7 Best Kneeboards For Beginners in 2022

Best Kneeboards For Beginners

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7 Best Kneeboards For Beginners in 2021

Kneeboarding is a perfect water sport for celebrating summer, and it is quite popular among young people also. It is an excellent workout for health-conscious peoples. The best kneeboard is crucial for an enjoyable ride. Here are going to introduce you with some of the best kneeboards for beginners.

Kneeboarding is the best alternative to surfing and wakeboarding, and it is one of the great water sports recommended for beginners. If you are ready to try kneeboarding for the first time or looking to an upgrade/replace a kneeboard with the existing one, then the buying guide stated below will be very convenient for you.  You should consider few things before you choose the best kneeboard for you. Let’s first have a quick look at the top Kneeboards in the market: 

Best For All Skill Level: Driftsun Kneeboard

Soft EVA knee pads for soft landings, spoon shape provides easy and smooth ride, tow hook helps in easy start in deep water, durable kneeboard.”

Best For Price: Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

Classic Spoon-shape helps in getting pop off the wake, looks awesome with thin profile, starting off becomes easy with the hydro hook, overall a good kneeboard”

Best Board with Strap: SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Lightweight helps in easy carry, Extra strap supports in lake surfing or cruising, durable and perfect for all.”

Best with Integrated Hook: Leader Accessories Kneeboard

corrosion proof & marine grade materials make it super durable, molded in hook allows hands free start, EVA padding and adjustable strap makes it stable and flexible all around.”

Best for Speed & FunDriftsun Charger Kneeboard

Best for soft landings and ride with EVA pad, Rounded V shaped Hull allows to perform 180 degree and 360 degree spins, Responsive for maneuver and tricks.” 

Best for Tricks: O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

blend of wakeboard and water-ski helps in all tricks, edging and carving is possible with molded fins, super stable for beginner and pro guys.”

Well, we will have more detail review on each of these just after the buying guide:

Buying Guide [How To Choose A Kneeboard]

To make your experience in knee boarding more enjoyable, you need to ensure that you are using the best kneeboard. Here we share a buying guide which will help you to determine the focal points for judging the right thing. Let us see the points.

Types of Kneeboards

At first, you have to decide which type kneeboard you want to buy. There are two deferent types of kneeboard available in the market. One is recreational, and another is competition kneeboard. These kneeboards are made with entirely different designs. So before buying the best kneeboards for beginners, you should make your choice.  

  • Recreational Board: Recreational kneeboards are designed with simplicity in mind. These boards come with a lightweight design for beginners of all age groups. These are easy into and out of the water. The smooth and soft surface of kneeboard makes it comfortable to kneel on.

Recreational boards usually run at a quite affordable price and make them an excellent option for first-time buyers. The smooth edges of this type boards not only make for fun to ride but also make it as an excellent option for those who want to start practice tricks and trying to improve their skills. These type of boards are an excellent option for those children who can swim perfectly yet. These come with a flotation device.  

  • Competition kneeboard: As the mentioned name, these kneeboards are made with lots of quality features and typically come with a higher price range. The fiberglass is the primary material of these competition kneeboards to make them light in weight as well as responsive enough in the water. These boards are quite thin, and the curvy shape gives them durable power to perform sharp turns. Even these are built with athlete mind which leaves limitless feelings with the number of tricks you can play.

  • Check the Right Size

The size of kneeboard depends on the age of the user. When will you choose the board, determine first who will use it in your family because the size is very important for a better ride. If there aren’t any targeted people while buying, then you are advised that choose one size which can fit all.

To get the maximum better experience, try to match with some specific features like adjustability and they will good for a person of any age.  

  • Select the Style of Your Choice

The next tip in selecting the best kneeboards for beginners is to fix the style that you want. The style of your board chosen should be in the style of your riding. For your better choice, there are two basic styles available. These are:  

  • The Slalom Board: The style of the Slalom board is the sharper edges, and it is for smoother gliding through the waters and no flip over happen.
  • The Trick Boards: As the name says, the trick boards are best for tricks that you will need during the ride. These boards come with bottom round edges, which will help you to play with them better.

