7 Best Roller Skates for Men in 2022 [Durable, Smooth & Comfortable]

Best Roller Skates for Men

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Roller skating is the ultimate fun sport and choosing the right skates is crucial for smooth and safe rides. An amazing pair of quad skates can escalate the overall experience of roller skating and the pleasure of owning an iconic pair of skates is one to remember.

When it comes to choosing the correct skates for yourself, there is a wide range of variety available to make your pick from. It can get a little difficult to hunt down the best roller skates to suit your skating needs. So, today we have compiled a list of the Seven Best Roller Skates for Men that you would love to skate in!

Comparison Table of Top Roller Skates for Men

Best Men’s Roller SkatesReasons for PickHighlighted FeatureMaterialWheel SizeInfo
Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller SkateGreat performance outdoors. Extremely durable. Smooth and fast wheels. Outlook and craftsmanship.Best for outdoor skating Nylon, Suede62 mmCheck Price 
Reewind Men’s Roller SkateEase of control.Easy to clean synthetic upper. Budget-friendly. Stylish Outlook.Best Budget SkatesSynthetic66 mmCheck Price
Crazy Zoom Speed Skates or men and WomenHigh-speed performance. Comfortable and easy to control. Classic sneaker-style boots. Quality build.Best for SpeedNylon62 mmCheck Price
Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Rink Quad SkateGood stability and control. Tolerance to wear and tear. Classic rink style.Comfort and fit.Best for Support and ControlLeather60 mmCheck Price
VNLA Junior Code Jam Skate for Men and WomenNo break-in time.Great for cruising and gliding.Durable premium skates.Speed performance.Best for Rink and Jam SkatingNylon, Aluminum, Leather62 mmCheck Price
Pacer Aero Men’s Roller SkateQuick Dry comfort.Quality boot construction.Speed and Control.Classic design.Best for BreathabilityPVC, Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon60 mmCheck Price
Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker SkateSneaker Style Boots.Versatile Wheels. Comfort and fit. Gliding and speed.Best for GlidingAluminum70 mmCheck Price

In-Depth Review of the Seven Best Men’s Roller Skates

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skate

(Best for Outdoor Roller Skating)

Sure-Grip’s Broadwalk Outdoor Roller Skates is our first pick on the list of best men’s roller skates in terms of durability and comfort. Constructed out of rock nylon plates with lightweight trucks and urethane cushions, these skates are extremely durable and can withstand rough outdoor skating with ease.

Technical Specs of Sure-Grip Broadwalk Outdoor Roller Skates

SizeMens 5-11
ColourRed, Black
MaterialNylon, Suede
Closure TypeLace-Up
Wheel Size62 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

Great Performance Outdoors – These skates are totally fantastic when it comes to outdoor skating. Sure-Grip has a high-impact base with strong trucks and wheels, which helps them ride pretty smoothly over uneven surfaces outdoors. The construction of these skates is just the right quality you would expect from a good pair of outdoor quad skates.

Extremely DurableSure-Grip’s Broadwalk skates are made out of rock nylon plates that are fairly durable and can handle some really rough skating with ease. Compared to most other skates, Sure-Grip lasts relatively longer and you don’t have to worry about wearing out your skates even if you intend to use them on a regular basis.

Smooth and Fast Wheels – The wheel constructions are totally appropriate for the skates and are relatively faster than some other pairs I have encountered. The polyurethane is fairly soft enough for some smooth skating outdoors and you can rock it up with ease while skating outdoors!

Outlook and Craftsmanship – The overall iconic outlook of these roller skates is a favorite among skaters. Although it comes with minimal padding, there is no room for discomfort if you wear a good pair of socks while skating. The laces grip fairly well and the soles are also attached firmly.


  • Strong and Durable Construction.
  • Smooth performance in an outdoor environment.
  • Compatible lace-up closure.
  • High-Performance Wheels.
  • Classy outlook and great craftsmanship.


  • Comes with minimal padding, and should be worn with socks.

Reewind Men’s Roller Skate

(Best Budget Skates)

Roller Derby’s budget-friendly and quality pair of quad skates are among the best picks for amateurs. The mixture of fashion and fun with its overall stylish outlook makes this pair of quad skates a real favorite among skaters. It supports good grip and some real bounce on smooth surfaces.

Technical Specs of Reewind Classic Roller Skates

SizeMens 3-12
ColourBlack, Teal Black, Mint, Pink/Blue, White/Pink
Closure TypeLace-Up
Wheel Size66 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

Ease of Control – The trucks and cushions are aptly built to aid turns and allow easy control while gliding. The overall construction and strong build make it a fairly easy pair of skates to control, perfect for amateurs.

