Top 5 Best Jeans for Skateboarding [Stylish, Flexible and Stable]

Best Skateboard Jeans

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Choosing the right pair of jeans for skateboarding is way more important than it appears. Wearing the appropriate pair of jeans can enhance the comfortability of your rides and help you have a lot more fun while riding.

What Kind of Jeans is Right for Skateboarding

Most skateboarders enjoy skating in jeans because of their denim construction, flexibility, and overall stylish outlook. The right pair of jeans must allow skaters to stretch their legs to regain balance and maintain stability while riding. So stretchy jeans are among the favorites for riders.

One of the most important features of skateboarding jeans is their denim construction. The rigid material helps to protect the rider from injuries caused by falling on the hard ground. The durability of the jeans should also be considered so that the jeans do not suffer wear and tear from everyday use.

Water resistance and sweat absorption are also two useful features to look for while getting your skateboarding jeans. Choosing the right skateboard denim can be difficult at times. Among the many skateboard jeans brands, we’ve summed up our top 5 best picks for you.

Best Skateboard Jeans Comparison Table

NameMaterialTypeReasons For PickInfo
Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit JeansMade of 100% cottonRegular Fit Best for Perfect Fit Check Price
LUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Baggy Jeans Made of 100% cottonRelaxed Fit Best for Hip-Hop Look and Easy Riding Check Price
Wrangler Authentics Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans Shorts Made of 100% cottonRelaxed Fit Best for Easy Movements and Relaxed Fit Check Price
Wrangler Men’s George Cowboy Cut Fit Jeans Made of 100% cottonRegular Fit Best for Comfortable Riding and Overall Outlook Check Price
Lee Men’s Extreme Motion Straight Leg Jeans Made of 98% cotton, 2% spandexSlim Fit Best for Stretch and Athletic Movements Check Price

A Comprehensive Review of the 5 Best Skate Jeans

1. Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans – Best for Perfect Fit

Levi’s is undoubtedly among the most beloved denim brands in the world. Levi’s also holds a special place as a skateboard jeans brand thanks to their wonderful collection of colors and quality denim.

Levi’s Men’s 505 is one of the most popular skateboard denim among teens for its easy fit and room for space through seat and thighs. This makes it convenient for skateboarders to hover with ease on their skateboard without any discomfort due to unwanted sagginess or extra tight fit.

As it is made of 100% cotton, the comfort of wearing Levi’s jeans is totally perfect for skateboarding. The quality denim can be easily washed in the washing machine by turning it inside out with colors for the jeans. But it is important to use liquid detergents for the long-lasting durability of your favorite jeans.

These jeans come with a zipper closure and the pockets are great for keeping small accessories while you skate. Although some customers complain about inconsistencies in the hardness of the denim which can vary based on the country of manufacture and this can be quite inconvenient.

The best thing about Levi’s jeans is their quality fabric and timeless designs. The freedom of mobility in Levi’s Men’s 505 is also one of the reasons why it is as popular as skateboard jeans.

Notable Features of Levi’s Regular Fit Jeans

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Comes with zipper closure
  • Extra room through seat and thigh
  • Can be machine washed by turning inside out
  • Timeless design and quality denim
  • Jeans thickness might vary based on country of manufacture

2. LUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Baggy Jeans – Best for Hip-Hop Look and Easy Riding

These Hip Hop Style Jeans are a great pick if you want cool and comfy jeans for your rides. As these LUOBANIU Men’s jeans are loose-fitting, they look fashionable and are great to wear while skateboarding.

These fashionable baggy jeans from LUOBANIU are popular because of its Vintage Hip Hop style designs which makes them appropriate for wearing on other occasions too. As baggy skater jeans, the overall outlook of these jeans is totally fabulous and a favorite among teens.

The oversized fitting gives you a lot of space to stretch your legs and regain balance while skating. You can easily perform your skateboard feats in these jeans without any problem.

They are made of 100% cotton and also come with a zipper and closure. The pockets are decent too and the overall outlook of LUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Style Baggy Jeans is really appealing.

The jeans have a soft upper material and a light lining, making it great for wearing in spring and autumn. However, there can be slight variations in the sizes than the usual lengths which might be problematic if you are a skateboarder. So, you should consider checking the appropriate length you would prefer before buying them.

