Acing Up Your Game With The 10 Best Pickleball Shoes

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Pickleball is one of the rising and trending games in the world right now. Having similarities with tennis, this sport has its own unique moments of excitement. The equipment required to play this game is almost similar to those of tennis. The shoes specifically are a huge part in achieving success in a game of Pickleball. Though there’s little we can do to develop our innate Pickleball abilities, we can choose to up our game by improving the parts we do have a hand on.
And that’s why we have brought you this article on the best pickleball shoes today.

What Type of Shoes To Choose For Pickleball

While there are a lot of different kinds of shoes in the market right now, you have to choose the right one if you want to gain that competitive edge while playing in the court. The ordinary running shoes will not give you control over your body and pace that you want when playing pickleball. This is because ordinary running shoes are designed specifically for the forward motion of the body only. But in a good game of pickleball, you’ll have to maneuver yourself quickly at all directions. And that means requiring shoes designed for enduring and enabling quick movement in forwarding, backward and sideways direction. Court shoes are your best bet for that purpose.

Specifically saying, tennis shoes should be the perfect fits for the matter. While many people do complain that court shoes drag them down as they feel a bit heavy, what they don’t understand is that court shoes provide the necessary cushioning for your feet and back. This is very important. It also provides the required grip on the court in tight near the net moments in the game. And also, making sure to breaking in on your shoes to avoid blisters is a very necessary step in the process too.

The Top 10 Best Pickleball Shoes In The Market

Some top pickleball shoe brands are ASICS, Adidas, K-Swiss, Wilson etc. Let’s explain in brief (featues, pros and cons) as below:

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis shoes:

First up in our line we have the ASICS men’s gel dedicate 5 tennis shoes. These are the best in the business for the occasional recreational players. With the quality of the shoes they provide, it’s really difficult to comprehend how they keep the pricing at an entry-level range. These synthetic shoes with a rubberized sole enhance traction, are the best shoes available for playing during cooler weather. As the upper is made of synthetic and flexible fiber, these do not provide much airflow making these the perfect shoes to play pickleball during colder seasons. These are a great choice as the performance of these shoes are only matched by their unparalleled low pricing.

1. These shoes are 100% textile/synthetic mesh products which are very flexible and good for playing in colder surroundings. 2. These shoes are made of high-quality rubber outsole, ensuring flexibility of movement and sudden start/stop. The high-quality rubber outsole also provides greater durability of the shoes.
3.  As the name of the shoes suggests, this containGEL cushioning on the forefoot that enhances shock resistance during propulsion of movements, especially during the impact phase and transition to midstance.
4. Probably the best and most efficient piece of tech in these shoes is the Trusstic System Technology. The technology specializes in giving a lighter feel to the whole sole unit but not compromising the structural strength and originality of the shoes.
5. It comes with a lace-up closure system.

Let’s watch a video reviews

1. These are great to play with during colder weather.
2. These have a very comfortable front side with gel cushioning to absorb shock and facilitate transition into different stances.
3. These come with a lighter sole unit.
4. These are very reasonably priced.

1. These are not great choices for playing in the summer season as the synthetic mesh does not allow proper air flow.
2. The fitting at times become tight and the size runs narrow after a few days use.

2. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Training Shoe

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the Adidas men’s Barricade club training shoe.  Adidas is one of the world leaders when it comes to footwear. And they have not disappointed with the Adidas men’s Barricade club Training shoe. With a removable insole, mid torsion system and soft comfortable cushioning inside around the shoes, these live up to the expectation from a giant like Adidas.

The midfoot torsion system supports your stance while standing and applying pressure on the balls of your feet. The layers of cushioning and the textile around the toes and forefoot protect against unexpected drags and force.

These are very highly durable and stylish, making these the perfect choice for outdoor courts and rough use. These are also great choices for running.  The adiwear outsole is a great technology embedded inside these shoes that work great in all surfaces. The 3D Torsion System in the midfoot provides additional support and stability for fast stance change and sudden lateral movement which will up your skills to a great extent. 

Let’s watch a video reviews

1. These come with removable insoles. 2. These are made of 100% high-grade textile.
3. These have flexible rubber sole.
4. The soft and intricate cushioning saves the toes and forefoot and even the ball of your foot from sudden shock, pressure and drag.
5. These come in a lot of attractive colors to choose from.
6. These are great for playing in outdoor courts.
7. They are very durable and last a long time.


1. These shoes are made of barricade mesh.
2. These are very breathable with sufficient pores to ensure great flow inside your feet.
3. These shoes have Adiprene cushioning ensuring greater comfort and safety against shock and abrasion.
4. These are made of abrasion resistant ADITUFF, a premium technology of Adidas.
5. These are suitable for all types of court.
6. These are very durable.
7. These have torsion system support to ensure proper feet placement while taking a stance.