Easy to Clean Synthetic Upper- Although it comes with a synthetic upper, the soft and comfortable cushions inside make your feet fairly comfortable. Since the material is synthetic, it is also easy to clean compared to other pairs.

Budget-Friendly Quality Skates – The price tag is relatively reasonable considering the quality and construction of Reewind men’s quad skates. These skates can perform really well in roller rinks, paved trails, and also on boardwalks.

Stylish Outlook – Rewind comes in three different color combinations to choose from that are widely attractive. The classic lace-up closure is just the perfect fit and the toe-stops are pretty helpful while skating too.


  • Budget-friendly with quality features.
  • Soft and Comfortable Cushions.
  • Comes in different color combinations.
  • Classic lace-up closure.
  • Easy to clean synthetic upper.


  • Since these are Broadwalk skates, not really best for uneven outdoor conditions.

Crazy Zoom Speed Skates or men and Women

(Best for Speed)

The Crazy Zoom roller skates are a really amazing pair of quad skates to choose from in terms of their speed performance. For skaters who love to speed up things and are looking for a pair of skates that will satisfy your pace while riding through, Crazy is the perfect choice all within a decent budget too.

Technical Specs of Crazy Zoom Roller Skates

SizeUS Mens 1-13
Closure TypeHook and Loop
Wheel Size62 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

High Speed Performance – These pairs of skates are specially constructed to ensure fast and smooth speed performance. It comes with ABEC-5 speed bearings for smooth rolls. The low-profile urethane wheels are great for supporting fast paced skating and the overall performance is satisfactory as one of the best men’s roller skates

Comfortable and Easy to Control – The cushions inside are fairly comfortable and you can skate for hours on end without worrying about having blisters on your feet. The comfortable padding all the way around the low-cut collar on the boot ensures a supportive fit and also ease of control.

Classic Sneaker Style Boots – The overall outlook of these pairs of quad skates are pretty different with their classic rink style along with low cut boots. The black nylon is a beauty itself and skaters who prefer low cut boots will definitely love them.

Quality Build – The galaxy fiber nylon plates are totally appropriate for being quality speed skates and they also come with adjustable toe stops made out of urethane. The construction is aptly made to support stable and responsive rides. The combination of 62mm wheels with ABEC-5 red rubber shielded bearings are basically made for indoor and rink rides but you can easily change them with outdoor ones to perfectly comply with outdoor skating.


  • Quality build to support high speed performance.
  • Compatible hook and loop closure.
  • Stylish low-cut boots.
  • Comfortable padding for supportive fit.
  • Classic outlook.


  • Trucks may have to be adjusted depending on the level of control you have on your skates.

Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Rink Quad Skate

(Best for Support and Control)

These are a fairly good pair of rink roller skates that come with a controlled high top that aid in protecting the ankles. The overall construction is great for gliding and also helps with a good deal of support up the feet.

Technical Specs of Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Skates

SizeMens 10-11
Closure TypeLace-Up
Wheel Size60 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

Good Stability and Control – The urethane wheels are constructed to provide proper traction and control while skating and the semi-precision bearings help provide smooth and fast-rolling. The aluminum base plate comes with adjustable trucks that are great for turning and easy control.

Tolerance to Wear and Tear – The original wheels are fairly tolerant to the normal everyday wear of skating and the skates come with outdoor wheels that can hold up quite well for long.

Classic Rink Skates Style– The overall outlook and build are similar to classic rink skates. If you are looking for a traditional pair of quad skates that follow the rink built, Chicago’s Men’s Leather Skates are a budget-friendly quality pair to choose from.

Comfort and Fit – Chicago features classic traditional high-top leather-lined boots on the ankles along with a single-speed hook lacing system to adjust the fit as you want to. These skates are fairly comfortable and you won’t be facing irritation or blisters while skating on end. (Check out other comfortable skates here)


  • Classic Rink Style Design.
  • Decent tolerance to wear and tear.
  • Compatible lace-up closure.
  • Comes with outdoor wheels.
  • High profile leather lined boots that ensure fair support.


  • Kingpins may have to be loosened for trucks to pivot laterally.

VNLA Junior Code Jam Skate for Men and Women

(Best for Rink and Jam Skating)

With its unique design specially built for a fantastic rink experience, these iconic pairs of skates can be a good choice for enthusiastic skaters. The indoor wheels are great themselves and you can change those with outdoor wheels and easily take them on an outdoor skating ride. The low-cut exterior is crafted with denim and durable leather, and what’s more, these skates need no break-in time.