If you prefer baggy jeans to comfortably perform skateboard feats while also looking cool, then the LUOBANIU Men’s Vintage Hip Hop Style Baggy Jeans is a nice pick for you. You’ll have more than enough room to stretch your legs while at the same time looking extremely fashionable.

Notable Features of LUOBANIU Hip Hop Baggy Jeans

  • Fashionable, baggy design
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Appropriate for wearing in spring and autumn
  • Can be worn on many occasions
  • Great for performing skateboard feats
  • Oversized fitting may lead to size confusions as length might vary

3. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans Shorts – Best for Easy Movements and Relaxed Fit

Riding your skateboard in jeans shorts is an amazing experience if the weather isn’t too cold. It gives great freedom of mobility while you easily practice skateboard feats. Wrangler Authentics jeans shorts are 100% cotton made and this makes them even more suitable and comfy for your skateboard rides.

The most important feature of these jeans shorts is their relaxed seat and spacious thigh built. As comfort is the main focus of Wrangler’s Jeans shorts, the denim material is extremely comfy and it sits on the natural waistline.

These jeans are great for riding on warm summer days and can also be worn as part of summer outfits too. Just perfect for afternoon skateboard rides on your summer holidays. The classic five-pocket design of the shorts is also a great addition to these durable denim jeans.

The denim shorts come with a ten-inch inseam which is finished with reinforced belt loops. The metal button and zipper closure both add to the quality of the denim shorts, just the pair you would love for summer skateboarding attire.

Notable Features Wrangler Authentics Relaxed Fit Jeans

  • Designed for Relaxed Fit
  • 10-inch inseam
  • Made with 100% percent cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Classic five pocket style
  • Durable denim material
  • Zipper might get damaged easily as certain customers have faced this issue

4. Wrangler Men’s George Cowboy Cut Fit Jeans – Best for Comfortable Riding and Overall Outlook

Cowboy jeans are pretty popular among teen skateboarders with their classy and stylish outlook. Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut jeans are constructed with a comfortable fit in the waist, seat, and thigh. The quality and design of this unique pair of jeans are really worth a go if you are looking for some classy cowboy jeans.

Since this is originally made for authentic cowboys and is also worn by world champions, the durability of the denim is unquestionable. Being also the Official ProRodeo Competition jean, this western denim essential remains timeless and a great style statement even today.

In case you fall off your skateboard, the denim is thick enough to prevent bad injuries on your skin and also gives you enough space to stretch your legs. As it is made of 100% heavyweight cotton with felled seams that prevent chafing, it is a long-lasting piece of apparel that you can also wear with almost any other skate outfit.

It comes with the classic five-pocket style and a perfect zipper closure.  The watch pocket is bigger than usual jeans and the back pockets are higher too. The deeper pockets are great if you need to keep your keys with you while riding the skateboard.

Although it is original fit jeans, Wrangler’s Cowboy Cut jeans are totally great when it comes to comfort and breathability. You won’t feel discomfort while riding your skateboard and can easily perform your feats in these amazing cowboy jeans.

Notable Features of Wrangler George Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Made of 100% heavyweight cotton
  • Double felled out-seams
  • Classy outlook
  • Timeless design
  • Durable denim
  • Machine washable
  • The denim can be too stiff until first few washes

5. Lee Men’s Extreme Motion Straight Leg Jeans – Best for Stretch and Athletic Movements

These are great Slim Fit jeans that support the fast motion and also help with a lot of stretches. These features make Lee jeans great for skateboard riding among slim-fit jeans. The denim is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex which makes it quite comfortable to wear too.

The overall outlook of Lee jeans is also very attractive and will go with almost any other attire. It covers your full legs and the denim is totally durable. The extra stretch that these jeans provide in spite of being made for a slim fit is really amazing.

Lee’s innovative moisture-wicking flex waistband and inseam gusset allow an unrestricted fit that helps with all your movements to be easy and constraint-free. This is really great while performing skateboard feats or while riding really fast.

Since they are made of performance bi-stretch fabric that doesn’t bag out, these jeans keep the same fit all day long. So, you totally don’t need to worry about your jeans bagging out at all. The denim too is exceptionally comfortable and provides a sense of traditional denim overall.

Comes with classic five-pocket styling and zipper closure. Easily machine washable and long-lasting. Comfort is the best thing about these Lee jeans and it doesn’t disappoint for smooth skateboarding.