1. These are a bit expensive.
2. These may run narrow at times.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoes:

Don’t be fooled by seeing ASICS on the list again. Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the ASICS women’s Gel-dedicate 4 tennis shoes. There are reasons why ASICS is repeated in this list quite often. This brand is loved by all sorts of indoor sports players like tennis, squash, volleyball, etc. However, you’d be wrong to think that these gel-dedicate 4’s are the same as the first one on the list because they’re not. First of all, the outside material of these shoes is made of leather while the sole is made of fine synthetic material. The gel cushioning system and Trusstac technology provide greater speed, mobility, maneuvering ability, and efficiency while playing or running.

Certainly, these shoes for women come in great, cleaner and subtle shades of color to make them very attractive choices.


1. It is made of 100% high-grade leather.
2. It is made of a durable synthetic flexible sole.
3. The shaft measures almost 2.5” from arch.
4. It is made in the USA.
5. It has gel cushioning in front.
6. It is made of Trusstac technology too, making the sole lighter as a unit while retaining the integrity of the overall shoe itself.
7. These are made of blind eyelets.

1. These shoes have a padded tongue and collar giving you better protection from sudden injuries and shocks.
2. The upper of these shoes are made of synthetic textile and leather.
3. These shoes are made of seven-eye lace closure providing a better fit around your feet.
4. These shoes have a cushioned footbed ensuring greater comfort.
5. The price is very reasonable.

1. These have minimal lateral support.
2. Sizes may be a bit wider than normal foot size.

4. K-Swiss Men’s Hyper Court Express:

K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the K-Swiss men’s hyper court express and very different from the top 3 of the line mentioned before. It is composed of K-Swiss’s very own seamfree technology which bonds layers of TPU cage on a perforated mesh that creates a lightweight and a very breathable upper that can be wrapped perfectly around the foot.

These shoes are for people with wider foot size. If you are someone with a bit bulky feet and love to play a fast-paced game with shoes that won’t hold you back with their weight, then these are the perfect ones for you. The ankle collar and tongue of the shoes provide plenty of padding providing greater security against any sort of injury.
The upper of these shoes is designed with K-swiss’s very own unique technology that gives a lighter feel and comfort while playing. If you’re up for sacrificing durability for lightweight experience, then these shoes are the best selections for you.

For people who wear custom orthotics, these are the best choices too as the die-cut EVA foam sock liner in these shoes provide the perfect combination of cushioning and arch support. This is because when the insoles of the shoes are removed, there’s still plenty of space left for the custom insertions. These shoes also eliminate any pressure points or hotspots that may appear with other shoes.


1. These are made of 100% synthetic fiber.
2. These are very lightweight shoes.
3. It has a lightweight and comforting synthetic leather upper.4. It has high-grade textile collar lining.
5. It is made of lace closure.
6. These are shoes which are made of Drauggard rubber and Aosta rubber outsoles.
7. These shoes have die-cut EVA foam sock liner.
8. These have padding in collar and tongue.

1. These shoes are made of seamless upper, providing lightweight and comfortable experience.
2. These shoes are perfect for people with wider feet.
3. The heel part is designed with non-slip lines.
4. These are made with Herringbone pattern traction.

1. These shoes lack durability as they are made in a seamless manner designed to provide users with a lightweight experience.
2. These shoes are unsuitable for people with narrow feet.

5. Wilson Women’s Rush Pro 2.5 Shoe:

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the Wilson women’s rush pro 2.5. If you’re a tennis player, then you must know the name of Wilson as it’s a brand that goes hand in hand with tennis.

This brand’s rush pro 2.5 is a step into the future in the world of footwear. Made for the fast and explosive players, this shoe even follows the latest fashion trend with a totally new and different color palette. Wilson is the forerunner of the Sensifeel technology and you can bet that they have used this technology in this pair of shoes too.

This usage of sense feels technology provides a combination of comfort and stability for the best possible experience. This lightweight shoe, with a weight of 13 oz only, will feel like an extension of your own body rather than extra weight. This ultimately results in greater performance and experience and makes for greater maneuvering. This is also great if you’re someone who plays day in and day out, long sessions each time you play or practice.

This model has a 6 mm drop that will help you boost your speed with a burst of acceleration that no other shoe in the list can provide you. This gives you better responsiveness and ability to suddenly move towards any direction with great agility. The rush pro 2.5 provides stability starting from the arch and therefore you can rest assured that even during fast and sudden unpredictable forward and lateral movements, your feet will stay supported. This reduces the risk of injury to a great extent.


