7 Best Indoor Roller Skate Wheels (That Actually Works)

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Wondering how to get the best skating experience? The primary step is to find roller skate wheels that are suitable and smooth enough to let you enjoy skating. For indoor skating, generally, hard roller skating wheels are chosen. But how to find the best indoor roller skate wheels out of the available options? 

To help you find the right one, I am here with the 7 best roller skate wheels that you can choose from. After thorough research and experiments, I have handpicked the seven best roller skate wheels. So stay with me and find the right choice for your roller skate. 

Best Wheels for Indoor Roller Skating Comparison Table

Brand NameHardnessWeightSizeMore
Bont Skates Indoor88A0.32 kg59mm x 38mmCheck Price
Fomoteam Wheels82A0.68 kg58mm x 332mmCheck Price
Sure-grip Twister wheels95A62mmCheck Price
RollerBones98A0.58 kg57mmCheck Price
Class Fox95A1.1 kg62mm x 42mmCheck Price
Radar Wheels95A0.25 kg38mm x 59mmCheck Price
Nicodashen82A0.93 kg32mm x 58mmCheck Price

7 Best Indoor Quad Skate Wheels

Here is the review of the seven best indoor roller skate wheels. Go through it carefully and decide which one is the best. 

Bont Indoor Roller Skates Wheels

Bont skates indoor roller skate wheels are one of the best for indoor skating due to their high-quality urethane body. Urethane is what makes the grip good and sliding smooth even if the surface is uneven and rugged. 

The roller skate wheels by Bont are available in four different sizes and colors that come in a set of four. All the sizes are compatible with indoor skating conditions. You just need to pick the size that you are comfortable with. 

What Do We Like About Bont Skates Indoor Roller Wheels? 

Smooth Cornering

One of the basic problems that you are concerned about is the cornering speed and smoothness. With the strong structure of CAD, you would get high-speed and smooth cornering. Besides, the polycarbonate hub makes the wheels lightweight and easy to cross the corners and difficult roads. 

High Roll And Grip

Bont’s skate wheels are made of urethane that makes them rebound well and provide a stable grip. It also makes the wheels wear-resistant allowing them to roll smoothly. The smooth sliding of the wheels and wear resistance are major reasons why we like the Bont skates indoor roller wheels. 


The hardness of the Bont roller skate wheels is excellent. Also, they are available in four different colors and sizes. So depending on your convenience and ease, you can choose a suitable hardness that would make your skating comfortable. As all the hardness is suitable for indoor conditions, we like this product for indoor skating. 


  • The wheels are lightweight.
  • They are wear-resistant with a high roll capacity.
  • The CAD allows high-speed cornering.
  • The wheels have excellent and versatile hardness.
  • The stable grip is suitable for indoor skating.
  • The set of 4 wheels is budget-friendly. 


  • Some have complained about the grip.

Fomoteam Roller Skate Wheels

The colorful roller skate wheels of Fomoteam are what we like about their appearance. The luminous shades make the wheels bright and impressive. Moreover, the diameter and width of the wheels are just right for indoor skating as well as outdoor skating. 

They have a strong polyurethane body with a soft plastic hub making them wear-resistant and durable as well as smooth to glide on. 82A hardness of Fomoteam wheels is perfect for indoor skating. 

Why Do We Like Fomoteam Roller Skate Wheels?

Durable And Long-lasting

Fomoteam wheels are made of polyurethane which is one of the reliable materials for roller skate wheels. Polyurethane wheels are wear-resistant and durable suitable for long-term usage. Even on rough roads, they glide smoothly and provide you with the best experience. Needless to say, they are excellent for indoor conditions too. 

Smooth Sliding But Not Slippery

The grip and rolling of the Fomoteam wheels are so good that sliding from asphalt to cement surface can remain unnoticed. It offers excellent grip and smooth-rolling so that you can cross the bumps and rough surfaces easily. The best part is that the wheels won’t slip off the surface but the gliding is smooth. 

