7 Best Head Tennis Rackets [In-Depth Review & Guide in 2021]

Best Head Tennis Rackets

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If you are familiar with the world of tennis then you must have heard the name of Head. It is one of the leading tennis accessories manufacturing brands in the world. Not only the accessories of tennis but also they make accessories of other sports as well. Here we will try to see some best ever rackets made by Head in this essay.  

The rackets made by Head are easy to control, and can generate lots of spin and power. Also, stability and flexibility are some other common traits available in Head rackets. In most of the Head rackets, you will find a perfect balance among all these features. They are always ready to serve you at the court.

At first, we will see the Head brand at a glance. Then we will dive deep into the brand to see some of its masterpieces.

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Head at A Glance

Head started their journey in Maryland in 1950. It was established as a ski equipment manufacturing brand. Later they started to produce tennis rackets as well. The first Aluminum made tennis racket frame made by Head was in 1975. Later they continued their innovation and produced many masterpieces.

In 1998, Head manufactured Titanium made rackets that were the best at that time. Currently, graphene technology is the most widely used system by the Head to make rackets. Also, they have introduced technology like the MicroGel that are really groundbreaking. We will see all of them one by one.

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Should I Choose Head Instead Of Other Brands?

The Head has a long time reputation for making quality rackets. The rackets made by Head are good for any level of players. There are several families of rackets from Head. Each of the families is known for its unique specialty. You will find the Titanium series, Gravity series, Radical series, etc.

These rackets have the perfect blend of features like lightweight, power, control, comfort, spin, etc. Some rackets from Head are even more than the ‘best’. The prices are also quite reasonable. If you try to find rackets with the same quality from the other brands, you will find them quite expensive while Head is not like that.

If you get such good quality rackets at such a reasonable price, then why you should not choose Head for you and your kids?

Now we will see some best ever rackets made by Head. The rackets are listed in the preceding section.

Head Tennis Racquets Reviews

Go through the short description of each of the rackets. Then, we will move into more details along with overall specifications.

One of the all-time best seller: Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

“Precise blend of power, balance, lightweight, and big sweet spot. A beast made with Titanium and Carbon.”

Best Innovation Done Ever: Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket

“Using the MicroGel Technology along with Carbon has given birth to this fantastic racket. Comfortability and maneuverability are two built-in traits of this racket.”

Best Graphene Racket of the Brand: Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racket

“Though it lacks the stability, a little of customization can turn it into an unbeaten emulator. It can be compared to a powerhouse for smashing the ball.”

Faster than all Others: Head Graphene 360 MP Racket

“Love to play super fast shots? This is the best choice for speed lovers. Also, it can produce a huge amount of spin along with the speed.”

Best Among the Gravity Family: Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro Racket

“Comfortable, flexible, and immense power generator. Not a good one for you if you are a rookie in the world of tennis. It is something like a ‘Super racket’.”

Best for the Adult Beginners: Head Geo Speed Adult Tennis Racket

“Start with a Geo Speed and you will start to love tennis, really! For an absolute adult beginner, there is no other racket that is like the Geo Speed.”

Best for the Kids to start with: Head Instinct Kids Tennis Racket

“Want to give something amazing to a kid? The best choice is going to be a racket from the Head kids racket family. They are just more than perfect for any kid who wants to begin his/her journey in the world of tennis.”

Time to see short reviews over all the rackets mentioned above. Let the journey begin!

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket

Head has many rackets in the market but the Ti S6 is one of the best-selling rackets made ever by them. This is an amazing combination of lightweight, power, and balance. The head is large and perfect for those who like to have massive strokes on the court. For someone who is an absolute beginner, this racket is just more than perfect.

The Head Ti S6 comes with a head size of a hundred and fifteen square inches. It is 22.75 inches long. Big head size means a big sweet spot that allows you to hit the ball with ease. It can create massive power when you are hitting a ball so you have to be a bit careful about the measurement of power you are going to put on the racket while playing.

This racket is made with a composition of Titanium and Graphite that gives it a stiff and strong structure. Also, the strung weight is only 252 grams that is super light and lets the player hit the ball with ease.

The string pattern contains 16 mains and 19 crosses. This open string pattern lets the player get a lot of spins. So you are getting a lot of power along with spin simultaneously. 

So, you are getting bunches of facilities within a single racket. It is quite natural that this racket is going to be an expensive one. But surprisingly, it is not! You can buy this racket for less than a hundred dollars. Different websites sell it with various discounts. You may search for the biggest amount of discount from those websites.