Notable Features of Lee Men’s Slim Straight Jeans

  • Slim Fit
  • Bi-Stretch fabric
  • Made of 98% cotton, 2% spandex
  • Moisture-wicking flex waistband
  • Great flexibility
  • Good for easy and fast movements
  • Sizes may vary sometimes, better to check it out properly

Other than these 5 recommendations, you can check out other many types of jeans from this skate shop.

Skateboard Jeans Buying Guide in 2022


It is important to figure out what sort of fit do you prefer. Many skateboarders prefer original or slim fit, while others prefer baggy or relaxed fit jeans. Fit comes in three categories – Slim fit, Classic/Regular fit, and Relaxed fit.

Relaxed-fit jeans are actually preferred by a majority of skateboarders as it allows more room for the waist and the thigh. But classic and slim-fit jeans can also be flexible and equally compatible for skateboard riding.

If you like baggy jeans then a relaxed fit will be better for you while skating. On the other hand, if you prefer slim-fit jeans, then I will recommend you get flexible ones so that you can easily stretch your legs while riding which will help you maintain stability and also with quick movements.

Weight and Fabric Material

For warmer weather, it is better to get lightweight jeans as they will make you more comfortable in the summer. Lightweight jeans will also make you comfortable in the heat as you enjoy summer afternoon rides. However, if the temperature is not an issue you should get 14-ounce or heavier denim for skateboarding as lighter jeans may not protect you against injuries as efficiently as heavier denim.

As for the fabric, most jeans that are made of cotton or at least a combination of cotton and polyester are great for skateboarding. These are extremely comfortable and will not cause irritation while riding even in warm weather. Most skateboarders prefer 100% cotton-made jeans as comfort is rather important while riding.

Also, check out for zippers too. It is preferable to go for zippers that won’t rust easily or be ruined by dirt and grime. Strong zippers ensure that you can use your jeans for a long time without having to get them changed or fixed.

Choosing the Right Size

Buying the appropriate size is very important when you are buying jeans to wear while skateboarding. Oversized jeans can be a problem while riding and too tight jeans will restrain easy movements on the other hand. So, it is necessary that you take the right measurements of your hip and waist before buying the jeans.

Most brands may not have similar size charts and it often varies from company to company. So, check out the size charts carefully before getting your pair of jeans. It can also be a good idea to measure a jeans you are already comfortable with and order according to their measurements.

While ordering online, it is not possible to check out the sizes for real so you need to know your accurate measurements to make sure you won’t end up buying the wrong size. Although many companies do have a return policy, it can get complicated so order according to your original measurements.

If you are still in doubt while buying a specific size from a particular brand, you may consider ordering two sizes and check which fits you best. Next time you can go for the right one.

FAQs of Skateboard Jeans

Are Jeans really good for skateboarding?

Yes, most skateboarders prefer jeans over any other pants as jeans are made of a rough fabric that can protect you against injuries if you fall on hard concrete or cement floors. This is what makes jeans really suitable for skateboarders. Of course, the overall outlook also makes you look good while skateboarding.

Do Skaters wear skinny jeans?

Yes, many skaters prefer skinny jeans but for skateboarding, it is important that you choose the flexible ones. Skinny jeans may give an overall stylish outlook, but if you can’t stretch in skinny jeans you may face difficulties while skateboarding. For instance, you can check out this Dickies skinny jeans which ensure flex fabric, easy movement, comfort. Don’t miss out on our Dickies Pants Recommendations.

Why do Skaters wear baggy jeans?

It is easier to stretch and change posture while skateboarding in baggy jeans. This is what makes it so popular among skaters. These jeans provide great freedom of mobility and are easy to regain stability while riding in case you lose balance. The more comfortable you are in your jeans, the more comfortable you will be able to ride. Baggy jeans or relaxed-fit jeans are the most preferable for skateboarders who love performing feats on their skateboards.

Jeans for Skating Video

Final Verdict

Picking the right attire is really important while skating. Skateboarders can face difficulties while riding and even have accidents if appropriate attire is not worn. If you are not comfortable in your attire, there are chances you won’t be confident riding on your skateboard.

Jeans are a great option to choose from as part of your skateboarding apparel, which will help you boost your confidence too. The right jeans should be able to give you freedom of mobility and also protect you against injuries. They are the perfect statement of style for a skateboarder.

Let us know which ones you prefer and happy skateboarding!

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