1. The Wilson Rush 2.5 is made from sensifeel technology to ensure greater comfort and cushioning and lightweight experience.
2. The ankle collar and tongue has mesh and gel padding to protect your toes and heels from sudden shock and injuries.
3. The color palette of the rush pro 2.5 is very attractive.
4. It’s very lightweight, weighing only 13 oz providing a very smooth experience.


1. The rush pro 2.5 does not feel like a burden when playing because of the sensifeel technology.
2. It is very durable and will last a long time.
3. Your feet will stay properly protected with the padding in ankle collar and the tongue.
4. It has a 6mm drop providing proper support to your feet.
5. It is made from Endofitsockliner.
6. It has an essential component named R-DST along with cushioning for your feet, especially the toes and heels.
7. It has a pro torque chassis.
8. It has a Duralast outsole making it very durable and efficient for rough use and playing in outside courts.


1. It has a softer toe guard than the other shoes.
2. It takes a longer time to dry when you remove them after a long day of using them.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes:

And once again, next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is another ASICS pair of shoes. After the gel resolution 6, the next edition of the ASICS gel resolution steps its game up by making a lot of significant improvements. First of all, the producers of this pair of shoes are so confident about the quality and durability that they offer a 6 months warranty for extensive use. Also, these shoes have a toe protector made of high abrasion rubber sole that ensures toe protection against shock and injuries and also a longer lasting period of usage. These shoes provide greater flexibility and so you have to sacrifice neither flexibility nor support to get the other.

One of the best things about the footwear of Asics is the gender-specific design of the footwear, especially of the forefoot and rear foot. The gel cushioning in these shoes is such that it provides great resistance against shock and forceful impact and therefore your feet are now safer than ever. With the improved gel cushioning in the gel resolution 7, you can now move your feet in any plane all throughout the different gait cycle.
One of the most exciting prospects of the gel resolution 7 is the SOLYTE midsole. This new kind of sole is lighter and more supportive than the EVA and SpEVA foam midsoles. This means running and outdoor activities just got easier using the ASICS gel resolution 7 shoes.


1. However, these are made of 100% synthetic mesh.
2. The gel cushioning is gender specific. The women’s shoes have a comparatively lower density midsole upper layer that enables the women athletes to enjoy the midsole compression to their advantage.
3. The model comes with flexion fit upper. This means that the proprietary upper provides form-fitting comfort without sacrificing the necessary support.
4. The rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning helps attenuate shock during forceful landings or impacts or during toe-off phases; and helps the feet to move in different planes as they shift through the gait cycle.
5. The Pguard Toe protector provides enhanced toe durability.


1. These shoes are made of flexion feet upper.
2. There is gender specific gel cushioning to ensure comfort for all.
3. These have extremely lightweight midsoles.
4. These have memory foam lined collar ensuring greater comfort.
5. These shoes are made of high abrasion rubber outsole ensuring the durability of use.

1. They lack perforations and so proper airflow is not supported. As a result, breathability is less.
2. The toe box of these shoes is very small meaning that there is very low space to keep your toes comfortably.

7. ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoes

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is another ASICS footwear yet again. But the difference is that this particular model has the American Podiatric seal of approval. This makes this model even more trustworthy and attractive. Like all ASICS shoes, these also come with smart gel cushioning and durable rubber outsoles. The upper is made of breathable synthetic mesh ensuring airflow to your foot when you’re wearing these in warmer days.

The foam padded tongue and collar ensure comfort. The molded-Eva midsole of these shoes provides greater cushioning and protection against shock. Like all ASICS, these are also made of Trusstac technology which means that the sole unit is made lighter keeping the integrity of the unit intact. One of the lucrative features of these shoes is a court specific forefoot gel cushioning system built for your needs. These shoes have enhanced traction as the rubber used in the outsole has more natural rubber content than traditional rubber outsoles.


1. These shoes have enhanced traction for greater grip on the court.
2. Made with Trusstac technology, the weight of the sole unit is very low.
3. These have court specific cushioning system designed to meet your needs.

1. The price is a bit higher.
2. The toe box is smaller than usual.

8. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoes:

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the Adidas men’s Barricade 2018 tennis shoes. A top of the line pair of shoes from one of the most renowned sportswear company, this one truly meets the expectations. Like its previous counterpart, it also has all of the latest innovations and technology Adidas has to offer. It features the Adiprene+ cushioning along with 3D Torsion system. The perforated mesh allows greater airflow and makes the shoes breathable. The improved outsoles ensure durability, flexibility, and movement in different plains through the gait cycle. The forefoot is covered by abrasion resistant ADITUFF, Adidas’s unique invention for players who drag their feet quite frequently.