Just Right Hardness, Width, And Diameter

82A hardness is suitable for indoor skating giving good grip and stability. Moreover, the 58 mm diameter and 32 mm width provides excellent grip, stability, and control while skating. These measurements are just what you require for a swift indoor skating experience. 


  • Fomoteam offers a set of eight wheels at an affordable price.
  • The hardness, width, and diameter are great for indoor skating.
  • Though the sliding is smooth, they are not slippery.
  • Polyurethane frame and plastic hub make the wheels durable and long-lasting.
  • They are available in vibrant colors.


  • A few complained about the rolling of these roller skate wheels.

Sure-grip Twister Wheels

Sure-grip twister wheels are just what the name suggests. The sure-grip twister wheels provide excellent grip without any slipping. The Skating experience is also swift and convenient with these wheels. 

You get a set of eight wheels at an affordable price that is also in different color options. 62 mm in size, the wheels are small with better ease to move with. Because the smaller the size, the lower the center of gravity and the less hassle you get to move with the wheels. 

Why Are We Recommending Sure-Grip Twister Wheels?

Stable Grip, No Slip

The grip is always the most crucial part of skating wheels. Sure-grip twister wheels offer stable and reliable wheel grip that won’t slip off surfaces. This means you won’t need to worry about speeding up or crossing rough surfaces. Sure-grip twister wheels will handle all the impacts and glide over surfaces easily without meeting an accident. 

Spin Well

The good grip may make you think that skating can be restricted. But you are wrong. Sure-grip twister wheels spin swiftly and let you move smoothly over surfaces without any obstacles or restrictions. The wheels are slightly ribbed making the grip good but also allowing them to spin swiftly. 

Excellent Hardness

95A hardness is truly a great deal especially when the size is small and the grip is good. Such a durable and long-lasting wheel with a convenient size and stability is like a dream. 95A hardness means the stability, wear resistance, and durability of the wheels are top-notch. 


  • The hardness of the wheels is top-notch.
  • They come in a set of eight with different color options.
  • Small in size, but provide excellent durability and longevity.
  • The wheels spin well.
  • The grip is stable and the wheels won’t slip off.


  • Complaints are there regarding the finishing and surface of the wheels.

RollerBones Team Wheels

If you love to do casual skating, your right choice is the rollerbones team logo roller skate wheels. These are the best for artistic and recreational skating. 

57 mm rollerbones team logos are small in size making it easy for unprofessional skaters. The hardness is moderate but the rebounding and rolling capacity are excellent. Especially on the rink floor, it would glide smoothly making it a perfect choice for indoor skating. 

Why Is RollerBones Team In This List? 

Best For Recreational Skating

You can rarely find a set of roller skate wheels that are dedicated to amateur skaters. But the skate wheels by Rollerbones are perfect for recreational skating. If you skate for fun and want to experiment with moves and tricks, this is the best option you have. The rolling and rebounding are top-notch to make your moves more fun and easy. 

Easy To Ride

Are you worried about the grip of the wheels? Don’t worry as these wheels are excellent for skating on the rink floor. Rollerbones team roller skate wheels provide a strong and reliable grip that lets you move indoors securely. You can move with them easily as they glide on the surface smoothly and swiftly. Just the perfect option for an inexperienced skater!

Long-lasting Formula And Excellent Rebound

Just because these wheels are for casual skating doesn’t mean they are not good in quality. The small and compact size lets you move smoothly showing excellent rebound. Besides, the wheels are durable, strong, and long-lasting. Overall, they offer a reliable service that won’t dissatisfy you. You can have a fun skating experience with these wheels on. 


  • They are the best for recreational skating.
  • The wheels are compact and small in size making them easy to move with.
  • They offer excellent rebound, rolling, and grip.
  • The wheels are long-lasting and durable.
  • One of the best for skating on the rink floor.
  • The sets are available in different colors.


  • The wheels are not suitable for professional skating.
  • The wheels are not so hard.