  • Keep the Focus on the Knee Wells

Knee wells are that part of kneeboard where will you fit your knees during the ride. Any kind of board good or bad, nee well is a necessary part. You will place your knees here, and it will make you comfortable before you start riding. However, this feature wills you get in a better way in the most beautiful boards.

Please check if the knee wells are made with full attention and perfectly padded or not. These parts of the board should be large enough and must be padded that will make you more comfortable for your better experience. The critical thing to notice that wells should be placed correctly; otherwise, it can affect negatively on your knees.

  • Construction of Kneeboards

Just like inline skates, a computer or a car, there are some specific parts of all kneeboards. Before choosing your board, you know perfectly about them because the construction can affect your performance.

  • Materials of the Board: The recreational kneeboards have a solid or polyurethane core inside a fiberglass shell. The competition kneeboard also has a similar kind of base. Even the shell is made from fiberglass graphite composite or graphite to make the board light in weight.

  • Fins: All kneeboards don’t have fins. Usually, recreational boards have fins because they make the board easier to steer. Without fins, it is easier to do any trick on kneeboards, and that’s why competition kneeboards don’t have them.
  • Rockers: There is a measurement in centimeters under all kneeboards. The underside of the board is curvature, and its measurement is crucial for comparing the speed of boards. When the rocker number becomes high, it is easier to turn, and when the number is lower, the board will be faster. Typically the best kneeboards for beginner found the rocker number of 5-6. In general, competition kneeboards have a very low number.

  • Rope Selection

If you love water skiing, it believes that the rope you use for water sports is suitable for any styles of kneeboarding. It is recommended that you must be careful to choose the rope. For selecting the right rope for kneeboarding, it is essential to understand that a stiffer, tighter rope which does not stretch is perfect for getting enough air.  

  • No-Stretch: A no-stretch rope has constructed the material named Spectra. It is an extremely durable material, and it is entirely elasticity free. These no-stretch ropes are undoubtedly ideal for kneeboarding. This Spectra made rope has extremely low moisture absorption capacity. It keeps the rope enough light and does not accelerate fatigue at the time of holding on to the rope handle.
  • Low-Stretch: The low stretch rope is usually made of polyethylene blend material or composed of polyethylene. The construction of the rope can provide more elasticity compared to no-stretch Spectra rope. This type of rope is better for recreational riders.
  • Multi-Purpose: If you are looking for the best kneeboards for beginners, then the board with this rope will be great.

For those who love both recreational kneeboarding, the low-stretch ropes are the best selection. These ropes are maintaining stiffness correctly for kneeboard riders for their recreational purpose.

Though the rope length can vary based on brands and types, the average length might be 60 to 70 feet.

  • Handles

There are different types of handle for kneeboard, just like the rope. The handles of kneeboards are more specialized. They offer lots of features aimed at aerials easier and do some special tricks. If you are kneeboard riders, then your kneeboard handle needs a wider grip, and the width should be 13-15 inches. The wider grip can help the rider to perform various tricks. Usually, kneeboard handles come with a neoprene foam float which allows them to float.

Some Best Kneeboards for Beginners

If you love watersport and want to start kneeboarding, then your first requirement will be the right board. Here we listed some best kneeboards for beginners and you can make your choice from the below list. Here we reviewed and highlighted the length, materials, features, and price of the board for helping your better selection. Let us see some top kneeboards with explanation.


1. Driftsun Kneeboard

Driftsun Kneeboard

The Driftsun is one of the best kneeboards for beginners. It is the right choice for a beginner who is very much interested in learning and improving skills to kneeboard over the summer. Even this board is practical enough for those who are becoming more advanced.

The Driftsun kneeboard has a ¾ inches EVA pad, which makes it extremely durable for the beginner. The contoured shape of the board provides comfort for longer rides. The board is equipped with the sturdy padded strap which can hold the board in place.

This board is excellent for new riders because it has the pull hook integrated feature. It will make takeoffs much easier as specially for beginners.

This board is an excellent combination of all the great features that you are looking in your next kneeboard. The Bevel Edge keeps the board low in the water, cutting more accessible and faster and making maneuvering. Not only that, to provide superior comfort to the riders it has 3inches padded strap. And that is why it is best for beginners as well as children, adult, and even advanced rider also.