1. These come with removable insoles.
2. These have a flexible rubber sole.
3. The soft and intricate cushioning saves the toes and forefoot and even the ball of your foot from sudden shock, pressure, and drag.
4. These come in a lot of attractive colors to choose from.
5. These are great for playing in outdoor courts.
6. They are very durable and last a long time.


1. Made of barricade mesh.
2. These are very breathable with sufficient pores to ensure great flow inside your feet.
3. These shoes have Adiprene cushioning ensuring greater comfort and safety against shock and abrasion.
4. It is abrasion resistant ADITUFF, a premium technology of Adidas.
5. These are suitable for all types of court.
6. These are very durable.
7. These have torsion system support to ensure proper feet placement while taking a stance.


1. These are a bit expensive.
2. These may run narrow at times.   

9. Prince Men’s 8P984149-T22 Tennis Shoe:

Next up on our list of the best pickleball shoes is the Prince men’s tennis shoes.  The Prince men’s shoes have earned their place in our list of the best pickleball shoes because of their reasonable pricing and efficiency. However, these shoes are a bit on the heavier side and may sometimes cause socks to come down. Made it 100% synthetic mesh, providing great breathability to ensure greater airflow. Itis fit perfectly and has a reputation in the market for their comfortable fitting. These shoes are durable with their unique outsoles too.

1. These shoes come with a wrap system of 4foot that helps in giving you the perfect fit by creating a glove like a compartment.
2. There is a wishbone shank that increases the stability of the midfoot.
3. The Prc 1000 outsole of these shoes provide great durability for rough users.


1. These are very durable.
2. These shoes offer great ventilation.
3. Most importantly these shoes provide greater midfoot stability via the wishbone shank.
4. The padded collar and neck provide great support and comfort.


1. These shoes are very heavy and may weigh you down during moments of extreme agility and tension.
2. These shoes tend to pull down on your socks which can be very annoying.

10. New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoes:

The reason for these shoes being in today’s list of the best pickleball shoes is that the producing company believes in innovation and quality control rather than an endorsement. The motto of New Balance is “We don’t make our shoes to fit an image. We make them fit.” By using their money for research and Development instead of celebrity endorsement, they have created a product lineup that best suits their brand image and name.

The mc806 has been designed for greater flexibility, stability, and support and for playing in hard courts. Your ankles and knees are now safer than ever before as the shoes provide great cushioning and protection against landings on hard concrete courts. The cushioning technology of the mc 806 include the ABZORB foam and rubber cushions that can be found in the front and the back of these shoes and provide the greatest possible resistance to shock and landing damage possible. In fact, a lot of people wear these shoes as common sneakers for rough use as the molded EVA C-CAP midsole offers support that they love so much.

As mentioned before, New Balance believes in innovation and it can be seen in these shoes too. With the new technology, a specially developed ROLLBAR, which is a posting system found in the back of the shoes to minimize movement of the heels, you now have more control over your feet and lesser chances of rolling your ankle and facing an accident. The ENDURANCE rubber outsole provides greater traction and wears time on all surfaces.


1. That is to say, the shoes are made of leather and synthetic mixture.
2. These shoes have perforated toe box and side panels.
3. These feature ABZORB cushioning.
4. These shoes have C-CAP midsole and non-marking outsole.
5. These shoes come with herringbone outsole that allows increased traction for pivoting and quick turning.


1. It has EVA foam C-CAP midsole.
2. It has N-DURANCE rubber outsole.
3. It made with lightning dry lining.
4. These come with ROLLBAR technology.


1. These shoes are very expensive.
2. These run a little small with use.

Features to Look For in a Good Pickleball Shoe:

When buying the best pickleball shoes, you should remember the following.

1. Always go for a tennis shoe instead of the normal running shoes as the tennis shoes provide traction and ability to move suddenly in any direction.

2. Remember to buy shoes that have the upper made with synthetic, leather or a mixture of both. This provides greater breathability and stability. Only leather becomes soft overuse and only synthetic makes it heavy.

3. Make sure that the shoes you’re buying have the correct midsole. And ensuring the correct midsole depends on your preference and selection. So, the best strategy is to try them all on and see which one you like the most. When deciding, remember to check the height of the arch, width of the mid portion of the shoes, etc.

4. Pickleball courts usually don’t cause your outsoles to wear out so much. However, you should still make sure to get shoes with non-marking outsoles (Outsoles that don’t leave skid marks on the court).


We hope you liked this article on the best Pickleball shoes. Firstly, ensure to quality writing, we had our team of experts do proper market research and an extensive background check on each model to make sure that you were provided with the best possible outcome. We hope you liked the article and if you want more informative ones like this, make sure to stay with us for more content like this. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunny day as we keep researching the next topic of interest to present to you.

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