Overall Specifications

  • A big sweet spot for powerful strokes.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Made with Titanium-Graphite mixture.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Suitable for rookies and intermediate level players.

Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket

The Radical family of rackets is a very popular one from Head. This family is updated with the new MicroGel technology. But what is MicroGel technology?

According to Head, MicroGel is a new compound that is mixed with Carbon fiber to make the structure of these rackets. What is the advantage of adding MicroGel to the structure? While hitting the ball, this new material adds an extra degree of deformation to the racket that helps the racket to get compressed and let it put an additional impact on the ball. Also, this material absorbs any impact load and uniformly distributes that load throughout the whole structure.

You are getting excellent comfort while playing with this racket. Also, you have the option to choose the head size according to your playing style. There are two versions of this racket available in the market. One is the Head MicroGel Radical Midplus and the other is the Head MicroGel Radical Oversize. The first one has a head size of 98 square inches and the latter one has a head size of 107 square inches.

The frame weight is 312 grams. It is a little heavier than the previous ones we have discussed. The total length is 27 inches and the string pattern is 18 mains, 20 crosses. The usual rackets have a string pattern of 16/19. So you are getting a difference here.

There are several grip sizes available and you can choose among them with ease. The racket is not very costly as well. You have to spend less than a hundred dollars just like the Head Ti S6.

Overall Specifications

  • Gives an additional level of comfort with the help of MicroGel.
  • Not too expensive.
  • Extra flexible and durable.
  • Additional maneuverability.
  • Comes without any cover but you will get it pre strung.

Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racket

If you like to play in an aggressive mode, the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro is the best choice for you. Though the stability and control are quite less than the previous ones we have discussed, the Graphene technology generates immense power that will let you hit massive strong strokes with less effort.

The head size is standard, 98 square inches. This racket comes with different grip sizes so that you do not have to worry about handling the racket. Previously Head brought the Graphene touch technology. But the Graphene 360 has surpassed that and has become the new fancy. Rackets having Graphene 360 technology creates less twist and more power.

This racket is 27 inches long and weighs 326 grams. The string pattern is orthodox. 16 mains and 19 crosses. These rackets are the most excellent Graphene rackets manufactured ever by Head.

You can customize this racket as well. As the racket lacks control and stability, pro level players feel the need to customize it. You have a massive amount of power built in with this racket. Some customization on the control side will convert it into an unbeatable monster for the court.

Unlike the previous two, the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro is not so cheap. You have to spend some more bucks from your wallet to get a piece of Graphene 360 Radical pro. You can also buy this with four equal installments from various websites. I hope you will not regret spending money on this product.

Overall Specifications

  • Stability is not up to the mark.
  • Can generate a huge amount of spin and power.
  • A lot more maneuverable but the precision is less.
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced level players.
  • Has quick swing and is comfortable.
  • Can be customized according to your satisfaction. 
  • Quite costlier than the previous ones we have discussed above.

Head Graphene 360 MP Racket

The Graphene 360 MP is well known for its tremendous speed. This racket produces super fast shots and it is also born with the Graphene 360 technology. Also, the torsional stability of this racket is increased than the previous versions of this series so that you can generate a lot of power along with the promised speed.

You will also get an additional spin and comfortable feel while playing with this racket. The head size is 100 square inch and it is 27 inches long. The strung weight is 318 grams. The string pattern is 16 mains and 19 crosses. The string tension is forty-eight to   pounds. You will have a nice light racket with a perfect blend of spin and precision if you use the Head Graphene 360 MP racket.

The volleying is quite stable and it can produce a decent level of power. Though the power intensity is not like the Graphene 360 Radical pro, still is a good competitor on the court. Coco Gauff, Novak Djokovic use this racket for their smashing games. If you like long rallies, you will buy one Graphene 360 MP without even thinking twice.

The head size is neither too big nor too small. It has a decent sweet spot to let the player hit the ball with ease. For groundstrokes and volley, this racket is a genuine monster. 

This racket is also quite expensive than most of its brothers. You have to spend almost a hundred a fifty bucks to get something which is used by Novak Djokovic as well. For players of intermediate to advanced level, this racket is simply more than perfect.

Overall Specifications

  • Maneuverable and can generate good spin.
  • Super fast and comfortable.
  • Graphene 360+ technology for extra ordinary performance.
  • The price is quite high.

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro Racket

This is another revolutionary invention done ever in the history of Head. Most of us have heard the name Gravity Tour or Gravity Mp from the Gravity family. But the most updated member of this family is the Gravity Pro. It is different from most of its fellow family members. This racket is more solid than its competitors.