Class Fox Skate Wheels

62 mm x 42 mm diameter and width of class fox skate wheels make them strong, durable, and long-lasting. Their polyurethane bodies are sturdy and wear-resistant, capable of gliding over rough surfaces. The excellent hardness of 95A makes the wheels even more strong and long-lasting. 

A high rebound PU body with an aluminum layer makes the wheel grip firm just the way you like it. No doubt, it is suitable for trail skating and indoor skating. Handling and skating with these wheels are super easy and comfortable. 

Why Choose Class Fox? 

Sturdy Polyurethane Body

A high-quality rebound polyurethane body makes the wheels sturdy and durable. These wheels are wear-resistant, gliding smoothly over rough surfaces. Suitable for trail skating and indoor skating, the durable PU rebound formula makes skating more fun and enjoyable. 

Excellent Hardness

More hardness means more stability and grip. 95A hardness of Class Fox wheels makes the grip firm and allows you to have a stable skating experience. Slipping is not an option as the grip is strong and reliable. You can speed up and roll the wheels as per your wish as the hardness is top-notch. 

Aluminum Layer For Trail Skating

If you are fond of trail skating, you would love to get these wheels. 62 mm by 42 mm diameter and width are already there to offer you a smooth and comfortable ride. But the aluminum layer on the wheels allows you to go for trail skating. This is an exceptional feature rarely found in skate wheels. 


  • 95A hardness means better grip and stability.
  • The wheels are wear-resistant and durable.
  • 62 mm by 42 mm is a perfect measurement for indoor skating.
  • The wheels are excellent for trail skating.
  • The PU rebound formula makes the wheels sturdy.
  • An aluminum layer enhances the skating experience even more.


  • These wheels may not fit all due to the aluminum layer.
  • They can be difficult to install and set. 

Radar Wheels

Here comes a unique set of wheels by Radar wheels. These are made of neothane which is an extremely durable but grippy material. The H-shaped hub and the easy speeding up technology make skating smooth, easy, and enjoyable. 

Radar roller skate wheels are excellent in durability, stability, and longevity. The Skating experience would be top-notch with these wheels. The best part is that they are compatible with all types of skates whether cheap or pricey. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? 

What We Admire About Radar Wheels?

H-shaped Hub For Control

You can stay tension-free with the Radar wheels on. Get rid of all the fear regarding braking and stopping the skate whenever required. Radar wheels feature an H-shaped hub for better control over the skates so that you can stop and handle the skates in your own way. Cool, isn’t it? 

Maximum Speed

The materials used in Radar wheels are excellent for reducing friction so that you can speed up easily. Speeding up is always fun only when the wheels support you and offer stability. You will get adequate grip and support while speeding up with the Radar wheels on. 

Sturdy Neothane Body

Neothane is a rare material that is sturdy and strong. The wheels are crafted with neothane making the wheels long-lasting and durable. Besides, the wheels have excellent hardness. You don’t need to worry about wearing or tearing anymore. 

Rolls Good And Compatible With All Skates

Rolling these wheels is fun as they roll and rebound smoothly. No restriction or extra friction is allowed by these wheels letting you move freely and smoothly. Besides, as these wheels are compatible with all types of skates, you don’t need to worry about adjusting them. 


  • The wheels have an H-shaped hub for stopping and better control
  • They roll well and glide smoothly
  • The grip is firm and friction is less maximizing speed
  • Neothane body makes the wheels sturdy and durable
  • The wheels are compatible with all types of skates
  • They are unique and impressive in appearance


  • The wheels are not suitable for inexperienced skaters

Nicodashen Wheels

The luminous neon appearance of Nicodashen roller skate wheels is the first thing to notice. It has a colorful and groovy look. These 32mmx 58mm wheels are compact in size and are easy to go with. 

82A hardness of Nicodashen skate wheels makes the grip firm. Your skating experience would be even more smooth with these wheels as they have formulas to speed up easily. Nicodashen, therefore, offers a versatile skating experience to let you skate just the way you like it. 

Why Buy Nicodashen Skate Wheels?