Technical Specs of VNLA Blue Jam Skates

SizeMens 3-7
MaterialNylon, Aluminum, Leather
Closure TypeStrap-On, Lace-Up
Wheel Size62 millimeters
Wheel MaterialRubber

No Break-In Time: VNLA Jam Skates need no break-in time at all compared to some other pair of jam skates. You can just strap them up and you’re good to go, a real fun sport to enjoy in an awesome pair of skates.

Great for Cruising and Gliding: These pairs of skates are great for the total rink experience as you can cruise, turn, glide and do it all with ease as you go. The overall build of the skates support smooth movement and the wheels are apt and compatible with the skates.

Durable Premium Skates – VNLA comes with original Vanilla Gorilla nylon plates and aluminum trucks which have micro-adjustable lock nut washers and 8mm axles. The exterior is crafted with durable leather and denim which makes the overall outlook pretty appealing.

Speed Performance – VNLA comes with Reaction ABEC-9 bearings and premium aluminum trucks that are great for sharp turnings, fast and smooth speed performance and a great roll on the rink. These are the pairs of skates that you can undoubtedly have a lot of fun skating with your friends.


  • No Break-In time required.
  • Comes with Vanilla Gorilla nylon plates.
  • Easy cruising and gliding on the rink.
  • Cool outlook.
  • Speed Performance.


  • Comes with rubber wheels, so better not try outdoors unless you change the wheels.

Pacer Aero Men’s Roller Skate

(Best for Breathability)

Pacer Aero Men’s Roller Skates are great for smooth and stable roller skating while also being breathable. The price range is fair considering the satisfying range of features available and the overall outlook is one to please.

Technical Specs of Pacer Aero Roller Skates

SizeMens 4-7
MaterialPVC, Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon
Closure TypeLace-Up
Wheel Size60 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

Boot Construction – The construction of the boot is fairly stiff to help keep your foot in place while doing swift footwork that are hardly supported by other low-cut pairs of skates. The combination of plastic and pleather makes the boots quite durable and you can expect the skates to hold up for long.

Quick-Dry – The boots come with PU foam that help to keep your feet nestled in and well cushioned. Pacer’s liners provide a quick dry comfort feature that prevents irritation while skating for long hours. The breathability is really great and you can keep skating comfortably

Speed and Control – Pacer Aero comes with 58mm X 40mm urethane wheels that are appropriate for some fast skating. The Bevo Gold 7 Race Rated bearings deliver a fair amount of speed and control. Also, the AMQ Pro Frame chassis is made of aluminum along with the 5/8-inch adjustable toe stop.

 Classic Design – The black stylish low-cut boots come with classic lace-up closure and the craftsmanship is satisfactory. Skaters who love low-cut skates indoors and outdoors can definitely try these out.


  • Quick-dry comfort.
  • Great speed and control.
  • Compatible construction.
  • Wheels can be changed.
  • Classic design.


  • Break-In time should be given.

Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker Skate

(Best for Gliding)

Roller Derby Elite is another cool pair of quad skates that will suit amateur and pro skaters alike. The overall build and outlook are awesome while the performance of the skates are satisfactory indeed. Roller Derby is a good pick for some smooth and comfortable rides and a favorite for gilding.

Technical Specs of Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneak Skate

SizeMens 4-11
ColourRed/Black, White/Black, White/Teal
Closure typeLace-Up
Wheel Size70 millimeters
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane

Sneaker Style Boots – The high-top sneaker style offers the agility of low top skates but at the same time provides some decent support for the ankles and the soles. The awesome outlook of the skates set them apart from other pairs as it is constructed with the idea of a sneaker as the top.

Versatility of Wheels – The wheels that come with the Roller Derby Elite are combo wheels, soft enough for outdoors while firm enough for the rink or concrete floor. If you want to skate in more extreme outdoor terrain, you can consider changing the wheels and you’re all good to go.

Comfort and Fit – These skates are great for perfect fit as they come in full length spring cushioning in the sole. The lightweight and ventilated upper is constructed to provide breathability while skating, and the perfect fit feature helps while gliding and taking turns.

Gliding and Speed – Roller Derby comes with BEVO Silver-5 Race Rated chrome bearings and KEMISTRY Radical 70mm x 35mm 83A wheels. Together these are great for some really awesome gliding experience while skating. Moreover, their speed performance is pretty good too.


  • Sneak Style Iconic Design.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Combo Wheels.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Great gliding and speed performance.
  • Comes in three different color combinations.


  • Plates are higher than most skates, and might be difficult for beginners to get used to.