Main specification of the product

Dimensions: 50” x 20” x 3”
Weight: 13 lbs
Designed for: Beginners, advanced riders.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Sturdy padded strap provide stability.
  • Integrated pull hook makes a super control over the board.
  • A contoured shape makes it comfortable during a long ride.
  • Three inches padded strap provide stability.
  • best kneeboard for adults


  • Not great for experts.

2. Hydroslide 2103 Revolution Kneeboard

hydroslide 2013 revolution

Hydroslide 2103 Revolution is also one of the best kneeboards for beginners. It comes with a classic spoon like shape which provides it a comfortable, smooth ride and doesn’t need to sacrifice any pop off the wake. Three inches padded belt with EVA pad along and deep knee wells provides riders superb control during each trick and maneuver.

If you want to start your revolution, the Hydroslide 2103 Revolution board is the best way to begin. For your super comfortable landing, it has an EVA pad which is thick enough, so you are ready for round two.

The patented high profile design of the board ensures excellent maneuverability and control, and you can quickly turn, twist, and show off on the shore. You just have to learn to move the board in the direction you need to go. For beginners or new riders, the Hydrohook on the tip of the kneeboard gives excellent security and allows them to master the basics before they pull out flips and tricks in front of an adoring audience. This board is not great only for beginners; experts also enjoy the ride much with this board. 

Main specification of the product

Dimensions: 52” x 20.8” x 4.5”
Weight: 11 lbs
Designed for: Beginners, Expert riders.


  • High-performance kneeboard.
  • Classic spoon shape provides a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Right quality product at low prices
  • Best for beginners.
  • Hydrohook makes it easy to get up, even for new riders.
  • Three inches padded belt provides excellent control.
  • best kneeboard for tricks
  • best hydroslide kneeboard


  • Padded seams are a little bit stiff.

3. SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Let us introduce another best kneeboard with you. If you are searching for something under budget, durable, and comfortable kneeboard along with the high-quality material constructed, the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard is one for you. It is undoubtedly one of the best kneeboards for beginners.

The SereneLife is one of the top fiberglass kneeboard available in the market. This board is able to take your skill from good to best in a short period. This board comes with the twin tip design, which ensures that you will get a smooth ride all the time.

The comfort molded flex pad and 3 inches padded strap provides you a soft, comfortable landing along with a secure fit. It has an integrated hook which helps the beginner riders make a smooth start. The sleek edged design gives the board a sharp look, which can make your friend jealous.

This board is very light in weight. It is a little under 9 lbs only and small enough to fit in a boat box and the cab of your vehicle. This kneeboard is finished with an adjustable strap. This strap makes the board ideal for river cruising, lake surfing, and boat activities. This board is made out of marine-grade and corrosion-proof materials and great for beginner, adults and even children also.

Main specification of the product

Dimensions: 50” x 4.5” x 20”
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Designed for: Beginners and intermediate riders.


  • Marine-grade and corrosion-proof.
  • Lightweight and hassle-free setup.
  • The adjustable strap provides excellent control.
  • Floating & Stable Platform Base.
  • Comfortable knee fitting for all.
  • Universal Board Design for adults, teens, and even children.
  • Ultralight and easy to carry.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • Maybe a little bit small for tall people.

4. Driftsun Crush Kneeboard

Driftsun Crush Kneeboard

In the best kneeboards of beginners list, Driftsun Crush Kneeboard is a famous name. This kneeboard comes with Molded EVA flex top-pad along and the deep knee wells also for a soft landing and heights comfort. It is constructed by Rotomolded shell and EPS core for precision control, landing, and easy tricks.

This board is quite durable. It has a strong sell and reinforced knee strap brackets which allow you to make some severe punishment on the water. Besides this, the dual twin-tip design of the board provides durability and speed. It is perfect for spins even excellent for forwarding or backward riding and jumps also. This board is rich in attractive features like heavy duty adjustable 3 inches padded knee strap and tow hook with easy start strategy.

