5 Best Dickies Skate Pants [Make Your Skateboarding Comfortable]

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Skateboarding is fun, but can also be rough at times as there are chances you may fall off your skateboard and incur injuries. Your skating pants can suffer wear and tear too, and unless you find something really durable to wear, you will have to get them replaced frequently.

And hence the rise of dickies as one of the most beloved skating pants among skaters. The durability of dickies, along with their cool outlook and quality features, have made them one of the best skating pants that are just fantastic for skateboarding! As they are able to withstand daily skating and also be comfortable at the same time, dickies have earned a special place as skating pants.

In this article, we will present to you our top 5 picks of the best Dickies skate pants. Hold tight and read on to find out!

Comparison Table: Best Dickies Pants for Skateboarding

Product NameConstruction MaterialMost Important FeaturesReasons for Pick
Dickies Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant65% Polyester and 35% CottonHolds up to falls and scrapes•Ample Protection•Relaxed fit yet not too baggyBest for Ample Protection
Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pant65% Polyester and 35% CottonFlex fabric for ease of movement•Slim and Classy outlook•Extremely Comfortable for Slim-Fit DickiesBest for Fast Movements
Dickies Men’s Twill Cargo Pant65% Polyester and 35% CottonComfortable waist fit•Quality material and great craftsmanship•Breathable and yet not too baggyBest for Perfect Fit
Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Cargo Short65% Polyester and 35% Cotton13-inch inseam•7 different colors available•Casual FunctionalityBest for Freedom of Mobility
Dickies Men’s Painter’s Utility Pant100% CottonExtreme comfort with 100% cotton construction•Durable drill fabric•Relaxed fit that sits well Best for Comfort

In-Depth Review of Best Skate Dickies Pants

1. Dickies Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant – Best for Ample Protection

Dickies Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant is one of the most popular skate pants ranked highly for skateboarding. This is a great choice if you prefer comfortable and smooth riding in slightly cooler weather.

What we like most about Dickies Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant

· Holds up to falls and scrapes

Dickies are definitely durable and better yet, they look fresh and substantial in spite of wearing them continuously on end. The fabric easily protects you from regular skateboard falls and scrapes, and does not tear up in the process.

· Ample Protection

The 65% polyester construction makes it abrasion resistant as friction or rough abrasive surfaces can hardly cause damage to the fabric of the pants. Moreover, the fabric does not feel too rigid or uncomfortable though it is designed to protect rough surfaces from penetrating the material and hurting your skin in case of accidents. You can easily use these pants regularly on your skating trips for long hours and still not worry about any substantial damage to its quality.

· Relaxed fit yet not too baggy

These pants are extremely comfortable with its 65% polyester and 35% cotton construction. The relaxed fit style makes them really breathable and gives enough room for you to stretch your legs to maintain balance on your trips. These dickies are specially tailored to provide comfort for active work and sporty people rate this pair highly.


· Constructed with a triple stitching mechanism and metal hooks.

· Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton which is equally soft to the skin.

· Hook and eye system keep the pants secured to the waist.

· Holds up to falls and scrapes.

· Is abrasion resistant and comfortable at the same time.


· Can be a little large at times, better be worn with a belt.

· Slightly shorter rise in front and back.

2. Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pant – Best for Fast Movements

Dickies Men’s Straight Slim Fit Flex Work Pants are totally for you if you love slim-fit style Dickies and yet want enough room to flex your legs. These are really stylish and classy dickies that teens adore for their skating trips.

What we like most about Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pants

· Flex fabric for ease of movement

The sound of slim-fit should not scare you as these pants have great flex fabric that is really helpful while riding your skateboard. I personally prefer baggy ones for skating but these pairs of Dickies Men’s Flex Work Pants have just the right amount of flex you will need to comfortably ride and regain balance while riding.

· Slim and Classy outlook

The overall stylish outlook of these dickies adds to the appeal of its slim-fit style. You will look extremely sporty and elite which also boosts your confidence while riding the skateboard. The black and gray trim with the traditional dickies finishing is one of the most attractive of the series and skaters really admire wrinkle-resistant construction.

· Extremely Comfortable for Slim-Fit Dickies

Even though these are slim-fit style dickies, the overall comfort of its fabric is just amazing. The 65% polyester and 35% cotton construction with its flex fabric feature really makes these dickies a favorite among skaters for their comfort alone.