It has a strung weight of 332 grams and a head of 100 square inches. You have a bigger sweet spot for more control. The string pattern consists of 18 mains and 20 crosses. This racket is the heaviest among all other family members of it. You can get good swings with this racket easily. It comes pre strung so you do not have to spend extra money for stringing it.

The swingweight is 332 that provides a big amount of mass while you are attacking the ball. The stability is superb and you will get the necessary pace simultaneously. This racket is pretty much like an ‘all in one’ product. You can get almost everything you need in an optimum quantity in this Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro racket.

So, how much should the price be? You are getting many advantages accumulated in only one piece. The price should be quite high, isn’t it? Yes, our instinct says so. But luckily this racket does not cost so much. You have to spend something in between $100 and $150 for it. What is the exact price? Check that by yourself!

Overall Specifications

  • Provides ultimate comfortability. 
  • Extremely stable and can produce a lot of speed.
  • Have a great amount of flexibility.
  • Less maneuverable than the other brothers of the same family.
  • Not suitable for the newbies. Perfect choice for the intermediate to advanced level players.
  • Provides a good level of control and stability.
  • The pricing is neither too high nor too low.

Head Geo Speed Adult Tennis Racket

The Head Geo Speed is a good blend of stability and overall performance. It is not for the advanced level players. Those who are adults and are building interest newly in tennis should start with this racket. It is specially built for those types of players. 

The Head Geo is 27.5 inches long and has a head of 105 square inches. You can not find any other racket that is so much handy for beginners like this one. As the length is more than the orthodox rackets, controlling it is pretty much easier. And the big sweet spot lets the player hit the ball easily.

This racket is made with Aluminum. So you are getting light but strong structure. The stiffness is pretty good. Also, this racket provides a counter cushion grip that is going to give an extra degree of comfort. Using the Geo power technology lets the manufacturer gather the optimum amount of power, balance, and speed for a player.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get one of these rackets. It will cost only around sixty dollars to get a Head Geo Speed tennis racket. A nice beginner racket with such a little price is really amazing. Do you want to start playing tennis? Then go for this one without any sort of hesitation.

Overall Specifications

  • Perfect for adult beginners. If you are an intermediate or pro level player, then maybe you will get disappointed with this racket.
  • Good in general performance but not specialized for any particular playing style.
  • Lightweight and controllable.
  • Comes pre strung.
  • Vibration absorbent. It is going to help the beginners a lot. Still, feel bothered? Add a dampener and that will suffice.
  • Comes at a really reasonable price. Will not snatch a big amount of money from your wallet.

Head Instinct Kids Tennis Racket

So far we have discussed tennis rackets for the adults. We have seen a brief discussion about several rackets that are suitable for players of different levels of expertise. But what about the junior tennis freaks? Head has also brought a bunch of quality products for our junior tennis lovers.

We are going to discuss the Head instinct twenty-five inches,   inches, and twenty-one inches junior rackets. These rackets are perfect for players of age 4-10. This produces a lot of power that is enough for a player of that age. Also, the rackets are only 25, 23, or 21 inches long. So, the kids will find enough control during playing with these rackets.

Also, these rackets can generate sufficient spin for beginners. These have light heads that reduce the vibration produced during a game. Lighter heads also help to increase the balance of the racket. The whole structure is Aluminium made. So you are going to have light and durable construction simultaneously. The weight is also very little. So it will not cost an extra amount of fatigue from the kids. These rackets come with aesthetic design and color as well. Your kids will be really happy to have one of them.

These amazing dudes will not cost a lot. You have to spend less than forty bucks to get each of them. Worth spending money. You will not regret it. They come pre strung. No need to spend extra money for the stringing purpose.

Overall Specifications

  • Best choice for your kids to start their tennis career.
  • Light yet durable.
  • Comes at different frame sizes. You can choose the right one for your kid according to his/her age.
  • Produces a good amount of power along with spin.
  • Nice combination of control and stability.
  • The price is not high at all.

Video Tutorial : Why and Which Head Rackets Are Best


We have reached the last part of our today’s discussion. The Head has manufactured some really genuine products that have mind-blowing features. They have thought about not only the adults but also the kids. We have seen the rackets for these two categories separately.

You have to know your level of expertise quite well to make a good choice. What do you want? Spin? Or, power? Or, both of them? Or anything else? These answers vary from one to another. So as the choice of rackets. Point your playing style and make the right choice. Also do not forget about your budget. Make a good trade off among all of these and enjoy.

This is all for today. Hope we are going to be here another day with another topic. See ya.

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