Best Penny Board Wheels Of 2022 [5 Best Picks + Review]

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Think of yourself as a super penny board athlete who is performing the most extreme stunts he has up his sleeves. But, the penny board fails at the time of performance. Pathetic, right?

To state in simple terms, the most qualified penny board wheels available out there on the market will be large in diameter (at least 60mm) and be manufactured from premium materials with high durometer test values (minimum 83A). Also, professional-grade wheels will have stainless steel bearings (e.g. ABEC-7).

Here, we introduced an overall best performer penny board wheel (Orangatang 83a) that is suited for all types of riders. Moreover, if you want a set of premium wheels, we brought the Longboard 83a for you. And, if you’re strict in your budget, Bigfoot 83a has got your back.

Now, if you want further details on more of these quality products, go down to the guide we have provided below.

Comparison Table Between Recommended Penny Board Wheels

Penny Board WheelsDimensionBearing TypeKey FeaturesMore
Orangatang 83a Wheels70mm x 50 mmLoaded Jehu V2 Large and strong bearingsCheck Price
Freedare 83a Wheels60mm x 45 mmABEC-7Offers most value for the moneyCheck Price
LMAI wheel 83a Wheels60mm x 45 mmABEC-7Suitable with all Penny BoardsCheck Price
Bigfoot 83a Wheels53 mmABEC-7Most Budget-friendlyCheck Price
Longboard 83a Wheels70mm x 51 mmLUCID ABEC 7 Compatible with longboards and penny boardsCheck Price

Penny Board Wheels Reviewed And Analyzed

Now, let’s slide into the detailed analysis of each product we picked for you.

1. Orangatang 83a Wheels- Best Penny Board Wheels for Cruising

If you are looking for the best wheels for penny boards that have a super sturdy construction and high capability of performance, you shouldn’t look any further. The Orangatang 83a is the wheel you’re looking for. No matter which type of terrain you have to fight against, these wheels are the ultimate choice.

Package Weight2 Pounds
Brand Name‎Orangatang
Color‎Blue, 77a


  • Agility In Performance:

As these wheels are equipped with more than 8-speed rings and spacers, combined with 8 Loaded Jehu V2 type bearings, they can perform extremely agile maneuvers without any trouble. The performance quality of these wheels does not wane whether you use them on bumpy or flat terrains.

  • Ultra Lightweight Construction:

An important thing worth mentioning about these wheels is that they’re made of top-notch polyurethane plastic. As a result, these can perform well without being too heavy to the user. Also, thanks to their ultra-lightweight construction, they can gain the highest speeds in 1-2 seconds.

  • Ample Security:

Along with the additional benefit of being very grippy on the road, these wheels offer the maximum amount of traction. When you pair up a penny board with four of these wheels, you will experience an amazing level of surface grip between the road and your feet.

  • Smart Design:

Because these wheels are made of 83A grade plastic material, they have a super-premium, smooth and shiny look. Also, they come in 3 color choices which makes them aesthetically very versatile.

Comparison with related products:

These wheels usually perform better than the Cloud Ride Wheels because, unlike the Cloud Ride Wheels, these are 83A grade wheels.


  • Spacers and speed rings contribute to excellent security to the user
  • The core of the wheels can withstand a high amount of pressure 
  •   Lightweight construction contributes to ultra-portability features
  • Futuristic and sleek design


  • The resistance level against heat is uncertain
  • Not the cheapest wheels on the market 

2. Freedare 83a Wheel- Best Value Product

Well, if you want the combination of the quality penny board wheels and steel bearings under your feet, you have got to try out the Freedare 83a wheels. Although these wheels are completely budget-friendly, they can outperform any other penny board wheels out there in the market.

Item Package Dimensions4.9 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight‎1 Pound


  • Perfect Wheel Dimensions:

As these wheels come in 60 mm in diameter x 45 mm in breadth, they can be fitted with almost all types of penny boards on the market. For this reason, they are the best size wheels for penny boards for general consumers.

  • Sturdy Construction Profile

Moreover, because the Freedare 83a wheels are fully manufactured with 83A grade polyurethane plastic, they are very strong in terms of construction. Furthermore, these wheels are paired up with ABEC-7 grade stainless steel bearings and top-notch level spacers. As a result, you’ll get a super high rebound effect from these particular wheels.

  • Smooth And Fast Mobility

The construction of these polyurethane wheels makes them perfect to be used on parks, roads, downhill surfaces, college campuses, playgrounds, etc. No matter which type of obstacle you throw at them, these wheels will never compromise on the smoothness and fast mobility. 

  • Easy Assembly:

Because these wheels are fully compatible with all models of penny boards including cheaper ones, you can easily install them without any expert help. After fully unpacking all the components, Installing these wheels takes only 5 minutes. The super fast assembly ensures that you can start playing with the wheels right the moment they arrive at your home.