· Flex Fabric gives great freedom of mobility while skateboarding.

· Slim-fit style adds to the overall appeal and classy outlook.

· Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

· Extremely comfortable and soft to the skin.

· Machine washable and the material is durable.

· Moisture-wicking, resists wrinkles, and easy-care stain release.


· Colour may fade after multiple washes and regular use.

3. Dickies Men’s Twill Cargo Pant – Best for Perfect Fit

Dickies Men’s Slim-Straight Stretch-Twill Cargo Pants are a great fit if you are looking for not too baggy yet too slim-fit dickies for skating. These dickies come with impressive pockets that are a favorite among skaters.

What we like most about Dickies Men’s Slim-Straight Stretch-Twill Cargo Pants

· Comfortable waist fit

Almost for all its sizes, Dickies Men’s Twill Cargo Pants sit well on the waist which is a great feature if you want to wear these dickies while skating. While purchasing online, you may look through the available sizes and most of those come as really comfortable for the waist. I personally like the length that lays perfectly over my boots when I’m riding the skateboard and the waist is never a problem, unlike many others I have tried.

· Quality material and great craftsmanship

The fabric material of Dickies Men’s Twill Cargo Pants is really satisfying and their overall craftsmanship is just wonderful. These dickies have great cargo pockets unlike the huge and bulky ones you will find in other cargo pants. The front pockets are deep and roomy, while the cell phone pocket is beauty itself. It was just the right size for my one!

· Breathable and yet not too baggy

These dickies are roomy enough for each leg to stretch around, but not too baggy to be termed as relaxed fit. Wearing these pants while skateboard trips are comfortable as air can easily reach up your legs and you won’t feel uneasy riding. Just the right fit for teens who want to skate with ease while keeping the straight slim-fit outlook.


· Straight-fit style with a lot of room for your legs, great for skaters.

· Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, protective and comfortable at the same time.

· Wrinkle-resistant twill pants with a classy outlook.

· Comes with awesome side cargo pockets, side-seam pockets, and welted back pockets.

· Perfectly appropriate for machine wash and dry wash.

· Comes in three different colors to choose from, for a versatile fashion sense.


· Zipper fly is short, about 3.5 inches in length.

· Not as slim as usual slim-fit cargo pants.

4. Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Cargo Short – Best for Freedom of Mobility

Dickies shorts are just another statement of teen spirit and quality upbeat fashion. Skaters love dickies shorts as they allow amazing freedom of mobility while maintaining the comfort and outlook of classic dickies.

What we like most about Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Cargo Shorts

· 13-inch inseam

Dickies shorts are definitely a teen sensation when it comes to the skateboarding community. On top of that the 13-inch inseam of these loose-fit cargo shorts makes them one of the best of the bunch. You can perform all your skateboard feats with great ease in these dickies.

· 7 different colors available

Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Cargo Shorts come in 7 different colors to suit your versatile fashion sense. Black, dark navy, desert sand, rinsed black, rinsed dark navy, khaki, and rinsed khaki are the various options to choose from. You may consider getting multiple colors if you enjoy skating in dickies shorts.

· Casual Functionality

It comes with a casual waistband along with a hook and eye closure that are comfy to get on with. The signature tunnel belt loops of dickies are present in these shorts as well and is a favorite among teens. It comes with slant hand pockets, welt back pockets, and bellowed cargo pockets that can hold your accessories well.


· Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, is hence durable and comfy at the same time.

· The 13-inch inseam gives great freedom of mobility for skaters.

· Easy to perform skateboard feats and is definitely breathable.

· Appropriate for summer and hot weather as well.

· Comes with slant hand pockets, bellowed cargo pockets and welt back pockets.


· Belt loops can be tight for bigger belts.

· Phone pockets can fall short for some phones.

5. Dickies Men’s Painter’s Utility Pant – Best for Comfort

Now, this is one of the most comfortable dickies on our list with its relaxed fit feature and 100% cotton construction. For skaters who are looking for irritation-free pants with an amazing feel on the skin, Dickies Men’s Painter’s Utility Pant should be your pick.

What we like most about Dickies Men’s Painter’s Utility Pant

· Extreme comfort with 100% cotton construction

These dickies have a different construction compared to the other pants mentioned in our list. Dickies Men’s Painter’s Utility Pants are designed as a relaxed fit with its cotton fabric to give complete comfort to the wearer.

