mesh ventilation at the back and an extra back pocket provide plenty of breathabilities. The shorts also have a printed Adidas logo at the left front pocket.

When you’re looking for something to help you exercise or just hang out, the Adidas Parma 16 Shorts are perfect. They’re designed with a women-specific fit and are breathable to keep you cool. The material also gives you a no-fuss feel so you can focus on what’s important.

These Adidas Parma shorts are made for your active lifestyle. With a drawcord on the elastic waist and climate-friendly fabric that sweeps sweat away from your skin, these women’s athletic shorts will be your go-to for year-round sports.


  • Drawstring closure: prevent apparel from slipping and show your personal style.
  • Machine wash: easy care for your active lifestyle.
  • Soft, sweat-wicking fabric: moves moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Women’s specific fit: feminine cut to flatter a woman’s shape.
  • Adjustable drawcord on elastic waistband for custom comfort and a secure fit.
  • Machine washable for easy care


  • Fabric might be thin

Under Armour Boys’ Golazo 2.0 Soccer Shorts (Best Boys’ Soccer Shorts)

With a high waistband and a strong, durable fabric, these Golazo shorts are perfect for long days on the field. These shorts will wick sweat away from the body and dry quickly to help give you a more comfortable game.

These shorts are the perfect mix of comfort and performance. They come with an elastic closure for an easy slip-on and are made to move with you. The material is water-resistant and quick-drying, so you can wear them all day without worrying about getting them wet or smelly.

Whether you’re playing soccer or playing in the backyard, these Under Armour Golazo Shorts are designed for all-day comfort. With lightweight HeatGear fabric, they are built for strength and breathability so your boy can stay out on the field. These shorts have a 9″ inseam to keep him covered and dry, while the Dri-FIT material wicks sweat away to keep him cool. Choose from four colors to ensure he’s comfortable and looks good at the same time.

Built for the toughest and longest days in the field, these athletic shorts are engineered to wick sweat away from your skin & dry really quickly. The elastic waistband with drawstring ensures a comfortable, secure fit. The fold-over leg openings offer a tailored look without added bulk. The inseam is 7 inches.


  • DryFit technology for all-day comfort
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odour causing microbes
  • HeatGear fabric is engineered to pull sweat away from your skin
  • With elastic waistband for a guaranteed fit
  • Machine washable for easy care and a flattering fit that lasts.


  • Size chart is not clear

Adidas Men’s Core18 Training Shorts (Best Soccer Shorts with Pockets)

Introducing the Adidas Core18 short. A blend of comfort and style, this short will be your go-to when looking for a reliable garment for workouts or everyday wear. The soft, stretchy fabric offers you the freedom to move around while staying comfortable.

The Core18 short is made from a stretchy fabric for a comfortable, flexible fit. The shorts have a drawstring waistband with a printed Adidas logo on the left leg and a printed Adidas Athletics logo on the right leg, as well as mesh briefs to help keep you cool. They also have a 3-Stripes design on the side of the leg and reflective details.

Get ready for a workout, no matter the conditions. An all-new Adidas Climalite fabric with a refreshed design will keep you dry and comfortable in any activity. These shorts have been engineered to ensure that your body temperature stays at a comfortable level.

If you’re a soccer player, these shorts have everything you need! Not only do they have all the pockets to store your personal belongings, but they’re so comfortable and lightweight. The black color helps darken your lower body to prevent sunburn and the material is water-resistant.

Your ideal soccer training partner whether at the gym or on the field, these shorts help you stay focused and comfortable during a variety of workouts. Climacool technology draws sweat away from the body to keep you dry and focused on your workout, while a forward-placed side seam allows for unrestricted movement.



  • Size issue, may not fit for heavy or adult players

CompressionZ Men’s Performance Compression Shorts (Best Compression Shorts for Soccer)

Get the performance of compression fabrics with the convenience of shorts! CompressionZ shorts are made to wrap your muscles in support, without restricting your movements. They’re lightweight, breathable, and machine washable, so you can get out of them easily after a soccer workout.

CompressionZ is the perfect solution for preventing any aches, pains, or cramps in your lower body while you work out. They are made with a tight compression fabric designed to help improve circulation. The triple zipper provides convenience when taking the shorts on and off.

They’re perfect for workouts, running, cycling, soccer game, or any other activities that call for a lightweight & breathable layer. Get the benefits of compression shorts without putting up with any discomfort.

Stay cool & compression-ready. A low-profile, lightweight, microfiber running shorts for all your needs. It wicks sweat, breathes, stretches & dries quickly. The perfect base layer for workouts or everyday wear.