Comparison with related products:

In comparison with the Cloud Ride Wheels(Black version) , these wheels do better because they are slightly larger in size.


  • Pre-lubricated wheels contribute to smooth performance
  • Multiple color variants are available for the users to choose from
  • Stainless steel made core provides extreme protection to the user
  • Extremely weather-resistant


  • Polyurethane plastic is sensitive to heat
  • No warranty has been provided by the manufacturer

3. LMAI Wheel 83a Wheel – Perfectly all-rounder

The particular product that we have brought to you now is well known for its highly strong bearings and space rings. Let’s introduce the wheel 83a. It is a polyurethane-based penny board wheel that is an all-rounder in his field. Why are we saying that? Find out below.

Item Package Dimensions4.6 x 4.3 x 1.8 inches
‎Package Weight0.48 Kilograms
Brand Name‎LMAI
Color‎Baby blue


  • Super Strong Bearings:

The specialty of these 83A standard polyurethane-based wheels is that they’re equipped with a top-notch core of premium bearings. As you may well know, the strength of the wheel fully depends on which grade of bearing it is using. In this aspect, it’s safe to say that these wheels are the best wheels to put on a penny board.

  • Fast Assembly:

By ” fast assembly”, we mean that you don’t need to assemble these wheels at all. The bearings and the wheels come fully assembled in the package. You just need to attach the wheels to your penny board which only takes about 2 minutes. Because it’s super easy to install, many beginners find these wheels to be their most suitable choice.

  • Optimum Dimensions:

For a smooth and strong riding experience, the dimension of the wheels of a penny board needs to be perfectly optimized. In this regard, these particular wheels fully excel to the highest limit. As these wheels are manufactured in 60 mm x 45 mm dimensions, you can pair them up with almost any kind of penny board.

  • Fit For All Regions:

Thanks to the balanced dimensions and construction of these wheels, when you have these installed, your penny board will be able to cruise through all types of regions. It means that you can use these wheels to pull off extreme stunts or cover long-distance travel. Cool, right?

Comparison with related products:

When put in contrast with the cheaper LMAI A Set of 4 Pro Skateboard Wheels(clear blue) , our LMAI wheel stands out to be more durable because of the relatively more premium construction.


  • Combination of optimum strength and convenient design features
  • Multiple color variants are available
  • Installation is hassle-free as these wheels come fully assembled


  • No warranty is offered

4. Bigfoot 83a Wheel- Most Budget-Friendly

At this point, I would like to introduce you to the best cheap penny board wheels we have ever encountered. Meet the Bigfoot 83a, a medium-sized wheel that’s simple in construction but premium in quality.

Item Package Dimensions5.55 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches
Package Weight0.23 Kilograms
Item Dimensions4.25 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches
Brand Name‎Bigfoot Wheels
Warranty Description‎30-day manufacturer


  • All-Encompassing Performance:

As these wheels are made with 83A standard durometer plastic, they can cruise through all types of environments and terrains without any difficulty. 

The specialty of these wheels is that they don’t have an edge along their circular rim, so they don’t get disturbed by the bumpy road’s irregularities and obstacles.

  • Optimum Design And Dimension:

As these wheels come in 53 mm x 32 mm dimensions, they are very firm in their duty. As a result, you’ll notice that these wheels are perfectly capable of handling extreme levels of smash and dash performance. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the rebound effect of these wheels is complete of another world. Once you set your feet on these wheels, you’ll immediately feel its premiumness and depth of quality.

  • Combination Of Strength And Ultra Portability:

Another best thing about these wheels is that they perfectly combine the goodness of ultra-portability and optimum strength. 

As these are made of high-quality plastics, they have one of the strongest constructions of structure. Yet, they are very lightweight. This aspect is the key player behind its ultra-portability.

  • Budget-Friendly:

The most attractive aspect of the Bigfoot 83a wheels is that they’re fully budget-friendly. Compared to other products in the market, it packs a higher quantity of value relative to its price.

Comparison with related products:

As we have observed, the Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels(Green Variant) is aesthetically less appealing compared to our Bigfoot 83a here because the baby blue color in our Bigfoot 83a variant gives off a low profile vibe.


  • The wheels are budget-friendly and provide the best value for money
  • 30 days replacement warranty is offered from the manufacturer
  • Eye-catching design attracts everyone’s attention


  • A bit smaller than other wheels

5. Longboard 83a Wheel- Best Premium

Finally, I will introduce you to the Longboard 83a. It’s among the top-rated penny board wheels available in the market out there. If you want premium performance for a premium price, this is the product you should go for.

Item Package Dimensions6.65 x 6.42 x 3.31 inches
‎Package Weight0.88 Kilograms
Brand Name‎LUCID


Extra Large Size:

As these wheels come in 70 mm diameter measurements, they are one of the largest penny board wheels available on the market. 

The positive aspect of these large-sized wheels is that they are fully fit for all types of terrains and environmental obstacles. As you may well know, the larger the wheels the better a penny board performs.