Men’s Roller Skates Buying Guide in 2022

There are a few things to consider while buying the right pair of skates for yourself. This can help your purchase be a fruitful one and find exactly what you are looking for.

Size and Style

roller skate size: men vs women

Determining the correct size and style of skates that will fit you is really important as these factors directly affect how smooth and comfortable your rides will be.

Check the size charts and size specifications that are available if you are purchasing them online.

Look out in case you might have to size up or size down in certain brands as not all of them will offer similar measurements in terms of sizing.

It is important to notice that the size of skates is really different from your shoe sizes, so go around confusing the two.

Taking measurements from your toe to the heel before committing to purchase can be helpful at times.

Men’s Roller Skates vs Women’s Roller Skates

 The general properties of men’s and women’s roller skates are pretty much the same. Most skates can take up the weight of both sexes without any changes in build or construction. 

The only difference to take notice of is basically the sizing. While choosing your skates, women can size down and wear exactly the same pair as that is being worn by male skaters.

Most sellers will have a size chart of the men vs women sizing of their skates which can be helpful while deciding the size of skates for women.

High Top or Low Top Style Boots

Low-top boots actually make your skates easier to put on and off. However, as most low-top skates have a profile below the ankles, they hardly provide much support to your ankles. If you are going for casual skate rides without focusing much on extreme maneuvers, low-top skates are totally fine for you.

High-top boots provide much more stability, protection, and additional support to your ankles. If you like skating for long hours and also try out roller tricks every now and then, you can consider getting high top skates.

Construction Material and Quality

The construction material of your skates is another important factor to consider while purchasing them. The material of the boots, trucks and wheels should be durable and appropriate for the type of skating you intend to do.

If you are going to use your skates for casual rides and will not be trying out too many skating tricks, then consider getting a pair of leather skates that will suit your needs. If you are going to jump and perform tricks on a regular basis, then consider a stronger material such as nylon or other synthetic material. Skates with hardcore in the middle are great for long-distance skating as they provide more stability in terms of twisting and turning.

Toe Stops or No Toe Stops

Many skaters love toe stops in their skates while some skaters feel it takes away the thrill from their skating experience. Toe stops are quite helpful for beginners as they prevent you from slipping off while performing twists and turns.

However, if you feel the presence of toe stops makes your rides uncomfortable, you can look for skates without those. But my recommendation would be to get skates that have one for safer rides and easier transitions.

Indoor Wheels vs Outdoor Wheels

For outdoor skating, roller skates need to be fitted with soft wheels that are suitable for outdoor environments. Firmer wheels are more appropriate for the rink and indoor skating, although almost all skates can have their wheels changed.

Combo wheels can fit both indoor and outdoor skating at times. Also, you can consider getting two pairs of wheels to suit different occasions as changing wheels shouldn’t be a difficult job at all. If you find a pair of skates that suit all your needs, having an extra pair of wheels for outdoor skating can save up the cost of purchasing a different pair.

Check out some indoor wheels here.


The length of wheelbases can also be a factor you may consider. The wheelbase length helps with the overall stability of roller skates.

A shorter wheelbase is compatible to allow you easy and sharp turning movements. If you are trying out simple and sharp skating tricks, a shorter wheelbase will be appropriate for you. On the other hand, a longer wheelbase contributes to more stability while riding. Most jam skates come with a longer wheelbase to ensure stable movements while skating backward.

Closure Type

The closure type in most skates doesn’t always directly affect the efficiency of your skating. However, Strap-Ons and Lace-Ups are the most popular closures in men’s roller skates. You can check out the closure type that you find convenient.

Colour, Artwork and Overall Outlook

Now, this is totally dependent on your personal taste and preference. Whether you want retros, classics, high cut, low cut, or flashy skates – that it’s up to you. But in case you want to set your skates apart in case you go group skating regularly and don’t want to mix your skates up, you can consider getting unique artworks according to your taste. However, if you look for skates for your little girls as well, colorful and cheaper ones will be perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do men roller skate?

When it comes to skates, roller skating is more popular among women & girls but don’t worry, guys can also do it. It’s just that there are many more men who enjoy other types of skating. For example, roller derby is especially popular with females.

But, if you do see speed roller skating, both men and women can take part and have fun while also getting some good exercise. I know a couple of famous male skaters like Chad Hedrick. The same goes for Joey Mantia. All of them belong to the international league of roller skaters.

Ending Words

For men, roller skating is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports to indulge in. So go ahead and make your pick, and let us know which one you’re getting in the comments. Happy Skating!

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