Designed To Maximize Speed

Speeding and controlling are two basic activities of skating. With the Nicodashen skate wheels, speeding and controlling the skate are super easy. The wheels are designed specially so that you can speed up both in indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Extremely Durable

82A hardness of the Nicodashen roller skate wheels makes the wheels extremely durable and long-lasting. High-quality urethane wheels glide swiftly without wearing or tearing the surfaces. You can use these wheels on almost any surface. 

Bearings And Core Wheels

Want some extra perks to buying these wheels? These wheels come with four packs of additional bearings and two core wheels. So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of the wheels with any skates. You can fix them easily using these extra tools that come with the package. 


  • The wheels are available in vibrant RGB colors that become brighter with the speed.
  • The wheels are extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • They come with extra bearings and core wheels.
  • You can easily speed up and control the skate with these wheels.
  • These are suitable for versatile skating, both indoor and outdoor.


  • Some have complained about the finishing of the wheels.

The Ultimate Indoor Roller Skate Wheel Buying Guide 2022

To buy indoor roller skates, you need to consider a few factors. Considering these factors would help you define which one is the best roller skate wheel for your purpose. 

Here are a few factors that you must look for before buying a suitable set of indoor roller skate wheels: 


Wheels hardness is extremely important when it comes to choosing the best roller skate wheels. Harder wheels that are between 88A to 98A are suitable for indoor skating while softer ones are designed for outdoor skating. 

Now as we are concentrating on indoor skating, you have to choose a hard roller wheel. The harder the wheel, the better the indoor skating experience. 


No matter which product we choose, durability always remains a concern. To get long-lasting service, you need to choose durable roller skate wheels. The best way to determine it is to look into the material and hardness. 

If the material is sturdy and wear-resistant with the right hardness, it is likely to last for a long time. Read more about roller skate wheel longevity.


The diameter of the wheel is a huge factor that decides your skating comfort and ease. If the diameter is too large, you might find it hard to roll and slide. But with a smaller diameter, skating becomes easier, especially in indoor conditions. 

A diameter between 58 mm to 62 mm is medium which is fair enough to get a comfortable indoor ride. This diameter allows you to roll the wheels fast and speed up easily. Don’t choose a set of wheels with large diameters for indoor skating. 


The weight of the wheels determines the comfort level. If the wheels are lightweight, you will be able to move with the skate easily. The diameter of the wheel also determines the weight of the wheels. So if the diameter is minimal, the weight would be minimal too. 


Don’t ignore the center of the wheels. If the hub is not good, the wheels won’t roll properly. The hub is what allows you to speed up and move swiftly. You can get hollow, nylon, or aluminum cores. Make sure to test them before buying. If you are buying online, look into the reviews and then buy a set. But don’t miss out on buying a hub that doesn’t restrict your movement. 

Safety, Grip, And Control

Is the grip of the wheel reliable? If the grip is good, you can move securely. But if the grip is loose and you are unable to control the skate, you can slip off. The grip has to be firm so that you can stay safe while skating. 

Braking and controlling the skate should be convenient for you. If you fail to brake and balance, you may meet with an accident. To avoid such things, the grip of the wheel has to be top-notch. It would allow you to brake and control the skate safely. 

Style And Price

It may sound unnecessary but the style of the wheels matter. The color and design of the wheels must match the skate so that they look good and stylish. 

For instance, kids and women may like LED skate wheels for their colorful look and glowing in the darkness.

Another factor is the budget. You can find a lot of budget-friendly options in the market. You can choose one out of them but make sure that you pick the best quality product. 


You need to keep your roller skate wheels clean and fresh all the time. Otherwise, you may not get the smoothness and best performance out of these wheels. Always clean the dirt with a soft wet towel and dry them well. Check out our in-depth guide on washing & cleaning the wheels.


Skating is fun. But to maximize the enjoyment, choosing the right set of roller skate wheels is mandatory besides other necessary equipment. With the guide above and the reviews of the top 7 products, you can now scrutinize and choose the best indoor roller skate wheels. 

So what are you waiting for? Select the best set of indoor roller skate wheels to enhance your skating experience. 

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