Premium Construction Material:

Because these wheels are paired up with LUCID ABEC 7 bearings that come with preinstalled oiling, they have a highly satisfactory response to high impacts and extreme collisions. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the bearing spacers are of top-notch quality too. So, it’s perfect for covering large distances.

All-Encompassing Usability:

In addition to all its previously mentioned benefits, these large wheels are perfectly suitable with penny boards and longboards. This means you can easily use these wheels to commute to your college or school every day.

Comparison with related products:

If you put the Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser (Clear Turquoise version) in comparison with our Longboard 83a here, you immediately notice that our Longboard 83a outperforms those wheels because of that 83A durometer standard feature.


  • The diameter of the wheels being very high, they provide more freedom to the user
  • The smart and sleek design contributes to smart aesthetic features
  • Comes in 2 different color variants
  • Premium quality polyurethane is used in the construction


  • A bit overpriced

Check Out Other Penny Board Wheels on Walmart

How To Change Wheels On A Penny Board?

Follow the steps below to easily replace the wheels of your penny board:

1. Lay the penny board on a table 

2. Turn the nuts of the wheels in the counterclockwise direction to fully uninstall them.

2. After taking out the wheels, clean up any existing dirt accumulation from the truck hanger.

3. Put the new bearings inside the new wheels and then, put the wheels on the truck hanger.

4. Use your hands to push and lock the new bearings inside the new wheels.

5. Now, tuck the new wheels onto the wheel hanger 

6. Repeat these steps for all 4 wheels.

7. Install the nuts back on. 

How To Clean Penny Board Wheels?

How To Choose The Best Penny Board Wheels? [Buying Guide]

Since there are hundreds of choices available on the market, you could easily get confused by what all these penny board wheels offer and what they don’t. That’s why we have come to lend you a helping hand.

We recommend that you check the below-mentioned aspects of a penny board wheel before making a decision on purchasing it. These are the prime product features that the penny board wheels must check out to have:

Suitable Size And Diameter:

The performance ability of a penny board entirely depends on its wheel size. If you are cruising through a well-conditioned road that doesn’t have any bumpy surface or obstacle, small-sized wheels will be perfect for you.

But if you are living in a neighborhood that has bumpy obstacles on the surface of the road, you better have large-sized penny board wheels installed. 

Penny board wheels smaller than 50 mm in diameter are considered small. So, we recommend that you choose a penny board wheel that at least has a 60 mm diameter.

Moreover, the width of the wheel should be given importance too. If you have highly wide wheels under your feet, you’ll have a much more stable riding performance compared to having wheels with lesser width. 

That’s why we recommend that you choose only those wheels that have at least 35 mm of width. Any wheel with less than this magnitude of width will be unable to provide stable performance.

Good Durometer Grade Material:

Durometer is an international standard of hardness and compactness measurement that defines the quality of the construction material of a penny board wheel. 

That’s why we always recommend choosing only those wheels that have at least 83A grade durometer measurement. 

Before purchasing a particular set of wheels, check its labels to know what its durometer measurements are. 

Any grade higher than 90A grade is termed as premium in quality. But, for penny boards, wheels of less than 83A standard of durometer test should not be chosen.

Optimum Contact Patch:

The contact patch refers to the area of the wheel that will be touching the ground when the penny board is rolling. To state in simple terms, the more contact patch your penny board wheels have the more stability you will have on the ground. 

To have an optimum contact patch in your penny board wheels, your wheels must have a high width.

This is why we think it’s a good idea to choose wheels that have a larger width and flat surface. 

There are some wheels in the market with rounded edges. If you opt for this type of wheel, you will have a lot less contact patch area. 

So, you should opt for a penny board wheel that has a cylindrical shape and a flat circular rim surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of wheels do penny boards use?

The wheels of a penny board are generally constructed with polyurethane, with a stainless steel bearing core. The diameter is usually larger than 60 mm.

2. How can I make my penny board wheels faster?

The only way to make your wheels spin faster is to make sure that the bearings are fully cleaned and oiled. The weekly maintenance will ensure that your bearings easily reach their fastest speed limit.

3. Are penny board wheels good? why?

Penny board wheels are better in quality than normal skateboards. It’s because penny board wheels have larger wheels compared to other types of skateboards. 

Furthermore, since the penny board itself is very lightweight compared to other skateboard types, penny board wheels can perform an extended range of maneuvers that other types can’t.


Congratulations! Since you have completed reading through this discussion on the penny board wheels review on the market, now you can make an informed decision when purchasing one. 

If you have enough time at hand, we recommend that you check the product page of each penny board wheel and evaluate their features yourself.

But, if you’re in a hurry, you can just opt for the Orangatang 83a wheels. Comparing their features from an overall perspective, they are the overall-best penny board wheels on the market. 

However, no matter which penny board wheels you choose, we bid you the best of luck. See ya!!

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