The DrifSun is a brand of watersport equipment which is a great item for beginner and advanced rider also. If you are just a beginner and don’t have any knowledge of water performing tricks or spins, then this kneeboard is an excellent choice for you.

Actually, this board is perfect for all skill level. It offers a cushioned knee pad which is able to absorb all the bounce of water that you ever get before. 

Main specification of the product

Dimensions: 52” x 22” inches
Designed for: Beginners and advanced riders.


  • Dual twin-tip design.
  • Continuous rocker profile.
  • Durable Rotomolded shell w/ EPS core.
  • Adjustable 3” padded knee strap.
  • Soft molded EVA knee pad.
  • Integrated easy-start aquatic hook.


  • Plastic made the bottom.

5. Leader Accessories Kneeboard

Leader Accessories Kneeboard

When you are looking for the best kneeboard for beginners, then the Leader Accessories kneeboard may be the right choice as it has everything you need and more. The board has beveled edges combined with integrated fins to provide you superior control over your movement. You will able to skim through the water effortlessly, and even you can closer to the surface for added balance.

For your highest comfort, the board has a durable ¾ inches EVA padding for your grateful knees. In terms of support, only padding for knees is not enough, that’s why the Leader Accessories kneeboard includes padding on the strap. It will prevent your legs to get irritated when locked in tight.

The board also includes the hook, rotational contraction, and universal fitting, and these are essential if you are a beginner because it makes taking off easier. It is a lightweight board and comes with compact dimensions. So it will be easy to carry them frequently and if you need to use the car as a transport for traveling then bringing this board along will be very easy.

Store your Leader Accessories kneeboard in a bag when not use and use a soft cotton cloth only to clean board after using. It is the best board in all aspects, so grabs it right now and enjoys your riding.

Main specification of the product                        

Dimensions: 50” x 4.5” x 20”
Weight: 13 lbs

Available colors: Red, yellow, golden, and blue.
Designed for: Great forbeginners.


  • Extremely durable.
  • ¾ inch EVA foam padding for comfort.
  • Beveled edge.
  • 3 inch padded adjustable strap.
  • The integrated hook is excellent for beginners.


  • Maybe not the most excellent fit for bigger people.

6. Driftsun Charger Kneeboard 

Driftsun Charger

Driftsun is a popular and famous brand for kneeboard. Like the models, Charger is also one of the best kneeboards for beginners. To provide an extremely comfortable ride has a soft molded EVA knee pad, which is super absorbent to soften the landing.

The classic spoon shape of the board gives a comfortable, smooth ride without sacrificing pop off the wake. Besides this, it has a rounded ‘V’ shaped hull which allows the rider to perform 180° and 360° spins efficiently.

This board is extremely durable. To make the board firm enough, structured with reinforced knee strap brackets, EPS core, and tough rotomolded shell. The rising edges of the round midsection hull allow the hard cuts and all vital surface tricks.

This wonderful kneeboard is featured with deep EVA molded knee wells, adjustable 3 inches padded knee strap, and integrated tow hook for comfortable deep water starts.

The DriftSun Charger kneeboard is a great boating item for beginners and even advanced riders alike. If you are just a beginning and don’t have knowledge of the water performing tricks and spins, then this board is ideal for you and summer festivities!

Main specification of the product                       

Dimensions: 54” x 20”

Designed for: Great for beginners and advanced riders.


  • Progressive edge for surface tricks.
  • Rounded V shape hull.
  • Continuous rocker profile.
  • Durable Rotomolded shell.
  • Adjustable 3” single locking padded knee strap.
  • Soft molded EVA knee pad.
  • Integrated easy-start aquatic hook


  • A few minor strap issues.

7. O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook

O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard with Hook

Your finding may finish here with the O’Brien Voodoo kneeboard with hook. It is one of the best kneeboards for beginners. This board is all about looking good and riding right. With a striking bright black, blue, and green color scheme, this kneeboard will leave you under a spell with its performance even you are a beginner. Moreover, you can count it as one of the best kneeboards for kids.

The board has ¾” EVA foam to keep your knees protected and snug on the long rides. Also, the small integrated fins will help you to cut through the water quickly. The universal fit of the board has no problem to handle by the young kids to fully grown adults. Even this board is suitable for taller and heavier users also.