· Durable drill fabric

Even though it is made of 100% cotton, the durability of their fabric is really laudable. These dickies are long-lasting and are also machine washable. It can aptly protect you in case of injuries while skateboarding and does not wear away easily.

· Relaxed fit that sits well

The relaxed fit style does not stretch but is fairly roomy and comfortable. For skaters who want cotton dickies with the relaxed fit style that will go well over boots, these pants can be really satisfying.


· 100% cotton construction makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

· Great for all weather and does not cause discomfort on warm summer days.

· Comfortable relaxed fit, a favorite among skaters.

· Durable fabric and long-lasting.

· Comes with triple stitched felled seams.

· Classy outlook and great craftsmanship.


· You need to size up while purchasing online, at least two sizes up recommended.

· Comes only in white and natural white.

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Why Dickies is the Best Brand of Skater Pants

Dickies are definitely among the elite brands in the fashion industry and the best for skater pants. They have been satisfying customers over a few decades now and they owe their success to these few qualities as a brand:

· All the items and products from Dickies are durable and long-lasting.

· Compared to their competitors, Dickies has taken the comfortability of their products to another level with dedication over the years.

· Dickies always maintain their wearables at the height of the current fashion trend.

The History of Dickies

Dickies has been serving as a pioneer of the fashion apparel and wearables industry since 1922. Their century-long quality service of men, women and children’s apparel puts them among the most elite names in the history of fashion. Since then, Dickies has successfully maintained their level of quality with its products over the years.

The original founders of this elite clothing brand had been Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. is C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickie. Starting from the selling of workwear across farms and ranches in North America, Dickies has now conquered the fashion market worldwide.

Dickies Pants: What Things to Consider in 2022?

While buying your preferred skating pants, it is important to check a few things as you go make your purchase. Else you may not end up with the right pants for yourself.

Sizes availability: Now the problem with size charts starts when you are looking into different pants with various fit styles. So, it is really important to size yourself first and then look into the available sizes of your preferred pants. In the case of online purchases, this needs to be kept in mind strictly as there won’t be the scope of trying out the right size before making your purchase.

Colour Availability: Choosing the right color for your attire can also be challenging at times. I recommend getting light colors if you want to skate on summer days and darker ones for cool wintry weather.

Washing options: Although most dickies are machine washable, it is still recommended that you check the proper washing compatibility so that washing them in the wrong way does not ruin the overall texture of your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dickies pants really good for skating?

Yes, Dickies are one of the most beloved brands that skaters adore in the skateboarding community. Their overall outlook, protective fabric and unmatched comfort make dickies a big favorite among skaters.

Should I get slim-fit dickies or baggy ones?

Now most skaters definitely prefer relaxed-fit dickies but the best thing about dickies pants is the fact that they never come too skinny to cause any real discomfort while skating. Having more room definitely helps to stretch your legs more to regain balance while riding and if your dickies are breathable, you’ll obviously be more comfortable on your rides. So overall it is actually the question of your choice and comfort to decide what fit you should get. Both fits are suitable if you are a skater.

Is it always necessary to up my sizes while ordering Dickies?

No, actually it depends on some dickies pants where the usual sizes happen to be slightly smaller or larger than the original size charts. If you are purchasing from stores, it shouldn’t be a problem but while purchasing online I suggest you check out reviews to know the size versatility.

Can you wear Jeans while skateboarding?

My child Areeb wears jeans while skateboarding. But, the jeans should be stretchy, flexible and easy to wear and comfortable. Check out some best skate jeans.

Are Dickies only for Skaters?

Dickies are great for any sporty activities and activewear for indoors or outdoors. The overall classy outlook and the signature craftsmanship of dickies make them extremely suitable for everyday use. So, you don’t have to be a skater to wear dickies, it is a favorite among a divergent range of communities.

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Dickies Pants Video Tutorial

Final Words

All in all, Dickies are definitely among the most elite and beloved brands of pants among skaters. As comfortable and durable as they come in, these pants are hailed as skating classics in the skateboarders’ community.

Don’t get intimidated by the vast variety of colors and sizes that Dickies offers. You can surf up to find your preferred variety or just check out the comparison table to get your suitable dickies. Let us know which ones you will be getting and happy skating!

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