Built with the most advanced 4-way stretch fabric, CompressionZ Men’s Compression Shorts are the perfect base layer. Our rowing shorts feature a nylon-spandex blend for maximum mobility, as well as providing enhanced comfort and increased blood circulation. Tighter fabrics help protect from injury and speed recovery time, so you can get back to your best quicker.

Men of any shape or size can wear their compression shorts all day long without sweating or looking wrinkled. Save money on expensive, uncomfortable shapewear. You deserve to wear the best!

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  • Provides firm compression to glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
  • A quality blend of nylon and spandex makes it easily movable and flexible.
  • Seams, cut and fit are excellent


  • The waistband might be unsecured along the channel of waistband.

Best Brands of Soccer Shorts

  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • Puma 
  • Nike

Get some soccer shorts here

How to Choose Soccer Shorts (Buying Guide)


Soccer players have a wide range of short sizes to choose from. The shorts vary in materials, length, and design.

Choosing the right soccer short size is important because it can make a huge difference for your performance on the field. If your shorts are too tight or too loose, you’ll be uncomfortable and lose some mobility. 

But if they are just right, you’ll be able to kick without any restrictions and run more quickly without worrying about your shorts falling down!

The best size of shorts to wear as a goalkeeper is dependent on what type of goalkeeper you play and the position you play. Soccer goalkeepers wear different types of equipment so the length and fit is different for each style.

Goalkeepers who stand up and come off their line are more likely to be wearing long pants. Goalkeepers who are in goal for most of the game will be wearing shorts that are closer to knee-length or shorter.


Soccer shorts are made of a variety of materials and each material has its pros and cons.

The material is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing soccer shorts. The material will not only affect comfort and durability, but also the prevention of injuries.

There are many types of materials used for soccer shorts. Some examples include polyester, nylon, spandex, cotton, and wool. Each type has its own set of benefits and disadvantages that players should be aware of before making a purchase decision.

The materials of soccer shorts should not be too thick so they will not restrict your movement, but it should also not be too thin so they will not show your underwear if you bend over.


Soccer shorts are typically made from a breathable fabric that is fitted close to the skin so that players can have a full range of movement. They should not be too short but neither should they be too long.

A good fit for soccer shorts is important because it will affect how comfortable the player feels and how well they perform on the field.

Gym Shorts vs Soccer Shorts

College teams and clubs use soccer shorts for their games and practices. Soccer is a popular sport in the United States. Teams might wear soccer shorts for competition, practice, or even just to hang out together.

Gym shorts are often worn when working out. They can be found in many different colors and patterns like blue with white stripes, or green with brown dots. Some people also wear them as pajamas at home after a long day of work or school.

Soccer shorts are made to fit tightly around the player’s leg while gym shorts are looser on the body which makes them easier to move around in when exercising or playing sports.

Some might not know the difference between these two types of shorts. One is typically used in a sport after a shower while the other one is for going to the gym.

Soccer shorts are usually made from cotton and have longer leg openings to help players excel at their sport. Gym shorts, on the other hand, are shorter and made from synthetic material. They’re also not as loose and baggy as soccer shorts and don’t provide much coverage for athletes who prefer to wear them post-workout too.


Are soccer shorts supposed to be above the knee?

Are soccer shorts supposed to be above the knee? The short answer is yes. Soccer is a fast-paced sport and it is important that players can run and kick freely. That said, the CTFA (a body for soccer equipment) recommends that shorts should not go beyond as high as three inches above the knee.

What material are soccer shorts?

Soccer shorts are typically made of cotton, nylon, polyester or spandex.

Materials to make soccer shorts are commonly cotton, nylon, polyester or spandex. Soccer shorts are typically made of one of these materials.

FIFA has set guidelines for the materials that can go into soccer shorts. They are supposed to be made of 100% polyester.

Why are soccer shorts so long?

The long soccer shorts might be due to the fact that they are made from a lightweight fabric that reduces the risk of injury.

These long soccer shorts do not offer much protection from the sun, though. They make it difficult for players to easily identify each other during a game, and fans can struggle to see what is going on as well.


So, soccer shorts are a short, breathable piece of clothing that is worn by soccer players. The best type of shorts has a seamless design to reduce rubbing and chafing.

The purpose of soccer shorts is to help the player play the game without any discomfort or distraction from their clothing.

The following are some features that the best soccer shorts should have: A seamless design with stretch fibers, a comfortable fit with a tight elastic waistband, moisture-wicking fabric to draw moisture away from the skin, durable, lightweight materials.

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