The padded adjustable safety strap is thick, and the hook is convenient, that means it ensures complete safety, and there is no chance of failure on even the roughest rides.

As the board is constructed with roto-mold which is also quite thick and there isn’t any risk to put some wear and tear on it during riding.

With attractive features and style, this board is a powerful tool for your water sports journey. So collect your board and enjoy your ride.

Main specification of the product                       

Dimensions: 51.25” x 22”

Available colors: Black, blue, and green.
Weight: 14 lbs

Designed for: Great forbeginners, young kids, and advanced riders.


  • Integrated fins provide more steering control.
  • Thick adjustable strap for more safety.
  • ¾” EVA foam is nice for your knees.
  • Quad molded fins.
  • Variable beveled edge.
  • Suitable for taller and heavier users


  • The weight of the board is a little bit heavy.
  • The fin style may be not allowed spins.

Sometimes the customer becomes confused, even lots of tips and buying guides are available because of so many varieties with one product only in the market. As a customer, your question might not finish here also. For your convenience here we listed some frequently asked questions, and the answers will help you to make the right decision.


what is kneeboards ?

Kneeboard is one kind of water surfing board which used for knee surfing. This watersport is just like regular surfing; you have to do it on your knees. One person rides on the board, and another person drags the rider by boat with a rope. Rider holds the handle placed the other end of the rope. The rider has to tackle the wakes and waves to stay on the board.
Kneeboards are suitable, comfortable, and lightweight for all ages. This watersport is fully loaded with challenges and funs more than your expectations.

What is the difference between children and adult kneeboards?

There isn’t any fundamental difference between children kneeboards and adult kneeboards. There is not any special board for children, but any regular size small board will fit them for recreational kneeboarding. The board may be a little big, but it might have an adjustable strap which will make it well fit for your kid. If your child is a competition rider, then you may have to find a custom board or made it for perfect fitting to your child

How fast do you pull a kneeboarder?

The perfect speed of dragging kneeboard depend on the ability of riders. The advanced and expert riders able to manage the speeds from 20 to 24 mph while 10 mph speeds are enough for children or young people. Even the advanced level rider is able to generate more speed as the boat increases on the wave and you are an expert rider.  

How long should the strap be?

The strap is an essential part of kneeboard. The priority of it is, it should be adjustable you can correctly tighten it according to your need. If the strap of the board is minimal in size, then it will be useless even it is adjustable.
Though the length of the strap is not fixed, you must check it before purchase. Especially if you are going to share the kneeboard with your family, just remember that the biggest member of the family can easily tie it perfectly and leave 5 inches hanging out for safe measurements.

How can we take care of our kneeboard?

Usually, kneeboards are low maintenance product. That’s why to ensure your board long-lasting; you need to take care correctly. For your convenience, here are some tips for cleaning, storage, and proper care.
If you want to know how jumping is done on the wake on a kneeboard, read this article.
Cleaning and storage
Clean the kneeboards with only fresh water. Even if you are just right next to the sea, the saltwater is not perfect for cleaning the grime and dirt because end up with it can be harmful to materials of the board. So fresh water will be best to remove all blemishes and keep correctly clean the surface of the board.
Sunlight can be harmful to kneeboards because it can make a crack and damage the board. You should keep your board in any dry and shaded place. It may take much time to dry, but it will help you to last long.
Though the kneeboarding is very much enjoyable for both kids and adult, don’t allow your kids to use it until they become skilled for their safety. Keep out and store the board from direct sunlight. You can’t do it when you ride on board but during the downtime store it somewhere out of the sun.
Keep away the board from your pets also. They can damage it with their paws and jaws.


Our searching for the best kneeboards for beginners is over right here. We have reviewed our elected all seven items on the point of view of users. Here we stated all good and bad aspects of the product also just only for our better selection.

Now you have all the information which you may need for buying the best kneeboard to meet your all requirements. But if still, you have any queries, you can reach to us by leaving a message in the comment section placed bellow. We are always ready to assist you.

So, just pick your favorite kneeboard and start your safe, enjoyable water sports journey. All the best.    

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